The indigenous Olive-trees

Fustraited Arab’s Diary

 An Icon,for a symbol, of a tragedy.
What is wrong with olive trees ?Why does the Israeli army cut them off ??
I wonder why olive trees are hated and bannedby this “most humane army”,,,,,,, ,,,,
No army in history ,
regardless of its degree of civilisation,
has destroyed so much and so often Olive-Trees ,
as much as those grand-children- of-Attila the Hun.

Could it be that those Olive-Trees perhaps are ;
anti-Semite ?
anti- Jews?
anti- Zionist?
al Kayda in disguise ??
Hamas- members ??
Hidden-Swiss- Minarets ??
DFLP or PFLP fighters ?
Hezbollah-sympathis ers ??
or simply because those trees are indigenous ??
(while the Israelis are not !!!)

To my knowledge ,
neither  Abraham , nor Moses
nor Jesus , nor Mohammad
have ever prohibited olive-trees.
But obviously ,
the Israelis have nothing to do
with either four of them .

Beside that ,
The Olive trees carry a lot of Olive-branches
which cannot be useful ,  for any criminal-projects.

Raja Chemayel

who never believed in Olive-branches ,
nor in any other Fairy-tales , anyhow.
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