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“all Pls need in order to win is to survive.Gilad Atzmon – comment 27

Lebanon’s cluster bomb lessons



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Cluster bomb victim

Cluster bomb victim

By Andrew Wander in southern Lebanon, Al Jazeera

September 30, 2009

“He was picking grapes when he died,” says Khalil Kassem Terkiya, glancing at his wife as he recalls the day their son was killed by a cluster bomb in southern Lebanon.

Greying and slight, Terkiya looks older than his 46 years: “A cluster bomb was caught in the vine and it exploded. It was the day after the war finished. He was 19.”

His wife walks away without speaking, her head bowed. The couple’s son, Ali, was one of the first post-war victims of the estimated one million cluster bombs fired by Israel into southern Lebanon during a month-long conflict with Hezbollah in 2006.

Because so many of them failed to detonate on impact, Ali was not to be the last victim.

Since the end of the war, more than 350 people in Lebanon have been killed or injured by unexploded cluster bombs acting as de facto land mines, and every month that figure slowly increases.

Terkiya lives in the village of West Zawtar, at the heart of a swathe of land south of the town of Nabatiyeh that was badly hit during the war.

Large areas of southern Lebanon became a no-go area as a result of the cluster bomb-strikes; farmers were cut off from their land and schools forced to close their playgrounds.

‘Yesterday’s war’

While more than half of this land has now been declared safe, de-mining progress is stalling.

The crucial donations that pay for cluster bomb clearance are drying up as new crises deflect attention away from what has become “yesterday’s war” and the global recession puts pressure on foreign aid budgets.
The result has been a dramatic cut in de-mining capacity in the country.

“In 2007 there were 114 clearance teams working here,” says Lt Col Mohamed el Cheikh of the Lebanese Mine Action Centre (LMAC), a military body set up to co-ordinate the clearance with the various civilian de-mining agencies that work in the country.

“At the beginning of this year we had 46 teams left. Now there are just 20.”

At current capacity, LMAC estimates that it will take at least another three-and-a-half years to finish the job, although that time could be cut to just 18 months if new donations are made.

Danish Church Aid (DCA), one of the clearance agencies working in Lebanon, predicted earlier this month that the delay would lead to “many more” civilian casualties.

As clearance organisations pack up their equipment and pull out, LMAC is expanding its efforts to educate the civilian population, particularly children, about the risks posed by the deadly devices.

Officials say mine risk education and bomb-clearance go hand in hand- they are the two most essential components of efforts to avoid further casualties. But with clearance work faltering, the education programmes have taken on a new significance; people are going to have to live the bombs for longer than they thought.

“Since we don’t have enough money for clearance, we have to increase the mine risk education campaigns,” Cheikh says. “It’s logical. We have to keep reminding people of the danger – particularly children.”
Children at risk

Almost a third of the post-war cluster bomb casualties have been under the age of 18.

Children are particularly at risk, experts say, because they often play in remote areas and are curious about strange objects they come across. In August alone, six children were hurt in cluster bomb explosions in Lebanon, according to DCA.

The mine-risk education programme has been devised to maximise children’s exposure to mine safety messages while providing incentives for them to pay attention.

Soldiers give presentations in community halls and schools across southern villages, distributing school bags and stationery emblazoned with the “golden rules” for dealing with unexploded ordnance: “Don’t approach, don’t touch, telephone immediately.”

For younger children there are colouring books with cluster bombs in the pictures, stickers featuring their favourite cartoon characters warning them to take care and even a game based on Monopoly, all aimed at driving home safety messages.

The gifts are popular with children in the south.

Soldiers educate children

In Yohmor, a small village perched on a hillside near Beaufort Castle, they seem to be educating as well as entertaining.

“I’ve never seen a cluster bomb,” says eight-year-old Aya, as she watches a soldier carrying a display case filled with inert explosives in preparation for an education session.

“If I did, I wouldn’t touch it. I would tell my parents about it.”

She is clutching a copy of the colouring book. Other children are busy swapping stickers. At the back of the room, parents look on as the soldiers prepare to distribute more stationary items, drawing names out of a basket to see who gets what. There are not enough supplies for everyone.

“These are poor people,” Cheikh explains. “If you give the children school bags and pencil cases, it saves the family money and it spreads the message to the children.”

This month more than 10,000 children from southern Lebanon will have attended LMAC’s mine-awareness presentations and the programme is to be expanded in coming years, as the Lebanese army look to take on more dedicated de-mining staff.

Back in West Zawtar, Khalil Terkiya looks on as the hall fills up with chattering children who have come to the village’s LMAC presentation.

He believes the education sessions are important, but he knows the only way the children will be truly safe is if the cluster bombs are cleared.

“The olive groves here are still polluted with cluster-bombs,” he says. “They are still a threat to all of us.”

Andrew Wander, a media fellow with legal charity Reprieve, works on Al Jazeera’s Public Liberties and Human Rights Desk.

…..to throw the First-Stone !!!



Jesus ,the Palestinian, allowed
“those without a sin , to throw the first stone”
Iran has missiles
Iran might have ,also,
long range missiles.

Cyprus has no missiles
Panama has no missiles

Israel has a multitude of missiles
the USA, France and UK
have all kind of long range missiles.

So ,why
Cyprus and Panama are not complaining about Iran ??
the UK,USA and France do complain !!!

If having a missile is a sin
why are those sinners louder
than the innocents ??

Sherlock Hommos

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Racism – scourge of the Arab world



Tribalism and nationalism still plague the Arab world, 1400 years after the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) message of unity to the world through Islam. This time its in Iraq, where Black people are being discriminated against:

“Black Iraqis are still seen as slaves although engaged in different sectors of the society and there isn’t a law that guarantee our rights as citizens,” Salah Hashimi, 38, told IslamOnline.net. “The government says that they don’t discriminate and that we are all Iraqis, however, those of us who face daily discrimination know otherwise.”

The article is interesting in that it reveals new information to me, for example I didn’t know there were 2 million black people in Iraq and I didn’t know that the term ‘zenji’ was a racist word, then again in Palestine we used to call this desert here……’raas el-abd’ which means ‘head of the slave’. So the issue of racism in the Arab world has no borders, some say Gulf countries are more racist or Lebanon is more racist but its clear that we have a problem in ALL Arab countries with racism towards those who have dark skin. Why is this? Is this because of colonialism in the beginning of the 20th Century? Did we learn to love our white masters so much that we have acquired the love of the colour of their skin?! Or is it because of the phenomena of slavery in the Arab world? We need to learn that racism is totally against the teachings of Islam and anyone who works to eradicate racism in Arab countries needs to be supported. Istighfara Allah.

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Photo history of Abbas’s collaboration



Courtesy of Tony Karon:

UPDATE: Looks like Abbas has capitulated to US pressure on settlements:

According to Haaretz, the meeting signaled that Abbas has significantly weakened his negotiating stance. The newspaper states that under massive US pressure, Abbas has dropped the demand for a settlement freeze as a precondition for talks.

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‘Peace Process’ – Deja Vu



Here we go again. Let me just give you a quick breakdown of the ‘summits’ and ‘meetings’ and ‘understandings’ the Palestinian Fatah leadership has had with the Israelis:

  • Oslo Accords in 1993 between Arafat and Rabin
  • Oslo II in 1995, again between Arafat and Rabin
  • Wye River in 1998 between Arafat and Netanyahu
  • Camp David Accords in 2000 between Arafat and Barak
  • Taba summit in 2001 between Arafat and Barak
  • Roadmap in 2003 between Abbas and Sharon
  • Annapolis in 2007 between Abbas and Olmert

This is not to mention the hundreds of other photo-ops and secret meetings that have taken place between Palestinian and Israeli negotiators. And what do we have to show for it? This:

Its even worse now than in 2005, not to mention the thousands of Palestinians killed by the Israeli war machine, our leaders assassinated, our houses demolished, our rights taken. This is why we have so much contempt for the so-called ‘moderate’ leaders of the Palestinians, they do not represent us. The peace process is (as Ali Abunimah from ei puts it):

There is the old joke about a man who is endlessly searching on the ground beneath a street light. Finally, a neighbor who has been watching him asks the man what he is looking for. The man replies that he lost his keys. The neighbor asks him if he lost them under the streetlight. “No,” the man replies, pointing into the darkness, “I lost them over there, but I am looking over here because here there is light!”
The intense focus on the “peace process” is a similarly futil
e search. Just because politicians and the media shine a constant light on it, does not mean that is where the answers are to be found.

