Israel’s boundless support to terrorists laid bare for all to see

Israel’s boundless support to terrorists laid bare for all to see

Beirut, SANA – New media information revealed that up to 1400 terrorists who were wounded in Syria have been treated at the expense of the Israeli War Ministry in a field hospital in the occupied Syrian Golan.

In a news report published on Friday, the Lebanese newspaper “al-Akhbar” said the Israeli War Ministry has allocated amounts of its budget to treat its terrorist agents fighting the Syrian army in a field hospital it has set up in the Golan to that effect since the beginning of the crisis in Syria.

Israel’s TV Channel 10 broadcast  yesterday night “exclusive’ footage of the hospital after the Israeli occupation army allowed taking photos from “highly sensitive” places where the hospital exists, al-Akhbar said in its report.


The Israeli channel reported that the terrorist organizations know well how to reach the place where they move their injured members according to a specific mechanism, which quite clearly prove the growing prior coordination between those organizations and the Israeli enemy.

Israeli medical treatment to terrorists has also been provided at Israeli hospitals inside the occupied Palestinian territories, including hospitals that treat high ranking Israeli officers.

Recently, there have been almost daily reports of injured terrorists being transported to those hospitals, with the number of those amounting to tens of hundreds, most of them being taken care of in Poriya hospital in Tiberias and Nahariya hospital in Galilee.

The latest of such reports came out earlier today by the Israeli “Walla” website, saying that another terrorist with leg wounds was admitted to Poriya hospital last night.

Other Israeli reports stated that an estimated USD 14 million have been spent by the Israeli authorities to treat terrorists injured in Syria since the outbreak of the terrorist war waged against in 2011.

Various intelligence and other reports have come to confirm those published by the media, including reports by the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) monitoring the 1974 accord between Syria and the Israeli enemy.

Even the UN force itself has not been spared by the terrorist organizations operating in the disengagement zone, which are receiving direct Israeli support.  UN personnel came under repeated attacks by terrorists, including from the Security Council-blacklisted Jabhat al-Nusra organization, which involved clashes as well as abduction in several cases.

Israel’s support to the internationally-created terrorist organizations has taken various aspects, not least the Israeli warplanes launching attacks against sites inside the Syrian territory, all in flagrant violation of the counterterrorism resolutions issued by the UN and Security Council in particular.

WHO: one million people wounded in Syria as diseases continue to spread

A medic stitches the head of a wounded Syrian boy at a makeshift clinic after a mortar reportedly fell in the besieged rebel town of Douma, 13 kilometers (eight miles) northeast of Damascus, on November 11, 2014. AFP/ Abd Doumany

Published Friday, December 19, 2014

One million people have been wounded during the nearly four-year old Syrian war, and diseases are spreading as regular supplies of medicine fail to reach patients, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Syria representative said.

A plunge in vaccination rates from 90 percent before the war to 52 percent this year and contaminated water has added to the woes, allowing typhoid and hepatitis to spread, Elizabeth Hoff said in an interview late on Thursday.

More than 200,000 people have been killed in Syria’s conflict, which began in March 2011 with popular protests against President Bashar al-Assad and spiraled into a war.

“In Syria, they have a million people injured as a direct result of the war. You can see it in the country when you travel around. You see a lot of amputees,” said Hoff. “This is the biggest problem.”

She said a collapsed health system, where over half of public hospitals are out of service, has meant that treatments for diseases and injuries are irregular.

“What has been a problem is the regularity of supply,” she said. “The (government) approvals are sporadic.”

Hoff said that Assad’s government – which demands to sign off on aid convoys – is still blocking surgical supplies, such as bandages and syringes, from entering rebel-held areas, arguing that the equipment would be used to help insurgents.

Syrian officials could not be reached for comment on Thursday or Friday.

More than 6,500 cases of typhoid were reported this year across Syria and 4,200 cases of measles, the deadliest disease for Syrian children, Hoff said.

