62 Years, 62 Messages: We have A Home and it’s Called Palestine

>Contibuted by Michael at respect

Reham Alhelsi avoicefrompalestine, May 14, 2010

Message 1: While playing one day, I found a beautiful wooden box stacked back in the cupboard. It was well-hidden and surrounded by several sheets as if to protect it from theft or damage. I quietly and carefully opened the box. Inside was only one item: an old iron key. I ran to my grandmother and asked her about the key. She held it close to her heart, looked at it for a while before holding my hand and placing the key in my palm. She had tears in her eyes when she looked me in the eyes and said: this is the key to our home, the home to which we shall return one day. Never lose it, never give up your right to your home and never forget that you have no other home.

Message 2: I am from the old city of Jerusalem. I was born in a beautiful old house that was built by my ancestors. Generations of our family lived in this house. I got married and started my own family. I still live in the same old house with my own little family, my parents, my siblings and their families. We are not allowed to add rooms, enlarge the house or renovate it, while Zionist colonists come from all over the world and occupy our homes. We are squeezed in our homes like sardines, while Zionists are allowed to build mansions on the ruins of Palestinians homes. They think when we are stacked like this in a small place that we will pack and leave and let Zionist colonists occupy our home. We will continue to live in this small old house, and our children and their children and grandchildren will grow up here. We won’t be forced out of our house for we have no other home.

Message 3: my mother married a Palestinian refugee living in Jordan and she moved to live there. After 1967 she wasn’t allowed into Palestine anymore. She wasn’t allowed to see her parents and siblings any more. Her parents died without having the chance to say goodbye to her. She died without having the chance to say goodbye to Palestine. She died dreaming of Palestine and hoping of the return to her home. I promised her to return to her home, my home, one day and I will keep that promise.

Message 4: I am a Palestinian from Gaza. I can’t visit Jerusalem and pray in Al-Aqsa. I was never in Akka, Haifa or Yafa. I can’t visit Bethlehem, Nablus or Ramallah. I am a Palestinian from Gaza. The Zionists occupy my homeland, desecrate my holy sites, and besiege me in my home. They are slowly killing me and my children, but we won’t surrender for this is our home and they are the aggressors.

Message 5: We used to wake up to the singing of the birds, watch the sun as it rises and as it sets, take a walk in the nearby fields. Today, we are surrounded by a Zionist wall. The birds don’t sing anymore because the fields were destroyed and the trees uprooted and the bird nests stepped on. The sun sets and rises behind the wall without saying good morning or goodbye. They can hide the sun, kill the trees, expel the birds, but they won’t kill us or expel us. We are steadfast here, on our land, in our homes.

Message 6: we never needed anything. We worked the land and it rewarded us. We were happy and content. We were rich with our land. During the Nakba, the Zionists attacked our villages, killed many of us, expelled the rest and destroyed our homes. They made refugees out of us. Today we have to wait for food rations from the UNRWA. We still dream of working our lands and the homes that wait for us to rebuild them.

Message 7: They demolished our home. They said we have 10 minutes to remove our belongings. I searched for my toys, my painting book and my feast dress. When the bulldozers started demolishing our home, my father cried. My father never cries. They said our home was built illegally. What about the houses with the red-brick that are built on our lands for Americans and Germans? Everyone in the news says they are illegal, so why aren’t they being demolished? Why do they only demolish our homes? These people in the red-brick houses can go back to USA and Germany, but we have only one place: our home Palestine.

Message 8: Every stone stands witness to the owners of the land. Every olive tree stands witness to the owners of the land. Every hill, every valley, every street and every alley stand witness to the owners of the land belongs. The land of Palestine belongs to us; the Palestinians.

Message 9: Every day I have to wait hours at the checkpoint on my way to work and back. Every day I watch how Zionist soldiers abuse and humiliate Palestinian women, children and elderly. Every day I stand in line at the checkpoint and wonder if one of the Zionist soldiers will again shoot and kill one of us for no reason. Every day I stand at the checkpoint, watch those Zionist soldiers with their machine guns and hand grenades and I think: You can’t hold us hostages forever, one day you will go back to the countries you came from because it is you who have no place here and you can’t imprison a whole nation hungry for freedom.

Message 10: my father’s last wish was to be buried in his village which was ethnically cleansed in 1948. He died saying: Take me back to my home, take me back to my home.

