The "Mughniyeh Phobia"….

The “Mughniyeh Phobia”….

Al Akhbar, often accused by Israel, the West & some Lebanese minions of being “close to Hezbollah”, puts the debate (mostly Israeli) surrounding the nature of Hezbollah’s “retribution” to rest, if that’s at all possible. Yahia Dbouk dismantles the latest allegations by Zeevi Farkash (former head of Israeli Military Intelligence) that the most likely form of response will be a “Retribution without fingerprints” (See STRATFOR, below) in which Hezbollah will seek to kill as many Israelis as possible via (let’s say) blowing up a civilian plane …

Farkash’s fantasy tries to lay down two fundamentals:

(1) Israel’s enemies are animals, and

(2) Israel’s deterrence vis a vis Hezbollah works. Dbouk, who seemingly “knows” the Hezbollah thinking, concludes that the Lebanese organization retribution WILL BE one that is identified as a retribution! As for the timing & place of the response, that shall remain the property of HzB…

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