Iran’s Deputy FM Warns against West’s Plots for Syria in Kobani

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Editorial Comment:

Today’s statement confirms the alliance between the YPG-YPJ defense forces and the FSA, which effectively reduces their status to that of  a Turkish-US-NATO counter-revolutionary proxy army that will serve imperialist interests in the region.

An earlier article I published stated:

“The reason why the Kurds of Kobani are to be sacrificed stems from the fact that they are the wrong kind of Kurds. Masoud Barzani and the bourgeois Kurds of the Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP) are the “good Kurds” and the predominant force among the Kurds of Iraq. Their control of almost 45% of Iraqi oil reserves and the booming business that they have been involved in with U.S. oil companies and Israel since their ‘liberation’ with the U.S. invasion makes them a valued asset for the U.S. The same goes for Turkey where despite the historic oppression of Kurds in Turkey, the government does a robust business with the Kurds of Iraq.” (While Da’ash Moves to Slaughter the Kurdish People of Kobanê, the US Bombs Syrian Grain Silos)

Also see:

Da’ash and the Turkish-American Plot to Destroy the Kurdish Revolutionary Experiment in Direct Democracy

That the YPG-YPJ may have been effectively infiltrated,  renders them vulnerable to defeat.

One can hope that this tragic turn of events will be reversed and that they can resurrect the dream that inspired the world.  Their fate rests largely upon the members of the Kurdish Women’s Movement.

Stateless Democracy: How the Kurdish Women’s Movement Liberated Democracy from the State

There are promising reports from Syrian sources today:

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian lashed out at the western countries and their regional allies for interfering in Syria’s internal affairs, and said helping the Kurdish people of besieged Kobani city should not be used by the West as a pretext for further foreign intervention in the Muslim Arab country.

“Helping the people in the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani should not be used as an excuse for foreign intervention in the Arab country,” Amir Abdollahian said on Thursday.

He warned against the excessive foreign interferences in Syria, and said, “Those who pursue specific goals are pushing Syria towards disintegration.”

The Iranian deputy foreign minister reiterated that protecting Syria’s territorial integrity and national unity will be in the interest of the Syrian people and all regional countries.

Amir Abdollahian, meantime, criticized the US for its destructive policies which have resulted in the escalation of terrorism and foreign interventions in the Middle East on the pretext of fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorist group.

According to reports, the intense fighting for the strategic town has also forced over 200,000 people to take refuge in neighboring Turkey.

Kobani, Syria’s largest Kurdish city, has seen intense battles over the past tow months as ISIL terrorists are trying to seize the city due to its strategic location.

Earlier this month, Iran’s Chief of Staff Major General Hassan Firouzabadi said the ISIL attack on Kobani is only a plot to provide an excuse for the US-led coalition to start a military build-up in Syria.

“You can smell conspiracy in the air as it seems that they want to victimize the Kobani people to pave the ground for the presence of the coalition’s military presence in Syria,” Firouzabadi said.

“We are truly worried about this massacre and believe that it is a catastrophic crime in mankind history,” he said.

He also smashed the US-led coalition for its selective airstrikes on ISIL-occupied territories which, he said, will further accelerate the ISIL’s operational advances.

Firouzabadi described the ISIL as a mercenary of the regional nations’ enemies, and said all Muslims and peace-seeking people across the world should protest at this situation and keep vigilant against the theatrical moves of the so-called anti-ISIL coalition.

“If the oppressed people of Kobani are assisted, God willing, they will be able to push back the ISIL from Kobani,” he added.

US-Led Anti-ISIL Coalition Doomed to Failure

TEHRAN (FNA)- Tehran’s Provisional Friday Prayers Leader Hojjatoleslam Kazzem Seddiqi said the so-called international coalition against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) is in pursuit of suspicious goals which, he said, will not materialize.

