More Pointless Talks with Israel? Send in the Clowns


27. Aug, 2010

The Palestinians’ champion – their White Knight – is preparing to ride forth next week and do battle at the negotiating table with the racist regime’s Black Knight and his minder, the Great Satan.

The rules of chivalry don’t apply, so the outcome is not in doubt.
However, the White Knight is not quite as white or brave as he seems.

Eager to do his lord’s bidding, Mahmoud Abbas is a willing fall guy.

On this occasion Obama has imperiously snapped his fingers and announced he wants direct talks started “well before” the Black Knight (aka Israeli prime minister Netanyahu) ends the partial freeze on illegal settlements in a month’s time.

And, by the way, US mid-term elections are coming up in two months’ time and Obama has to look good.

So Abbas jumped.

And Abbas is at least 18 months past the pack-your-bags date when he should have stepped down from his presidential position. He has twice unilaterally extended his stay and called off scheduled elections. He has no popular mandate and continues to blot the Palestinian escutcheon, staining the only democracy in the Middle East (Israel being altogether something else: an ethnocracy).

In the excitement everyone has forgotten that Hamas are the democratically elected power in Palestine even though they have been forced by Abbas and his US-armed gang and their Israeli back-up into confinement in the Gaza Strip. Hamas are not invited to the peace table, so what legitimacy can the encounter possibly have, anyway?

No preconditions except Israel’s

The talks are being held while Israel continues to pound Palestinian civilians in Gaza, maintains the cruel land and sea blockade and murders any unarmed humanitarians sailing to break it, disallows exports, severely restricts travel within the Occupied Territories, carries on with house demolitions, denies access to universities and places of worship, and generally behaves in a brutal and barbaric manner.

Israel has failed to honour earlier peace pledges and gives every indication of wishing only to expand its borders further.

The idea that there can be meaningful talks under these conditions is an insult to the intelligence of the civilized world. Abbas said earlier that he didn’t see much point in talking but he’s been pressured to change his mind.

Netanyahu loudly insists there can be no pre-conditions while busily laying down pre-conditions of his own, in particular ruling out any return by Palestinians to East Jerusalem, which as everyone knows belongs to the Palestinians and is earmarked as their capital, and refusing to extend the temporary halt to settlement building on stolen land.

Palestine, as always, is led by losers. Abbas’s senior negotiator, Saeb Erekat, is described as a newspaper editor, but he doesn’t seem very adept at bringing the Palestinian cause to media attention in the outside world.

His opening shots warn the Israelis that they must choose between “settlements or peace… they cannot have both”. Is this Erekat’s magic bullet for unseating the Black Knight?

Law and justice are not ‘à la carte’

Netanyahu leads a fragile coalition of right wingers and religious nutters. He says that if he were to prolong the moratorium on settlements it could trigger the collapse of his government.

So he must continue in his criminal ways to survive.

To prove his playful sense of humour hasn’t yet deserted him, he goes on to say: “We are coming to the talks with a genuine desire to reach a peace agreement between the two peoples that will protect Israel’s national security interests, foremost of which is security.”

The Palestinians’ national security interests are, and always have been, irrelevant.

Haaretz reports that the pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), in one of its wackiest statements to date, has called on the Palestinian Authority to “abandon its longstanding attempts to avoid making difficult choices at the negotiating table and cease incitement against Israel at home and abroad”.

And you’ll die laughing at this bit: “Now it is time for the Palestinians and the Arab States to grasp Israel’s outstretched hand and match the Jewish state’s unyielding commitment to peace with actions of their own.”

Another pro-Israel group, J-Street, claims the talks could be the last opportunity to save the two-state solution. “The window of opportunity for progress is brief and closing. We believe Israel’s future as a Jewish, democratic home, not to mention vital American interests in the region, hang in the balance,” says J-Street’s Vice President for Policy and Strategy, pretending that America’s best interests are geared to the success of Israel’s unlawful and racist expansionism.

From the way America conducts itself internationally, anyone would think that law and justice are some kind of à la carte menu items to be dispensed on a pick-and-choose basis, or not dispensed at all. Or something Americans can send back to the kitchen if their taste buds don’t fancy it.

It is outrageous that Netanyahu should be encouraged to think compliance with the law is optional and in the meantime further concessions can be wrung, under duress, from people the Israelis have oppressed and cheated for 60 years.

The talking’s all done

The talks of course have nothing to do with peace. They are about greed, dominance and more land theft. The plan is to get a weakling Palestinian leader into a corner and arm-twist more concessions from him, until there’s nothing left.

Is this really a good time to bend the knee or tug the forelock to someone as unreliable as Obama or as criminal as Netanyahu?

It is surely an occasion to stand on principle and go over the heads of corrupt meddlers, making a strong Palestinian case anchored firmly in established law and justice so that there is no room to wriggle, and demand that same law and justice from the international community that endorsed it.

It would call for a carefully planned and professionally executed communications campaign to make the world listen, something the Palestinian Authority and the PLO, under Abbas, have fatally neglected.
But Abbas says it’s his “national responsibility” to go along with the talks. Those in Ramallah who dared to disagree were quickly stamped on by his security goons.

Abbas and Erekat belong to the shabby failures of the past. For Palestine the future has to start somewhere. It might as well be here, and now.

America cannot – no, will not – uphold international law or UN resolutions. Like Israelis, the Americans have a cynical disregard for human rights except their own. It goes against all notions of fair play, therefore, to see America acting the host and pretending to be an honest broker.

Abbas should have none of it. If he cannot be persuaded to do the decent thing and go, he at least ought to take the line that the talking’s all done. It was done in the UN. And the UN has treated Israel with gob-smacking generosity at Arab expense, first with its 1947 Partition gift and later by nodding OK to Israel’s territorial gains represented by the Armistice ‘Green Line’. The Israelis should accept this staggering munificence with proper humility, and be content.

Obama would do well to acknowledge that the decisions have already been made. They are enshrined in UN resolutions, in international law, in the Geneva Conventions and in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They wait to be implemented by the nations that are party to those solemn undertakings, including the US.

So please, Mr Obama, no more talking. Cut the charade and do your duty.

Earn that peace prize. Or give it back.
Stuart Littlewood

27 August 2010
Stuart Littlewood is author of the book Radio Free Palestine, which tells the plight of the Palestinians under occupation.
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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Popular Resistance suppressed by Israel and the Palestinian authority‏

>Mazin Qumsiyeh

Saturday started out by some work at the university with students (research in biology) then taking a group of visitors on a tour of the area of Bethlehem that shows the impact of the wall and settlements. We also wentto one of the weekly demonstrations and on this third Friday of Ramadan both here and Bilin and other places showed several injuries and use of excessive power by the Israeli occupation /apartheid army.

The demonstrations commemorated the assassination of famous Palestinian Cartoonist Naji Al Ali and of the leader of the PFLP Abu Ali Mustafa. It also came in solidarity with the “conviction” by Israel’s apartheid courts of Abdullah Abu Rahma oncharges of organizing nonviolent demonstrations in Bilin.

Please watch this especially the unprovoked abduction of Kobi, an Israeli peace activist and the unprovoked attack with gas canisters that injured people.

They also detained Matan (not shown on video) who was released a short while later.

Kobi was released also but will have to face trial. After the demonstration I returned to finish the work at the university and then at 4:15 PM we (George Rishmawi and I) took over 100 Palestinian women from Nazereth and other places inside the Green Line (1948 Palestine) on a tour of the walls around Bethlehem including Al-Walaja and Beit Sahour. It was an uplifting trip as we talked about resistance and I note how, despite Israel’s attempts at fragmenting us, we connect and those ladies were an inspiration to have organized this trip (with help of Sabeel and the Palestinian Center for Rapprochement).

After the iftar (breaking the fast), we visited with two needy families (one in Beit Sahour and one in Dheisheh Refugee Camp). I will tell you in future emails some of the stories of these families. For now there are other news and actions to take. Israel refuses to lift ban on family unification —Report, The ElectronicIntifada, 20 August 2010

Amira Hass / What West Bank road renovations say about the occupation Why driving uphill in West Bank cities brings to mind Fatah’s next general conference.

Attack by Palestinian Security forces on a meeting of democratic forces as popular resistance grows against the capitulation to Israeli and US demands and engaging in fruitless “negotiations”

ACTION: There will be a demonstration in Al-Manara square in Ramallah Wednesday at 11 AM Palestinian Time to protest against this unprovoked attack on democratic values and to reject the decision by Mr. Abbas to go to Negotiations based on US-Israeli conditions.

Vancouver stoppage of unloading apartheid shipping containers
ACTION: US Palestinian Community Network asks for donations to Pakistan reliefWeb: + Email: + Twitter:

As our people suffer in Gaza, and languish in the camps, let us als oremember those hurt by natural disasters, from Katrina, to Haiti, and onc eagain, Pakistan.

We urge you to donate to support the people of Pakistan asthey cope with this horrific flood.

TO DONATE (note: all donations are tax-deductible 501-c):

USA: TEXT SWAT to 50555 to donate $10 to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees USA/Canada/UK/International: LIST OF ORGANIZATIONS for Donations (NGO’s):

USA/International: Islamic Relief USA
Mercy Corps (grass-roots organization supported by Pakistani Peace Builders+ ML Social Vision):

The Nation Magazine’s List of Organizations :

Register today for the 2nd Palestinian Popular Conference, October 29-31,2010Chicago, IL

And as always, come visit us in occupied Palestine.

Mazin Qumsiyeh,
PhDA Bedouin in Cyberspace, a villager at home

Professor, Bethlehem and Birzeit Universities
Chairman of the Board, Palestinian Center for Rapprochement Between People ,

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Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban: Palestine waiting for Wikileaks!!

>27. Aug, 2010

Settlers Torch Olive Orchard In Hebron while the Israeli army did not attempt to intervene or stop them.

In an age they claim to be the age of the ‘free world’, people wait for real news from wikilileaks which has leaked documents telling the real story of the conditions in Afghanistan and the enormous problems NATO and US forces are encountering in Afghanistan in facing Taliban’s scaled up attacks, which is the opposite of what we read in the ‘free’ press.  It also reports the despair Afghani people feel regarding attempts by NATO armies to reach a solution, while these armies have brought nothing but destruction and killing to Afghani civilians.  Instead of treating the documents as new indicators which merit serious consideration and maybe an unfamiliar and unexpected response to save what can be saved, most political and media interest focused on how the leak was made, the individuals involved and the objectives behind it in an attempt to frame everyone resisting the American military approach as suspect and possibly a terrorist.

Nevertheless, and despite the leaks and artificial official noise they provoked, the Congress decided to give $ 37 billion to continuing the war on Afghanistan and Iraq, despite the fact that this coincided with news that tens of billions of dollars went unaccounted for in Iraq, and despite the fact that the money was not spent for the objectives designed for it in Washington.  This issue has a direct impact on the United States security and economy because of its direct involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq.  How would this compare with the news published in the west about Palestine, the Gaza blockade, judaizing Jerusalem, displacing Palestinians in the territories occupied in 1948 and building settlements in the West Bank?  For the settlers, who are in control in Israel now, are the only source of the news about this part of the world.  Human rights groups do not have access to the scene of events where Israeli forces, assisted by extremist settlers, carry out a sort of ethnic cleansing unparalleled in the 21st century.  Yet, there is not a single news story carried by international news agencies about this ethnic cleansing, let alone condemning it.

A few days ago Israeli occupation forces completely erased the village of al-Araqib and did not allow the villagers even to take their family belongings.  320 villagers, whose fathers and grandfathers – as their tombs show – lived in the village before the creation of Israel, stood watching their history reduced to rubble by a racist military machine which deprived them of their humanity for no other reason except being Palestinians living in a land coveted by Zionist settlers who are stealing this land piece by piece with Western support and disgraceful international silence.

Eye witnesses speak of racist measures nobody knows except those who live under them.  Racist settlers set boars free every night in West-Bank villages and towns to make noises and terrorize the population and mess up their property in order to force people to leave their land.

Nevertheless, you find the White House taking measures to freeze funds belonging to Syrians who “threaten Lebanon’s stability”!  In his letter to the Congress, President Obama writes that “Syria’s actions in support of Hizbollah undermine Lebanon’s sovereignty, contributes to the region’s political and economic instability and still constitutes a threat to US national security and foreign policy”.  The fact is that the US administration’s acceptance of Israel’s racist crimes, and support and funding to Israeli ethnic cleansing policies is the real and essential threat to US national security and foreign policy because, on the one hand, it makes the Arabs lose any confidence in the credibility and neutrality of the United States and, on the other, unleashes the demon of racism, sectarianism and ethnic cleansing in Israel.  This will bring destruction and disaster not only to our region, but to the whole world.

If the American president or any member of his team thinks that this is far removed from the truth, I refer them to Gideon Levy’s article “The public wants a police that kills, but only Arabs” (Haaretz, 25 July, 2010).  In this article Levy writes about the killing of innocent Palestinians by Israeli police and then exonerating the police in Israeli courts.  He cites the example of police officer Shahar Mizrahi who killed a Palestinian man trying to escape.  The popular sympathy with Mizrahi turned him from a murderer into a hero.  He also wrote about Shmuel Yehezkel who shot dead Palestinian Samir Dari in 2005.  Levy adds “not a week goes by in which a civilian is not battered by violent police officers.  Instead of halting this dangerous trend, we accept the backing of the police criminal receives, which is accompanied by shameful silence on the part of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman and Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein. The Supreme Court is again alone against this whole wave of violence, which receives a tailwind in the media”.  He concludes: “Yesterday they needlessly killed Mahmoud Ganaim. Tomorrow they are liable to kill Jewish civilians, too.  And then we are sure to protest”.

If this is not racism, what is racism?  And in whose interest is this dubious international silence in the face of this rising tide of racism in Israel?   In an article, “The tragedy of arrogance,” Amnon Shmosh writes about another kind of racism in Israel between an Ashkenazi mother and a Moroccan or Ethiopian Jewish one.  He adds: “the Arab perception is the opposite of our own, that their wisdom is lesser, that their freedom fighters are despicable terrorists wholly different from the Jewish terrorists we admired during British rule, that life is not sanctified by them as it is by us, and that if they won’t get coriander and sweets they would topple Hamas’ rule, which they stupidly elected”. (Yediot Ahronot, 23 July, 2010).  If these views and analyses do not constitute important leaks for the American Administration and Western governments, let them read Neve Gordon’s article in The Guardian, “Ethnic cleansing in the Israeli Negev” (although the Negev is Palestinian because all its villages are Palestinian”.  He writes: “I suddenly understood how far the state is ready to go to accomplish its objective of Judaising the Negev region; what I witnessed was, after all, an act of ethnic cleansing”.
What leaks do the Americans and the West need to know for sure that their silence regarding the most dangerous crime of ethnic cleansing and genocide committed in the twenty first century will be a devastating threat, not only to American national security, but to the security of our region and the world at large.

Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

KOVEL: Zionism’s dreary burden on Jewishness

>Via A4P

by Joel Kovel  –  MONDOWEISS –  23 August 2010

Tony Judt had barely left this world when the Jerusalem Post lashed out at him with a nasty editorial on August 8. Clearly, Judt has never been forgiven for writing in 2003 in the New York Review of Books that Israel lacked legitimacy because of its structural Jewishness and deserved to be replaced with a “a single, integrated, bi-national state.” Heresy is unforgivable; and to call for the downfall of the Jewish state is heretical, because the ostensibly secular state of Israel has to see itself as the guarantor of Jewish survival, spiritual and physical alike. Anytime a Jew with an audience, i.e., an intellectual, critically examines this relationship, the alarm bells go off. Another existential threat! So Tony Judt was a dangerous man when he was alive and will be so as long as the memory of his deed remains.
I am happy to say that I am in his good company.
According to the Post, Judt’s “categorical rejection of Zionism put him in a class with other contemporary Jewish intellectuals of the Diaspora such as Jacqueline Rose, Michael Neumann and Joel Kovel, who have chosen to single out Israel for opprobrium that is rarely, if ever, directed at other countries that choose to adopt unique religious or cultural-based nationalities.” Accordingly, our views constitute “a recipe for national suicide for the sovereign Jewish entity.” In other words, we, too, pose existential threats to the Jewish state.
I feel obliged to reply, not to speak in Judt’s place, nor in the expectation that he would have agreed with what I am about to write. We never met nor were we political comrades, Tony being a self-declared social democrat and I, well, several degrees to the left of that. Nor have I met Jacqueline Rose and Michael Neumann. But categorical rejection of Zionism is a common ground I am pleased to share. So here is a brief account of what I take to be the reason for giving a lot of attention to Israel vis a vis the other awful countries, and why I want to bring down the Jewish state itself rather than settling for eliminating one or more of its human rights abuses.
The Jewish Question
The Post’s editorial person starts from the premise that people like Judt, Rose, Neumann and I are doing something that, as Jews, we should be ashamed of: singling out Israel and calling for the end of the Jewish state. (I’ll return below to the rather heated way this latter allegation is framed.) The assumption here is that Israel is for all the Jews and all the Jews should stand behind Israel, because it is self-evidently good to have an organic-national relation to Judaism.
I see things oppositely. I was born into a Jewish family and through this, share in a colorful history that has produced a lot of contributors to civilization, played an ambivalent yet fascinating role in the development of Western society, and suffered a good deal over the centuries for its “otherness.” All of this I keep in mind and have no disposition to deny. So I am a Jew. That’s nice, and that’s all it is. But as for the extension of this identity fragment, whose only common ground across history is a religion, into an organic nationalism which needs a state to set itself on the ground, this is another thing entirely. If you will forgive me a little Biblicism, it is an abomination and a desecration. I share this view with many fellow Jews, including the Neturai karta, whom I have joined at many a demonstration, and whose resoluteness and integrity I admire. I don’t care for their religion, however, or any variant of the Jewish faith. I think that Judaism got trapped in the first century CE by rejection of its prophet Jesus’s call to make the religion universal rather than tribal. As a result—a result made far worse by Christian persecution—the Jewish faith has never really been able to transcend an inward focus on the community of Jews, that is, the Jewish “People.” The jokingly offered and endlessly repeated query as to whether something is “good for the Jews” is, to my view, the sign of a profound and spiritually damaging ethnocentricity. Thus when the possibility opened up to make this People into a nation, a power-grabbing nation in league with imperialism and given a militarized state by its imperial patrons, many Jews fell into line (including most of my family), and especially insofar as they had been handed the all-purpose justifier provided by the history of anti-Semitism and its culmination in the monstrosity of the Shoah.
For me, however, Jewish nation-building proved a time to part ways—an extended time, I might add, and no epiphany. As the Jewish state has continued to tear its brutal path through the history of our time, and chiefly, through the lives of its indigenous victims, I simply see no other place to stand than in utter opposition to the endless chain of its crimes and lies—and with this, to the very construction of “Jewishness” that has enabled this and become canonical for so many, and in the United States especially, essential for the sustenance of the Israeli abomination. So to follow along with the above-mentioned identity construction, I am still a Jew and neither can nor wish to erase the fact, but no longer consider myself Jewish. Thus, following the great Isaac Deutscher, a “non-Jewish Jew.” I think a lot of Jews are these days wrestling with the same dilemma. Needless to add, there are other ways of addressing it besides mine. In any event, I wish them good cheer: life is a lot better once that dreary burden is laid down.
So to the editorial person of the Jerusalem Post, I would say, paraphrasing a certain President: Ask not what Israel can do for the Jews, because all answers to this question have become corrupted by the militarized and racist state Israel has become. Ask rather what Jews can do to earn forgiveness for the wrong turn taken in their history and for all the suffering their precious state has imposed. And lay off criticizing Jews who are stepping forth to “single out Israel.” There are going to be lots more of them. Remember, each person only has one identity and has to live with it.
But there is much more . . .
Though every theocracy and/or ethnocracy is appalling and should be opposed by all folk of good will, the peculiar case of Israel has a far wider radiation and so deserves “singling out,” as the Post puts it, irrespective of the religious/ethnic issue. This has to do, of course, with the nightmarish relation between Israel and the United States, and the shadow it casts over the present world. By the time I first became aware, during the Vietnam era, of US imperialism as a malignant force, Zionists had been insinuating themselves into the American political process for twenty years, since Harry Truman’s political orphanhood gave them the opening. But there was nothing “special” about this, except that the Jewish state depended for its existence upon its great benefactor. It took a while for the creature spawned by this embrace to mature, chiefly through the growth of AIPAC and the entry of ultra-Zionist neoconservatives into state and civil society. With this, however, it must also be said that the beast had mutated; hence one can no longer talk about the United States and Israel as separate political entities. Now we have a second Zionist occupation, of our civil society and state alongside the occupation of Palestine, and necessary for the occupation of Palestine to continue. For reasons of space we need to set aside the intricate matter of who wags whom, or the astounding degree to which the normalization of Zionism has blunted outrage, even among leftists of great repute. Consider only some of the fruits of this creature:
• the degree to which US foreign policy is configured to give Israel its impunity, one small instance being Obama’s recent threat to Turkey that he would cut off military contracts unless it lays off Israel for the Mavi Marmara incident; meanwhile the US reinforces Israeli military superiority with the latest in free ultra technology for its F-16 fighter fleet;
• the shameless debasement of our Congress, with hundreds of elected officials doing the bidding of a foreign power, again to whitewash the Mavi Marmara murders, thereby granting impunity once again;
• the plague of Islamophobia now raging, inflamed by fury over the “Ground-zero Mosque,” and more generally, over the terrors stirred up by 9-11. But who pauses to reflect upon that awful day and the fact that it provided the one incontrovertible instance of highly suspicious involvement by a foreign state in the havoc, namely, the most odd finding of five “moving men,” who turned out to be Mossad agents filming from New Jersey the collapse of the towers while jubilantly giving each other high fives, who were released back to their home country after 71 quiet days in FBI custody, and whose “employer” moved very hastily back to Israel, after stripping his office of all evidence? How did they know to be there, cameras primed, at that time? Why were they so happy? No point in asking. The propaganda machine has constructed mass consciousness so as to obscure any thinking about the matter, which no longer exists so far as official political culture goes. Such questions are highly impertinent. After all, one does not want to “single” Israel out. That would be anti-Semitic, wouldn’t it? This Reichstag Fire leads in another direction, that of the Islamic Threat.
• and then, mere war, as in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and now the latest looming danger, the Persian menace. That this mainly exists in the mind of the Zionist Power Structure, here and in Israel, is anything but reassuring, given the authority of that mind. Suppose, then, that the exquisitely positioned pundits and opinion-makers get their wish of precipitating us into a bombing war with Iran, Israel’s #1 existential threat, and Iran bombs back. This could be a new Board Game: there goes the global economy; and there looms, as ever, our friend and ally’s “Samson Option” using its nuclear arsenal that nobody is to know about, but that has, in the meantime, totally wrecked any efforts to bring nuclear proliferation under control thanks to universal knowledge of the bad faith of the United States for its complicity over the years under the influence of a certain “lobby” . . .
In sum, if you care about the baleful influence of the United States in the world you cannot set Israel aside as an isolated issue. This is the precise opposite of “singling Israel out.” It is, rather, a demand to integrate Israel within the manifold of imperial/economic/military power, and taking the steps necessary to bring this power under rational control.
Signing off to the editor of the Post, who is unquestionably unimpressed with these arguments.
What are trivialities like ethnocide, racism and war weighed against the sovereignty of the Jews? For Jews were once merely a “People,” but now, having achieved the greatness of nation-statehood, have become, hurrah!, a “sovereign Jewish entity,” doubtlessly pleasing Yahweh no end. And it is this triumph that Tony Judt and people like myself would spoil with our “recipe for national suicide.”
I’ve got to hand it to the Jerusalem Post for forcing me out of my self-imposed exile from psychoanalysis (well, it is the Jewish Profession) with this frankly hysterical statement, which is bundled, typically, with a manipulative, guilt-tripping threat: if you people don’t stop doing that, we’re going to kill ourselves! Freud pointed out that every delusion contains the germ of a historical fact. In this instance it is the legendary event of 73 CE, when the Sicarii, a Jewish sect active in the wake of the Roman destruction of the Second Temple, hurled themselves from the cliffs of Masada mountain to avoid capture by the Legion. An archeological museum now occupies the site, which has become deeply inscribed as a symbol of Zionist resolve and desperation.
I hope the Israelis don’t follow this example. Maybe they should keep in mind that the Sicarii were more extreme than even the Zealots, and by some accounts were common bandits, as much opposed to other Jews as they were to Rome. Nonetheless, the imminence of mass catastrophe, however induced, remains active in the Zionist imaginary, where it is stoked by propagandists of the Shoah, so that 1938 is made to eternally return.
There is another, much more deeply rational approach to history, which is to understand it in depth, encounter it, learn its lesson, actively transform it, and, by so doing, let it go. For Israel—and Jews everywhere, and indeed, everyone affected by the conquest of Palestine—the lesson is not really that complicated. It is to face the truth that the Zionist epoch has been a dreadful mistake, for the Jews as well as Zionism’s victims, and that they will have to do what grown-up people do who realize they have been wrong, if they want to have a decent life and rejoin the human race.
Namely, undergo a change of mind and heart. Is that too much to ask?
Joel Kovel is both a scholar and an activist. In the former capacity he has published nine books and over a hundred articles and reviews. His books include “White Racism”, which was nominated for a National Book Award in 1972; “A Complete Guide to Therapy; The Age of Desire” (in which his work in the psychiatric-psychoanalytic system is detailed); “Against the State of Nuclear Terror; In Nicaragua; The Radical Spirit; History and Spirit” (1991); “Red Hunting in the Promised Land” (1994), a study of anticommunist repression in America;  and “The Enemy of Nature: The End of Capitalism or the End of the World” (Zed, 2002). Since 2003 he has been Editor-in-Chief of the quarterly journal  Capitalism Nature Socialism. His most recent book, “Overcoming Zionism”, created a censorship struggle when the University of Michigan Press temporarily banned its distribution. He was Distinguished Professor of Social Studies at Bard College under a series of contracts until he was informed in early 2009 that his contract would not be renewed from July of that year.  As Emeritus Professor Joel Kovel openly stated “. . . this termination of service is prejudicial and motivated neither by intellectual nor pedagogic considerations, but by political values, principally stemming from differences between myself and the Bard administration on the issues of Zionism.”

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

A United Iran Against a Collapsing Israel

>Via Intifada Palestine
24. Aug, 2010

Kourosh Ziabari

A Nour missile is test fired off Iran’s first domestically made destroyer, Jamaran, on the southern shores of Iran in the Persian Gulf March 9, 2010. A newly inaugurated Iranian destroyer test fired a surface-to-surface missile in the Gulf , Iran’s Fars news agency reported. (Xinhua/AFP Photo)

As the racist regime of Israel moves toward greater international isolation due to its aggressive, belligerent policies, Iran receives wider support from the world’s nations for its uncompromising resistance against the bullying superpowers and annulling their mischievous plots. The world is witness to the growth of Iran’s popularity while hatred and disgust against Israel builds up progressively. Iran is reaching out to the hearts and souls around the world while Israel ignites denunciation and deprecation in the four corners of the globe.

Since Israel raided the Gaza Freedom Flotilla on May 31, the flimsy existence of Tel Aviv began to splinter as the world nations collectively and categorically reacted to the atrocious mass killing of 9 peace activists in the international waters by the Israel Defense Forces.

Israel’s unlawful, brutal killing of the unarmed civilians aboard the Freedom Flotilla sparked such a remarkable international condemnation that even the most stalwart allies of Tel Aviv in the EU zone recalled their ambassadors from Israel and called for a thorough, detailed investigation of the incident which they described as offensive and violent. The international condemnations were so extensive and intensive that even the most pessimistic Israeli politicians couldn’t envisage.

Four countries downgraded their diplomatic relations with Israel – in addition to the four countries that had cut their diplomatic ties with Israel during the 22-day Gaza war of 2008-2009, Twelve Latin American countries condemned the Israeli actions, Twenty-one European countries protested Israel and Twelve non-Arab Asian countries officially disapproved Tel Aviv.

The precursor of global protests to Israel was Turkey which had lost 9 of its citizens in the raid. In an insightful, thought-provoking and appreciable statement before his country’s parliament, the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan strongly questioned Israel’s impunity from the international laws and called for a decisive end to the illegal actions of this regime: “It is no longer possible to cover up or ignore Israel’s lawlessness. The international community must from now on say ‘enough is enough’. Dry statements of condemnation are not enough … There should be results.”

At the beginning and when the first news was released, the extent of Israel’s violence had not become clear to the public opinion; however, as the international peace activists began retelling the stories of their ordeal upon being deported by Tel Aviv to their respective countries, the world realized that a great calamity had taken place.