The recent ‘pressure’ exerted by America has of course gone to the dogs:

…the US is really saying to the Palestinians in the wake of Mitchell’s failure: “We, the greatest superpower on Earth, are unable to convince Israel — which is dependent on us militarily, economically and diplomatically — to abide by even a temporary settlement freeze. Now, you Palestinians, who are a dispossessed, occupied people whose leaders cannot move without an Israeli permit, go and negotiate on much bigger issues like borders, refugees, Jerusalem and settlements, and do better than we did. Good luck to you.”

Resistance will never die, no matter how many times collaborators meet with enemies.

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Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth – WTC-7 and NIST Fraud



With David Chandler

26 minute analysis of NIST fraud:


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The Pathology of Evil



by Gilad Atzmon


Israeli PM Netanyahu’s speech at the UN is a major insight into the Israeli’s mentality, psyche and logic. In his speech Netanyahu, a prolific and charismatic speaker, gives air to his genocidal inclinations, he brings to light the Israeli supremacy but he also allows us to detect some shaky and vulnerable spots at the heart of the Jewish national narrative. Reading Netanyahu’s speech makes it very clear that both the Zionist Shoa and the ‘promised land’ narratives are on the verge of collapse. It seems as if the ‘discredited’ Iranian president Ahmadinejad has managed to succeed after all.

Don’t You Mess With Our Shoa

Israelis love their Shoa, for the Shoa is no doubt their best selling Hasbara (propaganda) product. It somehow allows them to kill en masse and to do it indistinguishably while insisting that it is they who happen to be the victims.

“I went to a villa in a suburb of Berlin called Wannsee.” Said Netanyahu. “There, on January 20,1942, after a hearty meal, senior Nazi officials met and decided how to exterminate the Jewish people.”

PM Netanyahu, if you are genuinely interested in ‘extermination plans’ you do not have to travel to Wannsee, Berlin. All you have to do is visit your IDF’s headquarters in Tel Aviv. Your chief commanders will guide you through their IDF ‘solutions’ for the Palestinians. At the end of the day, it is your army that surrounds Palestinians with barbed-wire, it is you who keep civilian populations in a siege with inadequate food supplies and medicine. It is your army that poured WMD over the most densely populated neighbourhoods on this planet. While the real meaning of the ‘Nazi Final Solution’ (Die Endlösung) is still discussed by historians who fail to agree between themselves what it really meant, the true reality of the Israeli murderous solution has been seen by us all.

However, it is almost amusing to see PM Netanyahu rushing to defend the Zionist holocaust narrative. Looking at Netanyahu presenting the protocol of the Wannsee conference to the UN assembly gives a clear impression that the Israeli PM believes that the Shoa needs an urgent pump of credibility. For the first time, the Shoa is on the defence.

“Here is a copy of the plans for Auschwitz-Birkenau, where one million Jews were murdered. Is this too a lie?” asks the Israeli PM.

PM Netanyahu, may I suggest to you that not a single humanist cares about the exact numbers: whether it was one or four millions Jews who died in Auschwitz, no one doubts that the camp was a horrible place. Yet, two questions must be answered once and for all: how is it that the Jews, who suffered so much during that war, managed to get themselves involved in a colossal racist crime against the Palestinians (1948 Nakba) just three years after the liberation of Auschwitz? How is it that the Israeli leadership, that happens to be so sensitive to Jewish suffering, manages to neglect the pain they inflict on millions of Palestinians?

Supremacy and Beyond

As a National movement, Zionism fails to respect other national and popular movements. Seemingly Netanyahu fails to respect the Iranian people and their regime. “Wherever they can, they impose a backward regimented society where women, minorities, gays or anyone not deemed to be a true believer is brutally subjugated.” Netanyahu, must know that the Judaic law is not very different from Islam on these matters. He must also remember that it is in his country that gays were murdered in the street just a month ago. It is almost amusing that Netanyahu chooses to equate Iran with Barbarism and the Middle Ages for its treatment of minorities. As far as minorities are concerned, the Jewish state is actually the darkest place on this planet. In Netanyahu’s promised land half of the population cannot participate in the democratic game just for failing to be Jewish.

Israel according to Netanyahu is the embodiment of Western modernity.

“We (the Westerners) will crack the genetic code. We will cure the incurable. We will lengthen our lives. We will find a cheap alternative to fossil fuels and clean up the planet. I am proud that my country Israel is at the forefront of these advances.”

I must admit that I am not at all overwhelmed by Israeli scientific or technological achievements. Nor have I ever seen any evidence of Israeli attempts to save humanity or even the planet. In fact all I see is quite the opposite. However, if Netanyahu welcomes scientific progress, he should be the first to rally for the Iranian nuclear project. As we all know, this doesn’t seem to be the case. He, for some reason, thinks that, at least regionally, nuclear energy and weapons must remain Jewish only property.

Netanyahu argues that “if the most primitive fanaticism can acquire the most deadly weapons, the march of history could be reversed for a time.” Netanyahu may well be correct but one should point out to him that the above applies to Israel more than any other country, state or society. For the time being it is the Jewish State that has been caught pouring WMD on its imprisoned civilian population. It is the Jewish State that is dragging us all into an ‘eye for an eye’ primitive Biblical fanaticism. As if this is not enough, it is also America and Britain that launched illegal wars orchestrated by Zionist led Neocons and fundraisers. This war has cost more than one million lives so far.

However, for once I agree with Netanyhau:

“The greatest threat facing the world today”, he says, “is the marriage between religious fanaticism and the weapons of mass destruction.”

In fact, no one could describe the danger posed by the Jewish state and Zionism any better. Israel is indeed a deadly marriage between Old Testament gross genocidal barbarism, Zionist fanaticism and a huge arsenal of WMD, chemical, biological and nuclear that has already been partially put into action.

Sabbath Goyim

Like other Zionist operations around the world, Netanyahu is convinced that the Goyim should fight the Jewish wars.

“Above all, will the international community stop the terrorist regime of Iran from developing atomic weapons, thereby endangering the peace of the entire world?”

I actually would like to stress that PM Netanyahu is all wrong here. If the United Nation is interested in bringing peace to this region and the world, it is of the essence to help Iran to develop its nuclear project and even a military nuclear capacity. This seems to be the only thing that may curb the English Speaking Empire’s lethal expansionist enthusiasm as performed recently in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. It will surely stop the Zionists from celebrating their symptoms at the expense of their neighbours.

Following the successful transformation of the American and British armies into an Israeli subservient mission force, Netanyahu seems to expect the UN to follow and to fulfill the very same role. “Hamas”, he says, “fired from Gaza thousands of missiles, mortars and rockets on nearby Israeli cities. Year after year, as these missiles were deliberately hurled at our civilians, not a single UN resolution was passed condemning those criminal attacks.” I guess that someone should remind the Israeli PM that the dispute between Hamas and Israel is not exactly an international quarrel, for Palestine is not a sovereign state and Gaza is nothing less than an Israeli-run concentration camp. In other words, the practicality of the matter is simple. The UN should only deal with war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Israel, its leadership and its army. It is not down to the UN to pass any kind of judgment on the oppressed.

