“Israel’s” blockade causes water crisis in Gaza-video

NAIROBI, (PIC)– The UN environment program (UNEP) said Monday that the underground water supplies, upon which 1.5 million Palestinians depend for agricultural and drinking water, are in danger of collapse as a result of years of overuse and contamination that were exacerbated by the last Israeli war.

The UNEP said in a report that as a result of the Israeli military aggression earlier this year, it became necessary to find alternative water sources in Gaza.

The report noted that the water sources were badly damaged by salt water intrusion and pollution from sewage and agricultural run-off.

The report estimated that over $1.5 billion may be needed over 20 years to restore the aquifer back to health, including the establishment of desalination plants to take pressure off the underground water supplies.

By Al Jazeera

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