Upon his extradition to Istanbul, the Irish historian and activist Dr. Fintan Lane told the media about his terrible experience on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla which was unjustifiably attacked by the Israeli commandos on May 31: “when they boarded our boat, we resisted entirely peacefully.

I sat on the floor and tried to reason with them, but the Israeli commandos physically attacked us. Fiachra (one of the Irish passengers aboard the flotilla) was dragged around the ground and I had a gun pointed in my face by a screaming commando. His mania was so intense that I genuinely feared for my life. Others received beatings.”

The American peace activist and anti-imperialist speaker Kenneth O’Keefe was another passenger on board the Gaza aid convoy. He witnessed the death of two of his Turkish colleagues in person and was brutally harassed, tortured by the Israeli forces: “while in Israeli custody I, along with everyone else was subjected to endless abuse and flagrant acts of disrespect. 

Women and elderly were physically and mentally assaulted… in stress positions while hand cuffed to the point of losing circulation of blood in our hands. We were lied to incessantly, in fact I am awed at the routineness and comfort in their ability to lie, it is remarkable really. We were abused in just about every way imaginable and I myself was beaten and choked to the point of blacking out… and I was beaten again while in my cell.”

Hassan Ghani, the 25-year-old Scottish journalist and media correspondent of the Press TV was also among the flotilla travelers. He was ruthlessly punished by the Israeli commandos in what he described as the “brutal Israeli assault” on the flotilla: “we didn’t expect a ship with 32 different nationalities on board, with aid from 50 different countries on board, would be attacked in such a brutal manner…

They began by throwing stun grenades on to the deck of the ship when people were in the middle of morning prayers.

Then they began using rubber bullets, they tried to come aboard the ship from the side. People repelled the commandos with water cannons they had set up on the side of the ship. Then the Israelis used helicopters to drop people onto roof and there was scuffles on the roof. The Israeli solders had already opened fire on the ship, so people were grabbing anything they could to stop the attack in international waters.”

Another painful account of the flotilla raid was retold by the prominent Swedish author Henning Mankell who described the Israeli actions as “committing murder”: “they got very aggressive and ordered us to come down. There was one older man who was a little slow, so the Israelis attacked him with an electric stun gun. He was in a lot of pain. So was another passenger who was covered in paint after being hit with a paint ball missile. The commandos searched the ship thoroughly and emerged waving a razor and a metal-box cutting tool, which they claimed were “weapons” intended to be used against them.

All the passengers were then herded into a group, with armed guards standing watch as the ship was taken to Israel When we got off… we were made to walk down a corridor of armed commandos who filmed all of us with cameras. They stole my mobile phone, my money, my clothes and my credit cards.” Mankell said that he was held in a cell for 24 hours along with a Swedish Member of Parliament and then deported even “without his socks”.

All of these accounts attest to the fact that Israel is being reprimanded by people from the four corners of the world who object to the inhuman policies and actions of Tel Aviv regardless of the nationality they belong to and the political stance they champion.

Today, it’s known to everyone that Israel is a political entity which the United States supports in order to maintain its interests in the Middle East and subject the region’s nations. In the other words, Israel plays the role of America’s permanent representative in the Middle East and is entitled to resort to every possible mean to intimidate and bring under control the independent nations in the region. The fact is that Israel is a fragile and unstable political regime and every day of its shaky survival is hinged on the exertion of force and violating the rights of other nations. As the Iranian journalist Mohieddin Sajedi once noted, Israel cannot live without creating troubles. From mass killing to occupation, from assassination to the construction of illegal settlements, Israel continues to exist with illegal actions and this is what keeps them alive.

The main adversary of Israel is Iran. Israel has repeatedly warned Iran against the use of force and launch of a military strike on its nuclear facilities.

The reason is clear.

Iran is turning into an inspiring model for the independent nations around the world. Iran’s 30-year-long resistance against imperialism and its courageous confrontation with the bullying superpowers has made it an example of victorious struggle with political arrogance and many independent nations on the face of world see Iran on the frontline of battle with the United States and its colonies such as Israel.

Iran is winning international popularity because it has demonstrated the effectiveness of self-sufficiency in nationalizing the nuclear energy. While Israel possesses up to 200 nuclear warheads in flagrant violation of the international law and Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Iran has made striking advancements in taking over the nuclear power and excelling in using it for peaceful purposes. The fact that Iran has succeeded in nationalizing the nuclear energy without the assistance of Western superpowers is indigestible for Israel which is the sole possessor of nuclear weapons in the Middle East; that’s why it has warned Iran against a preemptive military strike; however, the reality is that a 70-million-strong army stands by the resistance movement of Iran and a coalition of powerful troops consisted of the independent nations around the world, stand by Iran against the collapsing Israel forever.

Special Thanks to our writer Kourosh Ziabariis

Kourosh Ziabariis an Iranian freelance journalist. He has interviewed political commentator and linguist Noam Chomsky, member of New Zealand parliament Keith Locke, Australian politician Ian Cohen, member of German Parliament Ruprecht Polenz, former Mexican President Vicente Fox, former U.S. National Security Council advisor Peter D. Feaver, Nobel Prize laureate in Physics Wolfgang Ketterle, Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry Kurt Wüthrich, Nobel Prize laureate in biology Robin Warren, famous German political prisoner Ernst Zündel, Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff, American author Stephen Kinzer, syndicated journalist Eric Margolis, former assistant of the U.S. Department of the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts, American-Palestinian journalist Ramzy Baroud, former President of the American Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Sid Ganis, American international relations scholar Stephen Zunes, American singer and songwriter David Rovics, American political scientist and anthropologist William Beeman, British journalist Andy Worthington, Australian author and blogger Antony Loewenstein, Iranian geopolitics expert Pirouz Mojtahedzadeh, American historian and author Michael A. Hoffman II and Israeli musician Gilad Atzmon.

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Bishop Donald Corder: Gaza, Zionism and World Domination: The Fall of Zionism

>Via Intifada Palestine

26. Aug, 2010

Part 4 of 4: The Fall of Zionism
Bishop Donald R. Corder  – Intifada Palestine

Theodore Herzl the Modern Father of Zionism sets forth in his diaries that the Jewish State was born in the revelation of mystic vision with flashes and overtones of prophecy. When Herzl in a state of restless agitation in seeking out address to the Jewish Question. A term stemming from the Middle Ages employed to encompass the issues and resolutions surrounding the historic unequal civil, legal and national status between minority Ashkenazi Jews and non-Jews, particularly in Europe.

In his work the “Jewish State,” Herzl sets forth, “We shall learn from the historic mistakes of others, in the same way as we learn from our own.” This assertion proves to be a fallacy of denial giving rise to his assertion, “But the Jews, once settled in their own State, would probably have no more enemies.” Where the historical ground provide evidence of his having overlooked the inspiration behind what he perceives as anti-Semitism giving rise to the nature and manner the Nation of Israel beats the world over the head with cries of “Anti-Semite” today.

After the Roman Empire had overpowered the Jewish resistance in the First Jewish–Roman War in Judea and destroyed the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem in 70 CE, the complete Roman takeover of Judea followed the Bar Kochba rebellion of 132-135 CE. Jews were denied full Roman citizenship until 212 CE, when Emperor Caracalla granted all free peoples this privilege. Dio Cassius a Second century Roman historian. Describing the savage Jewish uprising against the Roman Empire that has been acknowledged as the turning point downward in the course of that great state-form: “The Jews were destroying both Greeks and Romans. They ate the flesh of their victims, made belts for themselves out of their entrails, and daubed themselves with their blood… In all, 220,000 men perished in Cyrene and 240,000 in Cyprus, and for this reason no Jew may set foot in Cyprus today.” (Roman History)

Oliver Crowell writes in 16th June, 1647. “In return for financial support will advocate admission of Jews to England: This however impossible while Charles living.” Captain Ramsay quotes Isaac Disraeli, father of Benjamin, Earl of Beaconsfield, Britain’s first Jewish Prime Minister, in his two volume “Life of Charles I”, published in 1851: “The English Revolution under Charles I was unlike any preceding one . . . From that time and event we contemplate in our history the phases of revolution.” There were many more to follow on similar lines, notably in France. In 1897 a further important clue to these mysterious happenings fell into Gentile hands in the shape of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. In that document we read this remarkable sentence: “Remember the French Revolution, the secrets of its preparation are well known to us for it was entirely the work of our hands.” (See Protocol No. III, XIV).

Ernest Renan, French historian: “The Jews are not merely a different religious community, but – and this is the most important factor – ethnically an altogether different race. The European felt instinctively that the Jew is a stranger, who immigrated from Asia. The so-called prejudice is natural sentiment. Civilization will overcome antipathy against the Israelite who merely professes another religion, but never against the racially different Jew…In Eastern Europe the Jew is the cancer slowly eating into the flesh of other nations. Exploitation of the people is his only aim. Selfishness and a lack of personal courage are his chief characteristics; self-sacrifice and patriotism are altogether foreign to him.”

Contemporary challenges to the error of Theodor Herzl’s employment of anti-Semitism as initially framed in response to their centuries long trek throughout the history of the Middle East and Europe. Now we are faced with reports of Zionist participation in blowing up the World Trade Center on 9/11. Articles are circulated throughout the Internet and alternative media channels, elaborating upon the Israeli government’s fabrication of intelligence and the subsequent war in Iraq, the subsequent execution of their rightful sovereign Saadam Hussein and murdering of hundreds of thousand of Iraqi civilians. The daily blood letting they do with impunity against the people of Gaza and Hamas officials around the world by Zionist.

While their Rabbi’s preach in their writings justification for shedding the blood of our babies as Israeli youth cry out through their Facebook accounts their ravenous lust for the spilling of Arab blood.

These crimes against humanity have called peoples around the world to spill out onto the streets in passionate protests. What Theodor Herzl failed to do was first take responsibility for the historical atrocities engendered by his people. Secondly, he must come to recognize that righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people. We know them now by their fruits.

Gilad Atzmon, an Israeli-born writer and anti-racism campaigner states, “A clarification is needed here: ‘anti-Semitism’ is a misleading notion. When people refer to ‘anti Semitism’ what they really mean is ‘anti Jewish feelings’.
The notion of ‘anti-Semitism’ is there to give a false impression that Jews are a racial group. The truth of the matter is obvious, Jews are neither a race nor have they established a racial continuum. In fact no one resents Jews for their racial belonging or ethnicity. Anti Jewish feelings is in most cases a political and ethical reaction to Jewish tribal politics, Zionism, Israel, Israeli lobbying, global Zionist affairs, Jewish ideology, Jewish supremacy, Israeli war crimes and so on.”

Excerpts paraphrasing salient and relevant bits of insight into the Zionist course for world domination does nothing to endear their cause to the mainstream of civilized nations as we read. Protocols of the Elders lay out the foundation and schemes framing the expectations of global success for Zionism and subsequent establishing the King of the Jews as the real Pope of the Universe, the patriarch of the International Church. Initial premise and subsequent actions are framed in their assessments that men with bad instincts are more in number than the good, and therefore the best results in governing them are attained by violence and terrorization, and not by academic discussions. Boasting the superiority of their theory empowering Theodore Herzl’s Jewish State, affirmation is evidenced through the governments of the world yielding of national power, over to them.

Jewish dominations of governments are derived by the present tottering condition of all forms of political, economic and military power. Wherein, they will exploit the political imbalances to forge for themselves a political might more invincible than any other. Because it will remain invisible until the moment when it has gained such strength that no cunning can any longer undermine it. Before us is a plan in which is laid down strategically the line from which we cannot deviate without running the risk of seeing the labor of many centuries brought to naught. Therefore it is not so much by the means themselves as by the doctrine of severity that we shall triumph and bring all governments into subjection to our super-government. It is enough for them to know that we are too merciless for all disobedience to cease.

The constitution scales of these days will shortly break down, for we have established them with a certain lack of accurate balance in order that they may oscillate incessantly until they wear through the pivot on which they turn. But the pivots – the kings on their thrones – are hemmed in by their representatives, who play the fool, distraught with their own uncontrolled and irresponsible power. This power they owe to the terror which has been breathed into the palaces. As they have no means of getting at their people, into their very midst, the kings on their thrones are no longer able to come to terms with them and so strengthen themselves against seekers after power. We have made a gulf between the far-seeing Sovereign Power and the blind force of the people so that both have lost all meaning, for like the blind man and his stick, both are powerless apart.

The would-be wise men of the GOYIM, the intellectuals, could not make anything out of the uttered words in their abstractedness; did not see that in nature there is no equality, that upstarts elected from among it to bear rule are, in regard to the political, the same blind men as the mob itself, that the adept, though he be a fool, can yet rule, whereas the non-adept, even if he were a genius, understands nothing in the political – to all those things the GOYIM paid no regard. “Protocols of the Meetings of the 70 Learned Elders of Zion.”

Setting aside arguments asserting either the truth or fallacy of the historical account of the Nation of Israel forsaking national covenants and the curses it contained. Let us assert here and now that the major religions of the world and people of good conscience have this tenant in common more often than not. We aspire to rise above the barbarism of Theodore Herzl’s Jewish State, the Talmud‘s prescription espousing genocide of the Gentiles and we refute the 24 Protocols of the Elders as being the end of our collective humanity and subjugation as slaves to Israel.

What countervailing forces that might prevent this Zionist Holy War from occurring? There are numerous ongoing forces at work within the US State apparatus, the US Congress, the Pentagon and NATO.

The central force in preventing a Zionist war from occurring ultimately comes from the base of society, requiring forceful antiwar action by hundred of millions of people across the land, nationally and internationally. People must mobilize not only against this diabolical military agenda, the authority of the State and its officials must also be challenged. “Towards a World War III Scenario? The Role of Israel in Triggering an Attack on Iran” Part II The Military Road Map by Michel Chossudovsky

Special Thanks to our writer Bishop Donald R. Corder

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Intifada Palestine

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Bishop Donald R. Corder is the spiritual leader of the Spirit of Life International Believers Fellowship and Senior Pastor for the Pillar of Truth Ministries. Mr. Corder is a published author, grassroots organizer and community activist, in addition to his work in urban and international development as a business consultant and entrepreneur

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Hizbullah changed the ME in 2006


Posted on August 27, 2010 by rehmat1

Mohamad Bazzi, adjunct senior fellow with the powerful Jewish think tank, Council on Foreign Relations (headed by Obama’s senior adviser on ME, Zionist Jew Richard Haass) in an interview from Lebanon said that “the United States must eventually reach out to Hizbullah”, in order to save Israel from another bloody war. He stated that Washington would fail to create a rift between Dmascus and Tehran and that Hariri government has no muscle to control Hizbullah militia. He suggested that in order to control the power of Hizbullah, Washington must arm the Lebanese military, which now is seeking help from the Islamic Republic.

