Lovers don’t rape

By Nahida The Exiled Palestinian
Sweet Jerusalem

What did they do to you!
Claiming your love
But cause you none
But sorrow and pain
Sweet Jerusalem
I heard you crying that night
Your frail beautiful frame
Trembling… aching… diminishing…
Your sad eyes avoiding mine
Sweet Jerusalem
I want to crawl towards you…
To kiss the aromatic scent
Of your ancient alleyways

Fall on my knees… repenting…
At Damascus gate

I failed you… I let you down
Sweet Jerusalem

I want to embrace

That blue stripy dress of yours
Burry my face… burry my shame

Asking your forgiveness
I’ve witnessed the crime
Sweet Jerusalem
I want to kneel down
Put my arms around you
Caress your weary brow
And murmur
Pardon me my dearest
I am sorry sweetheart
Sweet Jerusalem
I want to untangle your jet-black hair
Comb your gorgeous curls
Adorn your plaits with rainbow ribbons
And whisper… habibti
You look stunning today
Habibti… now show me
Your most charming… much missed smile

River to Sea
Uprooted Palestinian

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