Addressing a large and fervent congregation of the people on Tehran University campus on Friday, Hojjatoleslam Seddiqi said, “This coalition does not pursue benevolent intentions and its members are merely interfering in internal affairs of Syria and Iraq which is doomed to fail soon.”

Last week, Judiciary Chief Sadeq Amoli Larijani underlined that the US and the European countries are behind the wave of Takfiri terrorism in the region in a move to contain Islamic awakening and defame Islam.

“The killing of innocent people and other acts committed by this group have nothing to do with the Shiism and Sunnism; in fact it is one of the colonial policies of the US and the European countries who want to taint the image of Islam by introducing ISIL as Islam,” Amoli Larijani said in a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in Tehran on October 22.

He reiterated that terrorists do not pose a threat just to Iraq, “rather the world powers have more programs to make the Middle East region insecure”.

Amoli Larijani pointed to Iran’s support for Iraq in its fight against the terrorists, and said, “Iran will continue its strong moral and material support for Iraq and Iran’s record in supporting Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein clearly indicates this.”

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Chickenshit Netanyahu never entertained even for a moment the idea of making peace

The Method to Netanyahu’s Madness

Prime Minister “Chickenshit”


When a high-ranking official of one country calls the leader of another country “chickenshit”, it may be assumed that the relations between the two countries are not at their best. In fact, they may be considered somewhat less than cordial.

This week, It happened. An unnamed very high-ranking US official said this in an interview with the respected American journalist who bears the very Jewish name of Jeffrey Goldberg.

No high-ranking official would use such a term for publication without the express permission of the President of the United States of America. So here we are.

History has seen many strange relationships between nations. But I dare say none stranger than that existing between Israel and the US.

On the face of it, no two states could be closer to each other. Just a minor example: the day the memorable Chickenshit remark made headlines, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted a resolution calling upon the US to put an end to its 50-year old embargo on Cuba. 188 countries, including the whole spectrum of EU and NATO countries, voted in favor. Two states voted against: the US and Israel.

Two countries against the entire world? No, not entirely. Micronesia, Palau and the Marshal Islands abstained. (These three mighty island nations generally support Israel, too, though few Israelis could place them on the map.)

Throughout the years, in hundreds of UN votes, Israel has stood loyally with the US, and vice versa. An unshakable alliance, so it seemed. And now they call our valiant Prime Minister chickenshit?

The official based his uncomplimentary remark on Binyamin Netanyahu’s disinclination to bomb Iran, as threatened repeatedly, as well as on Netanyahu’s unwillingness to make peace with the Palestinians.

The first accusation is unfounded, since Netanyahu never seriously considered an attack on Iran. Some of my readers may remember that from the first day I assured them that such an attack would not happen, without even leaving myself a loophole in case I might be wrong. I knew that such an attack was quite out of the question. And not only because the entire Israeli defense establishment was against it.

The second accusation is even more groundless. Netanyahu did not chicken out of making peace. This would presuppose that he wanted peace in the first place. If the Americans really believe so, they should read a few good articles (especially mine).

Netanyahu never entertained even for a moment the idea of making peace. His entire upbringing makes this quite impossible. His late father, Ben-Zion, was such an extreme and rigid nationalist, that compared to him Vladimir Jabotinsky, the Zionist right-wing leader, looked like a leftist pacifist.

Every word Binyamin Netanyahu has ever uttered in favor of peace and the Two-State solution was a blatant lie. For him to advocate a Palestinian state is like the Chief Rabbi advocating eating pork on Yom Kippur.

Any American diplomat who does not know this should be transferred at once to Micronesia (or Palau).

Lately it seems that Netanyahu has been doing everything in his power to provoke a quarrel with the US government.

At first sight, this looks like an act of lunacy, an act so dangerous that any competent psychiatrist would commit him to the closed wing of an asylum.

Israel is totally dependent on the US – not 99%, but 100%. On the very same day as the publication of the Chickenshit statement, the US agreed to sell Israel a second squadron of F-35 fighter planes, after the sale of the first 19 planes (which costs 2.35 billion dollars). The money comes from the yearly tribute the US pays to Israel.