Mass Murder Fantasies

It doesn’t take long before Netanyahu lists his ideological mentors and the core of his lethal inspiration

“When the Nazis rocketed British cities during World War II…” Actually the allies levelled German cities, causing hundreds of thousands of victims… By these twisted standards, the UN Human Rights Council would have dragged Roosevelt and Churchill to the dock as war criminals. What a perversion of truth. What a perversion of justice. Delegates of the United Nations, will you accept this farce?”

Netanyahu is almost correct. In his recounting of the 2nd WW he surely admits here that Israel follows Roosevelt’s and Churchill’s mass murder tactics. But he surely fails to realise that if it was indeed down to ethics and Justice (rather than the usual dirty politics) Roosevelt and Churchill would have been charged with war crimes on a most severe scale. Shockingly enough, Netanyahu falls into the most obvious legal trap equating Israeli activity with acts of carpet bombardment on a huge scale. For those who fail to see it all, this is a rapidly blinking red light hazard. In Netanyahu’s perception of reality nuking countries and flattening towns is a justifiable act. Roosevelt and Churchill seem to be his moral entitlement. In fact these statements are enough to make it clear to every reasonable human being that Israel is a genocidal entity that is capable of bringing our civilisation to a devastating end.

This is a wake up call: it is not just the Palestinians or the Iranians. It is actually all of us.

Bibi* the Peace Maker

By now, the Israeli PM is ready to state his Judeo centric peace mantra. “Ladies and Gentlemen, all of Israel wants peace”. Yet as far as statistics are concerned, we have recently learned that 94% of the Israeli Jews also approved the carpet bombardment of their next door neighbours. It is impossible not to see a clear discrepancy between the ‘peace loving’ words and the murderous reality.

“We ask the Palestinians to finally do what they have refused to do for 62 years: Say yes to a Jewish state.”

Once again, I happen to agree with PM Netanyahu. The Palestinian may as well say YES to a Jewish state, but not in Palestine or in the Middle East. If Obama, Brown, Merkel or any other deluded world leader who is still insisting to approve the validity or necessity of a racially orientated ‘Jewish national homeland’, he or she is more than welcome to allocate land to such a project within his or her own territory. Palestinians should say NO to a Jewish state in the Holy Land or in the region. Palestinians should never agree to the existence of a Jewish state on their land. In fact the UN must follow this line and do whatever it can to dismantle this evil apartheid regime.

Khazarian United

To a certain extent, Netanyahu’s UN speech expresses some deep concerns Jews tend to keep to themselves. At the end of the day, the Israelis and Ashkenazi Israelis in particular know pretty well that Palestine is not exactly the land of their ancestors. If the Israeli Ashkenazi Jews, including Netanyahu, do want to find their roots, Khazaria is the place to start. However, Netanyahu tries to defuse these historical facts. “The Jewish people are not foreign conquerors in the Land of Israel. This is the land of our forefathers… We are not strangers to this land. It is our homeland” says Netanyahu with total conviction.

PM Netanyahu, I will make it plain and clear. Not only are you foreign to the land, you are also foreign to almost every possible understanding of the notion of humanity. In fact, the Separation Wall that is going to be left after the inevitable disappearance of your ‘Jew only democracy’ will serve generations to come with an astonishing historical monument of Jewish national identity estranged from ethics, universalism and human brotherhood. The crime against humanity committed by the Jewish state in the name of the Jewish people is not something that will be wiped out from the history text books in a short time. Quite the opposite; it will stand as another mythological chapter in this never-ending saga of supremacist compulsive pathological self-loving.

“We must have security” says Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu as he ends his speech. And I am here to disappoint him. Israel will never be secured. It was born in a sin, and its existence surpasses any notion of ethics or human existence. The Jewish state has passed the ‘no return zone’. It is doomed to vanish. We can only hope that once this happens the process of Jewish assimilation and integration into humanity will re-embark. At the end of the day Jewish Nationalism both left, right and centre was there to keep Jews apart. The history of the 20th century teaches us that this tendency to segregate oneself is bad for humanity and it is also devastating for the Jews.

* Netanyahu’s nickname is Bibi


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Hezbollah had Better Intel, Strategy, Tactical Command & Motivation than Israel


29/09/2009 “Hezbollah had better intelligence information than Israel and better control of its forces during the Second Lebanon War,” according to an official Israeli military scorecard compiled recently by a top navy officer.
The article – which was given an award by Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi – was written by Lt.-Col. Robi Sandman, and was published in the latest edition of Ma’arahot, a monthly journal on military issues.

During his research for the article, titled “How the Arabs are preparing for the next war,” Sandman asked 24 senior Israeli occupation officers to grade the occupation army and Hezbollah in 10 categories, on a scale of 1 to 10.

While the Israeli military enjoys superior technology, the scorecard revealed that the army performed poorly in gathering intelligence on Hezbollah, did not command its troops effectively during the month long war and lacked motivation to win.

In intelligence, Hezbollah received a 7 and the Israeli occupation forces a 6; in military doctrine and strategy Hezbollah received a 9 and the Israeli military a 5; In technology, the Israeli occupation received a 9 and Hezbollah a 5; in training and organization, Hezbollah received a 8 and Israel 7, and in tactical command Hezbollah received a 8 and the Israeli military a 6.

The 24 officers also ruled that Hezbollah had greater motivation to win than the Israeli army. Hezbollah received a score of 8 in the motivation category, while the Israeli military scored only 4.

In the article, Sandman claims the Israeli army is currently structured in a way that it will not be able to prevent thousands of resistance fighters – from Hezbollah or Syria – from infiltrating deep into the Palestinian occupied territories.

The next war, he wrote, will likely include Hezbollah sending hundreds of teams comprised of 4-5 fighters each, armed with anti-tank missiles and sniper rifles, into the “Galilee”. “We need to recognize that the Israeli army with its current structure cannot provide a response to the unbelievably well-equipped force that is rising up to destroy the State of Israel,” he wrote.

“These hundreds of squads will be able to rely on local Israeli-Arab infrastructure in the Galilee”, Sandman wrote. He recommended that the Israeli army immediately establish small, elite reconnaissance squads capable of countering this “threat”.

Sandman also warned of the possibility that in a future conflict, the United States might not help Israel as it had in the past. During the 2006 war and the Yom Kippur War in 1973, the US airlifted advanced weapons and ammunition to Israel to refresh dwindling stockpiles, JPost said.
Sandman warned of two main catalysts for a possible lack of support. The first was what he called the decreasing influence the Jewish community had over the US government. “This trend will continue to get worse, due to assimilation and the fast rise of other minorities such as the Hispanics, which amount to 30 million [people] today in the US,” he wrote. The second was a possible change in government and subsequent policy that “could leave Israel without an ally.”

As a result, Sandman recommended that the Israeli army ask the US to establish additional warehouses with emergency stockpiles of weaponry in Israel, even “if Israel has to pay for their maintenance.”

The US already has several warehouses with weaponry in Israel. His second recommendation was that Israel and the US hold joint training exercises to prepare for the possibility that the Israeli occupation army will one day be under “threat” and require American troop support. “This type of support will be important one day in an emergency, but could also serve as a deterrent for enemies when planning an attack,” he wrote.

Israel obstacle to nuke-free Mideast, says Syria



Press TV – September 28, 2009 23:02:36 GMT

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem urges Israel to yield to the demands pressed by the UN nuclear watchdog and open its nuclear sites to inspection.

The Syrian diplomat said on Monday that the Israeli regime must place all its nuclear installations under the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safeguards, and adhere to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

The objectives of the landmark international treaty are to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and weapons technology, to promote co-operation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and to achieve nuclear disarmament.

For decades, Tel Aviv has refused to confirm the well-documented fact that it possesses a significant arsenal of nuclear warheads.

“Syria stresses the need to commit Israel to comply with the resolution adopted by the IAEA … regarding Israeli nuclear capabilities,” Al-Mualem said.

