Palestinian "Left"- Selling their souls for 30 coins, miserably failed their people.

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Abbas courts PFLP; gives Malloh sensitive positions in PA departments
[ 29/09/2008 – 10:43 AM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– well-informed Palestinian sources have disclosed that the PA chief Mahmoud Abbas has offered the PFLP a number of important political and security positions in the PA departments in understating with Abdulrahim Malloh, the deputy-chief of the PFLP.
The sources also revealed to the independent Palestine News Network website that Malloh, who has good rapport with Abbas, had accepted the PA offer to give the PFLP cadres sensitive and important positions in the PA although it contradicts the Front’s public rejction of the Olso Agreement.

According to the sources, Malloh started to contact a number of the PFLP cadres in Palestine to offer them the new jobs, and that Dr. Jebrael Al-Shomaly, one of the PFLP figures, has accepted to be appointed as an attaché to the PA embassy in Ghana.

The sources considered such dramatic transformation in the PFLP stand on participating in the Oslo-produced PA agencies as clear evidence on the Front’s failure to remain firm on its stands, and that it reflects the PFLP’s inability to answer the living needs of hundreds of its members who, according to the sources, bolted the Front and joined the PA security apparatuses.
“This is a clear indication that the PFLP had silently joined the PA departments despite its declared rejection of the Oslo accord”, the website quoted a number of the PFLP cadres as affirming.

According to the PFLP cadres, no less than the son of Malloh, Sharief Malloh, has joined the PA security departments and worked as a legal advisor in one of the PA security arms, which the cadres confirmed, “violates the Front’s principle of not participating in any of the PA security departments [under the Oslo umbrella”.

To some of the PFLP cadres, the new orientation of Malloh and comrades was evident “deviation from the Front’s main objectives”, which per se reflects deep difference in the opinions of the PFLP top leaders, the sources underscored.

The sources also disclosed that secretary-general of the PFLP Ahmad Sa’adat was against the stands of Malloh and rejects what he described as “the PA unfaithful courting of the Front”.

In the past, a number of senior officials in the PFLP had accused Malloh of leading a trend within the Front that completely adopts and approves the vision and the stands of Fatah faction and Abbas at the expense of the PFLP principles and stands.

My Comment:
No surprise, Read the article below and connect the dots.
PFLP, like Hamas challange Mallohs,
Will abbas succeed in dividing PFLP while trhe hard liner Ahmad Saadat in Prison?.
Will history is repeating itself?
While Habash in jail in Syria, Hawatmi, Backed by Arafat lead the seperation of DPFLP.
Later Arafat, bought Yasir Abd Rabbu in DPFLP, and Bassam Abu Sharif in PFLP.

I still remember, my last meeting in 1991 with Late Abu Adnan, Abdulkarim Hamad, a member of the Political Bureau of DPFLP, He said our comrades call ABD RABBU : Yasir Abd Yasir (Yasir the Slave of Yasir)

Malloh is selling the right of return and the dream of HABASH the Profit of Arab nationalisn and armed struggle.

However, Habash, himself said it to the Leftist Angry Arab: WE FAILED LET THEM (ISLAMISTS) TRY.

Meanwhile, PP Anal-ysist is still discussing the death of Panarabism and Islam: Long live his Left

If Abbas will not demand the right of return, he must step down
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Comrade Abu Sami: If Abbas will not demand the right of return, he must step down

Hamas Challenges Abbas Term Extension

Mhanna: “Egypt is serious in ending divisions; Arabs intervention will add success factors” [Comment: Egypt is serious in saving the ass of Abbas]

author Monday September 15, 2008 11:40author by Saed Bannoura – Translation, IMEMC

Rabah Mhanna
Rabah Mhanna

This is an interview with Rabah Mhanna, member of the political bureau of the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) conducted by Ashraf Abu Al Hol and published on Monday by the Al Ahram daily in Cairo.

In the interview, Mhanna says that Cairo is serious in its efforts to end the internal Palestinian tension and that Egyptian officials set a period between 45 days and two months to formulate a vision for a comprehensive Palestinian dialogue which would continue for a number of days. He also said that Egypt is supported by several Arab countries in order to ensure the success of these talks.


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did you hear Olmert talk about freeing Most the westbank , east Jerusalem and the Golan heights ? why do they do that when they leave office ? LIke Jimmy carter when he rememebered the Palestinians when he left office . ?

uprooted Palestinian said…

I posted the Article, your comment and my reply.

The Palestinian Left and RoR
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