Message 11: one morning in 1967 Zionist soldiers entered our village Imwas. They surrounded the houses and ordered everyone out. They threatened that they will kill anyone who doesn’t leave or anyone who tries to come back. Then their bulldozers started demolishing our houses, one house after the other. Some people refused to leave and were buried under the rubble of their demolished homes. They did the same to the villages of Yalou and Beit Nouba. We walked for days, with nothing to eat or drink. We walked for days with only pain in our hearts for we have been expelled from our homes. Years later, the Zionists established a recreational park on where the 3 Palestinian villages once stood. We never forgot Imwas. We think, dream, plan and live only for the day when we return back to Imwas and rebuild our homes because this is the only home we have.

Message 12: The Israeli occupation army raided our home in search of children who threw little stones at tanks. We told them there was only us women in the house. They beat my grandmother, mother, my sisters and me. Then they turned the house upside down, threw the flour and the rice and the sugar on the ground, broke the doors and the cupboards and before leaving they threw a gas bomb in our living room. And you still wonder why we resist them with all the means we have?

Message 13: I was born in occupied Palestine. I was born in a refugee camp in the West Bank. The UN, Israel, US, EU, the Arabs and the so-called PA tried for decades to convince me that this is the only home I will ever have. This refugee camp is not my home. I have a home. It is called Jrash, Deir Aban, Beit I’tab, Allar, Al-Malha. I have a home and I will return to it one day because it is the only home I will ever have.

Message 14: my husband has a Bethlehem ID. Our children and I have a Jerusalem ID. My husband isn’t allowed into Jerusalem anymore. The Zionist entity that claims to be a “democracy” divides Palestinian parents from their children. It is either I lose my right to live in my city Jerusalem or I lose my family. My husband and I decided that we would rather suffer the separation than let them expel us from Jerusalem. Now, the family is divided but we have a home in Jerusalem so our children can grow up in their city and one day the family will be reunited in Jerusalem, in the only home we will ever have.

Message 15: We live in Tel Rumeida. Zionist colonists from the US and other places occupy the homes of many Palestinians here and only few of us are still steadfast. We are harassed by the Zionist colonists and the Israeli occupation soldiers day and night. Our children are often attacked by the Zionists on their way to school. My daughter was attacked and her arm was broken and the Israeli soldiers watched and as usual did nothing. My daughter often comes at night and asks if she can sleep in our room because she is afraid that the colonists will come after her again. One day I asked her if she is afraid, she said: yes. I asked her if she wished we lived somewhere else, she answered: No, this is our home.

Message 16: My village is worth the whole world to me. Every stone in it is more valuable than diamonds. I wouldn’t exchange my home for the wealth of the world and I wouldn’t exchange my land for paradise because my land is my paradise.

Message 17: they built a park where my village once stood. Zionists play with their kids where once our cemetery stood and where my grandparents are buried. They make barbeque parties where once my home stood, where I was born. This is my home and it is my legitimate right to return to my home.

Message 18: I am one of the 80,000 Palestinians expelled from West Jerusalem and its villages in 1948. Our land and property was confiscated by the Zionist entity and given to Zionists who have no roots in Jerusalem. I live in a refugee camp and my village is a couple of hours ride away from where I live now, but I am not allowed to enter the Jerusalem area. I see pictures of my village on the internet, pictures taken by Israelis. I tell my children: this is your home, never forget this and never forget that one day we shall return.
Message 19: my little boy and his friends were stopped at an Israeli military checkpoint and were beaten by the soldiers. At night, he wets his bed and wakes up crying. He is afraid to go to school alone because he fears the soldiers at the checkpoint might beaten him again, so I have to accompany him to school and bring him back home every day. One day, the soldiers were harassing a group of pupils. I stepped forward to help the pupils. One Zionist soldier shouted: one day we will throw you all out of “Erez Israel”! My little boy shouted back at the soldier: this is our land and we won’t leave!

Message 20: On TV I saw an Israeli claim to be a peace activist. When asked where she lives, she answered: in Maale Adumim. She didn’t say in the illegal colony built on land stolen from Palestinians. To the Zionists I say: You want peace, then give me back my land and let my people return home.

Message 21: Right of Return, Right of Return, Right of Return, Right of Return, Right of Return, Right of Return, Right of Return, Right of Return, Right of Return, Right of Return, Right of Return, Right of Return.

