"A century of dispute peaks in south Beirut"


“… Who would have thought that a gynecologist’s office in the Hizbullah-dominated southern Beirut suburb of Dahiyeh would be the symbolic place where the colonial and anti-colonial struggles of the past century would reach their confrontational peak and bring to a head this long-simmering war. Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah’s call Thursday night for all Lebanese to stop cooperating with the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL), which is investigating and will soon indict those it believes killed former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and 22 others five years ago, followed an attempt by STL officers to examine patient files in the doctor’s office in Dahiyeh a few days ago, presumably because the STL has evidence it believes implicates some Hizbullah personnel in the assassinations. Hizbullah supporters, mostly women, beat back the STL party and quickly heightened the political confrontation that has been brewing in the country for months.
Nasrallah’s open call to boycott and actively oppose the STL marks a historic moment of reckoning that is as dangerous as it was inevitable. This is because Hizbullah and the STL represent perhaps the two most powerful symbols of the two most important forces that have defined the Middle East for the past century or more: On the one hand, Western (including Israeli) interests and interventions that seek to shape this region in a manner that suits Western aims more than it suits indigenous rights, and, on the other hand, native Arab-Islamic-nationalist resistance that seeks to shape our societies according to Arab-Islamic worldviews as defined by a consensus of local actors, identities and forces.
Stripped to its core, this tension between Hizbullah and the STL is a microcosm of the overarching fact of the modern era in which Western-manufactured Arab statehood has generally failed to gain either real traction or sustained credibility; thus it has fallen on groups like Hizbullah to play a leading role in confronting Israeli and Western power in a manner that most Arab governments have been unable or unwilling to do. Therefore we live through this historic but frightening moment when a century of confrontation reaches a pivotal juncture: the collective will of the Western-dominated world (the Security Council-created STL) confronts the strong rejection and public resistance of the only Arab group (Hizbullah) that has forced an Israeli military withdrawal and confounded the Israeli armed forces, while transcending Arabism and Islamism, religiosity and secularism, Arabs and Iranians, Shiites and Sunnis, and assorted Lebanese Christians and Muslims.
The confrontation now playing itself out in various public milieus between Hizbullah and the STL is made more complex and difficult to resolve because of deep links with other regional actors, especially Israel, Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia. The STL is unlike anything that the Arab world has witnessed or experienced in its entire modern history, because it represents something frightening to many Arabs: the unanimous decision of the Security Council of the UN to probe deep into the inner fibers of Arab societies – mostly Lebanon and Syria, in this case – in order to stop the political assassinations that shocked the world five years ago (but that have also plagued the modern Arab world for the past half a century or more, without anyone caring).
The majority of Lebanese want to know who killed Rafik Hariri and would like to see such assassinations cease once and for all, but they have proven unable to do this on their own. The Security Council stepped in forcefully in early 2005 to do the job, and it did so partly because some powers who dominate the council saw an opportunity to hit the Syrians and Hizbullah hard. At a moment when the neoconservative-controlled US thought it could frighten any Arab party into compliance with its dictates simply by brandishing the threat of an Iraq-like assault, the move was made to push Syria out of Lebanon and to disarm Hizbullah. The scenes that followed did not conform to the script the Bush-Cheney White House and their pro-Israeli zealot friends had envisaged, because Syria, Hizbullah, Iran and others pushed back and resisted the moves against them. That dynamic has now reached its climax in events centered on Lebanon.
Two powerful forces confront each other now in public, American-dominated Western colonial intervention in the Arab region, and Islamist-dominated Arab-Islamic resistance from within that same Arab region. Three options present themselves: One of these two forces has to back down, both have to compromise and postpone the day of reckoning in their epic struggle, or they will soon settle this on the battlefields of Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Iran, American-dominated Iran and Afghanistan, and the oil and gas fields of the Gulf Arab states. Armageddon will look like a kindergarten cookie dance if the third option materializes, which is now a bit more likely than it was a week ago – because of the past century, more than the past week.…”

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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Gilad Atzmon: Zionist Tolerance For a Change


Friday, October 29, 2010 at 8:24PM Gilad Atzmon
‘Jewish left’ is basically an oxymoron. It is a contradiction in terms, because ‘Jewishness’ is a tribal ideology, whilst ‘the left’ are traditionally understood as aspiring to universalism.
On the face of it, the ‘Jewish left’ is, at least categorically, no different from Israel or Zionism: after all, it is an attempt to form yet another ‘Jews only political club’. And as far as the Palestinian solidarity movement is concerned, its role is subject to a growing debate — For on the one hand, one can see the political benefit of pointing at a very few ‘good Jews’, and emphasizing that there are Jews who ‘oppose Zionism as Jews’. Yet on the other hand, however, accepting the legitimacy of such a racially orientated political affair, is in itself, an acceptance of yet another form, or manifestation of Zionism, for Zionism claims that Jews are primarily Jewish, and had better operate politically as Jews(1).
To a certain extent then, it is clear that Jewish anti Zionism, is, in itself, still just another form of Zionism.
‘Jewish dissidence’ has two main roles: First, it attempts to depict and bolster a positive image of Jews in general (2). Second, it is there to silence and obscure any attempts on the part of the outsider to grasp the meaning of Jewish identity and Jewish politics within the machinations of the Jewish state. It is also there to stop elements in this movement from elaborating on the crucial role of Jewish lobbying.
The Jewish Left is there then, to mute any possible criticism of Jewish politics within the wider Left movements. It is there to stop the Goyim from looking into Jewish affairs.
A decade ago I met the Kosher dissident brigade for the first time — As soon as I started to express criticism of Israel and Zionism — they started to bounce around me.
For a short while, I fitted nicely into their discourse : I was young and energetic. I was an award winning musician, as well as a promising writer. In their eyes I was a celebrity, or at least a good reason to celebrate. Their chief commissars reserved the best, and most expensive dining tables ahead of my Orient House’s Ensemble concerts. The five grass-root penniless activists, followed the trend and came to my free stage Jazz Combo afternoon concerts in the Barbican Centre’s Foyer. They all wanted to believe that I would follow their agenda, and become a commissar myself.
They were also very quick to preach to me who were the ‘bad guys’, those who should be burnt in hell: Israel Shahak, Paul Eisen, Israel Shamir and Otto Weininger were just a few amongst the many baddies. As one may guess by now, it didn’t take me too long to admit to myself that there was more wisdom in a single sentence by Eisen, Weininger, Shahak or Shamir than in the entire work of the Jewish Left put together.
I was quick to make it clear to my new ‘Red’ fans that it was not going to work : I was an ex-Israeli, and I no longer regarded myself as a Jew any more. I shared nothing with them and I did not believe in their agenda. Indeed, I had left Israel because I wanted to drift as far away as I could from any form of tribal politics.
Paddling in chicken soup has never been my thing.
Naturally, I bought myself at least a half a dozen enemies, and they were quick to run a campaign against me. They tried to silence me; they desperately ( and hopelessly ) tried to wreck my music career; they mounted pressure on political institutions, media outlets, and music venues. One of them even tried to drag me to court.
But they failed all the way through and they failed on every possible level. The more pressure they mounted, the more people read my writing. At a certain point, people around me were convinced that my detractors were actually running my PR campaign. Moreover, the relentless attempts to silence me could only prove my point. They were there to divert attention away from the crucial role of Jewish politics and Jewish identity politics.
I have asked myself often enough — how is it that they failed with me? But I guess that the same internet that successfully defeated Israeli Hasbara, has also defeated the Jewish left and its hegemony within the movement. In the wider scheme of things, it is totally obvious how marginal the Jewish Marxist discourse is. Its voice within the dissident movement is, in actuality, insignificant.
I guess also, that the fact that I am a popular Jazz artist didn’t make life easy for them — At the time those Jewish commissars labeled me as a racist and an anti Semite, I was touring around the world with two ex Israeli Jews, an Argentinean Jew, a Romanian Gipsy and a Palestinian Oud player. It just couldn’t work for them, and it didn’t.
But here is an interesting twist : In comparison with the contemporaneous Jewish Red terror, Zionism comes across as a relatively tolerant endeavour. In recent months I have been approached by every possible Israeli media outlet. In the summer, Ouvda, the leading Israeli investigative TV show asked repeatedly to join with me and my band on the road. They were interested to launch a debate, and to discuss my ideas in prime time. This week, The Israeli Second Channel approached me for a news item. Again, they were interested in my views. Yesterday, I discussed my views for an hour with Guy Elhanan on Israel’s ‘Kol ha-shalom’ (Voice of Peace).
For the most obvious of reasons, I am very cautious when dealing with the Israeli media. I choose my outlets very carefully. I usually tend to refuse. But, I also accept that as a person who cares about the prospect of peace I must keep an open channel with the Israeli public, and two weeks ago I agreed to be interviewed by Haaretz writer,Yaron Frid. This was my first published interview in Israel for more than a decade.
I must admit that I was shocked to find out that not a single word of mine had been removed or censored. Haaretz let me say everything that the Kosher ‘Socialists’ had consistently tried to stop me from saying.
On my ‘self-hatred’ and Jewishness the Israeli paper Haaretz let me say :
“I am not a nice Jew, because I don’t want to be a Jew, because Jewish values don’t really turn me on and all this ‘Pour out Thy wrath on the nations’ stuff doesn’t impress me.”
It also let me question the entire Zionist ethos; the reality of plunder and deluded historicism : “Why do I live on lands that are not mine, the plundered lands of another people whose owners want to return to them but cannot? Why do I send my children to kill and be killed, after I myself was a soldier, too? Why do I believe all this bullshit about ‘because it’s the land of our forefathers’ and ‘our patrimony’ if I am not even religious?
And about Palestinians’ right of return, I said : “The Israelis can put an end to the conflict in two fucking minutes. Netanyahu gets up tomorrow morning, returns to the Palestinians the lands that belong to them.”
They let me express how I would differentiate between, and define Israel and Palestine: “Palestine is the land and Israel is the state. It took me time to realize that Israel was never my home, but only a fantasy saturated in blood and sweat.”
About chosen-ness, de-Judification and Jewish identity I said, “for Netanyahu and the Israelis to do that (accept the Palestinian right of return), they have to undergo de-Judaization and accept the fact that they are like all peoples and are not the chosen people. So, in my analysis this is not a political, sociopolitical or socioeconomic issue but something basic that has to do with Jewish identity.”
And in the interview I compared Jewish left with National Socialism — And Haaretz’s editorial let it through: “The idea of left-wing Jews is fundamentally sickening. It contains an absolute internal contradiction. If you are leftists it doesn’t matter whether you’re Jewish or not, so on principle when you present yourselves as leftist Jews you are accepting the idea of national socialism. Nazism.”
Haaretz, as could be expected, challenged my opposition to Jewish politics : “Atzmon has been accused from every possible platform of disseminating vitriol against Jews. He, though, maintains that he ‘hates everyone in equal measure.’ He’s also been accused of self-hatred, but he is the first to admit this, and in comparison with Otto Weininger – the Austrian Jewish philosopher who converted to Christianity and of whom Hitler said, ‘There was one good Jew in Germany, and he killed himself’ – he is even proud. ‘Otto and I are good friends.’”
But clearly, at least Israelis can cope with Otto Weininger and his ideology. However — when I gave a talk about Otto Weininger in a London Marxist book shop five years ago (Bookmarks), a ‘synagogue’ of fourteen Jewish Marxists unsuccessfully tried to picket the event and to pressure the SWP into submission.
Guess what; they failed.
Haaretz challenged my take on the Holocaust; yet it printed my answer without changing a single word. “I am fighting against all the disgusting laws and persecutions of those so-called Holocaust deniers – a categorization I don’t accept. I think the Holocaust, like any historical episode, must be open to research, to examination, to discussion and debate.”
And Haaretz, evidently an Israeli Zionist paper, let me express my thoughts about Israeli mass murderers and their destiny. “It might be a good thing if the Nazi hunters hunt down [Shaul] Mofaz and [Ehud] Barak, for example, and not all kinds of 96-year-olds who are barely alive. It’s pathetic.”
It also let me tell Israelis that they are all to be blamed : “In Israel 94 percent of the nation supported Operation Cast Lead. On the one hand, you want to behave like a post-enlightenment state and talk to me about individualism, but on the other hand you surround yourselves with a wall and remain attached to a tribal identity.”
Yaron Frid ended his piece saying, “Israel lost Gilad,” and, “The score, for now: 1-0, Palestine leading.”
I was happy with the article. But I was also jealous. For here in Britain, we are still far from being free to explore these issues.
The message here is plain and simple — Haaretz, a Zionist paper, has let me discuss all those intellectual avenues that ‘the Kosher Socialists’ insist on blocking. A week before my Haaretz special, the Israeli paper featured Mavi Marmara hero Ken O’keefe. Again, Haaretz coverage was fairly balanced; certainly more balanced than BBC Panorama.
The moral is clear : As much as Zionism is repugnant and murderous — it is still way ahead of the Jewish Left , simply because it is still, in some regards at least, part of an ongoing and open discourse.
There is no doubt that amongst the most prolific enemies of Israel and Jewish identity, you will find Israelis and ex Israelis, such as Ilan Pappe, Gideon Levi, Amira Hass, Tali Fahima, Israel Shamir, Israel Shahak, Nurit Peled , Rami Elhanan Guy Elhanan, Jonathan Shapira, Yeshayahu Leibowitz, Mordechai Vanunu, Uri Avneri, Shimon Tzabar, myself, and others.
We may not always agree with each other — but we let each other be.
Zionism was an attempt to bring about a new Jew: an ethical, productive and authentic being. But Zionism failed all the way through. Israel is a criminal state, and the Israelis are collectively complicit in relentless crimes against humanity. And yet, Zionism has also succeeded in erecting a solid school of eloquent and proud ‘self haters’. Israelis are taught to be outspoken and critical. Unlike the Diaspora Jewish left, that for some reason, operates as a thought-police, Israeli dissidence speaks out. Israelis are trained to celebrate their ‘symptoms’ — and this also applies in the case of dissidence.
Unlike Jewish Marxism that operates largely as a tribal PR campaign, Israeli dissidence is an ethical approach : You wouldn’t hear Israeli activists shouting ‘not in my name’. The Israelis mentioned above do accept that each Israeli crime is committed in their names. They also accept that activism is the crucial shift from guilt into responsibility. Hence, it is also far from surprising that on the ‘Jewish Boat to Gaza’ mission, the Israeli veteran AIF pilot Shapira and also Elahanan, both spoke about ethics and humanitarian issues, while the British Jew, Kuper, was apparently, judging from his words, perhaps more concerned with the amendment of the image of world Jewry.
Being an ex Israeli, I believe that the only thing I can do for Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, myself, my family, my neighbours and humanity — is to stand firm and speak my heart against all odds.
I also believe that we all know the truth.
We just need to be courageous enough to spit it out.
(1) As bizarre as it may sound to some, ‘Jews Against Zionists’ (JAZ) and ‘Jews for BDS’ (Boycott of Divestment of Israeli Goods) do affirm the Zionist mantra : They operate, primarily, as Jews. As much as it is impossible for uprooted Palestinians to settle in Israel and become a citizen with equal civil rights — it is also impossible for them to join any of the primarily Jewish groups for Palestine.

