Uprooted Palestinians: Holocaust; Not Again but in Gaza

Holocaust; Not Again but in Gaza

Contributed by Michael

The state of Israel was allegedly established to give world Jewry, in general, and “holocaust surviving” European Jews, in specific, a safe homeland. But the international humanitarian cry of “Holocaust, never again” has become so blind and so disillusioned that it has been, for the last sixty years, perpetrating the same thing it is trying to prevent, namely another holocaust, against another nation; the Palestinian Arabs.

The holocaust was perpetrated in Europe against Jewish Europeans by Christian Europeans. Arabs, who, for generations, received persecuted European Jews with hospitality, harbored and protected them, should not be made to pay their heartland, Palestine, for the sins of Europeans. Palestinians had never sinned against true Jews, but when Zionist militant Jews attack Palestinians, destroy their towns, massacre their families, forcefully evict hundreds of thousands of Palestinians out of their homes, and usurp their lands to build their terrorist Israeli state, Palestinians had no choice but to defend themselves with whatever means available to them.

Since the 1940’s organized Zionist terrorists have been executing a graduated deliberate well-planned genocide (holocaust) against the Palestinians. They terrorized and murdered Palestinian civilians in every Palestinian city; some had been completely wiped out such as the Palestinians of Deir Yassin, al-Tantura, al-Dawayima, and Saliha among many others. At least 450 Palestinian towns were completely wiped off existence in 1948. Palestine itself was wiped off the map and replaced with Israel. The theft and usurpation of Palestinian land is still going on until this very moment. Every day the Israeli army raids Palestinian towns, demolishes homes and evicts Palestinians out of their land to build illegal Jewish Israeli colonies.

When Palestinians exercise their basic human right of resisting occupation and defending their lives and the lives of their families, they are called terrorists, who must be killed. Israeli influential chief rabbis, such as Yisrael Rosen, Dov Lior, Shmuel Eliyahu, Daniel Satosbky, Eliyahu Kinvinsky, Israel Ariel and Yitzhaq Ginsburg among many others, routinely and blatantly call for the extermination (a complete wiping off) of all Palestinians without exception. Yet these genocidal religious calls are being ignored by international political institutions and all the Western media, who concentrate on and misinterpret Iran’s President Ahmadinejad’s statement that the “terrorist Israeli regime” should not be allowed to continue, as a threat to wipe Israel off the map.

Part of this Israeli graduated genocidal holocaust can, currently, be clearly seen in the Gaza Strip. Life in Gaza has been gradually and systematically getting worse beginning with the Israeli occupation in 1967 until it has presently become the worst ever. Gaza is now the theater exhibiting the extermination of Palestinians for exercising their Western-encouraged democratic right of electing a Hamas government. Since the 2006 Hamas election Gaza has been severed from the West Bank, and encircled with an eight meter high concrete wall to make it the largest ever open-air concentration camp in the whole world. It is extensively worse than the notorious Nazi Germany concentration camps in umbers and space. The Israeli army is the jailer controlling and restricting the passage of all life-sustaining goods into Gaza, and the punisher by death of each Palestinian contemplating any resistance.

Similar to the pre-Holocaust international apathy towards the fate of European Jews, the current international political apathy towards the fate of Gaza and its 1.5 million residents is encouraging Israel to close the noose yet tighter to finish them off. Israel has completely sealed off all crossings to Gaza preventing entry of necessary food, fuel and medicine. No one is allowed in or out of Gaza.

Due to Israeli blockade life in Gaza has deteriorated rapidly. The number of Palestinians in Gaza living in absolute poverty has increased sharply. Today more than 80% of Gazans are jobless. 95% of Gaza’s industrial operations are suspended because they cannot import raw material nor export products due to Israeli siege. Agricultural sector is paralyzed and about 40,000 workers, who depend on cash crops, have now no income. With the Israeli gun-boats patrolling the shores of Gaza and sinking or seizing every Palestinian fishing boat the fishing industry, many Gazans depend on for their living, has come to a complete halt. Many Gazans depend on goods that are smuggled through tunnels underneath the Egyptian borders.

Electricity and water service infrastructure are non-existent because of Israeli prohibitions of importing spare parts and fuel necessary to keep the systems running. Hospitals cannot generate electricity to keep their life-sustaining equipments running. Sewage and water treatment facilities had completely halted, thus people don’t have clean drinking water, and sewage has been pouring into the sea contaminating its water.

Schools have been closed due to lack of books and electricity and due to high students drop out looking for jobs. Illiteracy is increasing. Educational system is collapsing. Without schools and without jobs, poor, hungry and frustrated young Palestinians of Gaza have nothing to do except brewing more and more hatred towards Israelis, the cause of their misery, and contemplating more aggressive self-defense mechanisms in the hope to deter or at least to balance the daily Israeli terror they are facing.

Israel stated on Friday Nov. 21st it will maintain its closure of Gaza Strip despite all the international concern over the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the area. Israeli officials claimed that this decision came due to firing missiles at Israeli settlements. We should note that Palestinians had observed the cease fire agreement struck last June 19th, but Israel, who broke each and every previous cease fire agreements, had broken this one too when Israeli tanks rolled into the Strip, Wednesday Nov. 4th , and murdered several Palestinians. The missiles were fired as a response to the Israeli attack.