Without the automatic US veto on all UN Security Council resolutions not approved by the Israeli government, there would have long been a State of Palestine as a full-fledged member of the UN. A cornerstone of our foreign relations is the belief of many countries that in order to gain entrance to the favors of the US Congress, they first need to bribe the gatekeeper – Israel. And so on.

Literally every Israeli is convinced that our relationship with the US is the lifeline of the state. If there is anything at all on which Israelis of all age groups, communities, beliefs and political orientations are unanimous, it is this conviction.

So how come our prime minister is working full-time on destroying the relationship between the two governments?

When our Minister of Defense, Moshe Ya’alon, visited Washington DC this week, all his requests to meet US cabinet ministers and other high officials were categorically refused, except for a meeting with his colleague, Chuck Hagel, who could not very well object. It was an unprecedented, open insult.

Ya’alon, a former Chief of Staff of the army, is not considered a genius. Some believe that it would have been better if he had stayed at his former profession – milking cows in a kibbutz. When he declared that John Kerry suffered from an “Obsessive Messianism” in his efforts to achieve peace between Israel and Palestine, both Kerry and President Barack Obama were deeply offended.

But such statements by Israeli cabinet ministers have become routine. So have the sharp rebuttals of official US spokesmen and spokeswomen. These are ignored by the Israeli public.

Netanyahu is no fool. Chickenshit or not, unlike Ya’alon he is considered smart and intelligent. So what is he doing?

There is method in his madness.

Netanyahu grew up in the United States. When his father was boycotted by Israeli academia, which refused to take him seriously as a historian, the family moved to a suburb of Philadelphia. Binyamin prides himself on having an intimate knowledge of the US.

What is he thinking about?

He knows that Israel controls the US Congress. No American politician could possible be reelected if he voiced even the slightest hint of criticism of the “Jewish State”. AIPAC, the most powerful lobby in Washington (apart from the National Rifle Association) will see to that. The powerful grip the Jewish lobby has on the media is a further guarantee.

In Netanyahu’s view, in any confrontation between Congress and the White House over Israel, the President is bound to lose. So there is nothing to be afraid of.

Netanyahu is playing roulette with all the capital of Israel in the vast casino called the USA. Perhaps he has been infected by his mentor and protector, the Casino Czar Sheldon Adelson, who has a hand in conducting Israeli policy in the US.

(It was Adelson who appointed the Israeli ambassador in Washington, Ron Dremer, a prominent activist of the Republican party, who is detested by the White House.)

In order to appreciate the magnitude of Netanyahu’s gamble, with us as chips, one has to visualize the state of the union.

The US is now a dysfunctional democracy.

In a normal democracy – say the UK or Germany – there are two central parties, or party coalitions, which face each other. They are both “mainstream” and the differences between them are minor. They succeed each other from time to time without much ado. The citizens hardly notice.

Not in the US. Not anymore.

The American public is now deeply divided between two camps, which hate each other from the bottom of their hearts (if they have any). This hatred is abysmal. One is the party of the ultra-rich, who defend their privileges, the other belongs to the moderately wealthy and serves their interests.

The ideologies of the two camps are diametrically opposed. Therefore, they cannot agree practically on anything. Anything the Democrats do is considered almost treason by the Republicans, anything the Republicans advocate is considered by the Democrats as stupid, if not crazy

The Republicans, who control Congress (and may do so even more firmly in a few days time) are out to immobilize the administration. Once they even stopped all federal payments, making the running of the state impossible. A consistent joint foreign policy is out of the question. I am not sure that the situation on the eve of the great Civil War was much worse.

Into this crazy situation Netanyahu has plunged. He has placed all his chips (us) on the Republicans.

During the last presidential elections, he almost openly supported Mitt Romney, the opponent of Obama, thus practically declaring war on the present administration. The radical anti-Obama statements made now by Israeli leaders are used – and designed to be used – by Republican candidates against their Democratic opponents.