(2) Richard Kuper, the person behind ‘Irene-the Jewish Boat to Gaza’, was bold enough to admit it — “Our goal is to show that not all Jews support Israeli policies toward Palestinians,” he said. It is now an established fact that the Jewish boat carried hardly any humanitarian aid for the Gazans : its main mission, as far as Kuper was concerned, seems to have been to amend Jewish reputation.I have spent the last ten years elaborating on Jewish national ideology and tribal politics. During my journey of grasping what Zionism and Israel stand for, I came to realize that it is actually the Jewish left — and Jewish Marxists in particular — that provide us with an adequate glimpse into contemporary Jewish identity, tribal supremacy, marginal politics and tribalism.

The STL tide has changed: "Enough is enough" "Do you think we’re that stupid?”

By Uprooted Palestinian

“Let’s blame (Imad) Mughniyah for killing Hariri. He’s dead so the investigative trail ends. Just say, ‘We had no idea what he was doing’. No more tribunal. Everyone is happy. And as a sweetener we’ll take Hezbollah off our Terrorism list.” US undersecretary of State for Near East Affairs Jeffrey Feltman to Hezbollah via the Saudi-Syrian, back channel on 10/22/10

“Do you think we’re that stupid?” Hezbollah (smelling a set-up) to Obama via the same channel 10/23/10

Angry Arab ended his report on the encounter in the clinic in the southern suburbs of Beirut saying: “Shame on the Lebanese government and the Lebanese Order of Physicians for providing cover for such a travesty to take place.”
Hizbullah Coordination and Liaison Unit Denies Future Movement lie that it was Informed of STL Investigators Visit to Southern Suburb. I believe, such Formal Inforemation was not done because the STL wanted to test Hezbullah reaction, therefore Hezbullah women were waiting. 
Hasbara At Work
On the other side, Zarathustra (they call him Zara, I used to call him Khara, an editor at a “Palestinian site” speaclised in spreading Zionist Hasbara, crisized Nasrallah’s over reaction.
I fully don’t understand the reaction of the Party to the tribunal.” he preyed from a dark room in Yankivile.Nasrallah’s over reaction points to implict quilt.” he added “he calls on “All Lebanese” but everyone who knows anything about Lebanon is that “All Lebanese” are divided up in this matteron sectarian lines. He can preach all he wants to the Sunnis and Christians but that will not change their attitude or view of either the tribunal or the Resistance. “
On the same wave, STL, March 14 Condemned the call for Boycotting Tribunal “Is Nasrallah threatening the Lebanese citizens?” the war criminal Lebanese Forces (LF) leader Geageaasked, adding that Nasrallah’s statements are strange and incomprehensible. “It is not acceptable for any party to make a decision on behalf of all Lebanese. Cooperating with the [STL’s] investigators is an issue that only the Lebanese government decides,” Geagea also said.
The ASSHOLE, said that Nasrallah can’t speak on behalf of all Lebanese, “for him (Nasrallah) to try to convince the non Shia Lebanese that he is speaking on behalf of All Lebanon is both inaccurate and insincere.” Zara claimed.
Today Jumblat considered the encounter in the clinic in the southern suburbs of Beirut an attempt to foil any Saudi /Syrian understanding on Lenanon.Moreover, Nasrallah never said or claimed that all Lebanese are united on Resistance.

There, zionist message is Lebanese devided on sectarian lines, there fore Nasrallah can’t speak on behalf of all Lebanese. They ignored the fact that Nasrallah’s “preaching” changed the opinion and the attitude of at least half the Christians (loyal to Michel Aoun, one third of Sunnis, and almost united all the Droze, on both the tribunal and the Resistance. Let us ont forget that the Free Patriotic Movement was the core of “March 14 Movement”, and Jumblat was its leader. YES, as Zara admitted “the Tribunal is politicized and is acting as a tool of the US/Israel/KSA” But the STL tide has changed and is changing every day. Thanks to Nasrallah’s “Preaching”.
In harmony with Jeffrey Feltman, Hilary Clinton and March 14 Ramanents Khara claimed that Nasrallah is adding fuel to the fire, he “should stop acting like he is guilty , stop being defensive. Because all he is doing now is adding fuel to the fire
Who is adding fuel to the fire?
I shall start, with a voice representing at least Half lebanon’s Christians, Change and Reform parliamentary bloc member MP Nabil Nkoula.
He said “Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has every right to ask the Lebanese not to deal with the international investigators and tribunal. He stressed that the action taken by the international tribunal is a violation of the Lebanese and international even humanitarian laws.” He added that the behavior of the international investigators in the women clinic in Southern Suburbs was unacceptable.“All over the world and including Lebanon there are special laws pertaining to the patients and this law is called secret medical records and they are considered sacred just like a confession in a church. The doctor has no right to reveal any information on any patient even in court without prior approval from the patient,” added Nkoula. “This kind of behavior will push a person not to cooperate with such types of tribunal that are not aimed at reaching the truth but rather silence the Lebanese.”
Responding to the statement of head of the Lebanese Forces Samir Geagea who he considered Sayyed Nasrallah’s speech as a threat to the government, Nicolas responded:“If Geagea accepts any one to read his medical file then I will approve his statement.”
“Not before the dust settled down after Iranian President Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s visit to Lebanon where he was received as a national hero, Jeffrey David Feltman, landed in Beirut to to deliver a message from Obama.”
The message in fact concerned the finding of the UN Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) on the assassination of the former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri (father of the current prime minister Sa’ad Hariri). Both US and Israel worries that STL may find the truth about Israeli Mossad being behind the assassination.”
According to the well informed Dr. Franklin Lamb, Board Member of The Sabra Shatila Foundation and the Palestine Civil Rights Campaign, reporting from Shatila in the southern suburbs of Beirut.
    • People are edgy in Dahiyeh and elsewhere in Lebanon about foreigners seeming to snoop around.” thus reported Franklin Lamb from lebanon.
  •  Jeffrey Feltman told his friend, Druze leader Walid Jumblatt. His mission was to denounce Ahmadinejad’s visit as “provocative, creating instability, and not helpful to the “peace process.”
  • On the same wave Hilary Clinton declared “We reject any efforts to destabilize or inflame tensions within Lebanon. We are very committed to supporting the Lebanese Government as it deals with a number of challenges in its region”
  • “Various diplomatic sources, as well as some political party officials and security contacts think they know what caused yesterday’s incident. Jeffrey Feltman….is the prime suspect among some.”
  • Frightened with Ahmadinejad’s visit to Lebanon, Feltman, rushed to KSA, “to solve the growing STL problem which he admitted Washington and Tel Aviv had underestimated. The Saudi’s told Feltman they would discuss the matter with the Syrians who would contact Hezbollah”
According to Franklin Lamb desperate Feltman, instead of going to Damuscus, arrived suddenly to Beirut
    • “……… His meeting with Lebanon’s President Suleiman and Prime Minister Saad Hariri were perfunctory. Parliamentary Speaker Berri, ally of Hezbollah even declined to meet with Feltman”
  • “……..what apparently really caused Feltman to urge to STL to squeeze Hezbollah by sending its investigators to Dahiyeh to signal that the Tribunal was impossible to stop, was the rejection by all factions but the Lebanese Forces, of the Feltman Plan. Its reported essence, now apparently scrapped,”
  • “……Given that Washington realized that there is no way that the Tribunal is going to work out, it is best to find a way to trash it. Feltman has a “Dead men don’t talk” plan. Imad, Mughniyah who many thought was dead these past 26 years was really killed this time on February 12, 2008 in Damascus. Beirut sources reveal that Israel, who killed Mughniyah, aimed for February 14, not the 12th in order to deliver the message that it can carry out an assassination at will and on any date. Israel wanted to kill Mughniyah on the same day they killed Hariri, i.e. February 14. But they missed their target date by less than 48 hours due to “mission correction contingencies”
  • ……….Earlier this month, Feltman sent a message to Hezbollah…….if Hezbollah will go along with blaming Mughniyah for killing Hariri that works for the Americans because it will be circumstantial evidence that he also did acts of terrorism in the 1980’s so all files could be closed once and for all. He told more than one person he met with in Beirut this month that he thought his was “a really great plan.
Lamb concluded:
  • Apparently Secretary Clinton and President Obama did too.
  • Hezbollah did not.”
According the editorial in Al Akhbar “Feltman is anxious to have the ‘Hezbollah indictment’ issued sooner than ‘scheduled’ because he senses that Abdallah of Saudi Arabia and Saad Hariri are buckling under pressure, and could end up making a deal with the Iranians and Syrians. Feltman has been adamant in his refusal to link the impasses in Iraq and in Lebanon …”
No surprise, because the tide is changing, causing serious problems to the STL, Feltman, is so desperate to squeeze Hezbullah to reach a deal with Nasrallah, and Zioinist Hasbara outlets are doing their paid job.
They got Nasrallah’s reply yesterday.
The same Hasbara Site, imediatlly after Imad Mughniyah assasination, dropped it’s Bombshell: Syria did it.
Khara’s Comment
His over reaction could also points to an implicit guilt !!
[One thing Nasrallah is not is naive , but I fully don’t understand the reaction of the Party to the tribunal. He calls on “All Lebanese” but everyone who knows anything about Lebanon is that “All Lebanese” are divided up in this matter on sectarian lines. He can preach all he wants to the Sunnis and Christians but that will not change their attitude or view of either the tribunal or the Resistance.

His over reaction could also points to an implicit guilt !! If the party did not do it (and there is not enough evidence to indict anyone and the witnesses have been proven to be lying) they should not be so reactionary towards the tribunal. The Tribunal is politicized and is acting as a tool of the US/Israel/KSA to be used against the resistance, most rational people believe so. But most people in Lebanon are not thinking rationally and think along sectarian lines, and he FAILED to gain the support of Lebanon the moment he took over Beirut 2 years ago , and for him to try to convince the non Shia Lebanese that he is speaking on behalf of All Lebanon is both inaccurate and insincere. He should stop acting like he is guilty , stop being defensive. Because all he is doing now is adding fuel to the fire]


The encounter in the clinic in the southern suburbs of Beirut

Talal, a comrade and friend who heads a division at a major medical center at well-known US university, sent me this regarding the “visit” by a Hariri tribunal team to the clinic of a Lebanese physician: “Is it not interesting that the International Tribunal sanctions practices in Lebanon that would be banned in the native countries of its investigators and jurists?
For example, they went into a clinic in the Southern district of Beirut asking to check on the names and files of a large number of women who attend the clinic. That would not fly in the USA. One cannot just come in, even with legal sanction, and check wholesale on the FILES (containing sensitive personal information) of ALL those that come through (they claimed to start with 17 names but it was made obvious that it was to be an open ended investigation with a free hand to investigate any file in the clinic).
Such an act would constitute a serious violation of Medical Privacy laws, unnecessarily exposing not only their names of a large number of individuals but also the details of their medical conditions as well as other private information.
This is ILLEGAL under any of a number of medical privacy laws. One is usually presented with a court order to obtain information on a SPECIFIC person, and no other subjects so as to safe guard people’s privacy.
I am amazed the Physician in question even let them in.
She should have been the first to kick them out of the clinic, court order notwithstanding.
Shame on the Lebanese government and the Lebanese Order of Physicians for providing cover for such a travesty to take place.”
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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Viciously Attacking Israeli Arabs


 by Stephen Lendman

Reminiscent of Kristallnacht violence, Israeli Arabs in Haifa District’s Umm al-Fahm community were attacked, Haaretz writers Fadi Eyadat, Jack Khoury, and Chaim Levinson headlining, “Police clash with Arab protesters as rightists rally in Umm al-Fahm,” saying:
In Arab Umm al-Fahm, “Dozens of extreme rightists (hooligan West Bank settlers) held a protest against the Islamic Movement,” an initiative advocating Islam among Israeli Arabs on three levels – religious, social, and support for Palestinian self-determination.

Clashes followed, pitting Arab residents against 1,500 police, including special paramilitary and undercover forces, aiding hooliganism, “fir(ing) tear gas and stun grenades” to scatter crowds. Nine Arab residents were arrested, portrayed as instigators when they responded in self-defense.

Haaretz said about “30 right-wing demonstrators traveled in buses from Jerusalem to Umm al-Fahm on (October 27), led by far-right activists Baruch Marzel and Itamar Ben-Gvir.” Their purpose – in league with police, to hold a provocative demonstration march to incite violence, calling on Israel to outlaw the Islamic Movement (headquartered in Umm al-Fahm), as well as condemn Sheikh Raed Salah’s (its leader) Gaza Freedom Flotilla participation.

Head of the religious Jewish National Front party, Marzel is a notorious bigot, a man saying he was Rabbi Meir Kahana’s “right hand man” – Kahana, the extreme racist former Kach party head until Israel banned it in 1988, calling it a “threat to security.” Gviv is a Knesset aide to MK Michael Ben-Ari (a protest march participant), and spokesman for Marzel’s Jewish National Front party. Both men are fascists.

Their actions, and others like them, defile core Judaic tenets. Exhibit A – holding a provocative/racist/violent rally in an Arab community where they’re not wanted and don’t belong. It was held close the 20th November 5 anniversary of Kahana’s assassination, a man who lived and died by the sword, a rabbi in name only.

On October 27, Al-Jazeerah covered the incident headlining, “Israeli Occupation Forces Attack Palestinians in Um Al-Fahm, During a Provocative March by Fascist Israeli Settlers,” saying:

Violent clashes resulted, “Israeli occupation government policemen….protected dozens of extremist Jewish settlers holding a provocative protest against the Islamic Movement….”

Besides assaulting residents with tear gas and stun grenades, police “physically attacked them which led to injuries and suffocation cases.” MK Haneen Zoubi was harmed, struck in the back and neck by rubber bullets when police opened fire. She believes snipers deliberately targeted her for her Gaza Freedom Flotilla participation, after which she received death threats and calls to expel her from parliament.

Angrily, she denounced police violence, saying: They “proved that they are a far more dangerous threat to me and other Arab citizens than the fascist group that came to Umm al-Fahm,” though for sure former Kahanists and others like them pose a serious threat. Unaccountable, they’re lawless, menacing, and rampage freely in the West Bank.

Umm al-Fahm is Israel’s largest Arab community, its population exceeding 43,000. Before settlers arrived, police and paramilitary goons deployed within and around the city, ready to initiate assaults when they came. Arab residents, of course, reacted defensively.

MK Afu Agbaria was also injured, telling Al Jazeerah that right-wing settlers and police “attack(ed) the legitimacy of the Arab presence in the country in coordination with the right-wing extremists in the government.”

Umm al-Fahm’s Deputy Mayor Mustafa Ghalin told Haaretz that the city “will never be open to those extreme right-wingers,” arriving to incite violence.

On October 28, Muslims.net said “Palestinian leaders called for (a) city-wide strike….in protest (against) premeditated Israeli police brutality and violence.” The Higher Arab Monitoring Committee wants it. It also demands that Israel investigate the violence, committee chairman Mohammed Zeidan saying:

“What happened (on October 27) was a very dangerous occurrence. This wasn’t a Marzel incident. It was an attack by security forces who came to the city” with that in mind. “They planted undercover officers (dressed like Arabs) among us who threw stones (to provoke) and attack. Their decision was clear from the beginning, even though they knew there were Knesset members in the crowd. What we felt on our flesh today has taught us that a new era has started. Racism is no longer found only in documents or on the margins, like with Marzel, but has become a phenomenon among decision makers and carried out on the ground. What happened in Umm al-Fahm is a menacing escalation.”

