All those Holocauts !!

Frustrated Arab’s Diary
Gaza ??……… or Jennin ??
what is
the race or religion of Fascism ??

When someone has survived 
the Nazi´s Holocaust,does this allow him, now,
to make his own ??

When the Holocaust were to have been exaggerated,
the massacres of the Palestinians are not !!

Gaza is not , exactly , the Warsaw-Ghetto
but a slower-starvation is worse than a fast one !!

Sabra,Chatilla , Jennin and Deir Yassin
are not Dachau, nor Treblinka nor Mathhausen
bu all kind of deaths give us the same results:
death !

Palestinians are starving since 61 years
while the Nazi-Holocaust lasted 5 years
and has ended since 64 years !!


Should we not condemn all the Holocausts

Should we not , first of all,
 stop the on-going-Holocaust  ??

Raja Chemayel

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