There was just one reported case of polio, which can paralyze children within hours, in 2014 following a vaccination drive. However, other new diseases appeared, including myiasis, a tropical disease spread by flies which is also known as screw-worm, with 10 cases seen in the outskirts of Damascus.

Syrian activists in the Eastern Ghouta district of Damascus said that tuberculosis was also spreading due to poor sanitary conditions and a government siege on the area, blocking aid.

The United Nations called on Thursday for more than $8.4 billion to help nearly 18 million people in need in Syria and across the region in 2015.

Hoff said that the WHO delivered more than 13.5 million treatments of life-saving medicines and medical supplies in 2014, up nearly threefold from the year before.

However, Hoff added that “the needs are not possible to believe,” saying that the problems were growing at an even faster pace with poor water access and deepening poverty worsening the health crisis.

A UN refugee agency (UNHCR) report published in mid-November shows that about 7.2 million people have been displaced within Syria, many without food or shelter as winter has started.

The report also estimates that some 3.3 million Syrian refugees live abroad, most of them living in squalid informal camps, exposed to the heat of summer and cold of winter.

(Reuters, Al-Akhbar)


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8 Children Found Dead at Home in Northern Australian City


Eight dead children and a woman suffering from serious stab wounds were found inside a northern Australian home Friday, police said.

policePolice believe the 34-year-old woman found with chest wounds is the mother of seven children with the eighth child believed to be a relative.

Queensland state police were called to the home in the Cairns suburb of Manoora Friday after receiving a report of  a woman with serious injuries. When police entered the house, they found the bodies of the children, ranging in age from 18 months to 15 years.

The Guardian reports the children were all stabbed to death.

Detective Inspector Bruno Asincar said he didn’t believe there was a multiple murderer still at large and that police were talking to the woman. Asked if she was a suspect, he said officials have not yet identified any suspects and were questioning everyone who had contact with the family in the past 2-3 days.

“As it stands at the moment, there’s no need for the public to be concerned about this other than the fact that it’s a tragic, tragic event,” Asnicar said. “The situation is well controlled at the moment. There shouldn’t be any concern for anyone else out of this environment.”

Lisa Thaiday, who said she was the woman’s cousin, said another sibling, a 20-year-old man, came home and found his brothers and sisters dead inside the house.

Detective Inspector Bruno Asnicar said the police who reported the incident were initially ‘distressed.’

“These events are extremely distressing for everyone, of course, and police officers aren’t immune to that, we’re human beings as well,” Ansicar said. “But the police we have here are very highly trained and professional.. I’m very happy with the response.”

Source: Websites

19-12-2014 – 14:50 Last updated 19-12-2014 – 14:50

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Anis Naqash: On Russia-USA, ISIL,Turkey and the Emerging Iran-Iraq- Syria Alliance

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Vice News: IDF Aiding THEIR Terrorists in Golan

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The IDF invites a, very friendly, alleged journalist to the show “In part one of a five-part series, VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky gets exclusive access to an IDF special operation, highlighting an unusual relationship they (IDF) have with their Syrian enemies across the border.”Of course the spin is these “Syrian fighters” are Israel’s enemy. Readers here know that is a blatant, huge LIE. These fighters are Israel’s fighters. And they have been for many years now.Most of these fighters aren’t even Syrians! They are a united nations of killers. 

Get your barf bag ready and please ignore the perception management/spin/mind control as the IDF  evacuates their irregular army from the war zone

I have covered repeatedly the reality of Israel’s backing of these terrorists in Syria.

VICE is just another lying media outlet masquerading as something hip. It’s not hip. VICE is not cool. VICE is more of the same- Repackaged.