The committee plans to circulate a message to human rights groups and global figures, highlighting the growing danger. It’s reminiscent indeed of 1930s Germany that escalated from racist laws to widespread violence to death camps and mass extermination. Afterward, worldwide Jewry said “never again,” a hollow slogan given Israel’s decades long slow-motion genocide against Palestinian and Israeli Arabs, former victims now world-class hatemonger/persecutors, committing horrendous daily crimes.

Umm al-Fahm residents understand. So do West Bank and East Jerusalem Palestinians as well as 1.5 million besieged Gazans. Suffocating under imposed harshness, their very existence is threatened. Yet they endure despite little outside aid, knowing it’s up to themselves to survive, what they’ve done heroically for over six decades and have no intention now of quitting, a lesson Israelis haven’t learned or that what they’re doing is self-destructive.

A Final Comment

On October 27, Haaretz writer Jack Khoury headlined, “Israeli Arab activist confesses to spying for Hezbollah.” Well not exactly. Falsely accused and given a choice of life in prison or less, Ameer Makhoul signed a plea bargain, “approved by the highest ranking levels of prosecution, including the state prosecutor.”

According to Haaretz, he admitted to espionage, contact with a foreign agent, and abetting an enemy, Makhoul saying in court that the story “is not yet finished.” He claims many charges were irrelevant, but took the lesser of two choices. His lawyer said he passed no classified documents or materials to anyone, let alone an enemy agent. All cited information was well known and publicly available. On December 5, he’ll be sentenced. Prosecutors want 10 years. His counsel seeks seven.

Information about him can be accessed through the following link:


Two earlier Makhoul articles can be found through the links below:



Makhoul is an Israeli citizen, human rights activist, and head of the internationally recognized Ittijah organization for Palestinian empowerment. He also chairs the Public Committee for the Defence of Political Prisoners within the Arab Higher Monitoring Committee in Israel. Moreover, he supports the global BDS movement. Like many others, he was targeted for his activism and faith. In his case, for his prominence as well.

He committed no crime, yet was arrested in May on spurious charges of spying for Hezbollah. In fact, his outspokenness and legal discussions, within and outside Israel, were called communicating with a “state enemy,” outrageous by any standard.

According to Ittijah’s founder, Dr. Hatim Kanaaneh, “there is no doubt” that he was targeted for his political views. His wife, Janan, said “The story is not finished, it will be told later.” Accepting a plea “was a choice between bad (or) worse” in a nation where Arabs get no justice. It bears testimony to Israel’s lawlessness, its mockery of democratic principles, ones even eroding for Jews.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. Also visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian


>The terror campaign by Zionist Paramiliary groups resulted in the expulsion of 805,067 Palestinians and the destruction of 531 indigenous villages, representing roughly 85 per cent of the native population and the seizure of 92 per cent of the land.


30. Oct, 2010

by Nan Withington

Most Americans and Europeans believe that Israel was established by the United Nations after World War II as a haven and homeland for the desperate Jewish survivors of the Nazi holocaust who had nowhere else to go. This belief is wrong on two counts:

1. The Israeli declaration of statehood (1948) credits the Zionist movement for the creation of the state of Israel – not the U.N., which had withdrawn its recommendation for a partition of Palestine, and instead planned a U.N. Trusteeship for the “Holy Land” – sacred to Jews, Christians, and Moslems.  At that time (1947), two thirds of the inhabitants in Palestine were Palestinian Christian and Moslem Arabs who had lived there for thousands of years, along with a small Jewish Arab population. However, European Zionist settlers had been entering Palestine for decades in small numbers, and in swelling numbers in the 1940s, so that by 1948 Jews constituted one third of the population in Palestine.   (Zionism will be discussed in the next page.)

2. After W.W. II, U.S. President F.D. Roosevelt sent his friend, Morris Ernst, to enlist help from Western governments to settle the European refugees in countries of their choice. The U.S. and Britain both pledged to receive 150,000; South America, Canada, and Australia another 150,000.  In his book: So Far So Good, Mr. Ernst explains why this humanitarian plan was aborted: “I was amazed and even felt insulted when active Jewish leaders decried, sneered and then attacked me as if I were a traitor. I was openly accused of furthering this plan of freer immigration in order to undermine political Zionism” (p. 138).  Therefore, the refugees were given no choice – they were sent to Palestine, and many were incorporated into the “Haganah” which later became the Israel Defense (sic) Force. This was one of the first effects of Zionism – against Jews and against the Palestinians who would soon be “ethnically cleansed”.


Zionism was-and is-a political, nationalist, colonial-settler movement to create a Jewish state in Palestine and beyond, and to “ingather” (or segregate) world Jewry into that ever-expanding “Greater Israel” through a series of wars.

The Zionist movement began in the mid 1800s, but burgeoned after the publication of Theodore Herzl’s book: The Jewish State in 1896.  In his Diaries Herzl outlined the future Jewish state as extending from the Nile to the Euphrates (Vol. II, p. 711).

As early as 1919, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson learned:  “The Zionists looked forward to a practically complete dispossession of the present non-Jewish inhabitants of Palestine.” (King-Crane Commission Report) These “inhabitants” were the Christian and Moslem Arabs who constituted 92% of the population! Lord Edwin Montagu, the only Jewish member of the British Cabinet in 1917, vehemently opposed the Balfour Declaration of that year which pledged British support for the establishment of a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine. Montagu presciently wrote in a secret Memorandum to the Cabinet: “You will find a population in Palestine driving out its present inhabitants, taking all the best in the country, drawn from all quarters of the globe.”

By 1943 (five years before Israeli statehood), U.S. President F.D. Roosevelt was informed that: “The Zionist organization in Palestine has indicated its commitment to an enlarged program for:
1.    A sovereign Jewish state which would embrace Palestine and probably eventually Transjordan.
2.    An eventual transfer of the Arab population from Palestine to Iraq, and

3.    Jewish leadership for the whole Middle East in the fields of economic development and control.” (U. S. Foreign Relations: Near East and Africa, Vol. IV, pp.676-677).

Israel came into being in 1948 by means of premeditated terrorism (Plan Dalat) which resulted in the ethnic cleansing of 750,000 Palestinians and the seizure of 78% of their patrimony.  (See The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by Israeli Professor Ilan Pappe). Leah Rabin, widow of the slain Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin, told former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: “We were terrorists once… Despite all the efforts of all the British army in the land, we went on with terrorism.” (The Christian Science Monitor, September 1, 1997)  One example of Zionist terrorism was the bombing of the King David hotel in Jerusalem in 1948. Zionist terrorism was glorified in Leon Uris’s book and movie, Exodus.  Palestinian towns and villages were subjected to massacres. (Deir Yassin, the best known). More than five hundred of them were bulldozed. (Palestinian homes are still being bulldozed today.)  Secret Zionist underground weapons factories had been built in Palestine; military planes and other advanced weaponry had been smuggled in from Czechoslovakia, the U.S. and elsewhere.  Ex-U.S. W.W.II pilots were hired as mercenaries to fly planes to bomb Arab towns and villages (The Pledge, by Leonard Slater).

Seizing 72% of Palestine was only the beginning of “Greater Israel”.  In the words of prominent American Zionist leader Abba Hillel Silver at the 49th Zionist Organization of America Convention in 1946: “Zionism is not an immigration or a refugee movement but a movement to rebuild the Jewish state for the Jewish nation.” This statement was recently reaffirmed by current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “‘Recognizing the state of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people implies an understanding that the Palestinians are willing to put an end to their refusal to recognize the Jewish state within some border or another.’ The Prime Minister spoke of a state of the Jewish people, meaning one that is also a national home for Diaspora Jews” (Ha’aretz June 8, 2010).  Millions of Jews live worldwide outside of Israel; as former Israeli Knesset member, Uri Avnery stated in his book, Israel without Zionists: “Because Zionism considers Israel the beachhead of world Jewry, world Jewry is seen as an inexhaustible reservoir of manpower and money” (p.163).  Therefore WHAT are the borders of the Jewish state Netanyahu demands the Palestinians to recognize?

How can the remnant of Palestinians living under apartheid in their occupied country – and the millions of others uprooted and living in exile – accept Netanyahu’s outrageous dictate?  Netanyahu is demanding that they accept the usurpation of their patrimony and give up their lawful right to return to their ancestral home. (Dozens of U.N. Resolutions have affirmed their “right of return”; and the “inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war”.)

Furthermore, U.N General Assembly Resolution 2621 (XXV, 1970) asserts: “The inherent right of colonial peoples to struggle by all means necessary at their disposal against colonial powers which suppress their aspirations for freedom and independence.” The U.N. definition of genocide is: “the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group.” Palestine was a country. Former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meier carried a Palestinian passport. Palestine was brutally erased from the map; the exclusive Jewish state of Israel took its place. An Israeli of tremendous spiritual strength, Yitzhak Frankenthal, whose son was killed by a Palestinian fighter said: “My son Arik was not murdered because he was Jewish but because he is part of the nation that occupies the territory of another.” (The Guardian, July 8, 2002.) Another Israeli, whose daughter was also killed, joined eight other Jews in an attempt to break the siege of Gaza by sea. Jews of conscience do not support the hundred year long genocide against the Palestinians, akin to the genocide perpetrated upon Native Americans.

This historical record shows that Israel was NOT created out of necessity to find a home for Jewish refugees after World War II; rather those hapless people were used to further long-planned Zionist goals. In fact, hundreds of those refugees were killed when Zionist terrorists sank the ships Patria and Sturma filled with Jewish refugees off the coast of Palestine in 1947 (suspicion was cast on the British and Palestinians) to foment international pressure to open Palestine to unlimited Jewish immigration (1968 Year Book, Encyclopedia Britannica).


Soldiers are needed to expand and settle coveted territory, and so the next “ingathering” took place. The most readily available populations of Jews resided in the Arab countries.

In the 1950s Zionist agents provocateurs hid stashes of arms in synagogues and planted bombs in Iraq and other Arab countries with large Jewish populations to frighten the Jews into fleeing to Israel. One of those agents was Nissim Rejwan, who confessed that the emigration was not a rescue operation as reported, but was the result of “intensive Zionist activity inside Iraq” (Jerusalem Post, July 21, 1964).  U.S. transport planes flew hundreds of thousands of those Jews to Israel where they were incorporated into the Israel Defense Force. This was confirmed in a book by anti-Zionist American Rabbi, Elmer Berger, who went to North Africa to interview Rabbis and other Jews who refused to leave their homelands. (See Who Knows Better Must Say). Thus, the UPROOTING of ancient Jewish communities in the Levant was a tragic effect of Zionism.

Millions of Jewish Americans were as yet an untapped reservoir. Former Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion told a delegation of American Jews that the task was: “bringing all Jews to Israel… We appeal to the parents to send their children here; even if they decline to help, we will bring the youth to Israel” (The Israel Digest, March 29, 1963).  Prominent American Zionist Samuel Margoshes declared: “Next to the mobilization of World Jewry for the support of Israel, the organization of Jewish life in the Diaspora must be the great task of the World Zionist Organization.  To Zionize World Jewry… to establish Zionist hegemony… is a challenge which will take a generation or two to meet adequately” (The Day, May 30, 1949).

Zionist schools were established across the U.S. teaching Israeli Hebrew. American Jewish youth were sent to Israel during summers to work on kibbutzim. By 1959 Israeli former Knesset member, Uri Avnery, declared: “The Zionist Organization of America holds dominion over the Jews of America with a complete and perfect totalitarian rule.” (Issues, Spring).

The Beyes Afroyim U.S.  Supreme Court decision (five to four) of May, 1967, allowed dual U.S.-Israeli nationality to a naturalized Jewish Israeli, thus overturning two hundred years of U.S. citizenship law, and threatening E Pluribus Unum. Israel has a “Law of Return” which confers Israeli citizenship upon Jews everywhere in the world — all they need do is go to an Israeli Consulate and ask for it. Many Jewish Americans did. (President Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel, holds dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship.) Zionist Israel now had the manpower to launch the June, 1967 war in which the entirety of Palestine was seized (and another 350,000 Palestinians expelled), along with the Golan Heights of Syria, Egypt’s Sinai, and southern Lebanon.  Many Jewish Americans fought for Israel in the 1967 war; and many (now dual citizens) are settlers on Palestinian land seized in that war. These settlements are illegal under International Law, specifically U.N. Security Council Resolution 242 which: “emphasizes the inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war”, and the Geneva Conventions.

However, “Greater Israel” had not yet been reached.  Leo Helman stated in: The Jewish Press: “As a nation, Israel must look forward, beyond the next war, and the one after that” (June 27, 1969).
A larger Israel Defense Force was needed.  Next were the three million Soviet Jews who were targeted for “ingathering”.  After eighteen Georgian Jews appealed for emigration to Israel, a PR campaign went into full swing claiming Soviet Jews were in a new kind of Babylonian captivity.  But was this true?  U.S. Rabbi Marc Schneier lamented in an article in The Christian Science Monitor (June 8, 1988) that: “The great majority of Soviet Jews have not expressed interest in emigrating. They must be provided with the opportunity to learn about Judaism and the means to quicken their sense of Jewish identity.” Zionist agents began taking Hebrew language materials to them. Later, Henry Kissinger inadvertently let slip that when he was the U.S. Secretary of State: “We invented the concept of Soviet Jewish emigration” (McNeil-Lehrer Report, May, 1990).

The Jews who did wish to leave the Soviet Union wanted to go to the U.S. for economic reasons, and thousands were admitted.  However, an Associated Press report from Jerusalem on June 19, 1988 stated: “The Israeli cabinet said today that it would try to force Soviet Jews to travel directly to Israel instead of settling elsewhere.” The U.S. complied; and so Soviet Jews were given no choice and were sent to Israel to help swell the population and settle the Palestinian lands occupied in the 1967 Israeli war of expansion. The Jews of Rumania and Ethiopia were also “ingathered”.
To recapitulate thus far: an effect of Zionism has been to “ingather” several million Jews from Islamic, European, and Western countries (including the USA) into an expanding Israel, and to “Zionize” other millions in the Diaspora.


These effects have included, (besides the usurpation of Palestine), invasions, bombings and occupations of Lebanon in 1978, 1982, 1993, 1996, and 2006.  Israel covets the headwaters of the Litani River in southern Lebanon and will certainly make further attempts to gain them. The U.N. Security Council made no attempt to stop Israel’s month long assault on Lebanon in 2006; nor did it when Israel savagely launched “Cast Lead” on the defenseless population under siege in Gaza in 2008. This was not surprising in light of a comment made by former U.S. Secretary of State, Madeleine Alright, who told a newspaper editorial board: “The U.N. is a tool for U.S. foreign policy.” (The Christian Science Monitor, May 11, 2001.)

Israel has occupied Egypt’s Sinai three times (once with French and British collusion.)
Israel has made war on its neighbors in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973; and has used its “ally”, the U.S. to further its imperial objectives in the on-going wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and beyond (discussed further in the next section.)

