The Masters of genocide

Anyone who has been caught by surprise by the Israelis vicious assault on Gaza, which has involved destroying a University, targeting hospitals, destroying places of worship, using weapons to cause maximum fatalities and even targeting ambulances, really should not be surprised at all.

It’s actually a re-run of the preplanned genocide committed against the Lebanon in 2006 which also was also justified by false pretences.

Over 80% of the Jewish population of Israel are not biblical Jews , the vast majority are Khazar Jews, they have no historical attachment to the Middle East at all. They are the descendent’s of a barbaric , ruthless tribe which only converted to Judaism in the 8th century.

The are the same vicious, vile people that gave us Communism in the Soviet Union which resulted in the deaths of over 40 million Christians in their gulags, a regime that destroyed tens of thousands of churches, a regime that raped and crucified thousands of priests and nuns, whilst at the same time sparing their synagogues.

They are the same vicious, vile regime that organised and carried out the Ukrainian Holodomor killing another 8 million Christians by starving them to death, in much the same way as they have attempted in Gaza.

They are the same vicious, vile people that run the American Administration, people like Madeline Albright who refused to release UN sanctions on Iraq which deprived the Iraqis of food and medical supplies, which destroyed Iraq infrastructure causing the deaths of 1.5 million Iraqis.

People like Richard Perle who along with other Khazars planned the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq well before the incident on 9/11.

People like Livni of the Apartheid State who believes any amount of Palestinian deaths are justified if it increases her chances of winning the next Israeli election.

Vicious, vile people like Daniel Pipes who spreads his poisonous, racist, propagandist messages to the people of the USA, he wrote in July 2001 “”The Palestinians are a miserable people…and they deserve to be.”

Look in the faces of these and many other Khazar Jews who control Israel, control the USA and have heavily infiltrated certain EU Governments and you will see plain, unadulterated evil.

These people encourage constant reminders about the “Holocaust” and insist that their versions are not questioned, but at the same time they refuse to admit that historically, certainly in the last 100 years, they are the greatest purveyors of genocide the world has ever known.


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