The UN Security Council on Thursday unanimously adopted a resolution meant to curtail the spread of nuclear weapons. Resolution 1887 calls on states that have not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) to comply fully with all their obligations.

It also calls on all non-signatory states to accede to the NPT so as to achieve its universality at an early date and to adhere to its terms in the meantime.


The ASS-LICKER: drops demand for settlement freeze under US pressure


Published today (updated) 29/09/2009 21:05

Bethlehem – Ma’an – Two key Israeli officials will head to Washington on Wednesday for continued talks leading up to renewed peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, reportedly without the pre-condition of a settlement freeze.

Aide to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s attorney, Yitzhak Molcho, and Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s chief of staff Michael Herzog will attend the talks with US Middle East envoy George Mitchell and senior White House officials, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.
The article also noted Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had dropped the pre-condition of a settlement construction halt under US pressure. In exchange for the pressure for easing Abbas’ demand on settlements, the Israeli daily reported, US President Bacack Obama promised Abbas that the Palestinian viewpoint will be taken into consideration in forming the “framework” for the negotiations.

The same article noted Abbas had significantly weakened his negotiating stance, citing a hand shake between Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during their meeting with Obama in New York.

The coming talks will continue until 15 October, when Obama instructed Mitchell and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to report to him on progress in the talks, in hopes that a framework for renewed negotiations will be reached by then. Chief Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) negotiator Saeb Erekat will also be in Washington, though it is not clear whether he will participate in the talks.

Next week Mitchell will return to Israel and meet with Netanyahu and Barak.

The Palestinian negotiating team wants to resume negotiation from the point reached in talks with former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Netanyahu argues he is not bound by Olmert’s proposals.

According to Haaretz, the Palestinians also want the negotiations to focus on the principle of a solution based on the 1967 borders, while Netanyahu strongly disagrees.

Finally, PA negotiators are reportedly demanding a two-year deadline for the achievement of a permanent agreement, while Israel objects.

How Israel treats its Arab collaborators



“Bedouin soldiers, for example, who are usually recruited as trackers, have to search for mines and booby-traps. Last year, a 28-year-old Bedouin man was blown up by a roadside bomb along the perimeter fence around Gaza as he went ahead of soldiers from the Givati brigade. Unlike Jewish soldiers killed in action, his family did not want his name published.” (thanks Asa)

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The word Kabbalah comes from the Hebrew קַבָּלָה, meaning “to receive”. According to Ben-Yehudah’s Hebrew-English Dictionary, in context it is a received body of knowledge, passed down orally, which serves as an exegesis of the Hebrew Scriptures, particularly the Torah or Pentateuch. A direct experience of God is central to the ideas of Kabbalah.

Albert Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry devotes almost three pages to the Kabbalah, noting “It has sometimes been used in an enlarged sense, as comprehending all the explanations, maxims, and ceremonies which have been traditionally handed down to the Jews; but in that more limited acceptation, in which it is intimately connected with the symbolic science of Freemasonry, the Cabala may be defined to be a system of philosophy which embraces certain mystical interpretations of Scripture, and metaphysical and spiritual beings.”

Johannes Buxtorf in his book titled “Lexicon Hebraicum et Chaldaicum*censored*brevi Lexico Rabbinico Philosophico”(Lexicon of the Talmud) defines the Kabbalah to be “a secret science, which treats in a mystical and enigmatical manner of things divine, angelical, theological, celestial, and metaphysical; the subjects being enveloped in striking symbols and secret modes of teaching. Much use is made of it in the advanced degrees, and entire Rites have been constructed on its principles. Hence it demands a place in any general work on Freemasonry.”

Practical Kabbalah has its ancient roots in the “Thirteen Enochian Keys” of Enoch son of Qain, along with a highly eclectic admixture of material taken from Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and other non-Hebrew sources. The “Thirteen Enochian Keys” of Enoch son of Qain are reflected in such works as The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, the Greater and Lesser Keys of Solomon, and mediaeval grimoires such as the Armadel, Goetia/Lemegeton, etc.

The primary text of the mystical Kabbalah that appears to occupy a central place of importance in the hermetic Kabbalah is the Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Formation). The two most prominent contemporary schools of Practical or Hermetic Kabbalah are the Golden Dawn and the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.).

The bulk of the mainstream orthodox Jewish Kabbalists focus primarily on the Sefer HaZohar (Book of Splendor) and the Etz HaChayyim (Tree of Life). They engage in practices of spiritual refinement (avodah) and meditation (devekut, “cleaving to God”) gleaned from the writings left by Abraham Abulafia, Azriel of Gerona (disciple of Yitza’aq the Blind), Chayyim Vital (recorder of the teachings of Yitza’aq Luria), Dov Baer (Mezhirecher Maggid and successor to Israel ben Eliezer), Nachman of Bretzlav, and others.

These practices include a variety of visualization techniques, breathing exercises, movements coordinated with the permutation and combination of Hebrew letters, mantric intonation of sacred phrases, meditative prayer, and chanting devotional songs.

The Theoretical Kabbalah is divided into the Dogmatic, which is a summary of rabbinical theosophy and philosophy, and the Literal, which teaches a mystical mode of explaining sacred things by assigning numerical values to the letters of words.

The Literal Cabala ~ divided into Gematria, Notaricon, and Temura ~ was made use of in the writing of what Mackey termed the “Advanced” degrees of Freemasonry. These more properly should be termed the additional degrees of concordant masonic bodies.

The Kabbalah plays no role in Regular craft Freemasonry.

History of the Kabbalah

After the destruction of the Second Temple of Jerusalem (70 CE), many Jews who relocated to Egypt were influenced by the Alexandrian Pythagoreans. Jewish leaders and intellectuals such as Artapanos, Philon the Alexandrian, the historian Josephus Flavius, the Hasmoneans, Johanan Hurcanus, Alexander Jannean, Hanoch, Hillel, Johanan ben-Zakkai, and others were central figures of this spiritual-scientific development.

The esoteric Jewish theosophy, or religious mystic philosophy, developed from about this time. In the absence of a central spiritual leadership, under foreign and hostile rule, some regional Jewish schools developed into sects such as the Essenes, Nazarenes, Pharisees, and Sadducees.

The Jewish Kabbalah reached its peak during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, arguably responsible for the development of both science and mysticism in Europe. In the eleventh and twelfth centuries the greatest contributions to science were made by Jewish scholars, especially in Spain. Names known from religious sources as “Rabbis” and “Kabbalists”, are known in history books of mathematics and science as outstanding inventors and developers.

A distinctly Christian Cabala may be said to have started with the work of Ramon Lull (1232-1317) during a period of religious tolerance in Spain. Starting in the late fifteenth century CE, a movement arose among some Jewish converts to Christianity in Spain to ascribe a distinctly Christian context to the hidden meanings of Kabbalistic doctrines. This movement gained momentum from speculation among Florentine Platonists that the Kabbalah contained a lost revelation that explains the secrets of the Catholic faith.

This cross-pollination led to the emergence of a distinctly Christian Cabala founded by Giovanni Pico della Mirandola (1463-1494). Pico saw in the Cabala a link to the Greek philosophers as well as a proof of the divinity of Jesus Christ. Pico’s writings, and subsequently those of John Reuchlin (1455-1522), created an interest that spread throughout the intellectual European community.

In the sixteenth century, the appearance of Kabbalistic texts in Latin translation enhanced attempts to draw further parallels between esoteric Jewish doctrines and Christianity.

Guillaume Postel translated and published the Zohar and Sefer Yetzirah into Latin even before they were published in Hebrew. Latin texts in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries were influential in standardizing “Cabala” as the spelling commonly associated with the Christian perspective on Kabbalistic teachings.

In the seventeenth century, the centre of Christian Cabala study moved to England and Germany, where its status was boosted by the theosophical writings of Jacob Boehme and the compendium of Christian Knorr von Rosenroth. Von Rosenroth and Athanasius Kirchner extrapolated the Cabalistic allusion of Adam Kadmon to be a reference to Jesus as the primordial man in Christian theology.