Iraq (the “Cradle of Civilization”) was bombed by the U.S. into a “pre-industrial” state in 1991 according to the U.N. it’s electric grids and water treatment plants were totally destroyed.  Then came ten years of severe sanctions during which 500,000 Iraqi children died.  Madeleine Albright shockingly told Leslie Stahl on TV “60 Minutes” that the cost of their lives was “worth it.” Though a million Iraqis died in Bush Senior’s war of “Shock and Awe”, Iraq was even more savagely bombed and then occupied in 2003 by his son, George H.W Bush, on the basis of lies and false intelligence. Another million Iraqis were killed and four million made refugees. The killing and destruction of civil society goes on at this moment.

Afghanistan was targeted next; the U.S. is engaged in a seemingly endless war there. The so-called “war on terror” extends now into Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, and Sudan. Zionists like Senator Lieberman propagandize daily for a war on Iran, which is surrounded by Israeli and U.S. warships and planes loaded with nuclear weapons. The U.S. and Britain have adopted Israeli practices such as “pre-emptive” war (bombing or invading a country without just cause — a crime under international law); targeted assassinations (even of their own citizens); torture (using Israeli methods of sexual assault and humiliation; abuse of the Koran etc.); and “rendition” (kidnapping people to be sent to third countries for torture and interrogation). Iran, a nation of 72 million people, is now threatened with “obliteration” (the word used by Presidential candidate – now Secretary of State- Hillary Clinton.) Let it be remembered that in 2002, and again in 2006, the entire Arab League of twenty four states and the Palestinians offered Israel peace, recognition, and economic relations if Israel withdrew to the June 4th, 1967 borders and implemented U.N. Resolution 242 upholding the right of return of the Palestinian refugees. Israel (and the U.S.) made NO response to this offer.


Former U.S. Senator J .William Fulbright stated in his book: The Price of Empire (1989): “We have lost our freedom of action in the Middle East and are committed to policies that promote neither our own national interest nor the cause of peace…  The Israeli government dominates our policy in the Middle East.” This statement was echoed in the recent well documented book, The Israel Lobby, by U.S. Professors John Mearsheimer (Chicago) and Steven Walt (Harvard): “Why has the U.S. been willing to set aside its own security and that of many of its allies in order to advance the interests of another state? The thrust of U.S. policy in the region derives almost entirely from domestic politics and especially the activities of the ‘Israel Lobby.’” They go on to say: “There is little doubt that Israel and the Lobby were key factors in the decision to go to war” (in Iraq).

Evidence to support the above statements appeared in the Israeli newspaper Maariv (Jerusalem, Sept. 2, 1994) in an article by Bar-Yosef entitled: The Jews Who Run Clinton’s Court (translated by Israeli Professor Israel Shahak): “Deputy National Security Adviser ‘Sandy’ Berger, and National Security Adviser to the Vice President, Leon Perth, are warm (meaning Zionist) Jews. They have reached positions that are extremely sensitive for U.S. policies. They are by no means exceptions. In the National Security Council 7 out of 10 top staffers are Jews. The situation is not much different in the President’s office which is full of warm Jews. They are joined by a long list of senior Jewish officials in the State Department headed by the head of the Middle East peace team, Dennis Ross. The enormous Jewish influence in Washington is not limited to the government. A significant part of senior media correspondents, newspaper editors, and analysts are Jewish. In the fields of security, and science, in the film industry, in art and literature, the Jewish influence can only be described as immense, with a corresponding enhancement of the Jewish power.”

Where that “Jewish power” would be directed can be found in an article in the Journal, Kivunim, (“Directions”) of the Department of Information of the World Zionist Organization: “The dissolution of Syria and Iraq into ethnically or religiously unique areas is Israel’s primary target on the Eastern front in the long run, while the dissolution of the military power of those states serves as the primary short term target…Iraq, rich in oil… is guaranteed as a candidate for Israel’s targets” (by Oded Yinon, February, 1982).

These objectives were carried out by the U.S. and Britain for Israel. The “Cradle of Civilization” has been destroyed; two million Iraqis killed; four million made refugees; countless others injured or sick from WMDs (depleted uranium, phosphorous bombs, poisonous water, etc; thousands of Americans and British killed and wounded; a trillion dollars spent for the carnage; and economies plunged into chaos. Former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, Joseph Wilson, said of this debacle: “This war was never about WMD. It was never a war about terrorism. The so called front on terror didn’t exist until we created it, and it wasn’t about liberation of the poor Iraqi people…it is all about redrawing the political map of the Middle East. What I mean by that is returning the Arab world to its pre-Ottomon stage, so that Israel is surrounded by demographic entities that are no larger than it is and would spend all their time fighting each other and are unable to provide a monolithic block against Israel. It looks to me like they are all geared up to do something with Syria, perhaps Iran” (The Independent Nov.6, 2003, p.27).
Was it by “coincidence” that the U.S. and Britain fulfilled the plan outlined above by Yinon? Or was Senator Fulbright exactly right when he said that Zionists control U.S. foreign policy? An article in The Christian Science Monitor gives a clue to the answer: “Within days of 9/11 Netanyahu said (in D.C.) the attacks present a historic opportunity for the U.S. to dismantle the regimes in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, and the leadership of the Palestinian territories” (April 9, 2003 p. 3). Though millions of Americans demonstrated for peace, the U.S. government illegally and “preemptively” carried out Israel’s instructions.

A shocking revelation of U.S. collusion with Israel in the 1967 “Six Day War” was revealed twenty two years later on TV “Frontline” in a broadcast entitled: Israel, the Covert Connection: “In June 1967 Israel went to war with Egypt, Jordan, and Syria capturing all of Jerusalem and what are now the occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza. Officially, the U.S. was neutral. Secretly, it gave Israel full diplomatic support…the final decision to go to war was not taken, say the Israelis, until their intelligence chief Meir Amit had met secretly with CIA Director Richard Helms. The first ones to fire were the Israelis who through this secret channel got the green light of the U.S. Administration to start the war.” (May 16, 1989)  Most Americans still believe Egypt started the war; and to this day they are unaware of U.S. collusion with Israel in that war of expansion.

Even more shocking is the story of the U.S. spy ship, Liberty off the coast of Sinai when the war started. Israel attacked and tried to sink the ship with no survivors. When the U.S. 6th fleet in the Mediterranean sent rescue planes, President Lyndon Johnson personally told the commander of the fleet, Admiral Geis, to call the planes back. Johnson said: “I don’t give a damn if the ship sinks and all the Americans are killed. I will not embarrass my ally (Israel)” (James Bamford, Body of Secrets; also Council for the National Interest Newsletter, 12/’91).  THIS WAS TREASON!

The Liberty was not the first U.S. target Israel attacked. In 1956 Israeli terrorists of Egyptian origin tried to bomb British and American buildings in Cairo to create public hatred in the West for President Nasser. The agents’ provocateurs were caught. This was called “The Lavon Affair” which brought down the Israeli government at the time. Israel is supposedly the U.S.’s “strategic ally”!
Then there is the case of Jonathan Pollard, Zionist American who passed on tens of thousands of top U.S. military secrets to Israel, who is serving a life prison sentence for doing so. Israel and its Lobby have strenuously pressured the U.S. government to release him.

Will the U.S. continue to support Israel’s imperial goals? Professor Israel Shahak laid them out candidly in his book, Open Secrets: “Israeli strategies are aimed at establishing hegemony over the entire Middle East which it has always sought covertly, without hesitating to use for the purpose all means available, including nuclear ones. By insisting on its nuclear monopoly, Israel aims at reducing all other Middle Eastern states to the status of its vassals.”

U.S. Presidential candidate John McCain sang “bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” to the delight of his Zionist supporters. Candidate Clinton (now U.S Secretary of State) declared that Iran would be “obliterated” if it attacked Israel. Interestingly, Burrows and Windrem in their well documented book about Israel’s WMDS, Critical Mass wrote: “Israel wired itself for nuclear war. It was a system that Israel’s enemies could not counter or match. Indeed, they could barely comprehend its complexity… Israel has achieved what strategic analysts call ‘escalation superiority’, the ability to control the pace of a conflict by being able to guarantee that its attackers WILL BE OBLITERATED” (pp. 286 and 288). (Did Hillary read their book?)

Amos Harel, in the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz on June 8, 2010,  writes that Israel recently asked the U.S. to double the US army weaponry stockpiled in Israel, including JDAM bombs (Joint direct Attack Munition bombs (used against Lebanon and Gaza) in: “the eventuality of a prolonged war, which would necessitate using the IAF (Israeli Air Force) to attack many targets. AMERICANS MIGHT NEED TO FIGHT.”

Is it a coincidence that the Project for the New American Century created by Zionists Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld states as its “core mission”: “The U.S. must fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theatre wars”. And to do so: “advanced forms of biological warfare that can target specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.” (Was AIDS really from monkeys?) How many Americans know about this “project”? How many would give their consent to these horrors? Do Americans know that Iran is surrounded by U.S. and Israeli ships and submarines loaded with nuclear weapons? Will Iran suffer the same fate as Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and-increasingly-Pakistan?

Zionists have fabricated the idea of a “clash of civilizations” that necessitates a “war on terror”. George H.W. Bush used the word “Crusade” in describing that war—a code word that was well understood in the Islamic world. “Shock and Awe” on Iraq certainly was terror. Islamic, African, South American and other populations have been subjected to Zionist directed terror for decades.
Israeli Professor Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi ominously warned: “Israel’s activities in the Third World are significant reflections of the basic nature of Zionism and the state of Israel, and of the resulting Israeli society and world view. From Manila in the Philippines, to Tegucigalpa in Honduras to Windhoeck in Namibia, Israel’s emissaries have been involved in a continuous war, which is truly a World War. And what enemy is Israel fighting? It is the population of the third world”. (The Israeli Connection, p. 243)

After examining what Zionism is; what its goals are; and what its’ effects have been thus far, this premonition of former Professor of history at the American University of Beirut, Constantine Zuraik, (a Christian Palestinian), written in 1948 shortly after the “Nakba” (“disaster”-the ethnic cleansing of Palestine) is harrowing with portent: “The forces which the Zionists control in all parts of the world can threaten the independence of all the Arab lands and form a continuing and frightening danger to their life. The facilities that the Zionist forces have for growth and expansion will place the Arab world forever at their mercy and will paralyze its vitality and deter its progress and evolution in the ladders of advancement and civilization—that is, if this Arab world is permitted to exist at all” (reprinted in Middle East Forum, Vol. XLIII, 1967).  And as Professor Beit-Hallahmi revealed, not only the Arab world is in peril of destruction.

What can “We, the People” do to stop this horror when our government is Zionist controlled?
There ARE signs of hope. There are grassroots movements like Free Gaza which has sent many ships carrying humanitarian supplies and international activists to break the Israeli siege of Gaza. Though Israel attacked a flotilla and murdered nine passengers, more boats will go until the siege is lifted. Viva Palestina, spearheaded by former British Parliament member, George Galloway, has taken several international convoys carrying desperately needed medical and other supplies as well as ambulances and fire engines to Gaza.  Jewish Voices for Peace; the International Ant-Zionist Jewish Network; the BDS (boycott, divest, sanctions) campaign; the writings and music of ex-Israeli jazz artist, Gilad Atzmon; the 9/11 Truth movement—these and other organizations and activists are mounting growing opposition to Zionism’s agenda for continuing genocidal wars.

When Iran’s President Ahmadinijad raised questions at the U.N. about 9/11, Western ambassadors walked out. However, the majority of people throughout the world do not believe the U.S. official explanation. The most telling evidence that belies the official story is the discovery by nine eminent physicists of military Super-thermite and Nano-thermite in four different samples of dust from the Trade Center. Their findings are recorded in The Open Chemical Physics Journal, Volume 2 ISSN: 1874-4125 (pp.7-31); and they point to a false flag operation perpetrated to justify the “war on terror”; the “Patriot Act” (sic); the ensuing wars on Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the imminent war on Iran; and torture, rendition, and assassination in the name of “national security”.

If enough people challenge the myth of hijackers with box cutters; and an independent investigation proves 9/11 was an “inside job”, the Zionist stranglehold on the U.S. might be broken and a brighter future may unfold.

Nan Withington holds a M.A. in Political Science/ Middle East Studies (thesis: “Zionism and the Arab/Israeli Conflict”, Kent State University). Her husband (from Jaffa) was expelled from Palestine with his family in 1948.

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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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Friday, October 29, 2010 at 11:32PM Gilad Atzmon

Is freedom of thought a myth?

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Shallah: PA’s insistence on its talks option may liquidate the Palestinian cause


[ 30/10/2010 – 10:28 AM ]
GAZA, (PIC)– Secretary-general of the Islamic Jihad Movement Ramadan Shallah warned that the Palestinian Authority’s insistence on adopting the option of peace talks with Israeli occupation would eventually lead to the liquidation of the Palestinian cause and the recognition of Israel’s right to exist as a natural part of the region.

Shallah made his remarks in a ceremony held Friday afternoon on the 23rd inception anniversary of his Movement and the 15th death anniversary of late Fathi Al-Shakaki, the founder of Islamic Jihad.

The Islamic Jihad official pointed in his speech to the suspicious remarks made by PA leaders regarding their intention to recognize the Jewish state and warned of another calamity that could befall the Palestinian people as a result of the antinational positions of the PA.

“Today, we are sounding the alarm and warning of a third Nakba (catastrophe) that might result from the insistence on the approach of negotiations with the enemy and the belief that there is no other option but the negotiations,” he said.
“Palestine is not the issue of the Palestinian people alone, and Israel is not a threat to Palestine and its people, but the Zionist project threatens the entire [Arab] nation,” the official added.
Promise to accept our terms and I promise to accept our terms
“If anyone thinks he will turn his back to Palestine in order to save himself, he will be delusional because if Palestine is gone and Israel remains in the heart of the nation, no one will survive the flood of the Zio-American project aimed at dominating the region and the world.”
For his part, member of Islamic Jihad’s political bureau Mohamed Al-Hindi called in his speech on the PA to reorient the compass and declare the failure of its peace talks with the Israeli occupation.
“We are acutely aware that this useless process called peace constitutes a cover for all evils and a cover for waiving Jerusalem and losing the entire land of Palestine,” Hindi emphasized.

He also criticized the PA for saying that recognizing Israel as a Jewish state is a matter of indifference to the Palestinian people, affirming that this recognition would affect more than six million Palestinian refugees in the diaspora and one and half million others inside the 1948 occupied lands.

The Islamic Jihad official also slammed the US hegemony over the world and its persistence in killing thousands of civilians all over the globe in the name of democracy.

“The world which is ruled by the US is merciless and heartless and we say to this world, ‘you have killed hundreds of thousands of civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and threaten to kill millions in Sudan, while you are afraid that some of your crimes get leaked to the media so as not to pose a threat to your soldiers,” the official said.

“We understand that your mission in Palestine is to ensure Israel’s security and this means killing and displacing us. You are accomplices in the blockade, [Israel’s] crimes and the Judaization of our holy places, and Israel commits its war crimes on your behalf. You are a gang without values and your democracy is stained with the blood of martyrs in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Palestine, but we will extract our rights in our own way,” he added.

Senior Hamas official Khalil Hayya, who attended the ceremony, also highlighted the importance of resisting the Israeli occupation as the only option to liberate Palestine and urged Fatah to have the genuine will to achieve reconciliation in order to strengthen the internal front in the face of the occupation.

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New Ethics: Refusal to Violate Privacies… Pure Intimidation!


