Erdoğan, impotent against ISIL terrorists, threatens Kurds instead

Erdoğan: We shall crush Kurdish militias within 3 months

According to Anadolu News Agency, the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in an urgent meeting with his ruling party’s (AKP) member of Turkish Parliament vowed to disarm the Kurdish militias in Southeastern Turkey, namely Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

Mr. Erdoğan further accused PKK of establishing close ties with beleaguered Syrian President Assad, adding, PKK is receiving substantial financial assistance from the Assad regime.

The Turkish increasingly hostile president promised that Syrian regime will collapse in next three months and then Turkish army will inflict the final crushing blow to PKK terrorists and subsequently will end the Kurdish question once forever.

Many political experts believe Erdoğan’s fiery comment might mark a dramatic escalation in Ankara’s campaign against the outlawed PKK militants.

Meanwhile Laurent Fabius, the French foreign minister slammed the Turkish Islamist-leaning administration for providing weapons to Jihadist militants fighting to topple Syria’s Assad adding that the scope of Erdoğan’s cooperation with terrorist organizations such as ISIL is far too extensive.

“I think Turkish government wants to take revenge from all Europe when we torpedoed Ankara’s EU accession bid in 2011,” SANA quoted Fabius as saying.

Since the Syrian conflict began in March 2011, scores of European radical Muslims have traveled to the war-torn Arab country to take part in “Jihad” against Syrian secular regime and since jihadists weren’t able to achieve their goals, many of them plan to return to Europe and this certainly will pose major threats to the security of European countries.

In this regard, Claudia Roth, the deputy of German Bundestag (Parliament) urged NATO to take necessary measure to prevent Turkey from its preposterous support for the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS).

Claudia Roth

Claudia Roth

Turkish government is using ISIL as a proxy to weaken and ultimately annihilate its Kurdish dissents and we learned that Turks are letting ISIL to sell its oil via Turkish port of Ceyhan and Erdoğan‘s secret liaison with terrorist organizations is totally unacceptable for us, said Ms. Roth.

Ankara categorically denies any alleged cooperation with ISIL, but according to returning Jihadists’ accounts, numerous wounded ISIL fighters are treated in Turkish military hospitals and Turkish border guards are flagrantly turning a blind eye on ISIL oil and arms smuggling.


Obama even Surpassed G.W. Bush in Incompetence

Obama Surpassed G.W. Bush in Incompetence


American voters have punished Obama by handing over Congress to the Republicanseven though it seems that he failed to understand why this has happened. The neocons now have the upper hand in the Senate as wellamong which one may find such war hawks like Lindsey Graham and Joni Kay Ernst. This must have something to do with Obama’s ill-planned foreign policy, especially in the Middle East.

The good old American traditions of taking advantage of attempts to dominate other countries have manifested itself clearly over the years during Obama’s presidency in this region. Republicans didn’t hesitate to take advantage of his failures by launching a massive campaign to discredit the US President by accusing him of an inability to solve the Syrian and Iraqi conflicts, nonexistent progress in the negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program without any noticeable concessions from Tehran, and finally of being a “socialist Muslim.” At the same time they’ve failed to notice the only foreign policy achievement of Barack Obama that is worth mentioning – the restoration of American hegemony and the renewed US dictatorship in Europe, that had deteriorated during the Bush era.

In his foreign policy Obama followed the interests of the ruling class and business elitesand it seems that in this domain he surpassed his predecessor. His proposals for the dismantling of the UN, for the increasing aggressiveness of NATO and its expansion across the entire Islamic world, his unwillingness to carry on the cooperative effort with Russia against Islamic radicalsIt’s no coincidence that a wave of color revolutions swept across the Middle East during his term. Obama will keep on promoting the idea of “American exceptionalism” and ignoring international law. For this reason Republicans will be eager to support any of Obama’s new military endeavors only to throw him under the bus later. They know that once they get him impeachedthey will be able to ensure that his chair is occupied by a Republican.

Therefore, at this point Obama can count on the support of the Republican majority in his intentions of initiating a ground operation in Iraq (some fifteen hundred US soldiers have already been sent there). Yet the Republican hawks won’t be eager to commit political suicide by doing so, in the past they have opposed the proposal on the supply of modern weapons to Syrian “rebels” and the Israeli plan to carry out air strikes against Iran’s nuclear facilities. Most of them are perfectly aware of the fact that they are two years away from the presidential election, so it’s a bad time for jumping the gun. In contrast, Obama thinks every international matter can be solved by primitive brute force.