Time of Israel 

I will not be putting up the entire 5 part series. One part is all that is needed to understand the lies, the spin, the obfuscation, the perception management that would be contained in all 5 parts

A partial list of what must be dozens of  posts regarding Israel supporting the killers of innocent Syrians and the destruction of Syria, long before VICE got the special invite to spin Israel’s wheel of  propaganda :

Flashback Dec 7/14: Israel attacks Syria aiding their takfiri (Kurds and others) Netanyahu hints in advance
Flashback Sept. 17/2103- Ambassador Oren: Israel has wanted Assad ousted since BEFORE Syria war began
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Ziad Fadel

الجيش السوري يستهدف مواقع المسلحين بريف دمشق



Al-Jadhal Field in the shadow of Al-Shaa’er Mountain:  The SAA vanquished a pack of ISIS jackals skulking around this area in an apparent bid to keep our troops tied down. Didn’t work very well.  SAA killed 8 today and took 3 prisoners.


Abu Al-‘Alaayaa Village:  East of Homs City.  The SAA surrounded a group of ISIS rodents killing 6 and wounding an undisclosed number of rodents.


Al-Ghantu:  2 nests belonging to Nusra were vaporized by SAA units.  No details.


Al-Wa’er City:  More evidence is accumulating that the foreign rats inside are breaking because of hunger and need for medical care.  This is another area ripe for a big dynamic push by the SAA timed for when they least expect it.


South ‘Ayn Hussayn:  Fighting with no details.


Fighting intense in these areas:  East of Al-Qaryatayn Dam, Al-Nasraani Mountain, Al-Rastan, Dayr Fool.





Abu Dhuhoor Airbase area:  If any of you bought the propaganda about Abu Dhuhoor’s fall, let me disabuse you of any misconceptions brought on by the wishful thinking of the rat enablers in England and France.  The fighting is intensifying around the Abu Dhuhoor Airbase area with a confirmed 34 Nusra rats strewn all around and rotting.  At the Al-Kiyaari Farms in the ambit of the airbase, the SAA is massing for a push to retake the base which was abandoned by order of the field commander in charge after the MoD decided that a straight out defense would be too costly in lives and materiel.  Instead, the army redeployed to the Haamidiyya base to conduct operations to regain the base on terms favorable to the SAA.  As of today, at the farms, spotters have counted 23 carcasses with many wounded and not receiving medical attention from their rodent comrades.  It’s a mess for Nusra.


Sarja:  A perfectly planned operation by SAA infantry caught the rats unawares in the Al-Zaawiya Mountains killing foreign filth belonging to the Kataa`ib Ansaar Al-Shaam, Liwaa` Al-Haqq, Liwaa` Al-Tawheed.  All these groups are supported by the terrorist Saudi apes but are falling apart and unifying their efforts in order to remain in the game.  The numbers of dead are very substantial among these packs, so much so that they are on the verge of extinction.


Qumaynaas:  A town valued for its spectacular historic sites and artifacts, looted and pillaged by British supported terrorists whose orders come directly from Incirlik AB in Erdoghan’s Turkey.  It is 5.5 kms south of Idlib and its inhabitants have sent numerous petitions to Dr. Assad to send troops in to rid them of the British-controlled rat filth.  Yesterday, 11 rodents took the surrey with the fringe on top to Satan’s Saloon:

Rafeeq Saalih Al-Dibs

Muhammad ‘Ali Faqqoos

The rest were not indentified.  Wael is certain 3 were Turkish citizens.


Nahla and Kooreen Villages in the Areeha area about 12 kms from the city:  SAAF and SAA launched an attack on a pack of rodents riding in pickups and vans and killed most of them.  I have no details or specifics, yet.


Al-Naajiya:  Very close to the Turk border and a “former” conduit for smuggling weapons and foreign garbage in the shape of rats.  The SAA rained artillery down on it.  It is a sign that the propaganda you are hearing about rat control over this province is pure folderol.  The SAA is advancing everywhere in this area.


Fighting in Al-Dibshiyya Village:  SAA killed 4 rats from Nusra.


