December 29, 2009 at 9:36 pm (Activism, Blogging, Collaboration, Corrupt Politics, Gaza, Israel, Occupation, Palestine)

In a display of a true sense of loyalty to the zionist governments of Israel and the United States, the Egyptian government has made their position very clear on their treatment of the VivaPalestina Convoy.

Anyone watching the evening news in Israel tonight would not even know that a Convoy arrived a few days ago and due to the combined efforts of the US, Egyptian and Jordanian governments they have not been allowed to enter Gaza with their supplies of humanitarian aid.

The Blogesphere is playing a more important role daily as the commercial mass media chooses to ignore the REAL issues of the day. DesertPeace is proud to be a part of this phenomenon. Hopefully you are keeping up to date via us and others that tell it as it is.

The following is just one example of what you won’t be reading in the New York Times…..

Egypt: Viva Palestina must obey our rules

The Egyptian government has the right to determine through which port aid convoys to Gaza can arrive, and to request cooperation from the activists, Husam Zaki, spokesman of the Egyptian foreign ministry told Egyptian TV on Monday.


River to Sea
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