There’s a handful of examples: the bombing of Syria without a UN resolution; the reverse of the effects of the Sykes–Picot Agreement of 1916, the unexpected statement made by the Permanent Representative of the United States to the United Nations, that Assad “possesses undeclared chemical weapons” and the White House statement that appeared on November 12 implying that without the removal of Assad there can be no victory against the Islamic State (ISIL). These facts imply that preparations for an imminent full-scale invasion of Syria by the US allies in the region (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan) with the participation of the US Air Force and NATO partners have already begun.

But Republicans are not alone in their dislike of Barack Obama, the Israeli Prime Minister, along with the President of Turkey and the heads of Arab monarchies seem to have all enjoyed Obama’s defeat. The Israelis can not forgive the sitting US President that in his speeches he made no mention of Washington’s obligations to provide the state of Israel with military assistance. Now, after the recent military campaign that took the lives of well over two thousand people in Gaza, Obama’s peace plan is buried. Now Israel is prepared to do whatever it takes to discourage nuclear negotiations between Iran and the United States. The leaked letter that Obama sent to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei where the US President is calling for bilateral cooperation based on common interests in the region, struck a severe blow to the plans of Barack Obama. In an attempt to set the record straight Obama threatened Tehran that he will not extend the period of the nuclear negotiations, that must end on November 24.

Talks between Tehran and Washington have not yet yielded any results, since there’s a number of radical adversaries on both sides. The rapidly changing background in the US and the mounting tension in the Middle East are not contributing to the successful outcome of the negotiations. Now both sides, despite the fact that they need to come to an agreement, accuse each other of supporting terrorism and derailing the dialogue. Obama’s top priority now is to make a deal with Iran before Republicans will call for strengthening of sanctions against Iran in January, which will force Obama to abandon the very idea of negotiations, since Iran will be labeled “an evil threat to the whole planet.” Iran, for its part, is seeking a way to lift sanctions that had been imposed by the UN and are weakening the economic development of the stateShould they reach an agreement, even temporary one, they can discuss its details later on.

But it is also likely that Obama will abandon its attempts, assuming that the agreement will satisfy only a few political analysts,while being a major irritation for both the House of Representatives and the Congressalong with Israel, Saudi Arabia and their lobbies. He takes into consideration the fact that after decades of propaganda US citizens are generally hostile towards Iran, and that Republicans have the upper hand now.

It’s no coincidence that Obama is often referred to in the US as “the lamest duck of them all.” He has failed miserably in his foreign policy, especially in the Middle East. Thereforehe will be trying to improve his standing in the US, while starting a new military endeavor against Syria. And it’s pretty clear that he will try to start a new color revolution in Iran should the ongoing negotiations fail. So it’s clear that the Middle East will continue to suffer from the stupidity of the White House.

Viktor TitovPh.D in Historical Sciences and political commentator on the Middle East, exclusively for the online magazine New Eastern Outlook
First appeared:

Jewish Nuland, architect of installation of Kiev fascists, says “Americans are willing to die for Latvia”


An official visit today visited Latvia also deputy secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland. She met with Prime Laimdota Straujuma to discuss security issues in the region. In an exclusive interview with the news service of Latvian Television Victoria Nuland said, in the performance of the conditions of the US may lift sanctions against Russia and the Americans are willing to die for Latvia.

North Atlantic community is disappointed by the Kremlin

According to Deputy Secretary of State that the sanctions imposed by the US and the European Union affect Russia quite seriously.

“You can see how the ruble has fallen, you can see how much money should be spent Moscow, you see that inflation is rising. Unfortunately, the economic consequences apply to the Russian people. But the reason for this in the actions of the Russian government,” – she said.

Victoria Nuland said that Moscow made clear: If the Minsk peace agreements will be implemented, the sanctions may be revoked and the US and the EU. But for its part, Russia should fulfill the conditions - to restore security to the Ukrainian border, stop the fighting, pick up weapons and military back home, and people could return to Ukraine and peaceful to live in peace with its neighbors.

According to her, not just Americans, but all people who consider themselves to the North Atlantic space, including the European Union, are extremely disappointed by Russian actions that undermine the territorial integrity of Ukraine:

“These actions occur after the signing of the Minsk Agreement, which we think is very good and strong agreements. Ongoing deliveries of weapons and fighters to Ukraine. (..) Russia must make a choice.”

