I Stand With Truth beside Nahida.

Contributed By Jerry

I Stand With Truth beside Nahida.

Her mind is sure and her heart sound, such a one as Nahida has worked tirelessly for good relations between her people and the activist community for many years and her acumen among peers is her justification for rebutting Mary Rizzo. Expertise is hard to come by for Palestine. Just the right touch proves to be that Balm of Gilead, healing the frayed nerves of the common people in seeing such a warrior as Nahida brandishing their pain and with it, their response to such blinding, excruciating and relentless debasement at the hands of illegitimate visitors with guns and terrorism as their God. To mince words when lives are on the line is a waste of effort of other members incorporate of the world Palestine movment, a force made in the image of resistance and solidarity is divided by bit players with their own , personal reasons for hosting forums and posting their comments.

The discussions that Nahida cites are a few examples of how PTT has maligned supporters due to their abuse of Egyptian border crossings as entry to Gaza, Some opinion held that Activists should have gone through Israel if they wanted to break the blockade, not Rafah or Jordanian borders.

Haitham was among these, a few comments reflected his assertions and the conversation turned out to alienate code pink from their organising for resistance against the Gaza Blockade, Others followed suit, I felt kicked and dropped some support bases, the reasons were clear, PTT was shunning western help for Palestine and calling it a failure. Feelings were hurt and still are but we should move beyond this to regroup and find better things to do and think about.

Trying to refine debate and steering discourse towards our own ends is human nature, civility in these discourse is divine, we are asked to be resilient when faced with wrong mindedness and troubles with agressors, this means doing what is needed to frighten away agressors with reality truth and human rights declarations primarily. If those supportive of human rights and the rule of law want to be respected they should observe the rule of law themselves. or move the mountain so to speak and be disobediant of civil structures which are abhorrant to our values and state this as our reasoning in resistance, civility , none the less is good for Palestine, uncivil discourses are deleterious for her future. Be civil , be right and be strong, merciless against evil and righteous against error and see Allah at work in your life.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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