The occupation of Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003) were both initiated by the neocons (mostly Jewish) for the theft of oil/gas and to create a new Middle East, a region of small and militarily weak tribal states, always looking for US-Israeli help for their survival. When this dream failed – Washington gave green light to the Zionazi Jews to destroy all secondary threats before attacking the Islamic Republic in the future. The aim was to wipe out Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah and bring a regime-change in Damascus. However, after 34-days of indiscriminate aerial bombing, killing over 1200 Lebanese civilians and losing its 137 ‘bravw Jewish soldiers’ – Israel decided to bite the dust and retreat. That defeat created the vacuum to be filled by new powers.

The Jewish Army’s defeat in Summer 2006 at the hands of Hizbullah freedom-fighters ended not only the myth of the ‘invincibility’ of the Jewish Army but also proved that a morally-driven resistance movement doesn’t need F16s or nuclear bombs to defeat a corrupt, dis-illusioned but heavily armed army. Israeli defeat also spelled the end of its ‘gaurdian-angel’s’ supremacy in the Middle East. Within the next four years, the military, economic and diplomatic situation in the region has given birth to the new regional powers, Islamic Republic and Turkey – and Turkey-Iran-Brazil at the international level.

French political analyst Theirry Meyssan, wrote that after the un-expected military humiliation of Israeli forces, several top US military officers agreed with Admiral William Fallon and senior General Brent Scowcraft that after American military failure in Iraq, it would be a suicide to attack a “well armed and organized state – Iran – potentially setting the entire region ablaze”. The same group hoisted Obama to the White House on the condition that their ally Robert Gates will remain in the Pentagon”.

The ‘Israel-First’ neocons in Washington “thought that the dismantlement of Iraq would be contagious. The Sunni-Shiite civil war (the Fitna, in Arabic) was supposed to pit Iran against Saudi Arabia and split the whole Arab-Muslim world. The virtual independence of Iraqi Kurdistan was expected to cause a Kurdish secession in Turkey, Syria and Iran.

But the opposite happened. The easing of US pressure on Iraq sealed the alliance among the enemy brothers of Turkey, Syria and Iran. All three realized that in order to survive they had to unite and that once united they could exert regional leadership. In fact, Turkey, Syria and Iran, together, cover all crucial aspects of the regional political spectrum. As the heir to the Ottoman empire, Turkey incarnates political Sunni Islam. As the only remaining Baathist state after the destruction of Iraq, Syria embodies secularism. And, finally, since the Khomeini Revolution, Iran represents political Shi’ism.

In just a few months, Ankara, Damascus and Teheran opened their common borders, lowered customs tariffs and paved the way for a common market. This opening provided them with a breath of fresh air and a sudden economic growth which, despite the memories of prior disputes, has also garnered genuine grassroots support.”
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Oh mighty israHell

Oh mighty israHell
With the mountains of lies you fabricate

Do you think you could
Secure a fear-free moment similar to mine? 

No… you can’t
With the glittery lavish wealth you generate

Do you think you could
Buy a few joyful days that I embrace?

No… you can’t
With all the armed robberies you facilitate

Do you think you could

Steal one magnificent dream that I hold?

No… you can’t
With the mighty power you accumulate

Do you think you could
Obtain a glimpse of peace that fills my soul?

No… you can’t
Oh poor mighty Israhell
What have you done?
Wake up… wake up… wake up
Wait no longer… just … come running
Rinse your sins
Wash the blood off your hands

On your knees fall to the ground and… pray

Then… I promise
I’d do what the prophet did
In your ear I’d whisper
“Go, now I forgive you
You are free
The treasure I hold
I am willing to share”


Do most Israelis and many other Jews NEED to feel persecuted? Commented by Uprooted Palestinian


Here Mr. Hart, is telling us why most Israelis and many other Jews NEED to feel persecuted?
  • Most of the jews “do not want to know the truth of history as it relates to the making and sustaining of the conflict in and over Palestine that became Israel.” The truth that “Israel was created, mainly, by Zionist terrorism and ethnic cleansing”
  • Mr. M, his Jewish accountant. and “best friend in the world, for more than 40 years”, who met Mother Israel refused to believe him saying that the war in 1967 was a war of Israeli aggression, because if he do “everything crumbles”
  • The Jews “sense of victimhood” is “the product of persecution and pogroms on and off down the centuries and which climaxed with the obscenity of the Nazi holocaust” and according to Monty Renot  pushed Jews ” into a mass state of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from which they’ve never emerged or recovered – like a nightmare trance in which they are stuck”.

Mr Hard concluded: “Yes, Jews (most of them) do need to feel persecuted.”

Therefore “as long as this pathology dominates Israeli political life, it’s hard to see what Barack Obama or anyone else can do to move the Israelis toward a just peace, one that would be acceptable to the vast majority of Palestinians.

As Lord Balfour, and His Promise failed to cure the dominating Jewish pathology,
As Oslo of of Father Palestine, failed to do that
As the USA and the other  Zionized western countries failed to cure the Jewish sick minds
As Mr. Hart failed to cure a single Jew, Mr. M his best friend,

Most likely It is hard for Obama or anyone to do that.

Mr. Linkman stormed his brain to find if “if anything can be done, and by whom, to cure the sickness of traumatized Israeli and other Jewish minds?.”  and he found it. He found two possible ingredients for curing the Jewish agony otherwise “everything crumbles”

  • “One would be a New Covenant, not between the Jews and their God but between the Jews and the Gentiles. For their part of the deal the Gentiles would commit to slaying the monster of anti-Semitism. An undertaking to let the monster die in its sleep would not be good enough. There would have to be evidence that the stake was being driven into its heart. For their part the Jews of the world would commit to making common cause with rational Israelis for the purpose of making a real and lasting peace on the basis of an acceptable amount of justice for the Palestinians and security for all (Arabs and Jews).”
  • “The other would be an explicit declaration by all Palestinian institutions, organizations and groups, endorsed by all Arab and other Muslim governments, to the effect that whether it be in a genuine and viable two-state or a one-state solution, the security and political and human rights of all Jews (in the one or two states) will be absolutely guaranteed.”

Beyond that Mr. hart have “no answers to the question of what can be done and by whom to cure the sickness of traumatized and brainwashed Israeli and other Jewish minds”.

The more I read Alan, the more feel that his concern is the not Palestinians, the real vitim, nor their agony, his concern are his best friends curing their sick minds. Palestinian should wait until Gentiles (All non Jews) should commit to slaying the so-called “monster of anti-Semitism”, not until slaying the Zionist monster threatning the word’s peace. Once the Monsret of Anti-Semitism is slayed, ofter one million year, “the Jews of the world would commit to making common cause with rational Israelis for the purpose of making a real and lasting peace on the basis of an acceptable amount of justice for the Palestinians and security for all (Arabs and Jews).”

As Palestinians can’t wait one million year, they, the real victims, all Palestinian institutions, organizations and groups, should explicitly declare “to the effect that whether it be in a genuine and viable two-state or a one-state solution, the security and political and human rights of all Jews (in the one or two states) will be absolutely guaranteed.” such deceration should be endorsed “by all Arab and other Muslim governments”

Finally Mr. Hart asks: “Do others have answers?”

Mr. Linkman,

Helen Thomas have the Answer

“When asked by a Rabbi holding a camera: “where should Israelis go”, she said Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine”. When the Rabbi challenged her, she made it plainly clear: “they should go home to Poland, Germany, America and elsewhere”

I would add your ingredients “a New Covenant, not between the Jews and their God but between the Jews and the Gentiles”of Poland, Germany, America and elsewhere “Gentiles would commit to slaying the monster of anti-Semitism. An undertaking to let the monster die in its sleep would not be good enough. There would have to be evidence that the stake was being driven into its heart.”

Mr. Linkman,

look at the picitures added by dear Debbie. I hope its not for decorating your article, but to draw your attention that the real victims are the Palestinians

 Finaly, I have a question for you: Are Jews Really Persecuted??

Via May Catbird Seat
– 26. Aug, 2010
By Alan Hart (My Catbird Seat)

Nakba, Sabra – Shatilla, Qana, Jenin, Gaza ?

I have written and often say that very many if not most Jews do not want to know the truth of history as it relates to the making and sustaining of the conflict in and over Palestine that became Israel. (An essential element of the truth being that Israel was created, mainly, by Zionist terrorism and ethnic cleansing).

Because I am a goy, a non-Jew, (actually a blonde, blue-eyed Englishman of advancing years), that may strike some readers as a very presumptuous statement for me to make. How can I possibly know for sure that at least some if not many Jews don’t want to know truth of history? It’s a fair question and my answer to it, quoted below, is in the now published Volume 3 of the American edition of my book, Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews ( and

After my dear wife, my best friend in the world, for more than 40 years, is my Jewish accountant. I’ll call him M. He is very orthodox in the practise of his religion and strictly kosher, but not a zealot. He lives in London and over the years he has travelled with me on a number of foreign assignments. Shortly before Golda Meir died, and as a way of saying thanks to M for his friendship, I invited him to travel with me and sit in on my last conversation with her. I imagined she would not object and she didn’t. Our conversation lasted nearly five hours. When it ended, I asked Mother Israel if I could take a photograph of her and M. In the tiny back garden of her small home in Tel Aviv, M put his arm around her shoulder (she didn’t object to that either) and I took several pictures. It was, as I knew it would be, one of the proudest moments in M’s life. One of the pictures was given pride of place in M’s home, and he subsequently told me that younger visitors would look at the photograph, point at the old lady, and ask, “Who’s that, your grandmother?”

Over time and privately M came to loathe what Israel has become but he won’t read my book. He doesn’t want to know the truth of history. Shortly before the publication of the original UK Volume One, I said to him the following. “Like most Jews everywhere, you believe that Israel went to war in 1967 either because the Arabs attacked first or were about to attack. What if I can prove to you, using only Israeli sources, that what you believe is Zionist propaganda nonsense and that it was a war of Israeli aggression?” After a long pause, M replied, “If what I believe about that war is not true, everything crumbles.”

I chose not to add to my friend’s agony by asking him what “everything crumbles” really meant or at least symbolizes; but over the several years since that conversation took place, and quietly in my own mind, I’ve been trying to work it out for myself.

What, actually, would “crumble” in those Jews, sadly most Jews, who don’t want to know the truth of history but by some miracle were confronted with it?

The short answer is their sense of victimhood, (link added) the impulse to see enemies everywhere who are committed to exterminating Jews.

Though constantly reinforced by Zionist propaganda since the creation of Israel, and currently by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, this impulse is, of course, the product of persecution and pogroms on and off down the centuries and which climaxed with the obscenity of the Nazi holocaust.

On 14 November 2009, in a comment on a Truthout post by Ira Cherna headlined “Israel’s Pathology”, Monty Renot wrote:

“I have thought, for a while now, that in the aftermath of the Nazi extermination during World War II, many Jews (and I speak as a Jew) entered into a mass state of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from which they’ve never emerged or recovered like a nightmare trance in which they are stuck. The symptoms are, and have been, so unmistakably evident, especially in right-wing religious groups such as Meir Kahana’s Kach, whose slogan was ‘Never Again’ and whose vow was to ‘hit ‘em back 10 times as hard as they hit us.’’

Pre-emptive battle ?

What Renot called this “hypervigilant state, so typical of PTSD,” reveals that those who are still stuck in the nightmare trance believe that the threat to them (annihilation) is ever present and always will be; and any sign or omen that the worst was about to occur again “is magnified by the residual paranoia into ‘Uh-oh, here we go again!’, accompanied by a tightening of the emotional armoring and a heightened readiness to go into pre-emptive battle in order to forestall the worst from happening.”

In his analysis, Cherna asked how it can be that pathological feelings of fear, weakness and victimization “are comforting” to very many Israelis (and, I add, very many other Jews)

Gaza massacre

He answers: “For starters, they automatically put Jews on the side of innocence. Who can blame the weak victim for the violence? All the trouble, it seems, is started by the other side… And if all the trouble is started by the other side, then all the fault must lie with the other side. Weakness and victimization seem to prove that ‘We’re moral.’ Obviously, it’s our enemies who are immoral and thus to blame for all our problems. So Israelis have no reason even to consider changing any of their policies or behaviors.”

Cherna believes, as I do, that as long as this pathology dominates Israeli political life, it’s hard to see what Barack Obama or anyone else can do to move the Israelis toward a just peace, one that would be acceptable to the vast majority of Palestinians (“who need no special mental condition to feel victimized; all they have to do is look out the window at the Israeli military patrols passing by.”)

The answer to my headline question seems to be, “Yes, Jews (most of them) do need to feel persecuted. The question arising is what if anything can be done, and by whom, to cure the sickness of traumatized Israeli and other Jewish minds?In theory
I can think of two possible ingredients for a cure.

One would be a New Covenant, not between the Jews and their God but between the Jews and the Gentiles. For their part of the deal the Gentiles would commit to slaying the monster of anti-Semitism. An undertaking to let the monster die in its sleep would not be good enough. There would have to be evidence that the stake was being driven into its heart. For their part the Jews of the world would commit to making common cause with rational Israelis for the purpose of making a real and lasting peace on the basis of an acceptable amount of justice for the Palestinians and security for all (Arabs and Jews).

The other would be an explicit declaration by all Palestinian institutions, organizations and groups, endorsed by all Arab and other Muslim governments, to the effect that whether it be in a genuine and viable two-state or a one-state solution, the security and political and human rights of all Jews (in the one or two states) will be absolutely guaranteed.

Beyond that I have no answers to the question of what can be done and by whom to cure the sickness of traumatized and brainwashed Israeli and other Jewish minds. Do others have answers?

Alan Hart is a former ITN and BBC Panorama foreign correspondent who covered wars and conflicts wherever they were taking place in the world and specialized in the Middle East.
His Latest book Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, is a three-volume epic in its American edition. 
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Mahmoud Abbas’ campaign against Hezbollah …


Tennenbaum’s kidnapper recruiting for Hezbollah

Palestinian Authority security apparatus arrests dozens of young adults on suspicion of being tied to Nasrallah’s organization. Man organizing recruitment believed to be Kais Obeid, who kidnapped Israeli businessman to Lebanon

Ali Waked Published: 08.25.10, 17:03 / Israel News

The Palestinian security apparatus recently conducted a wave of arrests throughout the West Bank of current and past activists suspected of attempting to renew contact with Hezbollah in order to establish infrastructure for the organization in the area, Ynet learned on Wedneseday.