Want to whether Russian war?

Nuland also said that the Verkhovna Rada of the previous convocation offered very extensive rights of autonomy for separate regions.

“If the separatists would have accepted these conditions, they would get a lot of freedoms, including economic rights, including political rights, including the right to culture,” – she said.

Assistant Secretary of State added that as in eastern Ukraine and in Russia itself there are many ethnic minorities, and the question at the moment is whether the Russian-language ready in Ukraine, as well as in other countries to communicate and engage in dialogue with the Government on positive basis with the support of cultural and linguistic diversity, or they want to fight.

We support the democratic development, pluralism and diversity in all European countries. And frankly, we do not understand why these postulates are not suitable for this part of Ukraine.”

Americans are willing to die for Latvia

State Department representative also assured the people of Latvia, the US is ready to act to protect the security of Latvia as one of the NATO countries as well, as if it was their native land.

“When NATO and the United States, as part of the NATO alliance to accept new members, it means that we are ready to participate in the defense and security of these countries, this means that we are ready to give their lives for the security of these countries. That’s why there are young Americans. It gives absolute clarity if Latvia attacked, we are here to help defend Latvia .

Concluding the interview, Victoria Nuland said that nobody has the right to shoot in Latvia, because nobody has the right to fire on NATO territory.

Palestinian child seriously injured while being interrogated

Child seriously injured during interrogation in Jerusalem

Several Children Kidnapped

Palestinian human rights groups have reported that a detained Palestinian child from Jerusalem was seriously injured during interrogation at an Israeli interrogation center in Salah Ed-Deen Street, in the occupied city.

File - Shasha News
File – Shasha News

The WAFA News Agency said the child, Khader al-‘Ajlouni, 16 years of age, was pushed down a flight of stairs at the police station, and suffered serious injuries to his neck, arms and back.

It added that the child was transferred to a hospital in the city after becoming unable to move one of his arms and one of his legs.

Also in Jerusalem, small groups of Israeli extremists invaded the yards of the Al-Aqsa Mosque through the al-Magharba Gate, under heavy Israeli military presence.

Late on Tuesday at night, Israeli soldiers invaded a number of homes in the occupied city, and kidnapped several children, before taking them to an interrogation facility.

Young Palestinian Man Stabbed in Northern Jerusalem|

Biden in Kiev on US Regime-Change Victory Tour

Biden in Kiev on US Regime-Change Victory Tour

US vice president Joe Biden flew into Kiev this week to celebrate the anniversary of the Maidan protests that led to the overthrow of Ukraine’s government.

With arms waving and his wife in tow, as he stepped off Air Force One, the spectacle was tantamount to an unctuous victory lap for American regime change in the former Soviet republic.

The fact that Biden’s son, Hunter, was also appointed as a board member of Ukrainian gas company Burisma since the regime took over adds a certain personal dimension to the American celebrations of this coup.

The next US planes to follow Biden’s will be loaded with weapons and other non-lethal munitions, as earlier this week Washington announced for the first time that it is to start supplying the Kiev regime with military hardware. Those weapons are to include anti-tank and air defence systems, sniper rifles and machine-guns.

Up to now, the US has been maintaining the fiction that it is only sending «non-lethal aid» – although unofficially it is understood that military materiel and private American «security» contractors have already been flowing to prop up the ultra rightwing regime that the American CIA helped seize power earlier this year.

Russia this week condemned the dangerous escalation of US military involvement in Ukraine. Moscow’s foreign ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said the arms announcement «broke all agreements» and that it would further destabilise the country and make a political resolution of the conflict less likely.

Biden’s celebratory arrival in Kiev could hardly be more provocative. 

The Kiev regime, headed up by president Petro Poroshenko and his prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, is preparing to scale up its military offensive in the eastern regions of Ukraine. Last week it announced that it was cutting off vital public services, including hospitals and energy, to the breakaway self-declared republics of Donetsk and Luhansk. That move can be seen as a form of collective punishment paving the way for military attack.

The largely ethnic Russian people of the eastern Donetsk and Luhansk regions have refused to recognise the Western-backed junta in Kiev that came to power in an illegal coup last February. For the past seven months, the Kiev regime has been conducting a blitzkrieg in the dissident east, which has resulted in more than 4,300 deaths – mostly civilians – and up to one million people displaced from their homes.