The Democrats make strenuous efforts to woo Jewish voters and donors by flattering Israel in the most outrageous terms, promising to support each and every action of the Israeli government, now and for all eternity, be it what it may. Inadvertently, they stick knives into the back of the Israeli peace forces, making the fight for peace even more Herculean.

But even if the mid-term elections make the House and the Senate even more subservient to the Israeli right-wing, Obama will be around for two more years. In a way, having no more elections to fear, he will be freer than before to obstruct Netanyahu.

I wish he would. But I do not entertain too much hope. Even as a lame duck, he will still have to consider the interests of the next Democratic candidate for the White House.

Obama could still do a lot for peace between Israel and Palestine, a peace supported by the entire pro-American Arab bloc – something clearly in the US national interest, not to mention ours.

For that, courage is needed. And – yes – a little more Obsessive Messianism.

URI AVNERY is an Israeli writer and peace activist with Gush Shalom. He is a contributor to CounterPunch’s book The Politics of Anti-Semitism.

israel upset about the way their ISIS terrorist allies are viewed in the West

Gili Cohen — Haaretz Oct 30, 2014

IS fighters execute prisoners. Click to enlarge

A senior Northern Command officer said Thursday that the Western coalition is making a big mistake in fighting against ISIS.

The coalition forces’ attacks against the Islamic State support the “radical Shi’ite axis,” the unnamed officer said. “A strange situation has been created in which the United States, Canada and France are on the same side as Hezbollah, Iran and Assad. That doesn’t make sense,” he said.

It was easier to deal with terrorism in its early stages [ISIS] than to face an Iranian threat and the Hezbollah, he said. “I believe the West intervened too early and not necessarily in the right direction,” he said.

The unnamed officer said the Iranian presence in Syria is increasing, but neither Iran nor Syria has in interest in starting a war against Israel. He predicted that Assad’s regime would last for several more years of “ups and downs” before crumbling completely.

The officer spoke about the change in Hezbollah’s policy as reflected in its retaliation to Israel. “It’s obvious Hezbollah has no intention of twiddling its thumbs every time Israel does something, openly or covertly, to prevent it from building up its power,” he said.

It would not be correct to say that Israel’s deterrence in the north has “evaporated” but is no longer complete, either, he said.

The IDF will not be able to defeat Hezbollah in a ground operation but only by using its entire power, the officer said. “[When Israel fought against them] Hezbollah were capable of shutting down Ben Gurion Airport down and paralyzing Haifa Port,” he said.

“If Hezbollah decides to use its full power, there will be no choice but to use the IDF as well – and quickly, not slowly,” he said.

“We in the IDF must be able to remove threats quickly and I don’t know how that can be done without using the ground forces. Is there a chance of defeating Hezbollah by bombs alone? Definitely not,” he said.

The officer blasted the IDF for failing to train the troops over the past year and said the army had reached a “red line” as far as the soldiers’ competence was concerned.

“From May 2013 to November 2014 we were in bad shape. When an infantry soldier (in Operation Protective Edge) sees a device he has to use for the first time in the gathering area [before going into action] it’s unacceptable,” he said.

The officer said the ground forces’ training is indispensable, as accurate intelligence and aerial strikes are not enough to defeat an enemy.


USA/NATO stoke tensions by claiming normal Russian flights over international waters are “Russian aggression”



The Obama administration and the Pentagon are stoking up military tensions with Russia in the wake of the October 26 Ukrainian parliamentary elections, claiming that flights by small numbers of warplanes over international waters Wednesday constituted “political saber-rattling” and even “Russian aggression.”

The latter characterization was made by the top general in the US Army, Chief of Staff Raymond Odierno, in an interview Wednesday with CNN. Given that the flights never crossed the airspace of any country, Odierno’s claim is deliberately inflammatory. Under Article Five of the NATO charter, “Russian aggression” would provide a legal pretext for a US military strike against the nuclear-armed power.