In the final phase in the development of the Christian Cabala in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, it became permeated with alchemical symbolism and conjoined with the emerging doctrines of theosophy and Rosicrucianism. Those who believe Freemasonry’s roots are found in Rosicrucian and hermetic teachings will therefore see the influence of the Kabbalah in its development.

Claims and accusations or is it reality?

There are two different, perspectives about the Kabbalistic roots for Freemasonry. The first being religious people condemning Freemasonry, Judaism, and the Kabbalah as being anti-Christian and often equate the whole with satanism. “Freemasonry and the New World Order are Nazism revived.” ; “…that one key ritual in freemasonry involves drinking from human skulls….” ; and “Freemasonry is the instrument created to carry out this return to paganism.”

Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma: “all the Masonic associations owe to it their Secrets and their Symbols.” and claim that Freemasonry is divided into two branches. “There is the branch of the Scottish Rite and the branch of the Shriners. Scottish Freemasonry is the Christian branch while the Shriners are actually the Islamic branch.”

The second is composed of Freemasons and kabbalists who promote the theory of Freemasonry’s link to the Kabbalah. They are entitled to their opinions, but it must be stressed that they do not speak for Freemasonry. They are only expressing their opinions. They view the study of both as enhancing their relationship with God.

Interesting Quotes from Kabbalah Sources

The Following is a list of quotes from various Kabbalah based books. They are listed so you can get a “feel” for its mystical perspective and gain insight into some of the attitudes and ideas that people learn from studying Kabbalah.

1. “… the Zohar suggests that souls are “patterned” like bodies. It says: ‘as the body is formed in this world from the combination of four elements, the spirit is formed in the garden [of Eden] from the combination of the four winds. The spirit is enveloped there in the impress of the body’s shape. If it were not for the four winds, which are the heirs of the garden, the spirit would not have been clothed (given shape) at all.” (Cooper, David A., God is a Verb. New York, New York: Riverhead Brooks, 1997, p. 113, brackets are in the original)

2. “…we are connected via our souls to the source of creation, and we can transform the flow of creation.” (Cooper, David A., God is a Verb. New York, New York: Riverhead Brooks, 1997, p. 121.)

3. “Cabalists teaches at the moon is the mystical vessel in which souls are gathered before they are released to the world. The moon in Kabbalah represents receptivity… the mystical implication is that souls are influenced by the phase of the moon when they become associated with bodies, each having different levels of expansiveness or contracted this… we would say that this describes why some of us are more extroverted while others are more introverted…”(Cooper, David A., God is a Verb. New York, New York: Riverhead Brooks, 1997, p. 113, 128.

4. “The cabalists teach that everything we do stirs up a corresponding energy in other realms of reality. Actions, words, or thoughts set up reverberations in the universe.” (Cooper, David A., God is a Verb. New York, New York: Riverhead Brooks, 1997, p. 132.)

5. “In physical reality, every move we make is dependent upon electromagnetic energy. In the metaphysical realm, rather than call this energy electromagnetic, we could call it angelic- demonic. Every move they make is supported by an angel or demon. Moreover, everything we do creates new angels and demons… the metaphysical magnets associated with the God realms are called angels, and those with the satanic realms are called demons.” (Cooper, David A., God is a Verb. New York, New York: Riverhead Brooks, 1997, p. 134.)

6. “From noon until midnight, the sun appears to be declining, which means that the power of loving kindness is waning. When the sun reaches its lowest ebb, the time in which the energy of darkness is strongest, accusing angels have their greatest power. The Kabbalist says that this point is the darkest of the night, the moment when restriction and judgment are at their full power. If we were abandoned in the mystical midnight of creation, we would disappear.” (Cooper, David A., God is a Verb. New York, New York: Riverhead Brooks, 1997, p. 142.)

7. “Angelic and demonic energies are not independent and self-sufficient, but are parts of the system of the universal ebb and flow.” (Cooper, David A., God is a Verb. New York, New York: Riverhead Brooks, 1997, p. 143.)

8. “When we call upon angels to be with us, we And two on infinite resource of goodwill. It is as if we plugged into the magnetic core of the earth to keep ourselves centered. Archangels represent the God-center of the universe they draw nourishment from Its infinite supply.” (Cooper, David A., God is a Verb. New York, New York: Riverhead Brooks, 1997, p. 144.)

9. “the lower, earthly human being and the upper, mystical human being, in which the Godhead is manifested as shape, belong together and are unthinkable without one another.” (secret doctrine, p. 66)

10. “This manual [of Kabbalah] will prepare one to hear the words of G-d, see authentic visions, smell the Supernal beauty, touch his/her Grace, and taste the delights of Eden.” http://home.utah.edu/~rfs4/jkm.htm

11. “As Rabbi Levi Yitzhak of Berdicheve said, ‘At every instant, all universes received existence and sustenance from God. It is human beings, however, who motivate this sustenance and transmit it to all worlds. When a person nullifies the sense of self completely and thereby attaches Thought to Nothingness, then a new sustenance flows to all universes.” (Cooper, David A., God is a Verb. New York, New York: Riverhead Brooks, 1997, p. 224.)

12. “our day-to-day actions, words, and thoughts continuously affect our sense of harmony with the universe.” (God is a verb, p 248)

13. “…there are five levels of the soul. The higher levels, neshama, chayah, and yehida, function in a way that they cannot be directly affected by what a person does to his or her consciousness. however, they are indirectly affected by the states of the nefesh and ruach. after death, the higher levels of the soul will return to their home “regions,” but they must await the redemption of the nefesh before finally resting in their natural state. If the nefesh does not get redeemed, the ruach cannot be “crown” in the lower Garden of Eden. (God is a verb, p. 262)

14. “The teachings of reincarnation are of value when we have nowhere else to turn in the tragedy of the death.” (God is a verb, p. 266)

The Zohar

The Zohar is one of the most important texts, if not the most important in Kabbalah. The Zohar is not a single book. Instead it is allegedly a 2nd century A.D. collection of Aramaic writings from various Kabbalists that is a commentary on the Torah: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy with some commentary on the song of songs, also known as the song of Solomon.

Its interpretations of the Torah are highly mystical and subjective and often in contradiction to what the Torah reveals. it seeks to explain as well as the video the relationship between God and man. But, the book is generally believed to have been authored by a 13th Century Jewish mystic named Moses De Leon (1250-1305) partly because it was never mentioned in the Talmud (a collection of commentaries used to explain the the oral law concerning the first five books of the Old Testament).

Additions were added to the Zohar in the 14th century. The Zohar is also said to have special powers which followers can benefit from by running a finger over the text as if reading Braille.1 Of course, Christians reject such a claim and recognized the Zohar as a non-biblical, mystical piece of literature often in contradiction to the Bible. Please consider this quote.

“The Zohar discusses the universe, as a whole, in far broader terms than merely the physical universe. Indeed, the physical universe, as vast as it may be, is dwarfed in comparison with the mystical universe that embraces angelic and demonic realms. Whereas the physical universe is measured in time and distance, the mystical universe is measured in terms of levels of awareness. These levels should not be viewed as separate boundaries, for awareness is a continuum.”

Notice the ambiguity and non-falsifiability of a the comments. How do you verify what is said about the mystical universe? You can’t. But that doesn’t stop the Zohar from saying even more about creation.

“The Zohar says,’ to create the world, It (Ein Sof, Infinite Nothingness) emanated a secret spark (awareness) from which emerged and radiated all light. The upper world was constituted of this light. Then a [different dimension of] light, a light without brightness (lower consciousness), was fashioned into the lower world. As it is composed of unilluminated light, the lower world is attracted to the upper world.”