The era of ethics and values seems to have ended…
Of course, it’s not a harsh conclusion. It’s even more logical than anything else when some politicians, including those who claim to protect the human being in the world, simply don’t hesitate to “justify” and “defend” the violations of all privacies…

They want the Truth??
International investigators are free to do whatever they want in Lebanon. They can enter a gynecology clinic in the southern suburb of Beirut and demand the archives of a number of patients. They can ask for the files of all students in Lebanese private and official universities. They can demand the archives of Telecoms data. They can collect data that go beyond an investigation into the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.
That’s it. International investigators are free to do whatever they want under the slogan of searching for truth. Lebanese should simply surrender to such status-quo and refrain from saying anything. Otherwise, they would be accused of committing intimidation and terrorization.
Video Click the Picture
On Thursday, Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah was clear against the flagrant violations made by the international investigators. “We have reached a sensitive and very dangerous point, which is related to our honor and dignity, the thing that requires us to have a different stance,” Sayyed Nasrallah said. His eminence acknowledged that the Resistance party has been aware that the international tribunal was violating everything in Lebanon, and that they have been collecting information about Hezbollah that go beyond the goal of serving the investigation.
“What does the probe need our women’s medical files for?” Sayyed Nasrallah wondered. Sayyed Nasrallah then addressed all Lebanese officials, ministers, lawmakers, judges and citizens. “Who among you accepts the idea of someone taking a look at the gynecology files of a mother, a sister or a daughter?” his eminence asked them. “Let the noble one who accepts such a thing tell us,” his eminence said, adding that this is unethical. “We have religious and moral values, not to mention that we’ve been told by more than one side that this thing is illegal.”
Yet, some politicians didn’t hesitate to respond…
For instance, the Future movement’s parliamentary bloc didn’t understand the relation between ethics and the visit by international investigators to a female clinic. In a statement it released after a meeting it held under Prime Minister Saad Hariri, the bloc innocently claimed that the international investigators headed to the medical clinic in order to acquire information on telephone numbers, and not medical records, which was stipulated in a statement by Dr. Iman Sharara herself.
That’s it. The investigators only wanted phone numbers. So, there’s no need to panic and raise issues of ethics and norms. It seems to be convincing.
What’s more convincing is the statement made by UN chief Ban Ki-moon, the head of an organization “believed” to be the defender of all human beings in the world.
“The secretary general is deeply concerned by recent statements and events related to the work of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL),” said a spokesman for the UN leader in a statement released late Thursday.
“Acts of interference and intimidation are unacceptable,” Ban, who simply ignored all aggressions of simple human rights, said of events such as an “attack” on two tribunal investigators in Beirut on Wednesday and Hezbollah’s call for a boycott.
The spokesman highlighted that the tribunal was set up at the request of the Lebanese government and has a UN Security Council mandate. Ban called it “an important tool to uncover the truth and end impunity.”
“The secretary general calls on all parties to refrain from interfering in its work, which proceeds in accordance with the legal principles and standards applied by all international tribunals, and from prejudging its outcome,” said the spokesman.
Ban also stressed that “it is imperative that the Special Tribunal carry out its work safely and securely.”

Nothing is alarming. In Lebanon, Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea wasn’t embarrassed by the visit of the investigators to a female clinic. Instead of asking the sensitive question whether the truth was hidden in the file of some patient, Geagea was satisfied: this means the investigation committee is assuming its duties, he proudly claimed.

It became more than evident that talking about values and ethics in such an environment is just a big lie…
The Office of the Prosecutor of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon on Friday stressed that the UN investigators did not breach “ethical, religious and humanitarian norms” during their recent visit to a gynecology clinic in Beirut Southern Suburbs.

“Statements in relation to the recent attack against staff of the STL alleging that the investigators examined gynecologist’s patient records in breach of ethical, religious and humanitarian norms are false,” STL Prosecutor Danielle Bellemare’s office said in a press release.

“As the medical doctor interviewed by representatives of the Office of the Prosecutor confirmed in her media interviews, the investigators were not seeking any medical information from her,” the OTP went on to say. “Moreover, she had canceled all her appointments for that morning, so that no women would be inconvenienced by the investigators’ visit,” the OTP noted.

It claimed that the process leading to the visit was handled professionally and in accordance with legal safeguards. “The visit had been approved by the Lebanese authorities. The investigators were accompanied by members of the judicial police and the army. The doctor had received approval from the Beirut Order of Physicians to meet with the OTP investigators, and had agreed to the meeting,” Bellemare’s office clarified.

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Israel angry over UNESCO description of West Bank holy site


Israel angrily condemned Friday a series of decisions by UNESCO regarding historic sites in the occupied West Bank and in Jerusalem, saying they were politically biased moves, dpa reported.

Israel angry over UNESCO description of West Bank holy siteThe board of the UN’s cultural organization, in its biannual session which ended last week, adopted five proposals initiated by Arab member states regarding sites which are considered holy to both Jews and Muslims.
One of them, in what Israelis charged was a first, used an allegedly politically motivated title to describe a site just outside the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem, which is holy to Jews and Muslim.

According to some traditions the site contains the tomb of the Biblical matriarch Rachel.

Referring to the structure as the “Bilal bin Rabah Mosque/Rachel’s Tomb” in its statement, the UNESCO board voted 44 to one, with 12 abstentions, to reaffirm the site was “an integral part of the occupied Palestinian territories and that any unilateral action by the Israeli authorities is to be considered a violation of international law.”
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier this year sparked Arab anger when he included holy sites in the occupied West Bank in a list of Israeli and Jewish national heritage sites which his government wants to renovate.

Rachel’s Tomb was on that list, prompting Arab member states, including Jordan, to push for the UNESCO executive board decisions.

Israelis charged that Rachel’s Tomb was traditionally referred to also by Muslims as such in Arabic, as “Qubat Rachel,” although the structure also traditionally included a Muslim prayer house adjacent to a Muslim cemetery.

They charge that the name “Bilal bin Rabah Mosque” only came into use following Arab-Israeli riots in 1996 and was coined by Palestinians for political reasons.

Israel Army Radio Friday quoted a Foreign Ministry statement as charging the statement used “crudely politically deceptive” language and that this distorted and sidestepped the body’s cultural mission.

A spokesman also called the UNESCO decision “shameful” and charged it “reeked of political bias.”

The UNESCO executive board also expressed “deep concern” over “ongoing Israeli excavations and archaeological works” at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem’s walled, historic Old City.

The Israel Hayom daily quoted Israel’s Western Wall and Holy Sites Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitz as charging that the international body “responsible for heritage has turned heritage into politics” and was “distorting history.”

Fake Al Qaeda


Fake Al Qaeda

“The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive the TV watcher to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US . . .” — Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook

“Ana raicha Al Qaeda” is colloquial for “I’m going to the toilet”. A very common and widespread use of the word “Al-Qaeda” in different Arab countries in the public language is for the toilet bowl. This name comes from the Arabic verb “Qa’ada” which mean “to sit”, pertinently, on the “Toilet Bowl”. In most Arabs homes there are two kinds of toilets: “Al-Qaeda” also called the “Hamam Franji” or foreign toilet, and “Hamam Arabi” or “Arab toilet” which is a hole in the ground. Lest we forget it, the potty used by small children is called “Ma Qa’adia” or “Little Qaeda”.

So, if you were forming a terrorist group, would you call yourself, “The Toilet”?

The Phony (Mossad) Al Qaeda Cell in Palestine

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon … said that al-Qaeda militants were operating in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon. “We know that they are there. We know that they are in Lebanon, working closely with Hezbollah. We know that they are in the region,” he said. [BBC News – 12/5/2002]


Officials from the Palestinian Authority have accused the Israeli spy agency Mossad of setting up a fake al-Qaeda terrorist cell in Gaza. Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat said that Israel had set up the mock cell in order to justify attacks in Palestinian areas. [BBC News – 12/8/2002]

Mossad agents arrested by the PA for attempting to set up phony ‘al Qaeda’ cells in the Gaza Strip.
The full story:
Of the MOSSAD, the Israeli intelligence service, the SAMS officers say: “Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act.” [Washington Times – 9/10/2001]
Adam Yahiye Gadahn: The Fake Terrorist

The FBI lists Gadahn’s aliases as Abu Suhayb Al-Amriki, Abu Suhayb, Yihya Majadin Adams, Adam Pearlman, and Yayah.
But Adam Pearlmen is his REAL name! Adam is the grandson of the late Carl K. Pearlman; a prominent Jewish urologist in Orange County. Carl was also a member of the board of directors of the Anti-Defamation League, which was caught spying on Americans for Israel in 1993, much as AIPAC has been caught up in the more recent spy scandal.

Sent in by a reader: I recently saw the article you linked about Adam Pearlman and his brand new feature film in which he plays the character Azzam Al-Amrika. As someone who speaks Arabic, I thought it would be interesting for WRH readers to know a little bit about this particular name. First, Azzam in Arabic means either “determined” or “resolved”. Second, “Al-Amrika” (it’s sometimes spelled “Amerika”) translates back to “America”. Interesting use of words Mr. Pearlman is using for a name, I’d say. But even without having to translate the whole name, no Arab has the last name of Amrika. The name, translated, almost sounds like a Bush soundbite.


And another faker surfaces!

On any given day, log on to RevolutionMuslim.com and a host of startling images appear:
– The Statue of Liberty, with an ax blade cutting through her side;
– Video mocking the beheading of American journalist Daniel Pearl, entitled “Daniel Pearl I am Happy Your Dead 🙂 “;
– Video of a puppet show lampooning U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq;
– The latest speech from Sheikh Abdullah Faisal, an extremist Muslim cleric convicted in the UK and later deported for soliciting the murder of non-Muslims.
Even more surprising is that RevolutionMuslim.com isn’t being maintained in some remote safe house in Pakistan. Instead, Yousef al-Khattab, the Web site creator, runs it from his home in the New York City Borough of Queens.

Formerly known as Joseph Cohen, al-Khattab is an American-born Jew who converted to Islam after attending an Orthodox Rabbinical school, which he later described as a “racist cult.”
Abu Tallah Al-Amrikee, the “muslim” who threatened South Park using the above RevolutionMuslim.com website, is really named Zachary Adam Chesser!

Al-Qaeda cleric exposed as an MI5 double agent
ONE of al-Qaeda’s most dangerous figures has been revealed as a double agent working for MI5, raising criticism from European governments, which repeatedly called for his arrest.
Britain ignored warnings – which began before the September 11 attacks – from half a dozen friendly governments about Abu Qatada’s links with terrorist groups and refused to arrest him. Intelligence chiefs hid from European allies their intention to use the cleric as a key informer against Islamic militants in Britain.

Indignant French officials accused MI5 of helping the cleric to abscond. While he remained on the run, one intelligence chief in Paris was quoted as saying: “British intelligence is saying they have no idea where he is, but we know where he is and, if we know, I’m quite sure they do.”

From a reader:
1. We have MI5 (British CIA) posing as Alqueda.
“Al-Qaeda cleric exposed as an MI5 double agent”, http://www.timesonline.co.uk/printFriendly/0,,1-3-1050175,00.html
2. We have Mossad (Israel CIA) posing as ALqueda in Palestine: fakealqaeda.html
3. We have USA posing as Alqueda:
The FBI lists Gadahn’s aliases as Abu Suhayb Al-Amriki, Abu Suhayb, Yihya Majadin Adams, Adam Pearlman, and Yayah. But Adam Pearlmen is his REAL name! Adam is the grandson of the late Carl K. Pearlman; a prominent Jewish urologist in Orange County. Carl was also a member of the board of directors of the Anti-Defamation League, which was caught spying on Americans for Israel in 1993, much as AIPAC has been caught up in the more recent spy scandal.
3. We have israel posing as alqueda in the phillipines.

The two British operatives, arrested by Basra police and later freed by a British military operation, were identified by the BBC as “members of the SAS elite special forces” (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/424614.stm). They were disguised by wigs and Arab dress. Iraqi sources reported that the Iraqi police were watching the two, and when they tried to approach them they shot two policemen and tried to escape the scene. The Iraqi police chased and captured them, to discover large amount of explosives planted in the car, which apparently was planned to be remotely detonated in the busy market of Basra. The SAS involvement in Iraq was discovered on the 30th of January 2005 when an RAF Hercules plane crashed near Baghdad killing then British servicemen after dropping off fifty SAS members north of Baghdad to fight Iraqi guerillas.
CIA + Mossad + MI5 = AlQueada
The greatest false-flag operations conducting in the history on man !!!! In case you weren’t paying attention…

  • See Also:

    >Islamic Jihad Slams Peace Talks at Mass Gaza rally


    29/10/2010 The Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement called on Friday for an end to peace talks with Israel and celebrated armed struggle at a rally in Gaza City attended by tens of thousands of supporters.

    “Today we sound the alarm and warn that there will be a third Nakba (Catastrophe) because of the determination to pursue the path of negotiations with the enemy,” the group’s leader Ramadan Shalah told the crowd.

    The situation “demands the complete withdrawal from the negotiations with the enemy, ending the Palestinian divide and uniting behind jihad and resistance,” Shalah said by telephone from his base in Damascus.

    Supporters waving Palestinian flags and the black banners of the Resistance group packed Gaza City’s Kuteiba Square as senior officials gave speeches beneath massive portraits of slain Palestinian leaders from different groups.

    Senior officials from Hamas and other factions walked across a large Israeli flag on the way to their seats at the rally, in which supporters chanted: “Death, death to America! Death, death to Israel!”

    The rally came just days after the 15th anniversary of the assassination of Islamic Jihad’s founder Fathi Shiqaqi, who was martyred in Malta in an attack blamed on Israel’s Mossad spy agency.

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    Sayyed Nasrallah Calls for “Boycott” of International Investigators


    The Vineyard of the Saker 

    Vedio Click the Picture

    In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Praise be to Allah, The Lord of the World. Peace be on our Master and Prophet – The Seal of Prophets – Mohammad and on his Chaste Household, chosen companions and all prophets and messengers.
    Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessing.
    Though my speech today is related to a special topic which is the conduct and performance of the International Investigation Committee and the international investigators under the General Prosecutor of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, as a lead-in, I see that it is my duty to mention the dangerous and serious incident that took place in the city of Umm Al-Fahm in Occupied Palestine in the territories occupied since 1948. It is a flagrant brutal aggression against our Palestinian brethrens there which we must view in the general conduct pursued by Netanyahu’s cabinet starting with the Nationality Law to the demand of acknowledging Israel as a Jewish state. What took place is neither ordinary nor incidental. It rather comes in a framework that puts the Palestinians living in the territories occupied since 1948 in the cycle of great risk. This must be noticed by all the governments and peoples of the Arab and Islamic world and worldwide so that they assume their responsibilities. The international and Arab silence on this incident and on what is taking place is quite remarkable.
    What called on me to talk tonight was what took place yesterday when a delegation from the international investigators under the General Prosecutor visited the clinic of a gynecologist in the Southern Suburbs of Beirut (Dahiyeh) and asked the concerned doctor to let them have access to her patients’ archives – who are all women – since 2003 up to this day.
    I will tackle in a while the argument that took place between them and the details of the incident. Well this is what held me today to address you and all audiences and listeners. It is because I believe we have reached a sensitive and very dangerous stage which has to do with our honor and dignity and which calls on all of us to take a different stance.
    In fact, I did not wish to talk today had it not been for the local and foreign reactions and from high levels which I watched and heard yesterday. Today also there were more reactions whether from the General Prosecutor or the head of the STL or the concerned international parties until reaching the US State Department which condemned with the most forceful terms of condemnation – as it said – what took place in Dahiyeh.
    Indeed American eyes are blind and American ears are deaf on what is taking place in Palestine and in Umm Al- Fahm – and that was what took place on one day only. No word was said on what took place in Umm Al-Fahm, though the magnitude and circumstances of what took place in Dahiyeh are not to be compared to the magnitude, circumstances and aims of what took place in Umm Al-Fahm.
    This increased my conviction to carry on and talk tonight. In fact, another thing came to light; the Lebanese judicial authorities regained its vitality. I was amazed by the haste with which the State Prosecutor moved and with astounding promptness he opened an investigation on this case after remaining silent for long years on false witnesses. I thought he opened an investigation to apply the Lebanese laws but I heard that it is against the law. Anyway, the door of jurisprudence is open on whatever is called laws. However, aside from laws, we thought he made haste to defend our dignity and honor.
    Anyway, this atmosphere affirms that the industrious US attempts – whether through Filtman’s visit and the contacts of Mrs. Clinton – aim at ruining all the Saudi-Syrian attempts to preserve this country’s integrity and stability. These US attempts are provoked by local and regional political forces which we know very well. Before starting my speech, I would like to tell you that few minutes ago I received some information which I hope is not true. It says that there are great US pressures on the General Prosecutor to hasten in issuing the indictment before its due date in December.