That lethal military onslaught has been fully backed by the US and its European allies, even though it has been carried out by neo-Nazi paramilitaries and battalions working alongside regular armed forces. A ceasefire called on September 5 has been largely ignored by Kiev’s military units, which have continued laying siege to cities and towns with indiscriminate shelling of civilian areas. Up to 1,000 people have been killed over the past two months since the ceasefire brokered in Minsk was officially declared, according to the latest figures from the United Nations.

Biden was instrumental in pushing the regime-change operation in Ukraine. He led international calls for the elected government of Victor Yanukovych to stand down, and it was Biden and State Department officials who whipped up the Maidan anti-government protests that began last November. The protests were ostensibly sparked by Yanukovych rejecting a proposed European Union association agreement in favour of maintaining historic trade ties with Russia.

No doubt many of the protesters who flocked to Kiev’s Maidan Square had genuine aspirations for their country to embark on a process of EU integration and they felt disgruntled by Yanukovych’s spurning of the association agreement. But, more importantly, there is ample evidence that Washington had laid the groundwork to hijack the protests with a «colour revolution» involving rightwing extremists. Paramilitaries belonging to the neo-Nazi Right Sector and Svoboda (Freedom) organisations, who had been trained in Poland months before the Maidan rallies touched off, followed the script for regime change. Their use of street violence and forcible occupations of government buildings culminated in the February 20 sniper shootings in which more than 80 people, including police and protesters, were killed. With the help of Western media, the massacre was blamed on the Ukrainian government. But forensic and medical evidence shows that the snipers were operated by the CIA-backed paramilitaries.

In the final hours of Yanukovych’s presidency – before he was routed by the Right Sector and Svoboda shock-troops – Biden phoned the doomed Ukrainian leader and told him that belated reform efforts «were a day late and a dollar too short», as reported in the New York Times. Yanukovych fled his office on February 22 and the regime took over. The cynical indifference of German, French and Polish governments in the face of this coup also make them complicit in the illegal overthrow of Ukraine’s constitution and the withering violence that has ensued in that country.

To be sure, Moscow is rightly alarmed by the brazen regime change in a neighbouring country, which has centuries of close cultural, political and economic ties. Ukraine was a member of the Soviet Union until the latter’s dissolution in the early 1990s.

The ongoing violence of the Kiev regime, which adulates the Second World War Nazi collaborators from the western Ukrainian regions, is motivated by a visceral hatred of Russian-speaking people in the east and of Russia. It openly uses Nazi terminology of «sub-humans» and «cleansing» when referring to the Slavic east.

Washington’s script for regime change did not stop with the usurpation of the Ukrainian government. The conflict that the US-backed regime has fuelled in the eastern regions is aimed at destabilising Russia itself. This is part of a long-term geopolitical game that US planners have been working on since the early 1990s, as set out by such strategists as Zbigniew Brzezinski and like-minded imperialists in the US State Department. For them the Cold War did not end; it was merely a change in tactics to subdue Russia and gain access to that country’s awesome natural resources, in particular Russian oil and gas.

The plan to turn Ukraine into a political, economic and military penetration point into Russia’s heartland is a very real existential threat to Moscow. It follows two decades of encroachment on Russia’s borders by the US-led NATO military alliance in contravention of previous American legally binding agreements not to do so.

The propaganda war has involved turning reality on its head by accusing Russia of stoking violence in Ukraine, when it should be glaringly obvious that the past year of deadly unrest has resulted from Washington and Europe’s intervention in that country.

Earlier this week, German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier was in Moscow to hold discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin on how to end the violence in Ukraine. Steinmeier appeared to be nonplussed by Russia’s position that the conflict stems from the illegal overthrow of the Ukrainian government by a hostile regime. The German diplomat reiterated the Western trope that Russian subversion is to blame. What bubble has Steinmeier been living in for the past year?

Even US government-owned broadcaster Voice of America inadvertently acknowledged this week that Russia is not supplying weapons or troops into eastern Ukraine to help the anti-Kiev militia there. In a report based on interviews with militia members, the VOA noted that «most arms used by the separatist fighters were looted from Ukrainian weapons stores». If Russia were sponsoring the rebels, then where are Russian-supplied weapons?

Similar inadvertent admissions of Russia’s non-involvement have been reported previously by the New York Times and CIA-linked Radio Free Europe.

Yet, in spite of a dearth of evidence, Western governments, NATO and the Western mainstream media continue to assert that Moscow is the guilty party for the conflict in Ukraine.

