he prays before he kills !!

6000 Reservists

The State of Zion has just recalled 6.000 reservists
to join their comrades who were besieging and starving Gaza,
for the last 30 months .

A ground offencive is imminent
and Gaza shall be asked the kneel down
for its oppressor , since 60 years.

Imaging 6000 Israeli-reservists shall spend the new-year-eve
slaughtering children and killing unarmed civilians
instead of spending the evening making a nice party
and drinking cheap-Russian- Champagne .

How long must the State of Zion suffer
the burden of being a ruthless-monster- occupier ??

I am sure Hilary Clinton , Bernard Madoff
and Husny Mubarak ,
are fully supporting those unfortunate 6.000 reservists.

It is far better,nowadays,
to be a suicide-bomber than to be, an unarmed-civilian. ……
while ,facing Israeli-reservist .

Raja Chemayel


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High resolution version for printing purposes here: http://dc.indymedia.org/usermedia/image/2/large/gaza_massacre.gif
And here: http://ia310831.us.archive.org/3/items/GazaMassacre/GazaMassacre.gif

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