    Anyway, when you see all these reactions you realize that what took place was not an accidental incident. It rather deserves contemplation and dealing with it as a turning point. What I will present to you and what I will ask from you is a turning point in the track in this issue.

    However before moving to the sensitive side which has to do with our honor and the gynecologic documents, I would like to reveal the truth to the Lebanese and to all people: Until 5 or 7 minutes before my speech to you, there was a definite statue quo and a truth that was taking place and which I like to acknowledge. As many of the Lebanese, we in Hezbollah used to know the magnitude of security violation made by the international investigation and the international prosecutors of everything in Lebanon since 2005 until this very day. Still we remained silent on that. However indeed we will not remain silent tonight. Until no more than 7 minutes ago we were silent as many of the Lebanese in the country. Was that a right thing to be done or not is another point of discussion.
    Why did we remain silent? We remained silent so that it won’t be said that there are some who want to obstruct the international investigation and block the way before revealing the truth on who assassinated martyr PM Rafiq Hariri. So we remained silent as we tried to observe the national and local sensitivities. We remained silent on all of these violations for years. Still these violations were taking place. I will present to you some quick titles of what the investigation committees demanded when it used to be called investigation committee and before the Special Tribunal was formed and then what was demanded by the General Prosecutor after the STL was formed. I will mention some and not all of the titles because I have a long list. Some of what was demanded by the investigation committee (what it was furnished with as some sides offered data while other sides showed reservation and other sides did not have enough information to offer is another field of research) is known by the Lebanese while some are not known by them.
    For example, the international investigation asked for the files of the students in the private universities in Lebanon from 2003 to 2006. At least they demanded that from private universities and I do not know if they asked that from public universities. So all the files of university students – whether Lebanese or not – are with them. Henceforth were these files go, I will tell you in a while.
    All so called communication data in Lebanon since 2003 – phone calls, sms… – whether from MTC, Alfa or Ogero from 2003 till this very day was given to international investigation and is updated regularly.
    They called for fingerprints from the Passport directorate in the Public Security. All the fingerprints for passports with fingerprints on them were demanded. Argument took place on the issue. They made a settlement and fingerprints for 893 Lebanese persons were submitted.
    They asked for all the DNA documents available in Lebanon. They asked for all the geographic documents and the Geographic Information System (GIS) in Lebanon. They want all what has to do with the Lebanese geography from the borderlines to the opposite borderlines: mountains, valleys, sensitive points, important points… This has its own world and terminologies. What does it have to do with the assassination of PM Hariri is another point of research? They demanded for statements for the subscribers in Elecricité du Liban. They spared no domain but they had access to it – apart from who gave them information and who did not. This is another point of discussion.
    For all of this period of time we did not say a word though we knew that such data are much broader from investigating an assassination and though we knew that and especially in the last years the investigators worked at collecting information about Hezbollah much broader than what is linked to accusing a group or groups in the assassination of PM Rafiq Hariri and though we knew that this data reaches western security bodies and Israel. Copies of whatever the international investigators collect are transferred to Israel. Still we remained silent. Anyone in Lebanon and even from among our masses has the right to say we were mistaken or not in that. However I am only depicting what took place up to this moment.
    Why did we remain silent? We remained silent only and only for having no one saying there are impediments. We know that used to cause much sensitivity in the country. We remained silent to show respect to the family of martyr Hariri, to the movement and to the general atmosphere in the country. For many and various considerations, that was what took place.
    However, now we reached a point on which I believe we can not tolerate staying silent under whatever political, local or foreign considerations. Never! We can’t remain silent for the sake of anyone. Allow me to say here; what has the international investigation to do with gynecologic files for our women?
    I am hesitant. Shall I speak out or not? However there are details which I will talk about later. Why? What do they need that for? Why do they come and ask for files from a specialist in a clinic which is most frequented by the women, wives and daughters of leaders, cadres and officials in Hezbollah? It is a very active clinic. They asked for the files at least from 2003 till 2010. I asked about the number of files and was told that they are for more than 7000 ladies (not examinations but ladies). So each file is for a woman which includes all examination, re-examinations and details.
    The doctor argued saying: How come you make this request? These files have their privacy. After argument their demand was limited to 17 files. However the doctor might not have argued them and they might have had access to the archives as what might take place and did take place in other places. Still what do they have to do with these 17 files? What has the investigation to do with having access to gynecologic files for our women, wives, daughters and sisters? I would like to address the Lebanese officials with a question (because I heard some officials making statements in the media). I would like to ask the presidents, ministers, deputies, judges and even all the Lebanese: Who among you accept that anyone has access to the gynecologic file of his wife, mother, sister or daughter? Were they files that have to do with ophthalmology or otolaryngology, it might be acceptable. But when it comes to gynecology, who accepts that? Whoever accepts that in the country let him show up and say we accept and tolerate that and you also must tolerate that too! Let us know who this great honorable person in Lebanon is who can tolerate such an issue with such a magnitude!
    Everyone in Lebanon and the region know that this can’t be tolerated. We can’t remain silent on that under whatever condition. If we talked in terms of human norms – with those who are still human beings indeed -, moral norms, traditions, customs and culture as Lebanese, as Arabs and as Easterners, religious considerations whether as Muslims or Christians and moral and religious norms, who accepts – without prior knowledge, consent and permission – that that takes place? Even from legal and judicial perspectives, this is debatable. I did not have time in fact to see if the laws in Lebanon and the judiciary system do not defend our honor. We have deputies in the Parliament. Let’s go then and work and call for laws that defend our honor though today I heard more than one side saying that on the legal level this is unacceptable or at least debatable.
    Brothers and sisters! This scandalous development takes us back to point zero, to all the security violation taking place in Lebanon under the title of international investigation. We would not have wished to reach this but you have led us to this point. You have led us here. Is it still acceptable to remain approving of this violation as Lebanese whether we were in the presidential, governmental or parliamentary posts or in state administrations or as Lebanese people?
    What is taking place is a violation. The investigation is over. The indictment they say will be issued has been written since 2006. It is the very indictment as was published in Dir Spiegel. Soon you will see. It is the very indictment as was published in Le Figaro. It is written and I have been informed of it no more than a few months ago. I have been informed of it in 2008.
    Now I will not go more into details not to trouble the country anymore. The issue is over. All the investigations that are taking place are to make use of this cover to collect as much data as possible which will in fact make no difference as far as the investigation is concerned because it was inked with words of oppression, falsification, fabrication and aggression. It has been written already. Is it possible anymore to accept this violation of everything in this country: universities, companies, communication and gynecology?
    There are doctors – we did not talk about that – who were contacted and who supplied them with scores of names and not only 17 or 20 names. They went themselves with the files with them. I knew of that. Still I told our brethrens: Well let’s have patience. This is not a gynecologic file. But when it reaches this limit, we will say no. Allow us! The whole world must allow us before this scandalous development: This is a particular conduct pursued by the international investigators, those behind them, those who support them and those who cover them. What is the responsibility now?
    First: I call on every official in Lebanon and on every citizen in Lebanon to boycott these investigations and not to cooperate with them. The violation that has taken place already is enough. Because everything that is submitted to them reaches the Israelis and all the data and information and addresses reaches the Israelis, enough with this violation.
    Second: I would like to say with all love and faithfulness. Let’s depict our statue quo. Carrying on cooperating with these will help on one hand in more violation of the country in all domains. On the other hand, it helps in aggressing against the Resistance. Any cooperation from now on with the international investigators will help them in aggressing against the resistance.
    Third: I call on every official and every citizen in Lebanon from now on to deal with the demands of these investigators pursuant to his conscience, dignity and honor because in the past few weeks it seems that the investigators are running out of time and they want to benefit from the remaining time. Several doctors were threatened. Several persons were threatened by the International Investigation Committee. This is documented. Before whatever threat, I tell the people: You are before a responsibility which has to do with your honor, dignity, nationalism, morals and the fate of this country. Here I am calling on everyone to assume this responsibility.
    This is an outcry and I want to stop here. Perhaps I had more details to say.
    One of the professors called and asserted the applications and files of students in all the Lebanese universities – whether private or public – are with them i.e. with the Israelis. So the files of all your sons and daughters who entered the universities in Lebanon are with the Israelis. What does this have to do with the assassination of PM Hariri?
    Anyway, I will stop here. I call on all officials to assume their responsibilities. I call on all people to deal with the issue according to their honor, dignity and nationalism. It’s time this violation of everything in Lebanon is over as it touched our honor – i.e. to the point one can’t tolerate and on which one can’t remain silent at anytime and not even for one moment. Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessing.

    River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian


    >Sayyed Nasrallah Calls for “Boycott” of International Investigators

    VIDEO – Arabic Click the Picture

    Hussein Assi

    28/10/2010 Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah called on Thursday for boycotting and ending cooperation with the international investigators affiliated with the international tribunal tasked with finding out the truth in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri’s case. His eminence warned that cooperation with these investigators was the same as facilitating their mission and attacking the Resistance.

    Sayyed Nasrallah, who was commenting on the flagrant violation made by the investigators one day earlier, warned that the international tribunal was violating everything in Lebanon, and they have been collecting information about Hezbollah that go beyond the goal of serving the investigation.

    On Wednesday, a team of investigators entered a gynecology clinic in Southern Suburb of Beirut and demanded the archives of a number of patients, sparking dispute with women there. Witnesses said the team entered Dr. Iman Charara’s gynecology clinic. Women waiting for their turn in the clinic, including an urgent case, were annoyed because the investigators stayed for long time in a meeting with the doctor, witnesses said, adding the voices were loud as other women from other clinics in the building rushed to Charara’s clinic.

    Sayyed Nasrallah also revealed that the United States was pressuring the Special Tribunal for Lebanon Prosecutor Daniel Bellemare to accelerate the issuance of the indictment before December as expected.


    Sayyed Nasrallah began his speech by denouncing the dangerous incident which erupted in northern occupied town of Umm al-Fahm, in reference to the premeditated Israeli police brutality and exaggerated violence directed at protesters by the occupation forces on Wednesday.

    His eminence said that such a flagrant and blatant aggression against Palestinian brothers should be understood in the general framework of the general policy of the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu. “What happened is not a simple incident but a very dangerous one,” Sayyed Nasrallah noted, calling on all concerned parties to assume their responsibilities.

    His eminence also said that what’s remarkable is the Arab and international complete silence towards the aggression and what happened, describing it as “suspicious.”


    Hezbollah Secretary General then turned to the major topic that pushed him to deliver his speech, the incident which happened on Wednesday when a delegation of international investigators visited a gynecology clinic in Southern Suburb of Beirut and demanded the archives of a number of patients.

    “We have reached a sensitive and very dangerous point, which is related to our honor and dignity, the thing that requires us to have a different stance,” Sayyed Nasrallah said, pointing to the local and international stances made following Wednesday’s incident, including the American condemnation.

    The American eyes don’t see what happens in Palestine. They vehemently denounced what happened in Dahiyeh and were not aware of Umm Al-Fahm violence, given the huge difference in the level of the two incidents.”


    Hezbollah Secretary General, meanwhile, said he was stunned by the promptness of State Prosecutor Judge Said Mirza in opening an investigation in the incident while he has remained mum for long years regarding false witnesses. “For a moment, I thought he wanted to open the investigation to adopt the Lebanese law and to defend our dignity and honor,” his eminence said.

    Sayyed Nasrallah said that the general picture confirms the American efforts to undermine the Syrian-Saudi efforts to consolidate security and stability in Lebanon. His eminence also revealed that the United States was pressuring the STL Prosecutor to accelerate the issuance of the final verdict before the scheduled date in the month of December.


    Hezbollah Secretary General then acknowledged that the Resistance party has been aware that the international tribunal was violating everything in Lebanon, and that they have been collecting information about Hezbollah that go beyond the goal of serving the investigation.

    “We’ve remained mum throughout this period out of consideration for the family of martyr premier Rafiq Hariri, and so that no one thinks we’re obstructing the investigation,” Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out.

    His eminence said that the international committees have requested throughout the last period files of the students of official and private universities in Lebanon, the complete Telecoms data in Lebanon as well as the DNA and GIS data and other files. “They entered all sectors and wanted to know everything, things that go well beyond a mere investigation in Hariri’s murder.”

    “We have remained mum throughout this period despite our knowledge that the investigators have been collecting information about Hezbollah that go beyond the goal of serving the investigation,” his eminence said. “We were also aware that everything the international investigators obtain reaches the hands of the US and Israel.”


    “What does the probe need our women’s medical files for?” Sayyed Nasrallah wondered, revealing that Dr. Iman Charara’s gynecology clinic was often visit by Hezbollah officials’ wives and daughters.

    Sayyed Nasrallah then addressed all Lebanese officials, ministers, lawmakers, judges and citizens. “Who among you accepts the idea of someone taking a look at the gynecology files of a mother, a sister or a daughter?” his eminence asked them. “Let the noble one who accepts such a thing tell us,” his eminence said, adding that this is unethical. “We have religious and moral values, not to mention that we’ve been told by more than one side that this thing is illegal.”

    Hezbollah Secretary General reiterated that the final verdict was written since 2006. “I have been informed of its content since 2008. I don’t want to enter into more details,” his eminence said. “The investigation has already ended and the indictment has already been written and finalized, and it is the same one that was published by Der Spiegel and Le Figaro.”


    Hezbollah Secretary General concluded his speech by a strong call to all Lebanese to boycott the international investigators and end cooperation with them.

    “I call on all Lebanese, citizens and politicians alike, to boycott this tribunal and end all cooperation with its investigators,” Sayyed Nasrallah said. “Enough violations. Everything they obtains reach the Israelis. It’s enough,” his eminence declared.