Its scope of teaching seems to include predictions of the coming Messiah. Apparently, the Zohar predicted the return of the Messiah in 1648 which was fulfilled in Shabbetai Zvi from Smyrna in Asia Minor. He gathered many followers, so much so that the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire thought that he must be stopped. He captured Sabbettai and subsequently He converted to Islam. like other Donma Jews (the Donma Jewish Sect:Jewish converts who pretended to be Muslims and carried Turkish names and formed the “Committee of Union and Progress ”, also known as the “Young Turks”.) later on spawned Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Founder of the Turkish Republic

Consider these representative quotes from the Zohar.

* “Zohar I 51b-52a: “the beings on high are all of the same illumination, being of celestial essence, whereas the beings below are of a different essence. They (the lower) are to this illumination (the higher) as the candle is to the flame….The light and the shadows are the only elements which form air and water…On leaving its source, the light divides into 75 channels directed toward the material world…Below these channels there are 375 trenches…These trenches are divided into 17 classes, of which each presents the shape of a chain-net…Such is the vision of this area of space which forms seven different colors. These seven colors constitute the supreme mystery…Seven other lights are divided into seven seas, which together amount to one giant sea. This last is the supreme sea where seven others are concentrated….” *

“This end of heaven is called Who. There is another below, called What. What distinguishes the two? The first, concealed one-called Who-can be questioned. Once a human being questions and searches, contemplating and knowing rung after rung to the very last rung ~ once one reaches there: What? What do you know? What have you contemplated? Or what have you searched? All this concealed, as before.” *

“When Concealed of all Concealed emerged on being revealed, it produced at first a single point, which ascended to become thought. within, it drew all drawings, grave to all and ravings, carving within the conceal the holy lamp a graving of one hidden design, only of holies, a deep structure emerging from fat, called Mi, Who, origin of structure. existent and nonexistent, deep and hidden, called by no name but Who. Seekng to be revealed, to be named, it garbed itself in a splendid, radiant garment and created (elleh), these. Elleh attained the name: these letters joined with those, culimnating in the name Elohim.”

William Cooper & his Death
In this short Clip Cooper emphasizes that the origins of all secret societies is Kabbalah.



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Jewish Groups Take Sides in Honduran Strife



By Matthew E. Berger
The Jewish Daily Forward
Published September 23, 2009, issue of October 02, 2009.

Washington — The recent return of Honduras’s ousted and expelled president to his country is not an issue in which the Jewish stakes are clear or obvious. But Jewish groups are nonetheless taking sides over the turmoil roiling the Central American country and over the Obama administration’s stand on developments there.

On September 4, two weeks before President Manuel Zelaya snuck back into Tegucigalpa, Honduras’s capital, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs called on Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to reverse the administration’s position and support Zelaya’s overthrow. Zelaya was democratically elected in 2006. But the group, which is primarily devoted to promoting strong military ties between Israel and the United States, was concerned that Zelaya was leading the country away from democracy and into alliances with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez at the time of his overthrow.

“Zelaya was a man who was moving towards Chavez,” said JINSA’s executive director, Tom Neumann. “He was going anti-American.”

But other Jewish groups, and a key Jewish member of Congress, have defended the administration despite similar concerns, viewing Zelaya’s ouster last June as an affront to the rule of law, whose fostering they view as a more important American interest. Many countries in the western hemisphere have also called for Zelaya’s return to office. No country has recognized the government of Roberto Micheletti, former head of the national legislature, who assumed the presidency following Zelaya’s expulsion.

On September 21, Zelaya was able to sneak back into the country and take refuge in the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa. Violent clashes have since occurred between police and demonstrators rallying to support him.

In an interview, Neumann said that Zelaya’s June 28 overthrow — in which the military removed him from office at gunpoint while he was still in his pajamas, and expatriated him to Costa Rica — was, in fact, lawful, having been ordered by the country’s Supreme Court and backed by its legislature after Zelaya sought to change the country’s constitution. Neumann questioned the State Department’s decision to back the former president, who met with Clinton in Washington on September 3.

“For us to take a position that we are supporting a government that is anti-American and opposing one that is pro-American is absurd,” he said.

JINSA’s comments come as some Jewish groups increase their focus on Chavez and his growing relationship with Iran. In a visit to the Middle East in early September, Chavez agreed to export 20,000 barrels of gasoline per day to Iran, which, despite ample oil reserves, has limited refining capacity of its own. At a news conference in Damascus during his tour, Chavez lashed out against Israel as “a country that annihilates people and is hostile to peace.”

It was Zelaya’s growing connection to Chavez that sparked JINSA’s engagement. “Honduras as itself is no threat to Israel,” Neumann said. “But Honduras as part of the bigger picture is.” He cited a growing nexus between Venezuela and countries that he said support Middle East terrorism, including Iran, Syria and Libya.

Full article

Book casts new light on Palestine’s ethnic cleansing


Maureen Clare Murphy, The Electronic Intifada, 28 September 2009

In recent years, a growing number of accounts of the 1948 war have corrected and exposed the founding myths of Israel, including claims by its leaders that the Palestinian people did not exist or were invented. The latest addition to this genre is independent scholar Rosemarie M. Esber’s meticulously documented history Under the Cover of War: The Zionist Expulsion of the Palestinians. While other recent books on the subject have relied on Israeli and Zionist archival sources, Esber uses British archives and oral testimonies from Palestinian survivors as well as previously used sources to demonstrate that there was a purposeful, systematic pattern by which Zionist forces depopulated Palestinian cities and villages before the end of the British mandate on 15 May 1948 and the subsequent intervention of Arab armies.

Esber’s account vividly illustrates those terrible six months between the adoption of the United Nations General Assembly resolution to partition Palestine and the expiration of the British mandate. Esber writes, “Rather than maintaining international peace and security, as mandated by its charter, the United Nations, by voting in favor of partition, contributed to the outbreak of the civil war in Palestine and the concomitant expulsion of the Palestinian Arabs.” This however is not to spare Britain responsibility for the Palestinian plight. Britain, Esber explains, acted only in the interest of a speedy British withdrawal from Mandate Palestine even when senior British officials knew of Zionist designs to expel the indigenous Palestinian population. Specific British policies accelerated and facilitated the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. For example, while simultaneously abandoning the imposition of domestic law and order, the British tipped off Zionist militias to their withdrawal plans, and prevented Arab regular army intervention to defend Palestinian cities and villages. Meanwhile starting in early February 1948 the entry of illegal Jewish immigrants who would become Zionist combatants went unhindered.

Although Esber devotes a whole chapter to the historical context leading up to that six-month period, the scope of her primary research is this time frame that she terms the “civil war” phase of the conflict. Her detailed account draws from careful examination of a rich array of available sources (many Zionist documents from the period are still classified, as are Arab state documents, and Palestinian documents were largely destroyed, confiscated or scattered during the dispossession). But Esber privileges what she considers under-utilized British archives which give a nearly hour-by-hour account of the last chaotic and violent days of the mandate, as well as recent interviews she conducted with more than 130 surviving witnesses mainly in the refugee camps of Lebanon and Jordan. From her extensive research, she concludes:

“[T]he creation of the Palestinian Arab refugees began in the convergence of a chaotic civil conflict, British inaction to suppress the escalating violence, and the Jewish Agency’s seizure of the opportunity presented by the cover of war to effect long-held aims of political Zionism: the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine with a population practically devoid of non-Jews. This was done by employing systematic and violent intimidation to drive out the native Palestinian Arab population, which consisted largely of disempowered women, children, and elderly people incapable of resisting.”

During this civil war period, Esber writes, “Zionist Jewish military organizations forced more than 400,000 Palestinian Arab inhabitants from their homes in about 225 villages, towns and cities in Palestine.” That comprises approximately half of the total number of Palestinians made refugees during the creation of the State of Israel, as well as half of the depopulated Palestinian cities and villages, the latter largely destroyed as part of the systematic campaign to erase Palestinian society.