A Palestinian security official reported that the Lebanese organization has made significant efforts in recent months to renew its presence in the Palestinian arena in order to carry out terror attacks against Israeli targets in the West Bank and within Israeli territory.

According to the official, Kais Obeid, the man who kidnapped Israeli businessman Elhanan Tennenbaum to Lebanon, is coordinating the recruitment efforts.

The official said that Obeid has recently started contacted dozens of young adults in the West Bank in order to recruit them to Hezbollah’s ranks.

The PA estimates that the growing tensions within Lebanon, the increasing pressure on Iran, and the renewal of direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians have all increased the organization’s motivation to claim a stake in the Palestinian territories. However, the source emphasized that the arrested suspects are thought to be low-level operatives with no real connection with the organization.

Hezbollah has made continual attempts in recent years to gain a foothold in the Palestinian arena. A senior IDF official said in the past that the organization is interested in violating the calm in Israel and carrying out terrorist attacks while heavily compensating others for their involvement in them.

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Has Lebanon officially become more tolerant and progressive than the United States?

Let’s talk about Lebanon’s Ground Zero and you can decide for yourself.

One must first understand what “Ground Zero” means to most Lebanese.

In a country with about the same land mass as Los Angeles County which has been at war off and on for nearly four decades, “Ground Zero” for the Lebanese is arguably their entire country—and at the center of their Ground Zero is downtown Beirut, captured and occupied by the Israeli Defense Force in 1982 and which was almost entirely reduced to rubble from Muslim West Beirut to Christian East Beirut, and all points in between.

Once upon a time not too long ago, there was scarcely a building left standing or unscarred by shrapnel in all of Beirut. I know, because I was in Beirut in 1991, and witnessed first hand a city once described as “the Paris of the Middle East” reduced to ruins, pot marked with unexploded munitions and a haphazzard “network” of open sewers.

Miraculously, Beirut was rebuilt and reclaimed its prominence. It once again became the jewel of the Arab world, remarkably able to bridge the ancient mystique of the east with the modern allure of the west.

Upon the first completion of its “rebuilding” process however–after 15 years and tens of billions of dollars spent on reconstructing Lebanon and its Ground Zero from rubble to splendor, Israel did what Israel does…

In July and August of 2006, Israel again followed through on its promise to “bomb Lebanon back into the Stone Age,” and in so doing displaced 1,000,000 Lebanese civilians (nearly a quarter of the country’s population), completely destroyed the country’s infrastructure (again), its only airport, at least 64 bridges, leveled entire buildings and neighborhoods to rubble (again), including the country’s largest milk factory, a food factory, two pharmaceutical plants, water treatment centers, power plants, grain silos, a Greek Orthodox Church, several mosques, and a handful of hospitals (in a country which only had a handful of hospitals to begin with).

Over 1,200 hundred Lebanese civilians were killed and over 5,000 wounded.

Israel routinely talks about “proportionality” when comparing their “terrorism deaths” to American 9/11 deaths. In order to shock the sensibilities of a gullible American public, they portray a figure “in American terms,” by multiplying their dead by a number which reflects their population in comparison to the American population.

Well, what’s good for the Israeli goose is good for the Lebanese gander. I will play their game: 1,200 dead Lebanese civilians are the “proportional equivalent” to 90,000 American dead when accounting for the two countries’ population differences. Therefore, according to Israeli goose math, that’s the equivalent of roughly thirty 9/11’s Israel exacted on Lebanon in July and August 2006 over the course of 34 days—nearly one 9/11 a day for an entire month without relent.

Incidentally, July and August of 2006 only tell a small part of the story when it comes to Israeli aggression against Lebanon. There have been decades of invasion, devastation, and occupation which predated 2006. Several thousands of Lebanese have been killed at the hands of the Israeli Defense Force. Tens of billions of dollars of damage have been levied on the Lebanese infrastructure and private and public property courtesy of the IDF over the course of decades.

“Ground Zero” for Lebanon is an ever expanding, never ending, open wound that never heals.

So what now Newt?

Should you expect the Lebanese to allow a synagogue to be built on their Ground Zero, in the aftermath of a 9/11 that occurred 5 years after ours and which, “proportionately” speaking, was 30 times the size of ours?

Well guess what you hateful, misguided, twit?


In the process of re-building Beirut yet again, in 2008, renovations began and have now been completed on the Maghden Abraham Synagogue located in the middle of newly renovated downtown Beirut in an area known as the “Solidere” which has become the focal point and showcase of Lebanon’s rebirth.
This isn’t some hole in the wall, nondescript, “excuse me” synagogue hidden out of view so as to not “offend” Lebanese non-Jews—this is an elaborate, ornate, beautifully designed, cathedral-style house of worship built for a Lebanese Jewish population that totals less than 500 in a country of more than 4,000,000 (in stark contrast to the eight million American Muslims living in the United States).
And wait until you hear Hezbollah’s response to the building of this Ground Zero Synagogue.

(To those expecting a Newt Gingrich equivalent response, prepare to be woefully disappointed).

Courtesy of Hassan Nasrallah himself: “We respect Judaism, just as we respect Christianity. Our only problem is with Israel.”

Did you hear that Newt (and the rest of you idiots)?

An Arab democracy, with a Muslim Prime Minister and a Christian President, allowed the building of a synagogue, squarely in the center of their “Ground Zero” in the heart and pride of downtown Beirut which used to be a dumping ground for Israeli military ordinances.

An Arab democracy allowed this, without so much as a protest being made by its citizens, or allegations by politicians that this was sacrilege, or hateful commentary by the media that the Jewish faith was barbaric, or any of the other stupidity I have seen and heard plastered all over American television, talk radio, and internet-blogs regarding a certain “Ground Zero Mosque” and the Islamic faith.
Regardless of whether you perceive Israel to be justified in perpetrating the devastation it did on Lebanon is irrelevant. The purpose of this article is not to debate that.
What cannot be debated, is that Israel (a Jewish State, flying a Jewish flag) unleashed hell on Lebanon for 34 straight days in July and August of 2006 (and for decades prior in its wars against Lebanon). Regardless of whether or not you feel Israel had a right to do that, you cannot deny that Lebanese civilians harbored, and continue to harbor, a very real resentment against the government of Israel—this Jewish state—for those actions and the devestation those actions caused.
Yet these very Lebanese, who are so quickly labeled as “blood thirsty terrorists” by Newt Gingrich and his army of xenophobic morons, were able to draw a distinction between the Jews “flying those planes” in July and August of 2006 working at the behest of the Israeli government, and the Jews whom are citizens of Lebanon who had no connection with those attacks.

Lebanon rebuilt that Ground Zero Synagogue for its Jews.

Not for Israel. Not for the world’s Jewry. Not as a monument to mark a “Jewish victory” over Lebanon.

Lebanon rebuilt that Ground Zero Synagogue because its Jews lived in that neighborhood and they had every right to build a house of worship in a place they called home.

For crying out loud, Hassan Nassrallah and Hezbollah can even draw the distinction between a Lebanese Jew and an Israeli soldier who happens to be a Jew. So how is it that Americans can’t distinguish between American Muslims who were victims of 9/11 and Saudi Muslims who were the perpetrators of 9/11?

Thank you Mr. Gingrich for allowing Hassan Nasrallah and Hezbollah to outclass you and the Republican Party (and you Democrats aren’t too far behind–yes Harry Reid, I’m talking to you). When the former Republican Speaker of the House and the current Democratic Senate Majority Leader start sounding less tolerant and less reasonable than a “terrorist,” we need to start sounding the alarm bells.

What a sad state of affairs for America.

 Posted by I4P Writers Group at 5:43 PM  

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Israeli Spy Networks in Lebanon and USA Alike: Former CIA Officer


26/08/2010 A former CIA officer accused the Israeli Mossad of spying intensively on the United States for military and dual-use civilian technology.

Philip Giraldi said Tel Aviv’s claims of not spying in the US are only intended for the media. He added that the Israeli lobby is so powerful that Washington cannot address Tel Aviv regarding the spying issue, which has been going on for many years. Thus the Mossad is spying in the US with impunity, Giraldi said.

Relations between the United States and Israel have been damaged historically and repeatedly regarding several incidents of Israeli and Jewish spies. In 2008, the US arrested an American suspected of spying for Israel.

Ben-Ami Kadish had given Israel secrets on nuclear weapons, fighter jets and missiles in the 1980s.

The case was linked to the Jonathan Pollard spy scandal that put US and Israeli relations in jeopardy. In November 1985, the FBI arrested Jonathan Pollard on charges of selling classified material to Israel, which was later sold to the Soviets. Pollard was subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment. His wife, Anne, got five years in jail for assisting her husband.

According to Lebanese news Website El-Nashra, Giraldi revealed that the Israel spy network that was recently nabbed in Lebanon, and which focused on the mobile phone telecommunications sector have a similar modus operandi to Mossad spy networks operating in the US.

The Website quoted Giraldi as saying that the “Israelis have established a technological infrastructure that enables them to tap most conversations in the United States and the world whether via mobile or land phones.”

Source: Agencies

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Sayyed Nasrallah: Our Freedom, Sovereignty Depend On Our Elements of Power


Mohamad Shmaysani

24/08/2010 Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah stressed freedom and sovereignty can only be achieved if Lebanon possessed the elements of power. “In this country, we face may difficulties, both internal and external, and our responsibility is to surmount the difficulties, not to fear them or to surrender to them. No one can elude this responsibility,” Sayyed Nasrallah said Tuesday during an iftar banquet organized by the Islamic Resistance Support Organization ‏ in Beirut.

The Hezbollah S.G. addressed the urging issue of arming the Lebanese army, which is also agreed upon by the different parties in Lebanon, particularly after the Odaisse incident in south Lebanon last month, in which two Lebanese army soldiers and a reporter were martyred and an Israeli colonel was killed. “What happened in Odaisse revealed that the Americans and the weapons they have been giving to our army are not meant to fight Israel but for internal purposes they call ‘fighting terrorism.’ Have the weapons grants stopped or not? some Congress members even demanded an inquiry to learn whether these weapons used by the Lebanese army against the Israeli army were American weapons or not!”

However, his eminence added, the Americans will continue to provide the Lebanese army with weapons under the following pretext: “To confront Hezbollah, because this will put Lebanon in the hands of Hezbollah. Therefore, we are doing Lebanon a good favor.”

“In a meeting with former PM martyr Rafiq Hariri, he told me: There are no concerns about an economic collapse in Lebanon because the world will not allow this, otherwise, they believe Lebanon will fall in Hazbollah’s hands.”

Sayyed Nasrallah elaborated saying that the international community is trying to persuade Israel to withdraw from the occupied Ghajar region because this will also undermine the resistance. “I tell them that Israel will not pull out of the Ghajar because there is a resistance in Lebanon, even if we are not engaged in an armed fight there,” the S.G. said.

“We are demanding that the Lebanese army be equipped with suitable arms either through a budget, and this is expensive; or through funds, and this is what President Michel Sleiman has called for. However, popular donations do not properly equip the army. Donations to the resistance do not create a resistance and this is also the case for the army. The third option is the Arab nations that claim they love Lebanon. I suggest that the government determines the kind of weapons it needs and then head to these friendly Arab states to tell them that we don’t want money; what we really want is some of the stockpiles of weapons that are going to rust in storage. We want the goods not the money. This can be done without a budget. We are in a exceptional situation and the region is tense. The Odaisse confrontation is far more dangerous that the capture of two soldiers (referring to the 2006 operation that prompted Israel to wage war on Lebanon). We had martyrs on our side, and on their side a colonel was killed. In the Keryat Shmona settlement, the settlers fled, but war did not break out.

Anyway, we cannot keep studying our options; we have to act and equip the army through our Arab brothers. As for Iran, I said during general elections that we can resort to Iran and Syria to equip the army in case we won the elections and uproar followed my position because of the political division that had prevailed. Today, they accept arms from Iran unconditionally. Iran does not have conditions, and I call on the government to take the decision to ask Iran for help and I pledge that Hezbollah will work on this and will invest all its friendships to realize this. President Ahmadinejad will visit Lebanon and I believe that Iran has been helping Lebanon for the past 28 years and will not refrain from granting the Lebanese army any kind of help.”

On the Israeli spies issue, Sayyed Nasrallah warned that Lebanon is currently engaged in a daily security war with the Israeli enemy. “More than 100 spies have been arrested so far, and according to official counts, the number is 150. It is right to assume that we are in the middle of a real security war where juridical follow up is necessary. I call for the formation of field courts and for judges to act swiftly away from routine procedures because we are in a state of war. Vendetta is not our goal, yet putting the sentences into effect will affect the disposition to collaborate with Israel. Lots of spies have started working after 2005 and the doors are still open for them and recruiting is ongoing.”

The Hezbollah S.G. stressed Hezbollah was not infiltrated. “There is strong organizational structure in Hezbollah. The resistance has been engaged in war with Israel on daily basis and we gave great heed to preventing any sort of infiltration. This is why over the past 28 years, we have had an anti-spying body and I can say it’s the largest body ever. We have not been infiltrated; we are immune.”

Sayyed Nasrallah also tackled the issue of false witnesses in the international investigation into the assassination of PM Hariri. “The government has asked the justice ministry to study ways to approach this file, which is a good step. Yesterday, the spokeswoman for the Special Tribunal for Lebanon said that the STL was not concerned in the false witnesses and we find this odd because they have deluded the STL for past four years. Has the Lebanese judiciary become under the jurisdiction of the STL? The Tribunal says the false witnesses issue is not under its jurisdiction and also says this not under the Lebanese Judiciary’s jurisdiction! If this is true, it is tantamount to the law of the jungle.

I have delivered evidence to the Lebanese judiciary and I have nothing to do with the STL and I will state the reason why in the proper time. I am ready to cooperate with the Lebanese judiciary.”