Message 22: it was harvest time and the whole family was working in our olive fields. Zionist colonists came and demanded we leave, when we refused they started beating us with clubs. Israeli occupation soldiers came, stood watching until the colonists finished beating us, then they took our names and ID numbers and told us to come to the military camp the next day. We were accused of harassing the Zionist colonists while the colonists were escorted by the IOF to our fields to steal our harvest. They think they can frighten us into leaving this land, but we won’t leave because this land is our land.

Message 23: We were expelled from our home in Palestine during the Nakba. We lived first in Lebanon, then Syria, then for many years in Kuwait before being forced out of there. Now we live in Jordan. We don’t want to be Lebanese, or Syrian, or Kuwaiti or Jordanian. We have a nationality; we are Palestinians. We have a homeland; Palestine. We have a beautiful home in a small village and it is waiting for us to return to it.

Message 24: I am from a village to the east of occupied Jerusalem. The village is now divided by the wall into two. My house and the houses of my 3 brothers are now behind the wall. We were told that we will lose our residency right in Jerusalem so we all moved to our father’s house on the other side of the wall. Now 5 families share a small home. If we live or build in our land on the other side of the wall we lose our right to live in Jerusalem, but Zionists colonists from around the world are allowed to live wherever they want in occupied Palestine and can build on the land they stole from us. We will live in the family house in Jerusalem and will keep building on the land on the other side of the wall. This land on both sides of the wall is ours and will always be.

Message 25: I am from Rafah. The Israeli occupation army entered our neighborhood, killed tens of residents, demolished around 200 people and destroyed our fields. They claim they want peace. Is this how peace is done? No, this is Zionism: terror, land theft, racism, occupation and oppression. There will never be peace except when Zionism is defeated and all Palestinian refugees return to their homes.
Message 26: We searched in vain for an apartment in Yafa. We were told by a Zionist coming from Europe that we are not welcome in our city. My parents, grandparents and many generations of my family were born in Yafa, helped build the city and are buried in it. Today, I am told I am not welcome there by Germans, Russians and Americans occupying my city. I will live in a tent in Yafa, but you won’t force me out of my city, my only home.

Message 27: every Friday we protest the Israeli occupation and the Israeli wall that is eating our land. Palestinians, Israelis and internationals stand together against the occupation, against oppression and against apartheid. We are unarmed but the Israeli soldiers shoot live ammunition at us, throw gas and sound bombs. Several unarmed protests were killed by the IOF, but this won’t stop us. We will continue protesting the occupation until Palestine is free.

Message 28: Our grandparents and parents used to sing love songs in weddings when they were in Palestine. Today we sing about resistance and the struggle to free our homeland and to return to our villages.

Message 29: I am from Tabariya (Tiberias). I live in a refugee camp in Lebanon. Today, I learned a new song at the Kindergarten: My homeland is very beautiful…. my homeland is very beautiful … my homeland is called Palestine.

Message 30: The Israeli occupation army invaded our refugee camp. Israeli tanks and helicopters bombed our homes. Armored bulldozers were also used to demolish more houses to make way for the soldiers invading the refugee camp. Some houses were demolished over the heads of their residents. Many were killed or injured. They claimed we were the “terrorists”. We are refugees forced to live in a refugee camp because we were expelled from our homes by these terrorists who invade us again and again and want us to disappear. Your tanks and helicopters don’t frighten us. Today we are steadfast in these refugee camps, tomorrow we will return to our villages and rebuild them.

Message 31: they claim we left “of our free will”. What person leaves paradise freely? What person chooses to live as a refugee? What person chooses a life of displacement over the life in a homeland? We were expelled from our homes while the world watched and we continue to live as refugees while Zionists who have no roots in Palestine occupy our homes and lands. Palestine is our homeland and we shall return!

Message 32: as children we used to accompany my parents to the olive fields. My father, his father and his grandfather before him had each planted a new olive field. We used to spend weeks harvesting the trees. It was hard work but it was worthy. We loved our olive trees and they loved us in return. We cared for our olive trees and they provided us with a living. Then one day, armed Israeli soldiers came, surrounded our fields with barbed wires and left a plate saying that the land is a “closed area”, no entrance allowed. The land has been confiscated to build more illegal colonies for Zionists coming from Russia, Europe and Mars. A couple of days later, we see a huge black cloud coming from the direction of the fields. We rush to see what has happened. It is too late, our beloved olive trees have been burned to ashes. They have been massacred, left to die a slow and a painful death like those who plant them and hold them sacred. We will continue planting olive trees, one row after the other, one field after the other. And one day, we will replant the fields they stole, we will replant the land they burnt, we will replant the land they destroyed. We will heal your wounds, Palestine.