Joe Biden’s victory lap of honour this week in Kiev, bearing news of a US weapons bonanza, is proof – if ever proof was needed – of Washington’s regime change in Ukraine and its hostile anti-Russian agenda.

Washington and to a lesser extent its European allies are to blame for the conflict in that country and now its anticipated escalation.

Washington plays Russian roulette

Reprinted from Asia Times

From The Silent Buildup To the next Cold War.
The Silent Buildup To the next Cold War.
(image by YouTube)
These are bleak times. I’ve been in serious conversation with some deep sources and interlocutors — those who know but don’t need to show off, privileging discretion. They are all deeply worried. This is what one of them, a New York strategic planner, sent me:

“The propaganda attack against Putin equating him with Hitler is so extreme that you have to think that the Russians cannot believe their ears and cannot trust the United States anymore under any circumstances.

“I cannot believe how we could have gotten ourselves into this situation to protect the looters in the Ukraine that Putin would have rid the Ukraine of, and even had the gall to place in a leadership role one of the worst of the thieves. But that is history. What is certain is that MAD [mutually assured destruction] is not a deterrent today when both sides believe the other will use nuclear weapons once they have the advantage and that the side that gains a decisive advantage will use them. MAD is now over.”

That may sound somewhat extreme — but it’s a perfectly logical extension, further on down the road, of what the Russian president intimated in his already legendary interview with Germany’s ARD in Vladivostok last week: the West is provoking Russia into a new Cold War.[1]

Mikhail Gorbachev just stressed a few days ago the new Cold War is already on. Princeton’s Stephen Cohen says the Cold War in fact never left. The Roving Eye reported about Cold War 2.0 months ago. Brits — still stranded in the 19th century new Great Game — prefer to spin the “strident toxic personality” of “diminutive Putin”;[2] he is the “ruthless, charming and ultimately reckless” man who “put the cold war back in vogue.” The Council on Foreign Relations, predictably, mourns the end of the post-Cold War world, blasts the current “disorder,” and dreams of the good ol’ unchallenged exceptionalist days.[3]

For arguably the best detailed background on how we came to this perilous state of affairs, it’s hard to beat Vladimir Kozin of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies.[4] Read him carefully. And yes, it’s Cold War 2.0, the double trouble remix; between the US and Russia, and between NATO and Russia.

Seeing red

In his ARD interview, Putin stuck to actual facts on the ground:

“NATO and the United States have military bases scattered all over the globe, including in areas close to our borders, and their number is growing? Moreover, just recently it was decided to deploy special operations forces, again in close proximity to our borders. You have mentioned various [Russian] exercises, flights, ship movements and so on. Is all of this going on? Yes, it is indeed.”

For the Russia-demonizing hordes, it’s always convenient to forget that NATO expansion to Georgia and Ukraine was clinched at a NATO meeting in Bucharest in April 2008. The Georgia op spectacularly failed in the summer of 2008. Ukraine is a work in progress.

Crucially, in the ARD interview, Putin also told the EU coalition of the clueless/vassals/puppets/ that Russia can bring down the Ukraine House of Cards in a flash; Moscow just needs to emphasize it’s time to collect the humongous amounts of cash it is legally owed.

Putin also made it very clear Moscow won’t allow — and that was categorical: won’t allow — Donbass to be overrun/smashed/ethnic-cleansed by Kiev:

“Today there is fighting in eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian central authorities have sent the armed forces there and they even use ballistic missiles. Does anybody speak about it? Not a single word. And what does it mean? What does it tell us? This points to the fact, that you want the Ukrainian central authorities to annihilate everyone there, all of their political foes and opponents. You want that? We certainly don’t. And we won’t let it happen.”[5]

According to Kiev’s own figures, no less than 65% of residential buildings and 10% of schools and kindergartens in Donbass have been destroyed. Over 40,000 medium-sized companies are paralyzed. Unemployment — Ukraine-wide, is over 40%. External debt may reach US$80 billion — and don’t expect the International Monetary Fund, which now owns Ukraine, to go philanthropic. Most of all, Kiev can’t pay its billionaire gas bills to Gazprom because it spends a fortune terrorizing eastern Ukraine citizens. This Poroshenko rant sums it all up — with the US and EU fully complicit.