The S.G. addressed the endemic electricity and water crisis in Lebanon saying that neither the current minister nor the former minister are responsible for it. “It has been said that some of the protests that have taken place recently were politically motivated, but I can confirm that there were no political groups behind these protests. I would like to address the problem from a general perspective. We have an electricity problem and now they are telling us that we should be expecting a water crisis. We have been told that the protests were an exercise to be ready when the government is brought down. This is nonsense; everyone wants this government to stay. The opposition does not need the street to topple the government in case it wanted to. It can do so in parliament. No one want to target the minister of energy or the government; there is a problem and the Cabinet endorsed a four-year plan, but what is needed right now is an extraordinary Cabinet meeting to act fast. With all due love, I call on the people in every region to cooperate and be patient because there is concern that someone would infiltrate such protests and take the country to undesired consequences. As Lebanese we have to find solutions, therefore I call on the government to consider building a nuclear plant for peaceful energy. The cost to build Iran’s Busheher plant is far less than what Lebanon has so far spent on the electricity sector. We have the right to think about the nuclear solution and our ambition can take us to where we want to be. Water will be the most important resource in the future, because the region is heading towards a water crisis. We have water that is unfortunately not being invested, so we should build damns to preserve this resource.”

Sayyed Nasrallah concluded his speech by underlining the tripartite formula that protects the country: ‘The army, the people and the resistance.”

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Mired in poverty: Palestinian refugees in Lebanon see little hope in new

Some employment rights have been granted to Palestinian refugees, but they will still be unable to work in many key professions, no matter what their qualifications

Richard Hall

Guardian Weekly, Tuesday 24 August 2010 14.00 BST

A Palestinian mechanic repairs a scooter in the Beddawi refugee camp, north of Beirut. Lebanese law restricts Palestinian professions and property ownership. Photograph: Joseph Eid/AFP

Standing in the narrow streets of Shatila refugee camp, south Beirut, as battered mopeds speed past and electrical wires dangle messily overhead, seven-year-old Hasan Hameid is clear about what he wants to do when he grows up: “I want to be a doctor and to treat sick people.”

But despite Lebanon’s proclaimed sympathy with the Palestinian people, Lebanese law will prevent him fulfilling his dream with a long list of professions and ownership rights denied to the country’s hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. Generations of Palestinians remain mired in poverty in cramped, squalid refugee camps, and even those with an education cannot own a house or land, or become lawyers, engineers or, unfortunately for Hasan, doctors. Last week a shift in the law granted some employment rights and removed restrictions, addressing decades-old discriminatory laws that banned them from working in all but the most menial jobs.

Palestinians will be able to apply for free work permits, pay into a pension fund, and claim for work-related accidents – but there is no guarantee that employers will hire them, or how the work permits will be allocated, and they will still be unable to work in a number of key professions. Law, medicine and engineering require that a person join the industry syndicate before they can be employed. But a policy of reciprocity means that “stateless” Palestinians cannot be employed like other foreigners who belong to recognised states that can offer similar benefits to the Lebanese.

The law was greeted with scepticism by many. “I fix telephones… Thirteen years of study so I can fix telephones,” says 39-year-old Ghassan dejectedly. He studied electrical engineering, receiving his doctorate in Lebanon two months ago. He is among the very few that have gained qualifications despite a lack of funding for education for Palestinians. But even with the new law in place, Ghassan will not be employed in engineering as long as he stays in Lebanon. He said: “Here in Lebanon there is no law, there is no government and nothing is happening. Forget the whole [law] – what’s written and what you hear and what you see, forget it.”

Ghassan has learned to be pessimistic. After decades of debate on the status and rights of Palestinians in Lebanon, and despite the best efforts of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA), they remain severely impoverished and marginalised. Of the estimated 400,000 Palestinians living in Lebanon – most of them the descendants of those who fled or were forced from their homes during the war following the creation of Israel in 1948, and later in the 1967 Middle East war – more than half live in one of the 12 UN-run refugee camps scattered around the country. According to UNRWA figures, close to 60% of the Palestinians in Lebanon are unemployed. The Palestinian Najdeh Foundation estimates only 7% of working Palestinians have fixed contracts, 90% of which work with UNRWA.

Shatila refugee camp in west Beirut is much the same as the 11 others in Lebanon. Overcrowded rooms in concrete buildings suffer from poor plumbing and intermittent electricity; youths stand around smoking and tradesmen sell their goods on a dusty street through the camp. The Palestinian community was often directly involved in the conflicts that have plagued Lebanon, a contributing factor to the conditions in which they now live. But many point to labour laws that discriminate against Palestinians as the primary reason for their poverty.

The debate over rights for Palestinian refugees has divided lawmakers here for years. Lebanon’s Christian parties constitute the largest opposition to the new law – and indeed any law that aims to give Palestinians in the country more rights – based on a fear that any such move would constitute the first steps towards naturalisation, or tawteen. Tawteen is a major concern for Lebanon’s diminishing Christian community, who fear Palestinian integration would dramatically alter the demographics in favour of an already much larger Muslim majority. Palestinians deny they seek citizenship in Lebanon, and hold the right to return to the land of their ancestors as a sacred right.

Compromises over the draft law – which included Palestinians’ right to own property – mean any tangible improvement of living conditions is unlikely. Nadim Houry, Beirut director of Human Rights Watch, said: “This law is a positive but insufficient step in fixing some of the underlying problems of discrimination in Lebanese law. This has to be followed up in terms of a real dialogue with the syndicates so they open their ranks to Palestinians. I think there has to be a real labour policy to encourage hiring Palestinians.”

Hasan’s mother, Imm Mohammed, said: “My other son is studying to be an engineer at the Arab University… and when he’s finished what’s he going to do? I said to him, ‘What’s the point?’ He said, ‘I want to be an engineer – you don’t know what’s going to happen in the future.'”

Ahmed Moor contributed reporting to this article

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The Voice of Palestine

The Voice of Palestine (1)

25/08/2010 — reham alhelsi
We, the Palestinians, have a voice; a strong one that never tires no matter the deafness or the silence of the world.
We speak of our suffering, aspirations and hopes when all others are silent.
We tell our story, the story of a land usurped by foreign colonists, the story of an indigenous people ethnically cleansed from their ancestral home, the story of an olive tree steadfast in the face of Zionism.
We, the Palestinians, have a voice that to you might not be as “sophisticated” or as “exotic” or as “interesting” as that of an Israeli speaking/writing about Palestine, or as that of an American or a European speaking/writing about Palestine. Our voice, the voice of ordinary Palestinians living under occupation might not appeal to you as much as that of the “others” who write about our “experience under occupation”. But we have a voice, a voice that speaks of the suffering that is daily, of the fears that are touchable, of the pain that is real, of the land that is mingled with our blood, a voice that is Palestinian.
We, the Palestinians, have a voice that is the voice of the life we live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month and 12 months a year. We have never stopped telling our story for those who care to listen and for those who ignore our existence. We have been telling it since the first Zionist colonist set foot on Palestinian land. we have never stopped using our voice to tell the world what is being done to us by these Zionists. We continue to say it in form of a word, a song, a painting.
We speak of Palestine that was, that is and that will forever be. We write of the land so sacred, of the meadows so green, of the almonds that blossom in Al-Jalil and of the olive trees that decorate the hilltops of Jerusalem. We sing of the comrades that paved the way for the coming freedom, of the comrades whose body is united with Palestine, of the comrades whole souls are locked up behind bars, of the comrades who are steadfast in their fields, in their homes, in their land. We paint Palestine the bride, Palestine the resistance, Palestine the freedom, Palestine the mother waiting for all her children to return home. We, the Palestinians, have a voice; it is the voice of our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, friends and neighbours. It is the voice of Palestine.

Palestinians have always told their story. But the word of a Palestinian never mattered that much. They are mostly ignored and discarded, and not only by the Zionists and their supporters. Palestinians aren’t allowed to tell their own story, are considered “irrelevant”, because otherwise it would be termed “partial” reporting. Zionists on the other hand are welcome to speak on behalf of themselves, the Palestinians and the whole world, yet it is considered “balanced” reporting because the Zionists are forever “relevant”. When a car accident happens in Oman, bring a Zionist to analyze to the viewers, listeners and readers that not having full and open diplomatic relations with the Zionist entity is the reasons for car accidents in the Arab world.

When floods destroy Pakistan, and earthquakes shake Iran bring a Zionist to explain to the viewers, listeners and readers that the floods and earthquakes are “God’s punishment” to all those who oppose “God’s chosen people”. When a mosque is to be built in NYC, bring a Zionist to explain to the viewers, listeners and readers that “11.09” is the new religion of the “civilized” world, that it is a matter of “us against them” before the green flags replace the white, red and blue stripes and stars, and before the minarets replace cable antennas and before Arabic becomes the official language of the US and the EU. And when Mars is invaded by the ”civilized world” for no reason at all, other than the usual “to spread democracy and freedom”, bring a Zionist who will make it get through the viewers, listeners and readers thick heads once and for all that “for Israel’s security we have to invade the planets and the galaxies, slaughter their people, destroy their homes and fields because the next Holocaust is coming, don’t know when, where or how, but it is coming. So we have to kill them all to prevent another Holocaust.” And when a Palestinian child is kidnapped from his/her bed in the middle of the night and tortured by an Israeli intelligence officer to force a false confession, ask a Zionist “expert on all issues Palestinian, middle eastern, and earthly” and he will tell you how the Palestinian child is actually thankful for the torture, is enjoying it and would in fact have wanted more if it weren’t for interfering “bigots” whose only task is to tarnish Israel’s image as the “only democracy in the Middle East”, as the “protector of human rights” and as the most, most perfect place in the whole galaxy. And while Zionists are allowed to tell fairy tales 24 hours non-stop, explaining, analyzing, showing the “problem with the Palestinians” and why “Palestinians are no men of peace while the war criminals Rabin, Shamir, Sharon, Barak, Livni and Netanyahu are the incarnation of peace, love and humanity”, Palestinians remain “irrelevant” when it comes to their own freedom, rights, land and even their own lives.

When Palestinians tell their story, rarely anyone cares or pays attention, unless of course the story is written by a non-Palestinian. And if we Palestinians tell the story often enough for some to pay attention and listen, it will be said: this is propaganda.

We are asked to provide “evidence” that the young man murdered in cold blood by the Israeli occupation forces in front of tens of witnesses was no “terrorist”, while the claims of the murderers, i.e. the IOF, that the man they had just murdered was a “terrorist”, would be accepted without dispute.

The IOF is never requested to provide proof to its claims and fairy tales, and of course the tens of Palestinian witnesses would be dismissed as “irrelevant”.

We are asked to provide “evidence” that the bullet that killed the little girl while sitting in her classroom is with a 1000% accuracy an “Israeli” bullet and not some bullet flying from south America and on its way to the north pole hit the little Palestinian girl who was reading her school book. The probability that the south American bullet was responsible for the little girl’s death is greater than that of an Israeli bullet, considering that the south American bullet came flying in Palestinian school classes incidentally at the same time the Israeli soldiers were shooting in the direction of the school is only an “Anti-Semitic scheme to further delegitimize Israel and blame it for things others did”. Oh, those south Americans, shooting Palestinian children all the way from the other side of the planet and blaming poor little hated-by-everyone-for-no-reason Israel. And the fact that the Israeli army observation point positioned exactly opposite the classroom had a history of targeting Palestinians on their way to school, work or homes would also be made “irrelevant”. We are asked to provide “evidence” that the Palestinian family forcibly evacuated from its ancestral home built on its ancestral land “owns” the house despite the fact that the house is older than the Zionist entity itself. Zionist colonists carrying features of far away landscapes would be produced as the “wandering children” returning to reclaim their house, while the real owners of the house who carry the features of the land, whose blood and sweat flow in the land and whose roots reach deep into the heart of the land would be considered “irrelevant”. We are asked to provide “evidence” that Jrash, Deir Aban, Zakariya and all other villages ethnically cleansed of their people and then erased of the face of the earth by the Zionists are a fact and not fiction, despite the millions and millions of Palestinian refugees who carry these villages in their minds, hearts and their names. They ask for “evidence” that these villages existed, that there was ever “ethnic cleansing” while their leaders brag about the massacres and the destruction of the homes and the fields, while they demolish even our cemeteries to delete not only the living but the dead as well. They ask for “evidence” while they come from Germany, France, the UK, the US and Russia and occupy homes of those forced out during the Nakba. They ask for “evidence” while they build museums, schools and parks over our dead, our homes and our lives.

And despite the unending ocean of footage documenting Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian people, you still hear demands for “providing evidence” to “ungrounded accusations” aiming only at distorting the image of the peace-loving Zionist entity. And after air raids, bombing and butchering Palestinian civilians sleeping in their homes, and after mourning the tens, hundreds and thousands of dead children, women and elderly killed for no other reason than being Palestinian, you will still hear demands for evidence; the US, the EU, the UN and almost everyone else and their respective media would demand an “evidence” to your “claims”, while remember, when rival Israeli mafia gangs bomb each other’s discos, shops and building, everyone rushes to take Israel’s word for it that it was a Palestinian “terror attack”. No “evidence” is needed, for the IOF has spoken and its word shall be. And in cases when evidence of Israel’s war crimes is being transmitted live to the whole universe, as during the Israeli genocide in Gaza, everyone who had been demanding an “evidence” would turn blind for the day, and the Zionist entity who in such cases would not be able to twist the facts would just twist the law and declare that from now on the use of phosphorous bombs is legal in residential areas and the “conscientious” world would nod and pat on Israel’s shoulders.

And then there are the tens of thousands of other cases, when Israel committed war crimes in broad daylight and no “evidence” is “documented”, other than the testimonies of the survivors who are “irrelevant” since they are Palestinians. While Israel attacks, for example Jenin refugee camp, commits atrocities there and then comes out in front of the cameras to denounce Palestinian “claims” and demand “evidence”, only few would care remember that just before and during the atrocities Jenin was declared a closed military area, with no real journalists allowed in or out. It was only after Israel “cleaned” the refugee camp of the worst traces of its war crimes that it allowed journalists to enter Jenin. So, you see, next time you wonder why in this time and day, with all the technology that is strangling us, it is in rare cases that evidence in form of live footage is provided of Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians, then know it is so because the Israeli occupation army, the “most moral army in the world”, commits its crimes in previously declared closed military areas, so no witnesses be present except the Palestinian witnesses who are “irrelevant”. And know that the Zionist entity, the “only democracy in the Middle East”, often only permits Journalists to work in occupied Palestine after signing statements that they won’t write anything that might be “harmful to Israel’s systematic murdering of Palestinians”, aka Israel’s “security”, thus censoring everything they write, and journalists disobeying the rules won’t be given permits to report anymore. And know that this “defender of human rights”, the “only upholder of freedom of speech in a sea of dictatorships and censorships”, would not hesitate in kidnapping this journalist, bombarding the office of that news agency or even murdering the cameraman who dared film Israel while it was doing “humanitarian work” for the Palestinians: How dare these journalists film us, humanitarian work should better be kept anonymous, as in Haiti.