Message 33: My family was expelled from Acca in 1948. We lived first in Syria then moved to the Gulf. I live and work there now. One of my European colleagues was recently in occupied Palestine. When he showed me the pictures he took in Acca I wanted to cry like a child and I wanted to shout out at the injustice of this world. Acca is my home and I will never give up my right to return to my home.

Message 34: we were awakened in the middle of the night by loud speakers. They ordered us to leave our homes, said anyone who doesn’t obey will regret it. Outside, we saw buses surrounded by Israeli occupation soldiers waiting to take us to the Allenby bridge. We didn’t want to go, but they started threatening and pushing us. Many were still in their sleeping attire, many had no shoes on, the children were crying. When the buses reached the bride, Israeli army airplanes bombarded it. They didn’t only want to expel us, they wanted to massacre us so none of us or our children would demand to return home. We will never give up our Right to Return to our homes and neither will our children.

Message 35: I am from the old city of Hebron. The Israeli occupation army expelled us from our homes and gave them to the fanatic Zionist colonists from the US. I want my home back and won’t stop fighting the occupation until I free my home from the colonists.

Message 36: fanatic Zionists planned to invade Al-Aqsa and conduct rituals in it. We all rushed to protect our holy sites. The Israeli army came in the thousands to protect the armed colonists and both started shooting at us. Many Palestinians were killed, hundreds were injured and others detained. Not one single fanatic colonist was detained. They repeat their invasions every couple of months, and every time we rush to protect Al-Aqsa. They attack our holy sites, desecrate them, say openly they want to destroy them and the whole world is silent. The world is coward, but we are not and will continue to defend our holy sites and our homeland with our bodies.

Message 37: They keep saying in the news that the residents of “Sderot” are under attack. Why don’t they mention that “Sderot” is a Zionist colony built on the ruins of the Palestinian village Najd? Why don’t they mention that Najd was ethnically cleansed and completely defaced by Zionist terrorists? Why don’t they mention that the land on which “Sderot” stands is Palestinian land occupied by Zionist colonists? Why don’t they mention that the land on which “Sderot” stands belongs to Palestinians who were made refugees, many of whom live in Gaza? Why don’t they mention that the refugees who were expelled from their homes insist on returning to these homes?

Message 38: the Israeli army besieged Bethlehem; the city of Jesus and the Nativity Church: the birthplace of Jesus. Israeli snipers shot at the people taking refugee inside, killing some, injuring some and damaging the church. The “western” world watched and said nothing. We, the people of Bethlehem, both Muslims and Christians, didn’t watch silently while the Zionists tried destroying the city of Jesus, we defended it and will continue to defend the city of Jesus from the Zionist aggressors.

Message 39: my cousin was on his way to visit friends. He was holding a cola can while waiting in the line at the checkpoint. When it was his turn, the soldiers didn’t ask any question, they just shot him several times. When ambulances came, the soldiers refused to let them save the boy. He bled to death. Later that day, the Israeli occupation army, that is equipped with the best observation equipment, claimed they thought the cola can was a bomb. You might believe a lie if it is told once, but not when it is repeated and told every time a Palestinian is murdered in cold blood at Israeli military checkpoints. To the Zionists I say: For every Palestinian you kill, hundred are born, and with every generation our return gets nearer.

Message 40: We had olive fields and they were our living and sustenance. The Zionists confiscated our land to build a road for the Zionist colony nearby. It is our land but we are no longer allowed to work it or even walk on it. This is our land, our home, our life.

Message 41: I am a Palestinian from Sawahreh. I was born in Jerusalem, grew up in Jerusalem but today the wall separates me from my city. My village was divided by the Zionists, one part inside the wall and the other outside it. Our cemetery lies inside the wall. When someone dies, we have to apply for a permit for the dead so they can be buried. Sometimes, they only allow a couple of relatives to accompany the dead, sometimes they refuse so the body has to be handed over at the checkpoint. They can build walls, erect checkpoints everywhere but they will never be able to remove Jerusalem from our hearts and minds. We will remain steadfast here till the day when we destroy the wall and remove the checkpoints. This is destiny because this is our land, this is our home.