    Sayyed Nasrallah said that any further cooperation with the tribunal is equal to an attack on the resistance.All cooperation with the investigators is a contribution to the assault on the resistance,” his eminence pointed out.

    The Resistance leader also called all politicians and citizens in Lebanon to do what their conscience and honor tell them.

    “Enough is enough. Officials should assume their responsibilities. It’s time to end all violations after our honor has been breached. It’s enough,” Sayyed Nasrallah ended his speech.

    River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

    Jeff Feltman’s ‘really great plan’


    Earlier this month, Feltman sent a message to Hezbollah to the effect than if Hezbollah will go along with blaming Mughniyah for killing Hariri that works for the Americans because it will be circumstantial evidence that he also did acts of terrorism in the 1980’s so all files could be closed once and for all. He told more than one person he met with in Beirut this month that he thought his was “a really great plan.”

    Franklin Lamb,

    Dahiyeh, South Beirut

    Beirut is abuzz this morning over some pretty bizarre events that have been unfolding the past few months concerning Hezbollah and the UN created International Tribunal for Lebanon, created in 2007 to bring to justice those involved in the Valentine Day 2005 assassination of then Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.

    Another one occurred yesterday morning, 10/27/10, at 9:00 am at Dr. Iman Charara’s street level private obstetrics and gynecology clinic, here in Dahiyeh, a Hezbollah south Beirut neighborhood which is still recovering from Israel’s 33 days of carpet bombing in 2006 which destroyed pretty much everything including more than 250 homes, scores of businesses, and much of the infrastructure.

    Some, but not all of the facts of this still unfolding episode are agreed upon. Two English speaking male investigators, two male security persons, and one female interpreter, all from the Special Tribunal for Lebanon arrived in Dahiyeh to speak with Dr. Charara. They asked for phone numbers and addresses of 17 of her patients for as far back as 2003. The STL had called on 10/22/10 to make an appointment, and after checking with the Lebanese Medicinal Association regarding privacy issues, Dr. Charara agreed. When she led the delegation into an adjoining office to consult with her secretary about researching her office files, according to Dr. Charara, “I was surprised by the large number of women who came shouting and cursing the investigators,” she told this morning Beirut’s Daily Star. Dr. Iman Charara told New TV that she does not know how the clash between the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) investigators and the women at her clinic erupted.

    According to one witness who has a business opposite the clinic:

    “The women were yelling ‘you are American, Israeli!’ and they were cursing the investigators and demining that they leave.” At least one briefcase, a laptop computer, cell phones, notebooks and other material was taken from the STL investigators during the melee. According to the Office of the STL Prosecutor: “ Mr Bellemare and the STL takes this incident very seriously and we are currently conducting an investigation,” the media relations unit of the Hague-based Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) stated by email. “We want everything returned, including the cell phones that were stolen.”

    Bellemare’s office also denounced the use of violence” against two of its investigators saying that the event will not deter the office’s investigation. “Several items belonging to Bellemare’s office staff were stolen during the attack,” it added. A security source told The Daily Star the belongings that were confiscated during the attack contained important STL documents.

    So far unproven allegations in Beirut this morning claim that some of the Burqa clad “women” were in fact men. “One woman definitely had a man’s hand and was very strong. I saw a man’s hand as ‘she’ bit mine” one police officer reported.

    Visibly upset, an anti-resistance March 14 Member of Parliament, stated, “Where are the briefcases? Who cares now? Within two hours Hezbollah surely has copied everything—CD’s, flash memories, the works. Hezbollah may now know as much about the STL prosecution’s case as Bellemare does. Maybe more! This is one hell of a mess.”

    The March 14 Secretariat General issued a statement saying “the incident represents an attack on the international community’s legitimacy and its resolutions, and particularly, UN resolutions 1701 (UNIFIL and disarming of Hezbollah) and 1757 ( setting up the Hariri Tribunal).”

    Hezbollah has denied any connection between the incident at Dr. Charara’s clinic and the Party. “It seems it will not be the last in a series of violations of the country and its sovereignty under what is said to be investigation and truth,” a Al-Manar television news anchor said. Meanwhile, Hezbollah Secretarial-General Hassan Nasrallah is expected to hold a news conference on the subject.

    Some knowledgeable sources are starting to ask questions this morning regarding the STL investigators conduct. “ If the Media Office of the STL had followed the rules and contacted the Media Office of Hezbollah before sending in their team, things would have been different”, Human Rights Ambassador Ali Khalil told this observer.

    It is true that the STL knew, or should have known, apart from the common courtesy aspect, that for security reasons the rules regarding such visits include contacting the Hezbollah Office of Media Relations in Dahiyeh. If its Director, Dr. Ibrahim Mousawi is not in, his competent and gracious assistants Wafa or Rana will professionally assist visitors. Practically everyone in Lebanon, certainly media representatives, know this.

    Why did the STL apparently attempt an end run around security especially since just this week the Lebanese court sentenced 32 more Israeli spies to jail terms, five from the Mossad’s overseas intelligence service?

    In addition, more than 100 people have been arrested on suspicion of espionage just since April 2009, including telecom employees, members of the security forces and even some active duty troops.

    People are edgy in Dahiyeh and elsewhere in Lebanon about foreigners seeming to snoop around.

    Broad ranging analyses are running the gamut this morning. MP Yassine Jaber of the Shia Amal movement, an ally of Hezbollah, said during an interview with local television, that the incident was a sign the tribunal was “not welcome” in Lebanon.

    Various diplomatic sources, as well as some political party officials and security contacts think they know what caused yesterday’s incident.

    Jeffrey Feltman, the Undersecretary of State for near eastern affairs and a Bush administration holdover is the prime suspect among some.

    Feltman was the American Ambassador to Lebanon from 2004-2008. In reality he never left although Michele Sison and now Maura Connelly, both handpicked by Feltman, succeeded him here in Lebanon. Connelly was his former personal assistant, and like Sison before here, functions, according to one Congressional source, as “ a talking potted plant. Both served to occupy the Ambassadors office at the US Embassy in Beirut but Feltman still calls the shots, just as David Welch did before his retirement.”

    What caused yesterday’s incident according to the above sources approximate the following:
    Feltman was beside himself as were many in the State Department and on Capitol hill by the reception Lebanon gave to Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad earlier this month. At the time Feltman was in Saudi Arabia discussing his claimed creation and pet project, the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. He spoke to increasingly unsympathetic Saudi ears what he thought was “ a really great plan” how to solve the growing STL problem which he admitted Washington and Tel Aviv had underestimated.
    The Saudi’s told Feltman they would discuss the matter with the Syrians who would contact Hezbollah.
    Feltman had planned to drop in on Damascus but instead he tore over to Lebanon, on White House short notice orders, he told his friend, Druze leader Walid Jumblatt. His mission was to denounce Ahmadinejad’s visit as “provocative, creating instability, and not helpful to the “peace process.”

    Lebanon yawned at his airport statements, including the identical one that Hilary Clinton made earlier in Bosnia: “With respect to President Ahmadinejad’s visit to Lebanon, the United States supports the integrity and sovereignty of Lebanon. We reject any efforts to destabilize or inflame tensions within Lebanon. We are very committed to supporting the Lebanese Government as it deals with a number of challenges in its region.”

    To many Lebanese, it was Mr. Feltman’s visit that violated Lebanon’s stability and sovereignty. His problems began to increase and he found that Lebanon was still largely in a state of rapture over the Iranian Presidents visit and the juicy prospects for up to S10 billion in trade ( having already received $ 1 billion in aid) between Iran and Lebanon.

    His meeting with Lebanon’s President Suleiman and Prime Minister Saad Hariri were perfunctory. Parliamentary Speaker Berri, ally of Hezbollah even declined to meet with Feltman citing a “conflict of schedule” which one Amal source joked meant Berri wanted to watch the latest Sherlock Holmes movie with his family. Some did complain in the media about Feltman not observing ‘diplomatic protocol’ by not giving advanced notice and expecting Lebanese officials to clear their weekend relaxation time to be at his beck and call.

    But what apparently really caused Feltman to urge to STL to squeeze Hezbollah by sending its investigators to Dahiyeh to signal that the Tribunal was impossible to stop, was the rejection by all factions but the Lebanese Forces, of the Feltman Plan. Its reported essence, now apparently scrapped, was as follows:

    Given that Washington realized that there is no way that the Tribunal is going to work out, it is best to find a way to trash it.

    Feltman has a “Dead men don’t talk” plan. Imad, Mughniyah who many thought was dead these past 26 years was really killed this time on February 12, 2008 in Damascus.

    Beirut sources reveal that Israel, who killed Mughniyah, aimed for February 14, not the 12th in order to deliver the message that it can carry out an assassination at will and on any date.

    Israel wanted to kill Mughniyah on the same day they killed Hariri, i.e. February 14. But they missed their target date by less than 48 hours due to “mission correction contingencies”.

    Feltman beleives, but has never been able to prove according to former CIA agent Robert Baer, that Mughniyah might have been involved in anti-American acts in April of 1983, (US Embassy), October of 1984 (US Marine barracks) and other so-called “terrorist” activities.

    Earlier this month, Feltman sent a message to Hezbollah to the effect than if Hezbollah will go along with blaming Mughniyah for killing Hariri that works for the Americans because it will be circumstantial evidence that he also did acts of terrorism in the 1980’s so all files could be closed once and for all. He told more than one person he met with in Beirut this month that he thought his was “a really great plan.”

    Apparently Secretary Clinton and President Obama did too.

    Hezbollah did not.

    • One knowledgeable source explained:

    “ Feltman’s project is unimaginable. First Hezbollah had nothing to do with Prime Minister Hariri’s assassination. Secondly, if even a 9 year old Mahdi scout or one of our street sweepers committed an offense the Party would accept full responsibility. We our one. Nasrallah has made this clear. We would never betray one of our own or allow a false charge to be made against him or her.”

    • One party member told this observer:

    “Feltman knows exactly what he is doing and its an infantile attempt to set up the National Lebanese Resistance. It is well known that he has spent the past more than six years hatching a series of projects with the Israelis to destroy the resistance to Israel’s occupation of Palestine and advance Israel’s plan for territorial gains in Lebanon. The attempted destruction of Hezbollah’s fiber optic communications network, airport security, an airbase at Kleit, Nahr al Bared’s destruction, and various Salafist projects to note just a few, carry his signature. All aimed at starting another Lebanese civil war or at least a Shia-Sunni conflict. The Tribunal is just the lasted but not the last of these.”

    • Another Dahiyeh source explained;

    “If Hezbollah were to sacrifice Imad Mughniyah or any of its members, Feltman and the Israelis would shout, ‘See, the Shia killed the Sunni so let’s go hang them!’ He tried to trick Hezbollah.”

    So Feltman may have messaged the STL investigators to “do your job” yesterday.

    The “ladies” of Dahiyeh sent a return message.

    Franklin Lamb is doing research in Lebanon and is reachable c/o fplamb@gmail.com

    “With respect to President Ahmadinejad’s visit to Lebanon, the United States supports the integrity and sovereignty of Lebanon. We reject any efforts to destabilize or inflame tensions within Lebanon. We are very committed to supporting the Lebanese Government as it deals with a number of challenges in its region.”

    Jonathan Cook: Israeli police shoot Haneen Zoabi in back


    Jonathan CookBy Jonathan Cook, www.jkcook.net – 28 Oct 2010

    Israeli police injured two Arab legislators on Wedensay in violent clashes provoked by Jewish rightwing extremists staging a march through the northern Arab town of Umm al-Fahm.

    Haneen Zoubi, a parliament member who has become a national hate figure in Israel and received hundreds of death threats since her participation in an aid flotilla to Gaza in the summer, was among those hurt.

    Ms Zoubi reported being hit in the back and neck by rubber bullets as she fled the area when police opened fire. In an interview, she said she believed she had been specifically targeted by police snipers after they identified her.

    Police denied her claims, saying they had used only tear gas and stun grenades.

    Some 1,500 police were reported to have faced off with hundreds of Arab and Jewish demonstrators in the town.

    Shimon Koren, the northern police commander, admitted special paramilitary forces had been used against the Arab counter-demonstration, as well as an undercover unit more usually deployed at Palestinian protests in the West Bank.

    An officer disguised as an Arab demonstrator, from the so-called “mistarvim unit”, was among the injured, apparently after police fired a stun grenade at him by mistake.

    Ms Zoubi harshly criticised the police violence. “The police proved that they are a far more dangerous threat to me and other Arab citizens than the fascist group that came to Umm al-Fahm,” she said.

    The march was organised by far-right settlers allied to Kach, a movement that demands the expulsion of Palestinians from both Israel and the occupied territories. The movement was formally outlawed in 1994, but has continued to flourish openly among some settler groups.

    The organisers said they were demanding the banning of the Islamic Movement, which has its headquarters in Umm al-Fahm.

    The Islamic Movement’s leader, Sheikh Raed Salah, has angered Israeli officials by heading a campaign in Jerusalem’s Old City to highlight what he says is an attempted Israeli takeover of the Haram al-Sharif compound that includes the al-Aqsa mosque.

    He was also on the Mavi Marmara aid ship to Gaza in May, and claimed at the time that Israeli commandos had tried to assassinate him. Nine passengers were killed, some of them by close-range shots to their heads.

    The sheikh is currently serving a three-month jail sentence over clashes with the Israeli security forces close to the al-Aqsa mosque.

    Michael Ben Ari, a former Kach member and now an MP with the rightwing National Union party, who attended the march, said Israel must not be a “stupid democracy and let people who want to destroy us have a voice”.

    Baruch Marzel, one of the march organisers, told Israel Radio: “If the Kach Party was outlawed, then the Islamic Movement deserves to be outlawed 1,000 times over.”

    On hearing of Ms Zoubi’s injuries, he added: “It was worth going to Umm el-Fahm. She is our enemy.”

    Afu Aghbaria, an Arab MP with the joint Jewish-Arab Communist party, was also hurt. He said he had been hit in the leg.

    Arab leaders said the clash had been triggered by undercover police who began thowing stones from among the demonstrators — a tactic that the unit has been caught on film using at protests in the West Bank.

    Mohammed Zeidan, head of the Higher Follow-Up Committee, the main political body for Israel’s Arab citizens, who comprise a fifth of the total population, condemned the police actions.

    “Racism is no longer found only in documents or on the margins, like with Marzel, but has become a phenomenon among decision-makers and carried out on the ground. What happened today in Umm al-Fahm is a menacing escalation.”

    The committee demanded a state investigation into what it called “exaggerated violence” by the police.
    Police said nine Arab demonstrators had been arrested for stone-throwing.

    Four police officers were reported to be lightly injured. The far-right marchers were escorted away by police, unharmed.

    Ms Zoubi, a first-term MP, shot to notoriety this summer after she was among the first passengers to be released following Israel’s violent takeover of the Mavi Marmara.

    Ms Zoubi contradicted the Israeli account that the nine passengers had been killed by commandos defending themselves, accusing the navy of opening fire on the ship before any commandos had boarded. She also claimed several passengers had been allowed to bleed to death.

    She was provided with a body guard for several weeks after receiving a spate of deaths threats and general villification in the parliament.

    The Israeli police have been criticised in the past for lying about the strong-arm methods used to quell protests by the country’s Arab citizens.

    A state commission of inquiry found in 2003 that the police had used live ammunition and rubber bullets, in violation of its own regulations, to suppress solidarity demonstrations inside Israel at the start of the second intifada.