And there are cases when, despite Israel’s censorship, evidence is provided, because someone filmed secretly the great deeds of the “most moral army in the world”, or someone was able to hide the film before he/she and his/her camera were battered by the media-shy humanitarian workers of the IOF, or because a nice, kind soldier of the IOF, who loves Palestinians to death and who only wanted to bring laughter to the lives of stern Palestinians who don’t understand the joys of life and don’t want to say “cheez” to the camera, was able to share with the world her “best moments in life” before the “most moral army in the world” explained to her that good deeds are better kept secret, not exposed because “the world hates us and doesn’t understand us”. In these rare cases when, despite Israel’s censorship, evidence is provided, the Zionist entity and its terrorist army are ready with their Hasbara:

1 deny the “allegations”; what Palestinians say is always allegation/claims, fairy tales. What Israelis say is always fact, the words of no other than “God’s chosen people”.

2 then when some stupid reporter (who will definitely become jobless after the article/TV report/interview) goes a bit further than allowed and shows some footage or pictures that had escaped the Zionist censor, the Zionist entity (after of course the usual process of accusing the reporter of being unfit for journalist work, biased, hates Israel, Anti-Semite) declares this is a fabrication, a “Palywood” production and “the whole world is against us”, when in fact it is them who are experts in Zionwood productions (for examples of Zionwood productions: The Fantasy World of ZIONWOOD).

3 if the evidence is too damning and the claims of “allegations”, “Paliwood” and “the coming Holocaust” don’t work, the Zionist entity apologizes stressing the “incident” is an “isolated incident”, a “shameless act”, is “regrettable” and was carried out by a “deranged” person.  Some Zionist army commander appears in a press conference, says: “look how sad I am for the loss of this Palestinian and that, but the soldier who killed them, and although following orders of the IOF, was acting alone, and although his/her conduct is common in the Israeli army, he/she doesn’t represent us, and to show the Palestinians our sincere anguish for their loss we will be rewarding the soldier who accidently, while working alone, killed a Palestinian who might have grown up to become a terrorist. We feel your loss, but it is your fault”. In fact, considering the number of such “incidents” and all the “deranged” soldiers serving in the Israeli occupation army and with a bit of mathematics, the outcome of this equation is clear: Zionists are murderers who enjoy killing people and stealing their land.

4 again, in cases of massacres committed live on camera for the whole world to see, where no other lie helps, the Zionist entity uses the magic sentence: “we were defending ourselves”. Remember among others Al-Aqsa, Jenin, Gaza, the Flotilla?

Numerous are the examples of the nature of Zionism which is pure terrorism, racism and ethnic cleansing of indigenous peoples and the theft of their land, history and culture. Numerous are the Zionist atrocities committed against the Palestinians. Numerous are the Zionist atrocities each one of us experienced, witnessed or heard of from relatives, friends and neighbours. But for the moment, here are 3 examples, with more, including personal experiences, to follow in another post.

Mahmoud Salah
On 08.03.2002, 23 year old Mahmoud Salah from Nablus was killed in cold-blood by the Israeli border police.
According to several eyewitnesses, Mahmoud was stopped at the Beit Hanina Israeli military checkpoint, searched and handcuffed. The Israeli police took off Mahmoud’s clothes and 30 minutes after his arrest, and while under the control of the Israeli border police, Mahmoud was executed. A bomb-detecting robot was brought to deceive the world and claim Mahmoud was a “suicide bomber”. One witness, Yehiya al-Waari, 56, testified that Salah: “was assassinated half an hour after his arrest, after police completely subdued him.”…”At around 4:15pm on Friday, a border guard police patrol came to the Third Project in Nuseibeh Housing Project in Occupied Jerusalem and summoned two youths who were in the street there, one of them was a member of the Nuseibeh Quarter and his name was Randy, and the other youth was saying that his name is Mahmoud from Nablus region”…..”when Mahmud arrived, he was immediately handcuffed, then (the policemen) raised his hands and threw him against my car. Minutes later, a police bomb disposal unit arrived on the scene.”… “A policeman had put his foot on (Salah’s) neck, another was holding his legs while and a third his hands. All the neighbours and myself saw from our windows and balconies how he was executed, more than half an hour after his arrest,” … ”The members of the special units threw him to the ground and cut open and removed his clothes with a special blade, leaving him with only his boxer shorts on,”… “Members of the regular police were, from the start, clearly disagreeing with the members of the special units who executed Salah and were repeating in Hebrew: ‘Let’s kill him!”. Al-Waari adds that the Israeli border police executed Salah “from a distance 40 to 60 centimetres … and left him lying on the ground for 40 minutes until his death. They then brought robot to remove an explosive belt”.[1]

Zionist and Co media repeated the propaganda of the Israeli border police claiming that the Israeli police had shot dead a Palestinian who was on his way to carry out a “suicide attack”. In one statement after the other, the Israeli police tried to justify the murder. One Israeli police spokesman, Kobi Zarhad, claimed that Salah “was wearing a explosive belt on his stomach and detonator on his chest.” adding that “This person was killed because he could not be subdued. It is only after he was dead that we were able to remove the (explosive) belt”.[2] In a press release, the Israeli police insolently claimed that Mahmoud: “was held on the ground, face down, while a bomb disposal expert attempted to dismantle the explosive device. This lasted a number of minutes. During this time, the suicide bomber attempted several times to detonate the bomb by rubbing his chest against the ground in the hope of activating the detonation switch. In order to prevent the murder of the policemen and the bomb disposal officer, the suicide bomber was shot and killed by police. The bomb was dismantled with the aid of a bomb disposal robot.”[3] The Palestinians who witnessed the execution refuted the story of the Israeli border police, and said that it was an execution, a murder in cold blood. Unknown to the Israeli police, the whole execution was being filmed from a nearby building. The footage shows clearly how Mahmoud Salah was forced on the ground, his clothes being taken off (no explosive belt to be seen) and then executed. A robot is brought to “dismantle” the nonexistent explosive belt. The photos taken prove what the eyewitnesses said and expose the Israeli lies. One photo shows Mahmoud’s almost naked body and nowhere is an explosive belt to be seen. It shows Mahmoud is dead on the ground face down, so how did the robot dismantle the – obviously nonexistent – explosive device? Mahmoud was arrested, handcuffed, under the control of the soldiers and completely subdued for a whole 30 minutes before he was executed, which also refutes the Israeli lie that it took a few minutes. Another photo shows some soldiers pinning Mahmoud to the ground just before executing him. If Mahmoud had an explosive device tied to his stomach, would the Israeli police hold him on the ground face down? Would they have held him and sat on him like that had they had 0.1% of a doubt that he had an explosive belt on him? No, they would never have dared do that. They were SURE there was no explosive belt! According to the Jerusalem Post, the Israeli Police Inspector General Shlomo Aharonishky called two Israeli border policemen who executed Mahmoud to personally thank them.

Sabri Fayez Younis Ar-Rjoub:
On 14.02.2005, Sabri, the 16 years old boy from Doura village, was killed by an Israeli occupation officer at the Israeli military checkpoint near the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron.
According to all witness, Sabri was executed. The mother who rushed to see her son saw him riddled with bullets, covered with blood and Israeli policemen surrounding him, laughing and pointing at him. A Palestinian photographer, Nayef Al-Hashlamoun, took a picture showing the “humanity” of the Israeli policemen after they had killed the unarmed boy. One Israeli policeman smiles and points at Sabri lying dead on the ground, while another just looks at his “chatting” friends, as if no little child had just been murdered.
Palestinian Eyewitnesses to the murder testified to human rights organizations that the Israeli commander at the checkpoint personally fired the bullets at Sabri from a distance of only 10 meters. Sabri was hit in the chest, abdomen, pelvis and right leg. The Israeli commander approached the boy and started kicking him to make sure he was dead. He then shot Sabri again 3 direct bullets in the chest from a distance of 1 m. Israeli occupation army, as always, hurried to claim that Sabri, the little unarmed boy, had tried to stab a fully-armed Israeli soldier. No knife was found with the boy.

As usual, if nothing is found on a victim, no knife and no bombs to present to the world, either some are miraculously “created” or the victim is responsible for his own death: he was walking, talking, looking, thinking in a “suspicious” way:“The IOF claimed Al-Rjoub approached in “suspicious” way Israeli troops guarding the Muslim shrine of Al-Haram Al-Ibrahimi in the southern West Bank city of Hebron and tried to stab a soldier with a knife. Witnesses said the boy was unarmed and the IOF troops shot to kill him in cold blood.”[4] I really want to know what “suspicious” means: Was Sabri, the 16 year old child, walking on his hands? Or was he perhaps jumping up and down as he “approached” the checkpoint? And as for the Zionist obsession with the “isolated” incident excuse, on 30.05.2005, Omar Radi Mahmoud Houshyyieh, 28 years old from Yatta, was murdered in a very similar way: Israeli occupation forces stationed at one checkpoint in the old city of Hebron shot Omar dead and later claimed he tried stabbing a soldier. At hospital, doctors found at least 7 bullets in Omar’s body. Palestinian residents of the area refuted the Israeli claim. I wonder; did Omar walk or talk in a suspicious way? or did he maybe wear a suspicious blouse or a suspicious trouser?

Huda Al-Khawaja
During an Israeli army assault on Aida refugee camp near Bethlehem on 08.03.2002, Israeli soldiers hammered on the house door of Huda Al-Khawaja in search of “alleged weapons”. As Huda approaches the door to open it, the soldiers blow it up using explosives injuring her seriously. She fell to the ground bleeding while her husband and children surrounded her, cried and pleaded with the soldiers to get medical help and save her. But the soldiers refused and went on with their search of the alleged weapons which were never found. During the search, the soldiers destroyed the property of Al-Khawaja family and several walls in the house all while ignoring the dying Huda. Huda, 31 years old mother of 5, was left for one whole hour to bleed to death before the Israeli army finally allowed medical help to come. Huda was murdered.

When the story of Huda was told by Palestinians, as usual only few believed them. But two weeks later, an Israeli TV station decided to break the Israeli censorship and aired a report showing the Israeli raid and what happened in Huda’s house. On 19.03.2002, CBC reported: “When CBC News spoke with Ismail Hawarjeh at Bethlehem’s hospital earlier this month, there was no way to verify the story he told about how his wife had died, until Israel’s Channel 2 broadcast the tape last weekend.”[5] In other words: when the Palestinians tell their story, we “can’t be sure they are telling the truth”, unless Israel confirms it! As customary, the “only democracy in the Middle East” and the “protector of freedoms” didn’t allow journalists inside the camp to report what atrocities the army was committing. Only chosen Israeli media outlets were allowed to join the soldiers, provided the army censors their reporting. A team recorded the blowing up of the door, Huda injured and bleeding on the ground and her family’s pleading with the soldiers to help her. The report showed Khawaja “begging soldiers to allow an ambulance through. The camera captured the terror of the woman’s daughter, and her brother’s attempt to stop her from showing the soldiers her fear. After the woman was finally taken out, one of the soldiers looked into the camera and said: “I don’t know what we’re doing here. Purification, maybe. It’s dirty here. I don’t know why a good Hebrew boy should be here, so far from his home.” The soldiers tore the home apart, evidently looking for weapons (my comment: none were found). Another daughter begged them not to demolish the home’s wall. Soldiers commonly smash walls to move into adjacent houses.[6]

After airing the report, the Israeli occupation army announced its “embarrassed” by the video, i.e. by the broadcast of the video and not by the action of the soldiers since they knew about it the minute it happened and ordered its censorship. Ranaan Gissin, Hasbara master who is always there on TV channels after every Israeli atrocity to defend Israeli massacres and justify the killing of Palestinian civilians and to accuse Palestinians of being responsible for their own slaughter, had this to say about leaving a mother of 5 to bleed to death: “I would have expected a little bit more self-censorship on the part of the Israeli media”[7]. And maybe a little bit of Zionwood, don’t you think, Mr. Gissin? Maybe TV stations should have edited the report a little bit before airing it to make Huda beg for her own death or maybe they should have altered it a bit to show that those who blew up the door and turned the house upside down were not Israeli soldiers but some “terrorists” who wanted to tarnish the image of the “most moral army in the world”. The report adds: “The army, after trying to suppress distribution of the pictures, admitted the soldiers’ actions pushed the boundaries of public acceptance”.[8] So, first try to suppress the atrocities your army keeps committing, and if you fail act distraught, shocked, bewildered, displeased and disappointed at the atrocity you always encouraged. Israeli army spokesman Olivier Rafowicz called what happened to Huda “a mistake”. A mere “mistake”!

A report on Huda Al-Khawaja’s murder and the IOF cover-up:

We will continue to tell our story, we will tell it every hour and every day. We will tell the story of the boy murdered on the way to the school, the story of the grandmother beaten by occupation soldiers the age of her grandchildren, the story of the father beaten and humiliated by Israeli soldiers at the checkpoint in front of his children, the story of the mother forced to give birth at a checkpoint in front of laughing soldiers, the story of the famer defending his fields from Zionist colonists who have come to burn the olives, the almonds and the figs, the story of the fisherman shot dead for seeking food for his children, the story of the prisoner buried alive in dark dungeons because he dared dream of freedom, the story of the girl who sat on the hilltop, watched Jerusalem spread in front of her and swore to tell the world about the beautiful people of this beautiful land, the great injustice that has been done to them from everyone and about the spirit of resistance and steadfastness that will guide the Palestinians to regain their legitimate rights and their freedom.
We will continue to tell our story; yours and mine, till the world finally opens its eyes and ears and finds its conscience. And as we tell our story, the Zionist entity will continue its lying, its fabrications and its Hasbara, but at the end of the day it is justice that will prevail, it is freedom that will embrace Palestine and it is the Palestinians who will have the final word: a free Palestine from the River to the Sea.

[2] Ibid
[6] Ibid
[7] Ibid
[8] Ibid

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Gaza, Zionism and World Domination: Origins of Zionist Ideology

>25. Aug, 2010

Bishop Donald R. Corder
Theodore Herzl the Father of Modern Zionism writes of the mystical manner wherein The Jewish State was idealized in the white heat of spontaneous revelation. “…then suddenly the storm breaks the clouds open. A thousand impressions beat upon him at the same time – a gigantic vision. He cannot think; he is unable to move, he can only write; breathless, unreflecting, and unable to control himself or to exercise his critical faculties lest he dam the eruption, he dashes down his thoughts on scraps of paper. As if under increasing command, so furiously did the cataract of his thoughts rush through him, that he thought he was going out of his mind. He was not working out the idea. The idea was working him out. It would have been an hallucination had it not been so informed by reason from first to last.”

