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Some of the clips below you might have seen… spread them to those that haven’t. We cannot ignore these people…..  ONLY YOU CAN PUT AN END TO THIS NIGHTMARE

Sheikh Jarrah – A look from within

by Eyal Niv

Taking down the tent in Sheikh Jarrah. Again…

The short video clip was filmed during the summer of 2008, in the houses of Sheikh Jarrah, not long before the eviction of the Al-Kurd family from their home. Two teenagers who knew English became the ambasadors of the entire neigborhood, and gave us a guided tour around it. They tell about the neighbourhood  life before the eviction, in the shadow of settlers’ violence (including violence towards children), which is backed by the Israeli police force. The short clip, filmed by the hands of an amateur, may not offer much new, or particularly groudbreaking, in terms of its narration of political events, facts, or circumstances surrounding eviction and settlement in East Jerusalem.  The clip nevertheless brings forth the vantage point of two Palestinian adolescents, refecting over the everyday reality of living in an occupied territory with a pending eviction order for your home. In this way, the narrative of these two teenagers may offer some depth to the -somewhat exhausted- political slogans of the day.

Part I:

Part II:

And to those who want to understand the simple and cruel story of East Jerusalem, I recommend to watch this two minutes clip:


River to Sea
 Uprooted Palestinian

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