Al-Mastooma:  The SAA liquidated this rat leader of Suqoor Al-Shaam (Falcons of Syria, yawn):

‘Allaawi Abu-‘Alaa`


Kareema and Tal Mareer Villages:  These rats are confirmed recipients of Erdoghan’s and the UAE’s financial assistance.  Yesterday and today, the SAA destroyed 3 nests and killed all 32 rodents.  Not one survived.




Ayn Al-Sawdaa`:  47 kms from the city, a foreign pack of rats was wiped out by the SAA and PDC.


Syrian Army Strikes ISIL Terrorists, Continues Operations across Country

Local Editor

Syrian Army

The Syrian Army units continued crackdown on terrorists in several areas across the country, dealing heavy blows to their organizations and rolling back their advances, SANA reported.


A military source said units of the Army and Armed Forces destroyed gatherings of terrorist organizations in al-Melbieh and al-Shbeeb villages south of al-Hasaka province.


In Hama, army units pounded dens of terrorist organizations in Abu Hbeilat and Akareb al-Safi villages in the province’s eastern countryside.


Units of the Army and Armed Forces destroy terrorists’ vehicles and dens in Karima, al-Dabshia, Tal Mrir, Sarja, Ayn al-Soda and Nahla in Idleb countryside, according to a military source.


Army units repelled ISIL terrorists who tried to attack the marble quarries in al-Marwaha in Palmyra countryside and killed a number of them near Jazl oil field in Homs countryside.


An army unit destroyed an arms cache, rockets, vehicles and dens for Nusra Front terrorists, killing a number of them in al-Farz, the area surrounding Bradoun Dam, Ain al-Bayda, al-Bashoura, Jabal Zahi and Otaira in Lattakia countryside.


A military source said Army and Armed Forces’ units eliminated a number of terrorists who attempted to attack military checkpoints in al-Faqeaa, al-Dali and Daraa al-Balad.

The units also destroyed takfiri terrorist organizations’ dens in Tafas, Zamrin, Samlin, Tal Shihab, al-Yadoda, Dael, al-Sheikh Myskeen, Ibtaa, al-Harra, Um al-Mayazen and Saida in Daraa countryside.

Deir Ezzor

Meanwhile, army units killed a number of ISIL terrorists who stationed near Farmix Company building and in al-Bo Amr, al-Jafra, and al-Mriaea villages in Deir Ezzor.

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Israel lends the al-Nusra terrorists a hand in Syria

Israel lends al-Nusra a hand in Syria

Overtly, the Israeli superpower of the Middle East has been keen to posture as having no role whatsoever in the four-year old devastating conflict in Syria, where all major regional and international powers are politically and militarily deeply involved and settling scores by Syrian blood.

In his geopolitical weekly analysis, entitled “The Islamic State Reshapes the Middle East”, on November 25 Stratfor’s George Friedman raised eyebrows when he reviewed the effects which the terrorist group had on all regional powers, but seemed unaware of the existence of the Israeli regional superpower.

It was an instructive omission that says a lot about the no more discreet role Israel is playing to maintain what the Israeli commentator Amos Harel described as the “stable instability” in Syria and the region, from the Israeli perspective of course.

Friedman in fact was reflecting a similar official omission by the US administration. When President Barak Obama appealed for a “broad international coalition” to fight the Islamic State (IS), Israel – the strongest military power in the region and the well – positioned logistically to fight it – was not asked to join. The Obama administration explained later that Israel’s contribution would reflect negatively on the Arab partners in the coalition.

“Highlighting Israel’s contributions could be problematic in terms of complicating efforts to enlist Muslim allies” in the coalition, said Michael Eisenstadt, a senior fellow at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s arm, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

Covertly however Israel is a key player in prolonging the depleting war on Syria and the major beneficiary of neutralizing the military of the only immediate Arab neighbor that has so far eluded yielding to the terms dictated by the US-backed Israeli regional force majeure for making peace with the Hebrew state.

Several recent developments however have brought the Israeli role into the open.

