U.S. Senate pressures Abbas not to move from peace talks

[ 29/09/2010 – 10:40 AM ]

WASHINGTON, (PIC)– The majority of the U.S. Senate is pushing for pressure on Palestinian de facto president Mahmoud Abbas to stay put in negotiations without any pre-conditions, threats, or withdrawals after the settlement freeze date of expiry.

Several members of the Senate on Monday called on President Barack Obama in a personal letter to him to publicly pressure Abbas not to walk out of the direct talks that kicked off earlier this month.

The American Foreign Policies magazine reported that the letter undersigned by 87 of the 100 U.S. Senators said neither of the two parties should threaten to leave the talks that have already begun, referring to repeated threats by Abbas to leave the negotiations if the settlement freeze was not extended.

The senators urged Arab nations to play a larger role in the peace process, saying they believe the Arab states could do more to provide financial and political support for the process.

The letter concluded the importance of reaching an agreement acceptable by both parties that would achieve “lasting security for Israel”

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