Since the year 2000, 3000 Gazans and 12 Siderot Israeli residents have been killed. Israel, an occupying power, is routinely and indiscriminately attacking Gaza’s civilians with the most sophisticated weaponry; tanks, fighter planes, drones, Apache helicopters and laser-guided missiles. When some of these civilians are forced to become militaristic in order to defend their families with whatever ingeniously they can manufacture such as rudimentary home-made rockets and mines, the pro-Zionist biased international political communities ignore all Israeli terrorist attacks, deny the Palestinians their right of self-defense and call them terrorists.

When the EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), Javier Solana, stated in a New York press release in Nov. 22nd that the EU will not be able to do any more to break the Israeli blockade against Gaze, he is tacitly giving Israel implied acceptance and encouragement to continue its crimes. The international political bodies including the Arab League are just paying lip service confirming Israel’s right to self-defense while denying this right to Gazans, and are begging Israel not to launch a major military operation into Gaza.

Some Arab leaders are Zionist Arabs. Like Zionist leaders of WWII era, who ignored, encouraged, and benefited from the Jewish Holocaust, these Zionist Arab leaders are also ignoring the Gaza holocaust. Some of them, like Palestinian President Abbas and Egyptian President Mubarak, are actively contributing to this holocaust for a fistful of American Dollars. Abbas and his cronies in the Ramallah assigned government had opposed, plotted against, and attacked the democratically elected Palestinian government of Hamas in Gaza. Egyptian Mubarak’s government had repeatedly refused to give life to Gaza by opening border crossings into Gaza (a border between two Arab entities) citing international agreements and national security. The fallacy of these excuses were exposed when the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmad Aboul Gheit, disclosed last Wednesday 11th of November that the closure of the Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza comes for pure political reasons, and for the purpose of punishing one particular Palestinian side (Hamas). He explained that opening the Rafah crossing would mean recognizing Hamas as the legitimate Palestinian government. The speaker of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, Husam Zaki, also declared that the closure came in support for Palestinian President Abbas, who requested the closure.

The head of UNRWA, Karen Koning Abu Zayd, warned: “Gaza is on the threshold of becoming the first territory to be intentionally reduced to a state of abject destitution, with the knowledge, acquiescence and –some would say – encouragement of the international community”.

The majority of Gazans are dependent in their livelihood on donations from the UNRWA. Such donations has been routinely interrupted due to Israeli restrictions and crossing closures. UNRWA representative John Holms warned, lately, that the situation in Gaza is dire and that the Agency will no longer be able to distribute more food to the poor due to the current Israeli closure.

Despite the many scientific analyses, study and research the European revisionist historians introduce and refer to as proof that the Holocaust is a hoax and had never happened, one must admit that many European Jews, like the rest of other people, had been murdered during WWII. The Holocaust is the only historical event, throughout the whole history of Man, whose study and research has been made a religious taboo and a punishable crime. Therefore refuting the revisionists’ evidence has been made an impossible task, making the Holocaust a controversial subject. Nevertheless, the murder of one family member constitutes a holocaust to the rest of the family. We should remember that 55 million people are estimated to have died in WWII, millions of them died to free European Jews from the “controversial” Holocaust. The surviving Jews are indebted to the Allied countries and not the other way around as Israel keeps implying.

Although history shows many documented evidence that total annihilation of populations, worse than the “controversial” Holocaust, had taken place to other nations throughout history, Jews in general, and Israeli Jews in particular, claim that they are the only perennial victims in this world, and after the Holocaust they feel they are justified to do any thing they want, even perpetrating other holocausts against other nations while denying the fact. Most of the Jews, who repeatedly cite the Holocaust to gain sympathy, and to raise it as a weapon to extort money and weapons and political support from Europeans, have no sympathy for Palestinian victims, who were driven out of their homes in 1948 and in 1967 and have been suffering from deliberate, well-planned holocaust, part of which is being now executed by their government in their names against 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza.

In almost every Western country one finds a Jewish museum of tolerance. Although many nations had suffered from worse than Holocaust-like massacres, none of them found a need to erect their own museums of tolerance and in such numbers. I wonder what is it that Westerners find intolerable about the Jews that they need such an amount of museums to beg their tolerance for the Jews!

The Israeli blockade policy has effectively destroyed the economy and all the infrastructures of Gaza. It had impoverished and starved the whole population of Gaza including all civilians, women, children and the sick, and even their farm animals. This policy is illegal under International Humanitarian Law and a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention. This policy constitutes an indiscriminate collective punishment, a war crime, genocide, and a holocaust. This devastating holocaust is Israeli-made, but can easily be reversed if the necessary political will of the UN and/or the Arab League is exerted against the terrorist government of Israel. Isn’t time for the UN to assert its legitimacy, its dignity, and its respect by suspending and revoking rogue Israel’s membership for violating human rights, and for breaking the many UN resolutions and international laws? Isn’t it time for the UN to implement its solemn promise of “never again another holocaust” in the world starting with the most pressing Palestinian holocaust?


Fad said…

Touting for Jewish holocaust as the only holocaust has predisposed the world for the concept of ”never again only for Jews”We,ve never heared about museums for Russian or Chinese or Ukranian -or Iraqi-holocaustsOnly Jewish holocaust with its exaggerated number of victims ae imposed everywhere in memorial stuffs and schools and churchs

8:46 AM, November 26, 2008

Contributed by Fad

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