First the latest bombing of Syrian targets near the Damascus international civilian airport on December 7 was the seventh major unprovoked air strike of its kind since 2011 and the fifth in the past 18 months on Syrian defenses. Syrian scientific research centers, missile depots, air defense sites, radar and electronic monitoring stations and the Republican Guards were targeted by Israel.

Facilitating the Israeli mission and complementing it, the terrorist organizations operating in the country tried several times to hit the same targets. They succeeded in killing several military pilots and experts whom Israeli intelligence services would have paid dearly to hunt down.

Foreign Policy on last June 14 quoted a report by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon as saying that the “battle-hardened Syrian rebels … once in Israel, they receive medical treatment in a field clinic before being sent back to Syria”, describing the arrangement as a “gentleman’s agreement”.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in February this year visited this “military field hospital” and shook hands with some of the more than 1,000 rebels treated in Israeli hospitals, according to Lt Col Peter Lerner, a spokesman for the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF).

Foreign Policy quoted also Ehud Yaari, an Israeli fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, as saying that Israel was supplying the rebel – controlled Syrian villages with medicines, heaters, and other humanitarian supplies. The assistance, he said, has benefited civilians and “insurgents”. Yaari ignored the reports about the Israeli intelligence services to those “insurgents”.

Israel facilitates war on UNDOF
Second, the latest quarterly report by the UN Disengagement Force (UNDOF) to the UN Security Council (UNSC) on December 1 confirmed what eight previous similar reports had stated about the “interaction across the [Syrian – Israeli] ceasefire line” between the IOF and the “armed members of the [Syrian] opposition”, in the words of Ban Ki-Moon’s report to the Security Council on December 4.

Third, Ki-moon in his report confirmed that the UNDOF “was forced to relocate its troops” to the Israeli side of the ceasefire line, leaving the Syrian side a safe haven zone for the al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra Front, which the UNSC had designated a “terrorist group”.

UNDOF’s commander, Lieutenant General Iqbal Singh Singha, told the UNSC on October 9 that his troops were “under fire, been abducted, hijacked, had weapons snatched and offices vandalized”. Australia was the latest among the troop contributing countries to pull out its forces from UNDOF.

UNDOF and the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) operate in the buffer zone of about 80 kilometers long and between 0.5 to 10 km wide, forming an area of 235 square km. The zone borders the Lebanon Blue Line to the north and forms a border of less than 1 km with Jordan to the south. It straddles the Purple Line which separates the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights from Syria. The west Israeli side of this line is known as “Alpha” and the east Syrian side as “Bravo”.

Speaking at the US military base Fort Dix on Monday, President Obama warned those who “threaten America” that they “will have no safe haven”, but that is exactly what Israel is providing them.

Israeli “interaction” has practically helped the UNDOF “to relocate” from Bravo to Alpha and to hand Bravo as a safe haven over to an al-Nusra Front-led coalition of terrorist groups.

Al-Nusra Front is officially the al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria. US Secretary of State John Kerry told the Senate Committee on Foreign relations on this December 9 that his administration considers the IS to be a branch of al-Qaeda operating under a different name. Both terrorist groups were one under the name of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and only recently separated. Whoever accommodates either one is in fact courting the other.

“The 1,200-strong UN force is now mostly huddled inside Camp Ziouani, a drab base just inside the Israeli – controlled side of the Golan Heights. Its patrols along the de facto border have all but ceased,” the Associated Press (AP) reported on last September 18.

Israeli air force and artillery intervened several times to protect the al-Nusra Front’s “safe haven” against fire power from Syria, which is still committed to its ceasefire agreement of 1974 with Israel. Last September for example, Israel shot down a Syrian fighter jet that was bombing the Front’s positions, only three weeks after shooting down a Syrian drone over the area.

Israel is not only violating Syrian sovereignty, but violating also the UN-sponsored ceasefire agreement and the UNSC anti-terror resolutions. More important, Israel is in fact undermining the UNDOF mandate on the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan Heights.