Message 42: We will never forget the names of those who sell out our rights and our blood. We will never forget the names of those who sell out our Right of Return, nor will we ever forgive them. It is our right, not theirs to do with as they please. If they don’t mind selling the homes of their ancestors in Yafa, Haifa or Jerusalem in return for a villa, a Mercedes and a fake throne in Ramallah, then they better remember that millions and millions of Palestinians around the world won’t ever give up their Right to their homes in Palestine, not even for a piece in paradise.

Message 43: despite the occupation, despite the attacks on school, despite the checkpoints, I go to school every day. I want to become an architect and rebuild all the houses the Zionists demolished. I want to rebuild the homes of the refugees when they return to their villages and towns.

Message 44: my wife was in labor. We were on our way to the hospital when we were stopped at an Israeli military checkpoint. The soldiers saw that my wife was in great pain, nevertheless they refused to let us pass. I told them her condition is critical, that she or the baby or both might die if we don’t reach a hospital quickly. But the soldiers pointed their guns at me and said to turn back. On the way back home my wife and our unborn baby died. They come from Europe, the US and Russia and hold us prisoners in our own homeland. But no matter what they do, we won’t leave because this is where our families and our roots are. This is our past, present and future.

Message 45: In the media we always hear about the Israelis suffering from “terror”, but we hear nothing about our suffering and what the Israelis do to us. Like every nation, it is our legitimate right to defend ourselves from occupiers and to fight for our freedom. Israel ethnically cleansed our homeland and occupied it, it destroyed over 500 Palestinian villages, confiscates land, destroys homes and hold us hostages in ghettos and besieges us. They attack us while on our way to work, to school, while playing and while sleeping in our homes, and they are the victims? Would you please explain to me why the world that keeps talking about human rights and easing human suffering ignores our rights and our suffering? We are not the occupiers nor are we the oppressors. We are the Palestinians who were expelled from their homeland by Zionist terrorists and all we want is to return to our homes, rebuild our villages and towns in Palestine.

Message 46: I am from Palestine. The Zionists want to force me out of my home so they give my home and my land to Zionist colonists from Russia and Australia. But no massacres, no siege, no Markava and no F-16 will force me out. I am a Palestinian and this is my home. When you kill me my blood will water this land, my spirit will guard it and my body will become an olive tree clinging to the land, steadfast and forever an undividable.

Message 47: We woke up in the middle of the night to the sounds of shouting and shooting. Hundreds of Zionist colonists have attacked our village. They were shooting at the houses, burning the olive trees and the cars. My parents and older siblings told us kids to stay inside the house and they went out to defend our house. I looked through the window and saw thousands of our people, from our village and other villages come and stand up to the colonists and defend our village armed only with the stones against the machine guns of the Zionists. We don’t have your guns, nor your tanks nor your F-16s, but we have Palestine in our hearts and we have a just cause to fight for. We are stronger and the victory is ours.

Message 48: in 1948, fully armed Zionist terrorists came and told us to leave or else. How could they imagine that we would leave our Jerusalem? They came back and started shooting at whoever was still around. Our children started crying. We started crying. We feared for them, feared for our lives. No one was there to protect us. And so we were forced out of Jerusalem. We walked and walked. And we finally settled in the eastern part of Jerusalem. We made a home while still dreaming of our home in the western part of the city. We continued to live, but only for the day we return to our original home. We raised our children and told them of that home. Decades later, Zionist colonists coming from the US knocked on our door and demanded we leave, claiming the house is theirs. Their papers proved to be forgeries, but we were forced out of our home a second time. Now we live in a tent. We would rather die in Jerusalem than be expelled from it because it is the only home we have.

Message 49: at school we have to learn about the Nakba as the “Independence” day. We have to read how killing our people and ethnically cleansing our homeland is a cause for celebration. We have to carry the ID of an entity that denies us our rights and gives our land to colonists from Europe and Russia. They think we forgot who we are and what we are. We never did and never will: We are Palestinians and will continue fighting for our rights and for our lands.

Message 50: My father built a simple low stone wall around our land to protect it from Zionist colonists. The Israeli soldiers came the next day and destroyed the wall with their bulldozers. They build walls on our land, they imprison Palestinian villages, towns and refugees camps within walls and they divide Palestinian villages with walls and separate residents from their lands. We will protect our lands with our bodies, our bodies will be the walls surrounding our lands and protecting them, because there is nothing more precious than the land and this land is our home.

