Israeli ethnic cleansing of Palestinians: It’s All About Demography, Again!


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by Saed Bannoura, IMEMC, October 28, 2009

A recent Israeli report based on a study conducted by the Macro Center for Political Economy in Israel states that the aim of Israel in East Jerusalem is to guarantee a Jewish majority by all means in order to prevent any future partition of the city.

The report ‘warns’ that in twenty years, and in spite of land annexation and home demolitions, there will be a Palestinian majority in Jerusalem.
It adds that the Israeli policies in Jerusalem aim at maintaining Jewish majority by all means.

The report was distributed to Israeli members of Knesset in recent days. It says that in spite of the Israeli activities and policies that aim at preventing the Palestinians from becoming a majority in the city, their natural growth continue to ‘pose a threat to the Jewish majority, and if nothing is done about it, Jerusalem would become a bi-national city”.

“Regardless of land grab policies and annexation of Arab land since 1967, the Arab population continues to grow”, the report adds, “Arabs could become a majority within twenty years”.

The report was not shy in mentioning that in spite of the policies of consecutive governments in Israel, and the construction policies that aim at maintaining a Jewish majority in Jerusalem, ‘there is a doubt that this goal will be achieved’.

It adds that since capturing East Jerusalem in 1967, the Israeli authorities annexed more than 24000 Dunams (nearly 6000 Acres, 35% of the total size of Jerusalem).

“Most of the lands, annexed from the Palestinians, were used to construct homes for the Jewish residents”, the report stated, “yet, more is needed in order to prevent the city from becoming bi-national”.

It also states that after capturing East Jerusalem in 1967, the Palestinians who remained in the city were one-fourth of the total population, “but now, 35% of the population is Arab”.

The current Israeli Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, former member of Kach movement which was outlawed by Israel and considered a terrorist entity, repeatedly stated that the Arabs are a ‘demographic threat’.

Before taking office as a Foreign Minister, and during his post as a Knesset member, Lieberman repeatedly called for transferring the Arabs and Palestinians out of the country as he considers them a demographic threat to the “Jewish State’, his statements made him the Minister of Strategic Affairs.

Lieberman, a settler who emigrated from the former Soviet Union, is one of the biggest advocates for ongoing settlement activities in the occupied territories.

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