The UN team of inspectors have started destroying the chemical weapons of Syria starting with missiles that carry on chemical heads . The operation is going as planned with the cooperation of the Syrian authorities . Unfortunately this has not limited the terrorist assaults on the Syrian territories that are still going on . Syria is still confronting no less than 1800 armed factions committing atrocities on the Syrian ground and the enemies of Syria ranging from USA to KSA nor forgetting Turkey are still supplying and arming and training the thugs of the opposition and sending tons of weapons inside Syria . The US forces in Jordan are training hundreds of opposition people within view to sending them to Syria.

The Syrian army is still confronting the thugs of the opposition and progressing on the ground despite all . The new element on the ground is the war that is opposing the FSA to the ISIS of al Qa’ida and many factions have defected from the FSA to join the al Qa’ida and the Nusrat supported by Turkey and while news were circulating that the FSA is discussing with the Syrian authorities the terms of their return to the bosom of the Syrian Army, the last news say that the FSA has recognized the Coalition of the Opposition that is controlled by the KSA and headed by Ahmed al Jarba as its political representative in any future conference or summit .

The al Qa’ida or ISIS is trying to control the borders with Turkey and with Iraq and the crossing points between Syria and Turkey as well and serious confrontations are happening now between the FSA and the ISIS in the al Raqqa region. The ISIS is also confronting the Kurds on the borders with Turkey and these confrontations have spread to the Kurdistan of Iraq whereby ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack on the Kurdish security center of Erbil last week that caused the death of 6 attackers and 6 security people with more than 60 wounded. The Syrian army is fighting ISIS in Dayr al Zour on the Iraqi borders and is opening the road to Aleppo in the north . Today the city of Damascus was shelled with various missiles coming from the opposition that caused the death of 8 civilians and more than 20 were injured.

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