61 years of Nakba, 418 Palestinian villages destroyed

61 years of Nakba, 418 Palestinian villages destroyed

Reham Alhelsi


May 15, 2009
These two videos show the images of what Palestine was before the onset of Zionism. It shows the culture of the indigenous people of Palestine, their daily lives, their homes, families, work, play, social activities and education. It shows a peaceful society in harmony with its land. Then we see the effects of Jewish mass immigration to Palestine and how they devastated the land and committed outrage after outrage against its people.

Palestinians remember and they are not defeated. They will not renounce their rights and their land. The land, the culture is their life, and no one has the right to deny it to them. One day, Palestinian wounds will heal, but until then, let no one forget. Let everyone bear witness to what the Israeli Jews and their supporters did to the Palestinian people.

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