So NATO has been warned about Russia’s real red lines. Still, substantial sectors of the Washington/Wall Street elites can’t get enough of war. And they like it hot.[6] No one should ever underestimate the unlimited stupidity of the Return of the Living Neo-con Dead using their favorite pulpit, the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal.

The “logic” behind Cold War 2.0 — now in full swing — couldn’t give a damn about European stability. The Obama administration launched it — with NATO as the spearhead — to in fact prevent Eurasian integration, building a New Berlin Wall in Kiev. The immediate target is to undermine Russia’s economy; in the long run, regime change would be the ultimate bonus.

So the logic of escalation is on. The economically devastated EU is a joke; the only thing that counts for the US is NATO — and the overwhelming majority of its members are in the bag, sharing the prevailing mood in Washington of treating Putin as if he were Milosevic, Saddam Hussein or Gaddafi. There are no signs whatsoever Team Obama is willing to de-escalate. And when the Hillarator President-in-Waiting ascends to the throne, all bets are off.

1. Putin’s Sunday Interview on German TV (Dubbed + Transcript), Russian Insider, November 19, 2014.
2. The new cold war: are we going back to the bad old days?, The Guardian, November 19, 2014.
3. The Unraveling: How to Respond to a Disordered World,, December 2014 issue.
4. See here.
5. The broken-down beauty of Eastern Ukraine, 25 years after the end of the USSR, Quartz, November 15, 2014.
6. The Wall Street Journal Wants the US to Go To War in Ukraine, Russia Insider, November 18, 2014.

USA politicians pushing for a war with Russia seem oblivious to the fact that it would affect Continental U.S.

Fmr. Bush National Security Advisor: Start WWIII With Russia!

Stephen Hadley, who served as National Security Advisor to President George W. Bush, believes that the United States should begin delivering lethal military equipment  to the US-backed government in Ukraine as that government moves ever-closer to another assault on eastern territories seeking independence.

Thus far, more than 4,000 have been killed in Kiev’s attack on the breakaway Lugansk and Donetsk regions, many if not most civilians. That is not enough for Hadley.

Bush’s old security chief has no interest in dialogue or diplomacy. He wants action, stating yesterday at an Aspen Institute conference that:

If I were in my old job I would be thinking of lethal assistance [to Ukraine], yes. But this is why you have a CIA. This is why you have covert action. I would be thinking: do we want to do it explicitly and send a message to [Russia's President Vladimir] Putin? Or do we want to do it covertly? I think we tend now to talk too much and act too little.

Russia has already warned that direct US involvement in the Ukraine crisis would be seriously destabilizing and that US provision of military equipment to Kiev would be a violation of several international agreements and indeed international law.

It could also trigger World War III, as NATO proxies armed with US weapons would be fighting right on the Russian border — just two months after a Ukrainian official threatened Russia with nuclear weapons.

Normally one might write off such statements as the nostalgic waxing of a frustrated former power broker, but Stephen Hadley is not alone. The “arm Ukraine and escalate” faction has recently seen its stock rise in the Obama administration and in the incoming Republican-dominated Senate.

Incoming Deputy Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said at his Senate confirmation hearing this week that the US should reconsider its policy of only providing non-lethal assistance to Ukraine. Blinken, rising to the second most powerful position in US diplomacy, argues in favor of the opposite of diplomacy: war. He states that arming Ukraine would force Moscow “to think twice and deter them from further action.”

He was joined by another Obama administration colleague. On Friday, State Department spokesperson Jeff Rathke said that US lethal assistance to Ukraine “remains an option”.

As might be expected, incoming Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee John McCain promised that as soon as he is handed the gavel the Senate will pass appropriations for weapons to Ukraine and pressure the administration to ship them over.

All this on the first anniversary of the revolt in western Ukraine which led to the overthrow of the elected government three months later.

The revolution was instigated and supported by the United States, with US officials regularly joining the rebels in the streets of Kiev.

One year on, more than 4,000 have been killed, the country is more impoverished than before with no hope for recovery, oligarchs still rule, Ukrainians face no heat in a freezing winter, the currency has totally collapsed, its gold reserves have mysteriously disappeared, the economy is in free fall, the developed and industrialized east has been destroyed.

Some would look at this result as failure. Not the US officials who authored the revolt.

There is a kind of mental illness that seems to have overtaken those with influence in foreign policy. What looks like failure to the rest of us — think: Libya and Syria — is celebrated as great success.

Ukraine is a disaster? Send in weapons to expand the war! Provoke Russia! Go for broke!

This is madness.


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