This situation could only be interpreted as an Israeli premeditated war by proxy on the UN presence on the Golan Heights.

“Israel is the most interested in having [UN] peacekeepers evacuated from the occupied Golan so as to be left without international monitoring,” Syria’s permanent envoy to the UN, Bashar al-Jaafari, told reporters on September 17.

The UNSC seems helpless or uninterested in defending the UNDOF mandate on the Golan against Israeli violations, which risk the collapse of the 1974 ceasefire arrangements.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry was on record condemning these violations as a “declaration of war”, asserting that Syria reserves its right to retaliate “at the right moment and the right place”. Obviously a regional outbreak is at stake here without the UN presence as a buffer.

Upgrading unanimously Israel’s status from a “major non-NATO ally” to a “major strategic partner” of the United States by the US Congress on December 3 could explain the UNSC inaction.

The undeclared understanding between the Syrian government and the US-led coalition against the self-declared “Islamic State” (IS) not to target the latter’s forces seems to have left this mission to Israel, who could not join the coalition publicly for subjective as well as objective reasons.

The AP on September 18 did not hesitate to announce that the “collapse of UN peacekeeping mission on Golan Heights marks a new era on Israel-Syria front”. Aron Heller, the writer of the AP report, quoted the former Israeli military liaison officer with UNDOF, Stephane Cohen, as saying: “Their mandate is just not relevant anymore.” Heller concluded that this situation “endangers” the “status quo”, which indeed has become a status quo ante.

Israeli strategic gains
The emerging fait accompli seems very convenient to Israel, creating positive strategic benefits for the Hebrew state and arming it with a pretext not to withdraw the IOF from the occupied Syrian Golan Heights and Palestinian territories.

In an analysis paper published by The Saban Center at Brookings in November 2012, Itamar Rabinovich wrote that, “Clearly, the uncertainty in Syria has put the question of the Golan Heights on hold indefinitely. It may be a long time until Israel can readdress the prospect of giving the Golan back to Damascus.”

Moreover, according to Rabinovich, “the Syrian conflict has the potential to bring the damaged Israeli – Turkish relationship closer to normalcy ? they can find common ground in seeking to foster a stable post – Assad government in Syria.”

The hostile Turkish insistence on toppling the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad, the concentration of the IS and other rebel forces in the north of the country and in central, eastern and southern Syria are diverting the potential and focus of the Syrian Arab Army northward and inward, away from the western front with the Israeli occupying power on the Golan Heights.

The protracted war on the Syrian government is depleting its army in manpower and materially. Rebuilding the Syrian army and the devastated Syrian infrastructure will preoccupy the country for a long time to come and defuse any military threat to Israel for an extended time span.

On the Palestinian front, the rise of the IS has made fighting it the top US priority in the Middle East, which led Aaron David Miller, a former adviser to several US administrations on Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, to warn in Foreign Policy early in September that the rise of the IS would pose “a serious setback to Palestinian hopes of statehood”.

The expected fallback internally of the post-war Syria would “hopefully” relieve Israel of the Syrian historical support for the Palestinian anti – Israeli occupation movements, at least temporarily.

Netanyahu on Sunday opened a cabinet meeting by explicitly using the IS as a pretext to evade the prerequisites of making peace. Israel “stands … as a solitary island against the waves of Islamic extremism washing over the entire Middle East”, he said, adding that “to force upon us” a timeframe for a withdrawal from the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories, as proposed by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to the UN Security Council, “will bring the radical Islamic elements to the suburbs of Tel Aviv and to the heart of Jerusalem. We will not allow this.”

Israel is also capitalizing on the war on the IS to misleadingly align it with the Palestinian “Islamic” resistance movements. “When it comes to their ultimate goals, Hamas is ISIS and ISIS is Hamas,” Netanyahu told the UN General Assembly on September 29.

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Nicola Nasser is a veteran Arab journalist based in Birzeit, West Bank of the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories ( 


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