Israel’s official narrative has long held that the “refugee problem” was the result of a war sparked in the wake of Israel’s 14 May 1948 “declaration of independence” on the eve of the British withdrawal, and what Israel describes as an Arab invasion designed to extinguish the nascent state. The implication of this claim is that had the Arab states not invaded on 15 May, Palestinians might not have become refugees. But given the sheer scale of the expulsions prior to May 1948, the Arab intervention might more accurately be described as a long overdue and ineffectual attempt to halt a well-planned campaign of ethnic cleansing that had been proceeding unchecked for months.

Esber’s reliance on Palestinian testimony is a unique contribution to scholarship on the creation of the State of Israel and the refugee crisis, and the first chapter of the book provides an evaluation of existing scholarly accounts of 1948. Since official history is typically written by the victor rather than the vanquished — a theme addressed by Palestinian historian Rashid Khalidi in his book Palestinian Identity: The construction of Modern National Consciousness — it is of course biased towards the former. However, referring to the dispossession of Palestine, Esber asserts, “The Nakba [catastrophe] is the Palestinians’ own story of tragedy and loss, and they are the most credible source to tell it.” Her use of British archives and other sources serves to corroborate these Palestinian accounts.

Esber also refers to Zionist sources quoted in Ilan Pappe’s The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine and Benny Morris’ The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem, 1947-1949, the latter of which she criticizes for omitting Palestinian oral testimony because the author believes it unreliable (though Morris depends on it for his narration of the ethnic cleansing of the Galilee). Esber also uses Morris’ own research to demonstrate the premeditated nature of the Palestinian expulsion, where Morris argues that Palestinian flight was an accident of the war, not the very purpose of it.

The breadth of Esber’s research however might be best demonstrated by the chart included as an appendix, listing causes of Palestinian flight between 29 November 1947 and 15 May 1948. The chart gives specific dates and population figures for each Palestinian city, town and village depopulated during this time period. For each population center, Esber provides numerical codes for the reasons (usually multiple) for Palestinian flight, contrasting her findings with Morris’, provided in a separate column.

According to Esber, Morris’ over-reliance on Zionist sources and neglect of Palestinian witness accounts leads him to the skewed conclusion that “deteriorating living conditions in the villages and urban areas, and the Zionists’ capture of nearby locales, were primary reasons Arabs evacuated.” On the contrary, Esber’s interviews with survivors found that refugees “consistently cited the violence of direct military attack, the trauma of civilian deaths in their communities from attacks, a rational fear of rape and massacre, threats of those or other atrocities, and ordered expulsion.” Many of Esber’s Palestinian informants identify the massacre at Deir Yassin and the decisive loss of Haifa as “the two most critical events of the civil war,” happening within two weeks of each other in April 1948.

Esber learns through her interviews that in most cases, Palestinian villagers stayed put until they were forcefully expelled, in a futile attempt to resist a much more powerful and organized adversary. “They also believed,” Esber concludes, “that they had to withstand Zionist attacks only until May 15, when the Arab armies, as repeatedly promised, would come to their rescue and foil the Zionist plan to form a Jewish state in Palestine. This contributed to the perception that evacuation — in the face of death — was a short-term risk.”

From Esber’s book it is clear that no powerful party was working in the interest of the Palestinian peasants and urban class who would be dumped by the truckload to the border with Lebanon or Jordan or, during the siege of Haifa, literally thrown into the sea. But it is their history that is painstakingly preserved here, and none too soon as this first generation ages in exile while their descendants fight for justice.

Maureen Clare Murphy is managing editor of The Electronic Intifada.

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Israel’s Dimona Nuclear Weapons Factory In 3D

>Contributed by Gilad

Israel’s Dimona Nuclear Weapons Factory In 3D

We better let Iran do what it has to do!!!



Mordechai Vanunu ~ a truly inspirational hero for our times ~ his smile is strong despite what was taken from him, or, in other words, his sacrifice to the world towards the cause of Peace. Thank you, Mr. Vanunu!

For this first film, I found I watched it with my finger on the PAUSE button because the facts fly by quickly and every one is pertinent.

Israel’s Dimona Nuclear Weapons Factory In 3D

BBC ~ Evidence Israel’s nuclear weapons(Banned Censored)1 of 5

Vanunu supporters in Hiroshima, 2002

BBC ~ Evidence Israel’s nuclear weapons(Banned Censored)2 of 5

Ashkelon Prison, Ashkelon ~ 2004

BBC ~ Evidence Israel’s nuclear weapons(Banned Censored)3 of 5

Supporters in Toronto, 2003

BBC ~ Evidence Israel’s nuclear weapons(Banned Censored)4 of 5


BBC ~ Evidence Israel’s nuclear weapons(Banned Censored)5 of 5

The face of a man of peace. One could look into those eyes for hours and never run short of stories, among the most sublime, the most horrific truths ever told. A man of inspiration for us all. Truly a testament of what a true activist for peace is capable of.

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Baroness Tonge: “Israel stands accused of war crimes witnessed by the whole world”



Baroness Tonge: My Lords, Tzipi Livni, the Israeli Foreign Minister, said that Israel would go wild in Gaza. They certainly did that, with the USA turning its usual blind eye. The UK and the European Union have behaved so feebly they were almost colluding in Israel’s actions. Israel carefully excluded the press and media—evidence of guilt? But the UN, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International all had people watching what was happening, as well as the Al-Jazeera cameras.

One charge I wish to make concerns the use of white phosphorus in residential areas, where many people were injured by this obscene material. It is a crime. The injuries sustained by burning phosphorus are horrible and the suffering is unthinkable. The Israelis also used 155mm shells in residential areas, able to do damage over a range of 300 metres. Yet, the Israelis assured us that they were accurately targeting only those areas with Hamas installations. Really? With a damage range of 300 metres? What lies. Both actions are against international law; they are war crimes. Many innocent civilians, many little children, have been killed by these obscenities.

Will the Minister assure us, therefore, that our Government and the European Union will not be content with Israeli offers of an inquiry into the behaviour of their military? There must be an independent investigation through the United Nations Security Council. Israel stands accused of war crimes, witnessed by the whole world. What hope for Israels long-term future now?

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Archbishop Hanna: Today the Aqsa and tomorrow the Holy Sepulcher


Archbishop Hanna: Today the Aqsa and tomorrow the Holy Sepulcher

[ 28/09/2009 – 10:12 AM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Attala Hanna, the Archbishop of Sebastia from the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem, has warned that the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) would not spare Christian holy shrines.

He said in a press release on Sunday that what the IOA is planning for occupied Jerusalem was “very serious”, adding that what happened on Sunday morning in the Aqsa Mosque was a “serious indicator” for the IOA plans for Jerusalem in general and the Aqsa in particular.

“We the Jerusalemite Christian Palestinians cannot stand idle or arms folded regarding what happened today”, Hanna said, adding, “Today the Aqsa (is targeted) and tomorrow the Holy Sepulcher … occupation’s racism does not exclude anyone”.

The Archbishop expressed absolute condemnation of the IOA targeting of holy places especially the Aqsa Mosque, announcing the holy land’s Christians’ full solidarity with their Muslim brothers.

“We tell the occupiers we are not aliens in our city and we are not guests, the aliens are those who came (from outside the country) and colonized this country. We are the owners of this land and we will remain in it because this is our country, this is our Jerusalem and this is our holy land,” Hanna emphasized in conclusion.

If Americans Knew What Israel Is Doing! VIDEO WAS CENSORED!



Although it is not often reported by the press, a large proportion of American diplomatic and military experts have long held that U.S. support of Israel is often contrary to and, in fact, extremely damaging to U.S. interests.

