Supremacist and Racist Chabad at the Hub of World Power


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  1. Your comment is awaiting moderation.Back in 2000 before chabad org died for a year “computer problem” said webmaster there was article explaining crossing-red-sea story. Picture egypt as head, redsea as neck and holy land as body. Head is enslaved with addictions. Neck(vocal cords reflecting internal dialogue) seperates head from body. Goal of re-ligion( latin spelling of re-connection) is to reconnect head and body.When chabad org came back all the useful psyche stuff was gone and in its place were such as “giving up one Sq. centimeter of Israel is kicking sand in g-d’s face.” Some day someone will level with US about the takeover of chabad Surely someone here is interested in learning how understanding of Torah is healthy for all humans, especially Palestinians.

  2. test; hard cookie censor

  3. Weiss just whited out my comments. Good, I found I'm not alone; found you. Surely someone here is interested in an understanding of Torah that respects all humans especially Philistines/Palestinians. Perhaps Weiss is human and afraid of what he doesn't know.

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