Message 51: I am from Safad. I live in a refugee camp, but only temporarily. The so-called PA doesn’t represent me and doesn’t have the right to speak in my name or decide on my behalf. Only those fighting for my Right to Return to my home represent me.

Message 52: during summer we often have no running water and we have to buy water from tanks for very high prices. The illegal Zionist colony nearby has swimming pools and a park that is watered every day. They drink, fill their pools and water the parks with our water. They build their colonies and parks on land that doesn’t belong to them. We are thirsty and our land is thirsty because the Zionist colonists steal our water. Our land is slowly dying, the Zionists are killing it. But we will water our land with our blood, will fight till we liberate it because our cause is a just cause and injustice never lasts.

Message 53: the Zionists terror gangs that bombarded our village, killed our families and expelled us from our homes in 1948 are the same terrorists who are today destroying Jerusalem, besieging Gaza and colonizing Palestine. These terrorists are now known as the “Israeli army”. Injustice can never last, and one day these terrorists will be prosecuted for war crimes and one day we shall all return to our Palestine.
Message 54: I am from At-Taybeh. The Zionists want to expel us from Palestine. They confiscate our lands, deny us permits to build and demolish our houses. They claim they are a “democracy” while denying us our rights. We will remain steadfast on this land because it is ours and no Zionist from Europe can change that fact.

Message 55: the Israeli wall built to confiscate more Palestinian land separates us from our fields. We have to apply for a “permit” to be allowed in. Sometimes we have to wait for hours at the gates and sometimes we are sent back home by the IOF. They don’t allow us to enter our fields to work them, but they allow Zionist colonists to destroy Palestinian fields, uproot and burn Palestinian trees. We will go every day and wait at the gates and work the land because it is our land and the land of our ancestors and we promised them to pass it on to our children.

Message 56: my son was 20 years old when he needed urgent medical treatment. He died a slow and painful death because the Zionists who occupy our land and besiege us refused to let him out of Gaza. They claim they “left” Gaza, but they continue to besiege us, invade our neighborhoods and bombard our homes every day. They have turned Gaza into a concentration camp and they continue to lie and claim they “left” Gaza. One day, Gaza and all of Palestine will be free and I will pick poppies from Jerusalem, from Haifa and Bisan and place them on my son’s grave.

Message 57: The Israeli occupation army raided our house in the middle of the night. They beat me before handcuffing me and kidnapping me from my house for no reason. I was detained administratively for a couple of years. I was locked up behind bars without charge or a trial. They think when they detain all Palestinians that we will give up, that we will accept the occupation and wait our death in silence. Let me tell you; we will continue the fight to liberate Palestine, we will remain steadfast in Palestine. This is our home.

Message 58: The Zionists from the nearby colony come every now and then and cause havoc in our area. They drive through our village with loud sirens, they burn our fruit fields, they uproot our olive trees and they steal our land. And when we try to stop them and protect our land and homes and families, we are shot at and we are arrested for “attacking the settlers”. All we are doing is defending our land, our home from the occupiers.

Message 59: the Zionists claim their entity is tolerant. They claim they respect all religions. I am a Palestinian Christian but I am not allowed to go and pray in Jerusalem. My neighbor is a Palestinian Muslim and he isn’t allowed to go and pray in Jerusalem. The Zionists have closed the city that had always been open to everyone and they claim they are tolerant. They have been ethnically cleansing the city of its original inhabitants since the Nakba and have made its western part Palestinian-free zone and are working on doing the same with the eastern part. The Zionists who claim tolerance are “Judaizing” the Jerusalem, and in the process, they are obliterating its features, defacing it with illegal colonies and are destroying it. Whatever they do, they will never be able to take us out of Jerusalem or take Jerusalem from us, because Jerusalem has and will always be the heart, the soul and the home of every Palestinian.

Message 60: I am a Palestinian from Palestine. My homeland gave me my name. You American, German, Russian, French, English, Canadian, Australian and Ethiopian Zionists have a home in the US, Germany, Russia, France, England, Canada, Australia and Ethiopia so go back to it, for you have no right to my homeland, nor to my land nor to my home. Injustice never lasts.

Message 61: We have only one home. Our home is called Palestine. Palestine extends from the River to the Sea and from Ras In-Naqoura to Im Ir-Rishrash.

Message 62: No Peace without Justice and no Justice without the Right to Return. The Right to Return is Inalienable.


River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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