Support for Israel interferes with: American relations with the oil-producing nations, with whom we previously had friendly ties; with Muslim consumers, who represent 1.2 billion people world-wide; and removes much-needed money from domestic American requirements — tax revenues that could be addressed to domestic needs are instead sent abroad to prop up a system of discrimination that is antithetical to American principles of equality and democracy.
In addition, the ‘special relationship’ between the U.S. and Israel is increasingly imperiling American lives.

Why, then, is this done? Close examination of the history and current situation reveals that U.S. policies in the Middle East are rarely driven by U.S. interests. Rather, they are largely driven by two very different factors:

  1. Special-interest lobbying of the sort that is common to Washington. The only difference from typical lobby groups is that this lobbying is on behalf of a foreign government. Fortune Magazine rates one of the many lobby organizations working on behalf of Israel, AIPAC, as the second most powerful lobby in Washington. In total, many experts rate the pro-Israel interest group as the most powerful lobby in Washington.
  2. The efforts of a growing number of individuals with close ties to Israel (known as neoconservatives) who have attained key positions at high levels of the U.S. administration, State Department, and Pentagon.
Interestingly, the oil and weapons industries, although very influential over parts of American Middle East policy, are not responsible for our relationship with Israel. In fact, quite often both of these industries find our support for Israel undermines their corporate interests in the region.

US Interests and Israel/Palestine

U.S. Interests vs The Jewish State


By: Jeff Gates
September 25, 2009

Barack Obama’s recent conduct at the U.N. removed all remaining doubt as to Israeli influence inside this latest U.S. presidency. When he uttered the phrase “the Jewish state of Israel,” he provided precisely the provocation required to ensure that peace in the Middle East will continue to be deferred.

When, in May 1948, Christian-Zionist Harry Truman agreed to recognize an enclave of Jewish-Zionist extremists as a nation state, he struck out “Jewish state” and wrote the “state of Israel.” Despite assurances from Zionist lobbyist Chaim Weizmann that Israel would be a democracy, Truman feared the Zionist state might become what it became: a racist theocracy committed to an expansionist agenda that endangers U.S. interests in the region.

Barack Obama is a political product of Chicago’s West Side Jewish community and the nation’s “first Jewish president” according to former Clinton White House counsel Abner Mikva. Though branded an agent of change, when the zeitgeist of his campaign suggested that change might encompass a shift in the U.S.-Israeli relationship, those Ashkenazim who produced this presidential phenomenon let their displeasure be known.
The candidate of change quickly made the requisite rounds of pro-Israeli venues where he promised his benefactors there would be no change in an entangled alliance that, in retrospect, is the primary reason the U.S. finds itself at war in the Middle East. His U.N. performance thrilled those colonial Zionists whose duplicity troubled Truman. Meanwhile his “Jewish state” comment was guaranteed to inflame tensions in the region.

In the lead-up to this speech, Israelis told Obama what they intended to do—and then did it. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he would use agreed-to terms of the Road Map to trade for stronger action against Iran. When Obama blinked and failed to insist that Israel comply with the agreed-to freeze on settlements, Netanyahu got what he sought—an emphasis on war with Iran rather than peace with the Palestinians.

Rather than announcing progress in negotiations, Obama announced only his hope that negotiations could soon resume—maybe. When Tel Aviv saw how easily they outwitted this novice negotiator, their agenda became more audacious. Obama’s mention of the code phrase “Jewish state” confirmed the ongoing role of the same stage managers who flew him directly from his speech in Cairo to a photo-op at Germany’s Buchenwald death camp.

Confirming the Zionists’ insider influence, Rahm Emanuel, widely described as the most powerful Chief of Staff in decades, assumed a prominent position in the U.N. chamber alongside the Secretary of State, the U.N. Ambassador and the National Security Adviser.

As with Cairo, Obama not only missed another opportunity to build goodwill, he missed a chance to restore the tattered credibility of the U.S after eight years of a Christian-Zionist president. Instead of progress toward peace, he offered yet another photo-op featuring Israeli and Palestinian leaders in yet another handshake signifying … nothing.

At what point will Americans realize they’ve been played for the fool by a purported ally? At what point does presidential conduct become culpable complicity? Why would The New York Times report a decline in Barack Obama’s approval ratings in Israel?

Pundits put a positive spin on this foreign policy disaster by suggesting that Obama boxed Netanyahu in by finessing the settlements issue and forcing the Israeli leader to mention final status negotiations. That analysis misses the point. For Tel Aviv, there is no final status. The point of this six-decade process is more process—to avoid resolution.

Should Washington maneuver Israel into a box, Tel Aviv will collapse yet another coalition government. Or announce a resignation. That was Ben-Gurion’s ruse in June 1963 when John F. Kennedy insisted on inspections to stop Israel’s nuclear arms program. Ehud Olmert used the same negotiating tactic when it appeared that the Road Map could lead to a final status agreement. His well-timed resignation brought back Netanyahu.

The only party in a box is the U.S. The way out is to end this entangled alliance and the perils to U.S. interests that this “special relationship” was certain to create. In practical effect, in order to keep an Israeli government intact with which to negotiate, the U.S. must satisfy the most right-wing elements of the most right-wing political party of an infamously right-wing foreign government. How can that be in America’s interest?

Harry Truman’s recognition of this enclave as a legitimate state was an overwrought reaction to a unique combination of domestic and international circumstances that were manipulated to the advantage of violent religious extremists. Their ethnic cleansing of Palestine has yet to be either acknowledged or addressed.
After six decades of occupation and oppression, the best a U.S. president could offer Palestinians was an assurance that a U.S. ally—should negotiations resume—would come to the table with “clear terms of reference.” What greater insult could a U.S. president inflict on the Arab world than such an empty promise?
Obama’s performance was pathetic. Also, in effect, he gave the green light for another mass murder in the U.S. or in the European Union. As part of the pre-staging of another plausible rationale for the invasion of yet another Middle Eastern nation, mainstream U.S. media misrepresented remarks to the U.N. by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, giving credence to Iran as a nuclear threat. That Evil Doer portrayal is consistent with the pre-staging of other operations by which the U.S. was induced to war on false pretenses.
The next incident could be nuclear. While Obama was conceding to Israeli demands, Defense Minister Ehud Barack was meeting with U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates to assure him that Tel Aviv may yet attack Iran. In yet another signal to a worldwide audience about just who shapes U.S. foreign policy, the Pentagon chief was accompanied by Dennis Ross who joined Obama’s Iran advisory team from a think tank affiliate of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

For the first time in history, a U.S. president chaired a meeting of the U.N. Security Council. Presented with an occasion to caution an ally not to aggravate the nuclear arms race that Kennedy sought to halt in its infancy, Obama focused instead on Iran, forgoing a warning to the one nation in the Middle East known to have a nuclear arsenal. And the only nation able to deliver on the threat of deployment.

As an additional insult to Arab nations, the U.S. negotiating team urged—despite no sign of good faith by Tel Aviv—that those nations offer diplomatic gestures of goodwill. Or make “substantive concessions” as Netanyahu put it. No reason was offered why, after enduring more than sixty years of nonstop duplicity, they should agree to do so.

For anyone to assume or suggest that Israel is operating in good faith reflects a perilous misreading of history. What we just witnessed at the U.N. is how warfare is waged in the Information Age. This was neither the behavior of a U.S. ally nor a nation deserving U.S. support, friendship, arms or even recognition. Any further appeasement of this extremist enclave and Obama can rightly be charged with breach of his oath of office to defend the U.S. from all enemies, both domestic and foreign.

Jeff GatesJeff Gates: A widely acclaimed author, attorney, investment banker, educator and consultant to government, corporate and union leaders worldwide, Jeff Gates’ latest book is Guilt By Association—How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War (2008). His previous books include Democracy at Risk: Rescuing Main Street From Wall Street and The Ownership Solution: Toward a Shared Capitalism for the 21st Century. For two decades, an adviser to policy-makers worldwide. Counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee (1980-87).

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