According to a press release issued by NATO headquarters in Belgium, there were a total of four flights by Russian warplanes in European waters Tuesday and Wednesday. “These sizeable Russian flights represent an unusual level of air activity over European airspace,” the NATO statement said, although it acknowledged that the flights were over international waters and did not violate any country’s airspace.

On Tuesday, seven Russian planes left their base at Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave wedged between Poland and Lithuania (the former Konigsberg, capital of German East Prussia until the end of World War II). They flew north along the coast of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia into the Gulf of Finland, landing at a base in Russia. German, Danish, Swedish and Finnish warplanes shadowed the Russian flight at various stages.

Finland and Sweden are not NATO members, but they have been working more closely with NATO since the US- and German-backed coup in Ukraine earlier this year. Last month Sweden claimed that two Russian warplanes had violated its airspace, and earlier this month the Swedish navy spent a week searching unsuccessfully for a suspected Russian submarine in the country’s territorial waters in the Baltic Sea.

On Wednesday, seven Russian planes, perhaps the same seven, left the base in north Russia and flew back along the Baltic coast to Kaliningrad. They were monitored by Portuguese NATO warplanes based in Estonia and Lithuania.

Also Wednesday, four Russian planes, two bombers and two fighters, flew from southern Russia into the Black Sea in the direction of Turkey, where they were monitored by Turkish fighters until they turned back.

Again on Wednesday, eight Russian planes, four bombers and four refueling planes, flew from northern Russia into the Norwegian Sea, passing along the coast of Norway into the North Sea and then the Atlantic. Two of the bombers continued west and south, around the British Isles as far south as Portugal, before turning back and returning to Russia by the same route. NATO warplanes from Norway, Britain and Portugal monitored the Russian planes at various stages.

A further reported incident turned out to be a case of mistaken identification, as British Royal Air Force planes escorted a Russian-built plane into Stansted airport outside London on Wednesday. The plane was a civilian freighter from Latvia that had no connection to any Russian military maneuvers.

The Wall Street Journal, one the leading spokesmen for American militarism, gave outsized coverage to the Russian actions, citing the comment of “a senior Obama administration official,” to the effect that, “There is a troubling trend of out-of-area events being increasingly used by Russia along its periphery for political saber-rattling, with probing incursions by air and sea by the Russian military becoming more commonplace and flagrant.”

The Journal also cited the remark of Odierno about “Russian aggression,” and carried an interview with the incoming NATO secretary-general, former Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, who beat the drums for the continued buildup of NATO military forces in eastern Europe, close to Russia’s borders.

Stoltenberg discussed the massive buildup of NATO, including the creation of the Spearhead Force, the provocatively named NATO unit set up in response to the eruption of tensions with Russia over the coup in Ukraine.

The NATO official said,

“The plan we agreed on is the biggest reinforcement of our collective defense since the end of the Cold War. We have more planes in the air—five times as many as we had a year ago. We have more ships in the Baltic and the Black Seas, and we have a substantial increase in boots on the ground, exercises, and troops on a rotational basis in our eastern allied countries.”

Stoltenberg explained that in addition to rapid-response troops, the Spearhead Force is

“partly about command-and-control elements which are going to be in our eastern allied countries: the Baltic countries, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. Those command-and-control components are important because that will also increase our ability to reinforce. And in addition, prepositioning of equipment and supplies will even more increase the possibility to reinforce.”

While the Obama administration, NATO and the servile US media portray Russia as the aggressor, the military flights as described on Tuesday and Wednesday were neither provocative nor illegal under international law. There was no effort by the Russian warplanes to challenge NATO defenses or cause alarm.

This is in sharp contrast to the US practice throughout the Cold War, when the Pentagon regularly engaged in what were called DE SOTO operations, a codename applied to aerial probes against the borders of the Soviet Union, the Warsaw Pact countries in eastern Europe, China, North Vietnam and North Korea.

