Oy vey! We can work it out!

Oy vey! We can work it out!

Oy vey! Maybe Norman Finkelstein is right. Is this the “reasonable peace” that he was hoping for without having to bring up that “conflictual” term of zionism? 1 2

Thank you, Aunti Ziona, for bringing this wonderful event to my attention.

P.S. Hey that Palestinian singer, Mira Awad, sure is a good singer. I hope she didn’t get caught in that Gaza Hanukka slaughter.

P.P.S. And if she is still alive, I sure hope she doesn’t get stuck living in Gaza and starving to death. I hope she’s not living in East Jerusalem where they’re demolishing Palestinian homes [for zionism, Norman]. She’d have no place to go but Gaza. Of course, there’s no room for her any more in the West Bank, whatwith all the Jewish settlers [from everywhere in the world] moving in there [for zionism, Norman].

Try to See it My Way!

Oi I am so happy to see the Jews and the Arabs united in their lethal attempt against music.

In this lovely pop video there are 2 ladies. They look the same, they both have dark hair and nice bazookies, but in actual fact – one is an Arab and one is a Jew! See, even though we like to kill our neighbors, we are still just one big happy human family. We know how to make Liverpool sound like Jerusalem. Believe me ‘we can work it out.’

United Against the Beatles
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