Flashback: Chikken-Soup and Democracy

Chikken-Soup and Democracy

Dedicated to Umm Rayya
coming soon to Amsterdam
Would you believe me

if I would claim to be able to make
a Chicken-Soup
with the following ingredients :
3 fresh-eggs
6 apples
one pound of Strawberry
half a litter of fresh milk
and two pounds of minced beef meat
I doubt it,
unless if you never had a chicken-soup.
Would you believe the US Government
when they claim to bring about
“Democracy in Iraq”
with the following ingredients :
Religious fundamentalism
War Lords
Military Rule & Foreign Occupation
repatriated business-tycoons
and confirmed thieves
I doubt it ,
unless if or when you never saw a Democracy
Anyhow ,
if you are an Iraqi person
still intending to vote
for that Constitutions
I invite you first to come
and taste my Chicken Soup
Moustafa Rosenbloom
Double Agent…helping to cook-up a Democracy
12th day in October….
three days before the Referendum in Iraq

The myth of the Referendum
the cult of the Mehlis-report


The so-called Iraqi ……Constitution
has been ,yesterday, officially approved by
the referendum‘s rules and results.

And we stop here to ask ask ourselves :

1- who wrote this Constitution ?

2- who voted for it ?

3- who organised this voting ?

4- under which circumstances ?

5- who planned and controlled this voting ?

6- who counted the votes ?

The answer is :
No one less than the man, who won in the rigged-voting in Florida in 2001

“A small step for naivety
and a huge step for hypocrisy”

but at any rate :

“a huge success for US-Hegemony “

And then somewhere else ,
not far away,
one inconclusive report
and uncompleted report
based on an inconsistent witnesse
who just finished a third jail sentence for fraud.
with very “obvious” evidences
like a mini-Van seen being loaded with explosives ,
out on open street, somewhere in imaginatia
with very selectively leaked out names.
with a Public-prosecutor
who looked only towards “one direction”
and who gathered 52 pages
of circumstantial-evidences
and last but not least …..

some “people” celebrating even before
the results ever became known
add to all that ….

Shimon Perez was satisfied with the Mehlis’ results !!
Gondo Rice and Jack Straw , also
“Tell me whom you do please……….and I shall tell you who you are “

and at the end of the day ,
we have an Iranian President
wanting to “wipe off the map”
a racist-colonialist-expansionist-State

Oh Lala !! mon cher
c’est trop !!

that is French. like in potatos ::::

Moustafa Rosenbloom
working for Delta-contracting and as part-time for the MoCIAd .

28th. October 2005

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