When will they ever learn ??

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 The last breath of a Communist..

The last breath of an Arab

The USA has once spent a decade of war
and 60.000 US-dead  to prevent
the threat of Communism in Vietnam.

Apparently and obviously  the USA has lost ,
and Communism has spread into both Vietnam´s.

In the meantime (both) Vietnam´s are OK
and  we,  the rest of world,  did not suffer, at all.

In the last decade the USA has started a new war
on Islam and on the Arabs , calling it a ” War on Terrorism”.

Vietnam paid with one Million dead
Iraq and Afghanistan have paid the same number of martyrs

When will they ever learn……. ??
that your enemy is something you have made  !!

Raja Chemayel
the last day of March 2010

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