Setting aside the historic writings of the Jewish origins of state wherein is contained, they would be scattered from one end of the earth unto the other, they would find no ease as their hearts would be full of fear and they would be sold unto their enemies and none would desire them. Herzl rather employs the 1847 construct developed by the Jews in response to their historic sufferings. Anti-Semitism is coined as the inspiration for the Jewish State and elaborately detailed methodology is framed for bringing the Nation of Israel into existence. Asserting, “Our national character is too historically famous, and, in spite of every degradation, too fine to make assimilation desirable.”

Thereinafter he asserts a simple design in order to execute the complexities of bringing his plans to pass. Security for the integrity of the movement and vigor of its execution would be the creation of a corporate body to be called, “The Society of the Jews.” These would do the preparatory works in terms of technology gathering and politics. While the second corporation identified as the “Jewish Company” would have responsibility for wealth accumulation and practical applications of the Society’s information gathering. His vision moves to acknowledging the need to produce a global kingdom governed in the similitude of the Vatican. Thus, setting the stage and framework for World Domination, as thoroughly detailed in the “Protocols of the Meetings of the 70 Learned Elders of Zion.”

“According to the records of secret Jewish Zionism, Solomon and other Jewish learned men already, in 929 B.C., thought out a scheme in theory for a peaceful conquest of the whole universe by Zion.” Dr. Ehrenpreis, Chief Rabbi of Sweden, said in 1924, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion were in point of fact not the original Protocols at all, but a compressed extract of the same. Of the 70 Elders of Zion, in the matter of origin and of the existence of the original Protocols, there are only ten men in the entire world who know.” The 24 Protocols contained within the volume embody the substance of addresses delivered to the innermost circle of the Rulers of Zion accumulated over centuries and reveals that the scheme was worked out in detail and completed by men who converted this plan of action of the Jewish Nation for world domination.  The belief is strong that the Protocols were issued, or reissued, at the First Zionist Congress held at Basle in 1897 under the presidency of the Father of Modern Zionism, the late Theodore Herzl. (“The Great Within the Small” published by Nilus in 1901).

Symbolic Snake of Judaism was employed to depict the global serpentine movement of the Jewish people throughout the nations of the world in the implementation of their power grabs. While the head of the beast, depicted the secret society of those who have been initiated into the plans and made a part of the Jewish administration required to carry out the manipulations required. In the year 1844, on the eve of the Jewish Revolution of 1848, Benjamin Disraeli, published his novel, “Coningsby” stating, “The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes of all governments.” as this Snake penetrated into the hearts of the nations which it encountered it undermined and devoured all the non-Jewish power of these States.

The return of the head of the Snake to Zion can only be accomplished after the power of all the Sovereign of Europe has been laid low, that is to say, when by means of economic crises and wholesale destruction effected everywhere, there shall have been brought about a spiritual demoralization and a moral corruption. But the late Walter Rathenau writing in the WIENER FREIE PRESSE, December 24, 1912, said: “Three hundred men, each of whom knows all the others, govern the fate of the European continent, and they elect their successors from their entourage.” This is a secret which has not been revealed. They are the Hidden Hand. And he went on to show that these personages were all Jews.

Extreme cunning, patience and stealth has allowed for the successful political and financial execution of Herzl’s ‘Society of the Jews’ and the ‘Hidden Hand’ schemas, symbolically, pictured as the “Snake.” Now, the beast is being drawn through the Americas and in the United States of America, it has been partially identified as the “Council on Foreign Relations” (C.F.R.) and the “Trilateral Commission“. Excerpts from the chapter “Who Are the Elders” (“The Great within the Small” published by Nilus in 1901).

In the early 1960s, Senator William J. Fulbright fought to force the American Zionist Council to register as agents of a foreign government. The Council eluded registration by reorganizing as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. AIPAC has since become what Fulbright most feared: a foreign agent dominating American foreign policy while disguised as a domestic lobby. (“How the Israel Lobby Took Control of U.S. Foreign Policy” by Jeff Gates.)

Volunteers or helpers to the Jewish State agenda shaped by Herzl and the Learned Elders of Zion; staff positions in political offices and play strategic roles in U.S. Policy making. Where there are also numerous guys at the working level of Capitol Hill, who happen to be Jewish and are willing to look at certain issues through Jewish eyes. All of these collectively are in position to make decisions for those senators with whom they work.

Author Victor Ostrovsky, formerly a Zionist agent, conceded in 1990 that the Mossad had 7,000 sayanim (volunteers or helpers) in London alone. What this vast volunteer corps is not told is that an operation may endanger not only Israel but also the broader Jewish community when Tel Aviv is linked to extremism, terrorism, extortion, organized crime, espionage and treason. Ostrovsky explains in “By Way of Deception.”

James Petras, retired Bartle Professor (Emeritus) who has published prolifically on Latin American and Middle Eastern political issues. Petras describes himself as a “revolutionary and anti-imperialist” activist and writer. He coined the term Zionist Power Configuration. It is much more than a lobby. The Zionist Power Configuration (ZPC) has over two thousand full-time functionaries, more than 250,000 activists, over a thousand billionaire and multi-millionaire political donors who contribute funds to both political parties. The ZPC secures 20% of the US foreign military aid budget for Israel, over 95% congressional support for Israel’s boycott and armed incursions in Gaza, invasion of Lebanon, and preemptive military option against Iran. “Zionism and the Media” by Donald Dinelli.

Jewish Achievement reports that 42% of the largest political donors to the 2000 election cycle were Jewish, including four of the top five. That compares to less than 2% of Americans who are Jewish. Of the Forbes 400 richest Americans, 25% are Jewish according to Michael Steinhardt, a key funder of the Democratic Leadership Council. The DLC was led by Jewish Zionist Senator Joe Lieberman when he resigned in 2000 to run as vice president with pro-Israeli presidential candidate Al Gore. When asked if the US will object, Netanyahu responds: “America is something that can be easily moved. Moved to the right direction … They won’t get in our way … Eighty per cent of the Americans support us. It’s absurd.” “Netanyahu: I deceived US to destroy Oslo accords.”

In all corners of the earth the words “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity,” brought to our ranks, thanks to our blind agents, whole legions who bore our banners with enthusiasm. And all the time these words were canker-worms at work boring into the well-being of the GOYIM (non-Jews), putting an end everywhere to peace, quiet, solidarity and destroying all the foundations of the GOY States. As you will see later, this helped us to our triumph: it gave us the possibility, among other things, of getting into our hands the master card – the destruction of the privileges, or in other words, of the very existence of the aristocracy of the GOYIM, that class which was the only defense peoples and countries had against us. On the ruins of the natural and genealogical aristocracy of the GOYIM we have set up the aristocracy of our educated class headed by the aristocracy of money. The qualifications for this aristocracy we have established in wealth, which is dependent upon us, and in knowledge, for which our learned elders provide the motive force. “Protocols of the Meetings of the 70 Learned Elders of Zion.”

Special Thanks to our Writer Bishop Donald R. Corder
Bishop Donald R. Corder is the spiritual leader of the Spirit of Life International Believers Fellowship and Senior Pastor for the Pillar of Truth Ministries. Mr. Corder is a published author, grassroots organizer and community activist, in addition to his work in urban and international development as a business consultant and entrepreneur.

Part 2

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Contributed By Frank




Palestine Civil Rights Campaign-Lebanon


“Failure is not an option for the Palestine Civil Rights Campaign, our only choice is success”

15 year old Hiba Hajj, PCRC volunteer, Ein el Helwe Palestinian Camp, Saida, Lebanon

Please check our website for UPDATES:

Franklin P. Lamb, LLM,PhD
Director, Americans Concerned for
Middle East Peace, Wash.DC-Beirut

Board Member, The Sabra Shatila Foundation and the Palestine Civil Rights Campaign, Beirut-Washington DC
Shatila Palestinian Refugee Camp
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Amnesty Int’l Finland: ‘Israel scum state’

>Rehmat’s World

Posted on August 25, 2010 by rehmat1|

As everyone knows that Israel and its hired poodles have this nasty habit of calling everyone – both allies and critics – anti-Semite, holocaust denier or Jew-hater – whosoever criticizes the zionist entity or Zionism. However, once a while, some people do pick up the courage to return the favor.

For example, in December 2001, the French Ambassador to Britain, Daniel Bernard (a Jew I presume), called the zionist entity “That shitty little country, Israel”.

John Kaminisky called Israel “an outlaw state”.

Some Iranian leaders called it “the little Shyatan (Devil)”.

Bishop Tutu and former US President Jimmy Carter called it “an apartheid state”.

However, no one has called the Zionist entity “a scum state” before – and the credit for that goes to Frank Johanssan, the director of Amnesty International branch in Finland.

The best part of Frank’s ‘anti-Semitism’ is that unlike Jimmy Carter or Helen Thomas or former Australian MP Julia Irwin – he refuses to apologize for his remarks under Jewish lobby pressure.

In an interview via telephone with Israeli daily The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday, he said that he stands by his statement that Israel is a “scum state”.

When asked why he termed Israel a “scum state”, Johansson said because Israel has repeatedly “flouted international law” and due to his “personal experience inside and outside of Israel meeting Israelis”.

Johansson said that his remarks were not anti-Semitic. “I actually praise Breaking the Silence,” he said, referring to an Israeli organization claiming to collect and share testimonies of former IDF soldiers over human rights violations they allegedly witnessed, while rarely providing names of troops, dates and locations of these incidents.

Asked whether there are other countries aside from Israel that, according to him, meet the definition of a “scum state,” Johansson did not specify any, but noted that there are “Russian officials” who meet the criteria.

Finland was part of Sweden till 1917 when it declared itself a Republic. There is a small Muslim community of 20,000 (mostly foreign workers) within country’s population of 5.3 million. Jewish population is estimated to be less than 3,000, Finland recognized Zionist entity in 1948. David Ben Gurion visited Finland in 1962. In May 1967, the prime minister of Finland, Raphael Paasio, visited Tel Aviv.

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Mossad in America

Israeli intelligence steps up its activity in the U.S. — and gets away with it.

By Philip Giraldi

Israeli government claims that it does not spy on the United States are intended for the media and popular consumption. The reality is that Israel’s intelligence agencies target the United States intensively, particularly in pursuit of military and dual-use civilian technology.

Among nations considered to be friendly to Washington, Israel leads all others in its active espionage directed against American companies and the Defense Department. It also dominates two commercial sectors that enable it to extend its reach inside America’s domestic infrastructure: airline and telecommunications security. Israel is believed to have the ability to monitor nearly all phone records originating in the United States, while numerous Israeli air-travel security companies are known to act as the local Mossad stations.

As tensions with Iran increase, sources in the counterintelligence community report that Israeli agents have become more aggressive in targeting Muslims living in the United States as well as in operating against critics. There have been a number of cases reported to the FBI about Mossad officers who have approached leaders in Arab-American communities and have falsely represented themselves as “U.S. intelligence.” Because few Muslims would assist an Israeli, this is done to increase the likelihood that the target will cooperate. It’s referred to as a “false flag” operation.

Mossad officers sought to recruit Arab-Americans as sources willing to inform on their associates and neighbors. The approaches, which took place in New York and New Jersey, were reportedly handled clumsily, making the targets of the operation suspicious. These Arab-Americans turned down the requests for cooperation, and some of the contacts were eventually reported to the FBI, which has determined that at least two of the Mossad officers are, ironically, Israeli Arabs operating out of Israel’s mission to the United Nations in New York under cover as consular assistants.

In another bizarre case, U.S.S. Liberty survivor Phil Tourney was recently accosted in Southern California by a foreigner who eventually identified himself as an Israeli government representative. Tourney was taunted, and the Israeli threatened both him and journalist Mark Glenn, who has been reporting on the Liberty story. Tourney was approached in a hotel lounge, and it is not completely clear how the Israeli was able to identify him. But he knew exactly who Tourney was, as the official referred to the Liberty, saying that the people who had been killed on board had gotten what they deserved. There were a number of witnesses to the incident, including Tourney’s wife. The threat has been reported to the FBI, which is investigating, but Tourney and Glenn believe that the incident is not being taken seriously by the bureau.
FBI sources indicate that the increase in Mossad activity is a major problem, particularly when Israelis are posing as U.S. government officials, but they also note that there is little they can do to stop it as the Justice Department refuses to initiate any punitive action or prosecutions of the Mossad officers who have been identified as involved in the illegal activity.

In another ongoing Israeli spy case, Stewart Nozette appears to be headed towards eventual freedom as his case drags on through the District of Columbia courts. Nozette, an aerospace scientist with a top secret clearance and access to highly sensitive information, offered to sell classified material to a man he believed to be a Mossad officer, but who instead turned out to be with the FBI. Nozette has been in jail since October, but he has now been granted an additional 90-day delay so his lawyers can review the documents in the government’s case, many of which are classified. If Nozette demands that sensitive information be used in his defense, his case will likely follow the pattern set in the nine-times-postponed trial of AIPAC spies Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman, who were ultimately acquitted in April 2009 when prosecutors determined that they could not make their case without doing significant damage to national security. A month after Rosen and Weissman were freed, Ben-Ami Kadish, who admitted to providing defense secrets to Israel while working as an engineer at Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey, walked out of a Manhattan court after paying a fine. He did no jail time and continues to receive his substantial Defense Department pension.

The mainstream media reported the Rosen and Weissman trial intermittently, but there was virtually no coverage of Ben-Ami Kadish, and there has been even less of Nozette. Compare that with the recent reporting on the Russian spies who, by all accounts, did almost nothing and never obtained any classified information. It is hard to avoid the conclusion that spying for Israel is consequence free.

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15,000 "illusionary" civil servants in Ramallah authority


[ 25/08/2010 – 09:53 AM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The institution for integrity and accountability “Aman” has said that 15,000 names of non-existent employees are registered on the Ramallah authority’s payroll.

It said in a statement on Tuesday that it had revealed the fact at its annual conference last April, adding that tens of millions of shekels are paid for what it called “ghosts”.

The institution urged the (unconstitutional) government of Salam Fayyad to adopt immediate decisions and measures to ration the payroll topped by halting exceptional appointments and promotions and to end the “ghosts phenomenon”.

Aman further noted that corruption and misuse of government vehicles was costing the PA budget 30 million shekels per month.

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