DE SOTO operations usually involved American bombers simulating an attack on one of the targeted countries, provoking a response from air defense forces, while electronic warfare planes monitored and charted the location of radar installations and other facilities for future targeting. The most notorious of these actions was the simulated attack on Soviet Far East defenses in September 1983, leading to the shooting down of KAL Flight 007 by a Soviet air defense fighter, which mistook the off-course passenger jet for a US warplane.

The claims of unusual Russian military flights were part of a week of increasing US pressure on Russia. On Monday, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel spoke by phone with the newly appointed defense minister of Ukraine, Gen. Col. Stepan Poltorak.

According to a Pentagon spokesman, “Secretary Hagel discussed with Minister Poltorak the types of security assistance that the United States is providing to address Ukrainian defense requirements.” A US-Ukraine Joint Commission recently held its first meeting in Kyiv, the official noted, building on present military-to-military contacts.

On Tuesday came reports in the American media that Russian-based hackers had breached some computer networks at the White House earlier this month, triggering an investigation by the FBI, the National Security Agency and the Secret Service. No Obama administration official went on record over the alleged incident, preferring to feed anonymous anti-Russian comments to the Washington Post and many other press outlets.

The Post noted that an earlier alleged Russian hacking incident in 2008 “helped galvanize the effort to create US Cyber Command, a military organization dedicated to defending the country’s critical computer systems,” adding that, “When directed by the president or defense secretary, Cyber Command can undertake offensive operations.”

On Wednesday, Hagel addressed the Washington Ideas Festival, sponsored by the Atlantic magazine, outlining a perspective that the magazine described as “Get used to endless war.”

Hagel told interviewer James Fallows, “I think we are living through one of these historic, defining time. We are seeing a new world order—post-World War II, post-Soviet Union implosion—being built.”

At one point Fallows asked Hagel, “When will the United States see some end to these wars, especially the now 13-year war in Iraq-Afghanistan?” Hagel’s response was, in effect, don’t hold your breath.

“What we’re seeing in the Middle East with ISIS-ISIL is going to require a steady, long-term effort,” he said. “Unfortunately, I see these things continuing to stay out there, Jim. I think we’re in for longer-term challenge here than maybe any of us would hope. But that’s the world that we live in, and we’ve got to be honest about that.”

He then went on to list “all the other dimensions—the rise of China, what Russia has been doing the last six months; pandemic disease, Ebola being an example,” as examples of issues that will require mobilization of the US military in some form.

UN watchdog slams Israel abuses, demands Gaza war probe

GENEVA (AFP) — A UN human rights watchdog on Thursday urged Israel to respect the rights of Palestinians, and demanded the country probe violations committed during repeated assaults on Gaza.

With tensions soaring in East Jerusalem and months of almost daily clashes, the UN Human Rights Committee published conclusions Thursday from its review earlier this month of Israel’s human rights record.

The committee lamented continued punitive demolitions of Palestinian homes in the West Bank, excessive force by the Israeli military and decried reports of the use of torture and ill-treatment of Palestinians, including children, in Israeli detention facilities.

It also slammed the “continuing confiscation and expropriation of Palestinian land and restrictions on access of Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem.”

The body, which oversees global rules on civil and political rights, and submits governments to regular reviews, also voiced concern over alleged human rights abuses during three Israeli military operations in Gaza since late 2008, including the nearly two-month war this summer that killed nearly 2,200 mainly civilian Palestinians and 73 people in Israel, mostly soldiers.

Israel “should ensure that all human rights violations committed during its military operations in the Gaza Strip in 2008-2009, 2012 and 2014 are thoroughly, effectively, independently and impartially investigated,” the Geneva-based committee said in its conclusions.

It demanded that perpetrators, especially those in positions of command, be “prosecuted and sanctioned” and that the victims and their families be provided “effective remedies.”

And it criticised Israel’s continuing blockade of Gaza, lamenting that the blockade continues to “negatively impact Palestinians’ access to all basic and life-saving services such as food, health, electricity, water and sanitation.”

The committee’s comments came as tensions raging since the Gaza war started in July swelled after Israeli police shot dead a Palestinian Thursday suspected of an assassination attempt on a hardline campaigner for Jewish prayer rights at Jerusalem’s flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque.

In a bid to avoid further tensions, Israel ordered the closure of the Al-Aqsa compound to all visitors, drawing a furious response from Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas, who described it as “a declaration of war.”

Former Israeli soldier describes how IDF troops do not view Palestinians as ‘human beings’

Now a member of Breaking The Silence the campaigner described how many soldiers viewed all Palestinians as having ‘the potential to be terrorists’

A former Israeli soldier has described how IDF troops do not view Palestinians as “human beings” but instead as individuals with “the potential to be terrorists.”

Nadav Bigelman, who served as a combat solider in the Israeli Defence Force between 2007 and 2010, made the remarks as footage emerged appearing to show IDF troops arresting a young disabled Palestinian child two weeks ago.

“After a while you stop looking at people as people, you stop looking at children as children, you stop looking at teenagers as teenagers, you look at them just as Palestinians, as people who are always the potential to be terrorists,” he said to Russian Today.

“Unfortunately in many ways it [the recent video of the arrest of a child] did not surprise me.” Mr Bigelman, a member of Israeli army veterans’ group Breaking The Silence, also claimed that during his combat experience he too performed “several” similar-such arrests.

Indiscriminate Attacks and Deliberate Killing: Israel Takes Revenge on Gaza by Killing Civilians

Author: Euromid Observer

Geneva – Between 8 July and 26 August, 2014, Israeli forces conducted an estimated 60,664 raids (launched from land, air and sea) into the Gaza Strip. This report documents that in many cases, these attacks were indiscriminate. Not only did Israeli forces fail to take sufficient measures to protect noncombatants, including children and the disabled, but in a number of instances they deliberately targeted locations with concentrations of civilians. Reports from physicians on the ground strongly suggest that Israel deployed “unconventional weapons” (nail bombs and DIME munitions), which are designed to cause maximum damage and thus are not considered permissible in densely populated areas — either legally or morally.

According to international law, attacks are considered indiscriminate when they are not directed at specific military targets, measures are not taken to limit the effects and no attempt is made to differentiate between combatants and civilians. Under this definition, the Euro-Mid investigation documented here demonstrates that Israel committed numerous indiscriminate attacks in Gaza during the July and August aggression.

Likewise, this investigation shows that the so-called “warnings” issued by the government of Israel, typically in the form of telephone calls or “roof knocks,” were insufficient to offer protection. The actual strikes typically occurred less than two minutes after the warnings and in a few cases, less than one minute. There was no time to flee – particularly for those with disabilities – even if there was somewhere safe for them to turn. At the same time, Israeli armed forces obstructed emergency responders from reaching the wounded for long periods of time.

Based on these testimonies, Euro-Mid concludes that Israeli armed forces deliberately and knowingly targeted massive numbers of noncombatants, even though they already knew (or should have known) that their actions would result in a large number of civilian casualties.

Therefore, our recommendations include a thorough investigation by the United Nations, with backing from the Security Council – or, if vetoed due to a longstanding practice of protecting the Israeli government from censure, the General Assembly. Likewise, we call on all state parties to the Geneva Convention to insist on conformance with its provisions in their respective national courts.

The reconstruction of Gaza is needed for Palestinians to be able to live. However, without accountability for crimes and protection of human rights, it will be a life without dignity or hope.

The Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights is a nonprofit, nongovernmental human rights organization dedicated to exposing human rights violations and defending human rights. The Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights headquarter is based in Geneva, Switzerland, with regional offices in the Middle-East.

To download full report: Here


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