    Thirteen Arab citizens were killed and hundreds injured in a few days of clashes in 2000. Police had falsely claimed that the deaths had been caused by “friendly fire” from among the demonstrators.

    A recently parliamentary report revealed that there were only 382 Muslims in Israel’s 21,000-strong national police force – or less than 2 per cent.

    The establishment of the undercover “mistarvim” unit against the country’s Arab population caused outrage among civil rights groups when it was first revealed last year.

    The far-right march in Umm al-Fahm was timed to coincide with the twentieth anniversary this week of the assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane, who founded Kach. At a commemoration service in Jerusalem on Tuesday, Rabbi Yisrael Ariel told hundreds who attended that the government was allowing the Palestinians to “establish an Ishmael state in Israel”.

    Jonathan Cook is a writer and journalist based in Nazareth, Israel. His latest books are “Israel and the Clash of Civilisations: Iraq, Iran and the Plan to Remake the Middle East” (Pluto Press) and “Disappearing Palestine: Israel’s Experiments in Human Despair” (Zed Books). His website is www.jkcook.net.

    A version of this article originally appeared in The National, published in Abu Dhabi.

    River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian


    >Via I-P 26. Oct, 2010

    Exclusive CounterPunch Report
    Palestinians have feared for many years that Israeli Occupation Forces in the West Bank and Gaza have targeted them for organ harvest.

    Body Parts and Bio-Piracy


    Editorial Note: Nancy Scheper-Hughes is professor of anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley, where she directs the doctoral program in medicine and society. Since 1996, she has been involved in active field research on the global traffic in human organs, following the movement of bodies, body parts, transplant doctors, their patients, brokers, and kidney sellers, and the practices of organ and tissue harvesting in several countries – from Brazil, Argentina, and Cuba, to Moldova, Israel and Turkey, to India, South Africa, and the United States. She is a co-founder of Organs Watch, an independent, medical human rights, research and documentation center at UC Berkeley. What follows is her detailed report on the tissue, skin, bone and organ harvesting conducted for many years at Israel’s L. Greenberg National Institute of Forensic Medicine, a.k.a. The Abu Kabir Institute, under the aegis of its former director and current chief pathologist, Dr. Yehuda Hiss. Long before Donald Boström leveled allegations of organ-harvesting from Palestinians in the Swedish tabloid, Aftonbladet, in August 2009, causing furious accusations of “blood libel,” Dr. Scheper-Hughes had already interviewed Dr. Hiss and had on tape the interview that forms part of her report here.

    Dr. Scheper-Hughes says her purpose here is to refute the controversial official statements of the Ministry of Health and the IDF that while there may have been irregularities at the National Forensic Institute, they have long since ended. To this day, she says, they have failed to acknowledge, punish, or rectify various medical human rights abuses, past and present at the National Forensic Institute. While many of the allegations are widely known, the testimony by Israeli state pathologist and IDF (reserve) Lt. Col. Chen Kugel has never been published in English and his allegations are known only within Israel. Dr. Scheper-Hughes invited Dr. Kugel to speak publicly on this topic in the U.S. on May 6, 2010.

    There are three lawsuits ongoing in Israel at the present moment concerning the Forensic Institute and Dr. Hiss. Two concerns alleged abuses against the dead bodies of Israeli citizens. The third concerns Rachel Corrie, a U.S. citizen who was killed in Gaza in 2003 while protesting the demolition of houses.

    Transcripts of court proceedings show that Corrie’s autopsy was conducted in contravention of an Israeli court order that an official from the U.S. Embassy be present. These transcripts also show Dr. Hiss conceding that he had kept samples from Corrie’s body without her family’s knowledge. Dr. Hiss also testified that he was uncertain where these samples now are. For his part, Dr. Kugel asserts that  abuses at the Institute continue to this day. The Scheper-Hughes article takes care to note Dr. Kugel’s description of his former mentor, Dr. Hiss, as  a man who saw himself as willing to  take great personal and professional risks “to serve a noble end… to help the war-wounded victims of terrorist attacks,”  with his actions “as something sublime, or even heroic, as a modern-day Robin Hood.” AC/JSC

    In July 2009, I was identified as the “whistle-blower” in the arrest by New Jersey FBI agents of a Brooklyn organs trafficker, an orthodox rabbi, Isaac Rosenbaum,1,2 whose unorthodox business activities I had uncovered several years earlier while investigating an international network of outlaw transplant surgeons, their brokers, lawyers, kidney hunters, insurance and travel agents, safe house operators, and “baby sitters” to mind sick and anxious international “transplant tourists.”

    The particular criminal network, in which Rosenbaum played a bit part, originated in Israel through a “company” run by a well-known crime boss Ilan Peri, who had over the years established shady transplant deals and kidney transplant outlets and connections in Turkey, Moldova, the Ukraine, Brazil, Germany, South Africa, the Philippines, China, Kosovo, Azerbaijan, Columbia, and the United States.3 The arrests, amidst gunfire in the operating rooms, of two of Ilan Peri’s transplant associates – Dr. Zaki Shapira, formerly of Rabin Medical Center, Petach Tikva, Israel, and his Turkish associate Dr. Yusuf Sonmez – in a private hospital in Istanbul in 20074 gave pause to the Israeli Ministry of Health which, until then, had permitted Israeli sick funds (medical insurance) to reimburse living donors overseas with transplants, many of them trafficked from the former Soviet Union countries.

    The kidney sellers captured in the Turkish shootout, however, were two Palestinians, Omar Abu Gaber, age 42, and Zaheda Mahammid, age 26. The organ recipients were an Israeli man of 68, Zeev Vigdor, and a younger South African man, John Richard Halford, who were filmed on Turkish TV being carried out of the operating room on stretchers and taken to another hospital before being returned home, without the transplants they had so desired. After his release from a German prison in 2007, Peri returned to Israel, where he was investigated for tax fraud,5 detained, but released because Israel’s organ-transplant laws were murky with respect to the legality of “brokering” overseas transplants using paid donors.

    In 2008, two new laws were passed by the Israeli Parliament (Knesset): one that paved the way for applying brain death criteria that would satisfy the ultraorthodox, and the other that outlaws buying, selling and brokering organs for transplant.6 The Ministry of Health no longer reimburses overseas transplants unless they are legal. Peri continues to organize transplant tours, but today, he claims, using only deceased donor organs and legal pathways. In its heyday (1997-2007), the Israeli transplant tourism/organ-trafficking network was an ingenious and extremely lucrative multimillion-dollar program that supplied a few thousand Israeli patients and diasporic Jews worldwide with the “fresh” organs and transplants they needed. With Rosenbaum’s arrest, the U.S. media were suddenly interested in the Israeli-based transplant-trafficking scheme, now that there was a proven link to hospitals in New York City.

    The NYC Commissioner of Health and the FBI, whom I alerted years earlier about the Rosenbaum transplant gang, had dismissed the information as lacking credibility. How could patients and kidney sellers from two different countries be smuggled into hospitals for illegal transplants? How would they get through the red tape required for any transplant operation? It sounded like an old wives’ tale, an urban legend, or a blood libel against Jewish surgeons and their patients. And that was the worst suspicion of all. Although the criminal justice system refused to believe the story I gave them, transplant surgeons working in hospitals in the U.S. who had been approached by Ilan Peri and his associates, including Isaac Rosenbaum, knew it to be true and knew that some of their colleagues were complicit in transplant crimes that ranged from violating the National Organ Transplant Act (NOTA) in the buying and selling organs, to fraud, deception, money laundering, taking bribes, participating in organized crime and human trafficking. The Rosenbaum case, still in preparation, will be the first U.S. federal prosecution of crimes related to organs trafficking.7

    The Aftonbladet Story Breaks

    Then, in August 2009, another organ-trafficking story broke, one that linked Rosenbaum’s U.S.-Israel organ-brokering and money-laundering schemes with much older allegations of organ-and-tissue stealing from the bodies of Palestinian “terrorists” and stone throwers’ following autopsy at Israel’s National Forensic Institute in Abu Kabir, a neighborhood of Tel Aviv.

    These allegations, dating back to the early 1990s, were recycled by a Swedish journalist Donald Boström in a left-leaning Swedish tabloid, Aftonbladet, on August 17, 2009.8 Headlined “Our Sons Plundered for Their Organs,” Boström’s feature story was a mix of organ-theft accusations, seemingly coincidental connections, and political rhetoric.

    The information was based on Boström’s research in Israel and the Occupied Territories during the first Intifada, and his award-winning book, Inshallah,9 published in 2001, where Bostrom first introduced the allegations of body tampering and organ-and-tissue theft from Palestinian dead brought for autopsy to the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute. Boström’s article suggested that Palestinian bodies were being harvested as the “spoils of war.”

    The Aftonbladet story, instantly translated into Hebrew and English, created a firestorm of protest that included a libel lawsuit by anti-defamation lawyers in New York City and a boycott of Swedish industries. Boström was labeled an anti-Semite, and the story he “dredged up from the sewer” was labeled a despicable “blood libel” against Israel and the world’s Jews. I read these news reports with mounting dread. Like Boström, I was once greeted during a research visit to Israel in 2003 with an ugly headline and centerfold ( “New Blood Libel on French TV – Israel Steals Kidneys of Orphan Children in Moldova”) in Makor Rishon, a right-wing tabloid.10 The feature story reviewed an hour-long TV documentary by French filmmaker Catherine Bentellier, Kidneys Worth their Weight in Gold.

     I had traveled with the filmmaker to Moldova in 2001, where we interviewed people in villages that had been ravaged by organs traffickers targeting young men and trafficking them to Turkey, the Ukraine and Georgia as paid, sometimes coerced, kidney providers to Israeli transplant patients. The “blood libel” accusation featured medieval woodcuts and a blurry photo of me patting the hand of a Moldovan orphan in his crib. With respect to the Swedish “blood libel” against the National Forensic Institute at Abu Kabir, the main issue that wasn’t raised in the avalanche of articles, editorials, and news columns published in Israel, Europe and the United States was one simple question, “Was the organ theft story true?” And were there any grounds for linking the tissue theft from the dead to the organization of illicit transplant tours for Israeli patients? Were there any grounds for linking the one story with another?

    Introducing Dr Yehuda Hiss

    I knew the answer. In July 2000, while studying the growth of organized transplant tours run by underworld brokers in Israel, I conducted a formal, audiotaped interview with the director of Israel’s National Forensic Institute, Dr. Yehuda Hiss, at Abu Kabir, in which he openly and freely discussed the “informal” procurement of organs and tissues from the bodies of the dead brought to the Institute for examination and autopsy. Hiss described a kind of “presumed” consent, one invented by him and shared with no one except, by example, with his medical students and residents and interns. He pursued a quiet policy of aggressive tissue, bone, skin, and organ harvesting, purportedly for the greater good of his country, a country at war, and for the good of his countryman.

    Professor Hiss, viewed by many Israelis and by the New York Times as a hero because of his service to the nation in handling bodies killed by terrorists and suicide bombers, deemed his behavior as patriotic. He was, in his own mind, not so much “above the law,” as representing the law, a much higher law, his law, supremely cool, rational, and scientifically and technically correct. The country was at war, blood was being spilled everyday, soldiers were being burned, and yet Israelis refused to provide tissues and organs needed. So, he would take matters into his own hands.

    The taped interview was a smoking gun, but I feared the unintended consequences of making it public. The tape sat, more or less untouched, in my archives for ten years. But now it was necessary to set the record straight. But before I did so, I wanted to give professor Hiss a chance to explain, or even to correct, the things he had admitted to in the 2000 interview. Prior to leaving for a research trip in September-October 2009, accompanied by Dan Rather and his team for a news report on the criminal networks built around organ trafficking in Turkey, Moldova, and Israel, I contacted Yehuda Hiss in Israel (through one of my several Israeli research assistants) requesting a follow-up interview.

    The Ministry of Health thwarted his initial acceptance. A private interview in his home was proposed, but Hiss (and his lawyers) wanted to review beforehand any questions I wished to raise. Then the Ministry of Health denied Hiss permission to speak with me at all, under any circumstances. While being interviewed about the effects of the changes in transplant laws and practices, several medical and transplant colleagues in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem often interjected disparaging references to the “despicable blood libel by the Swedish media,” even though they knew full well – and knew that I knew – that tucked inside Boström’s tabloid story was a real medical and political scandal of international proportions.

    I understood their nervousness about the topic, but not their denial of a known fact that was being manipulated into a global political tool of the Israeli government. Just before returning to the United States, I met with Meira Weiss, a distinguished anthropologist and former professor at Hebrew University, and Chen Kugel, M.D., a forensic pathologist who had worked side by side with his mentor, Yehuda Hiss, at the Institute. Both Weiss and Dr. Kugel urged me to write a rebuttal to those in Israel who were “crying wolf” and using blood libel accusations to bludgeon their critics into submission. Weiss reminded me of the taped interview, done in 2000, with Dr. Hiss, as she herself had arranged the interview and was present during it, and she was as stunned as I was at the boldness and arrogance of Hiss’ revelations. Chen Kugel, a military officer (reserve) and former forensic pathologist at the Institute, agreed that the truth should be told to the global community, though perhaps not by them. Both had suffered enough.

    Both had been forced out of their jobs. My interview with Yehuda Hiss at the Institute had come about in the following circumstances. In July 2000, three years into the Organs Watch project, I was given a file and a photo by an Israeli human rights lawyer, Lynda Brayer, at her organization’s headquarters in Bethlehem. The Society of St. Yves was created to provide legal assistance to Palestinian families, whose relatives had suffered the demolition of their homes, forced removals, and other abuses. The organization was then representing the family of Abdel Karim Abdel Musalmeh, who was shot in the head on November 8, 1995, by IDF snipers.

    The single bullet that killed Abdel is clearly indicated in the photo, which was part of the autopsy record. A military order for the demolition of Musalmeh’s home in Beit Awa, a village outside of Hebron, preceded his murder by the IDF as a “wanted person on the run.” The lawyers were arguing a case to allow the home to stand, so that Abdel’s widow and their six children would not be homeless. If murder and dispossession were not enough, Musalmeh’s body was returned to his wife in tatters.

    The autopsy report attributed death by rifle shot to brain. Why, then, was the body subjected to a total dissection and the removal of cornea and skin? I agreed to look into it. When I first shared this information and the graphic photo with Meira Weiss, she reassured me at that time that there was no organ or tissue harvesting at the Institute. She had witnessed hundreds of autopsies – of Israelis, Arabs, Arab-Israelis, Russian immigrants, foreigners, and Palestinians. While bodies were opened and organs examined, they were returned to the body, except for small tissue samples as needed for forensic examination in the laboratories above the morgue.

    There were practices Weiss had observed that were not in compliance with international codes of ethics and internal law, the 1975 Helsinki Accords on the use of human subjects.11 There were acts of deviance by certain staff members.

    Tattoos, for example, were sometimes removed with a knife from the bodies of new immigrants to Israel, mostly Russian and Ukrainian, always suspect of nor being Jewish enough. Tattoos gave them away, and so they were treated with hostility. Penises might be circumcised, postmortem, without the knowledge or consent of relatives. The bodies of Jews and Muslims were treated differently. When Palestinians were brought in, following conflict, they were subjected to a complete autopsy, as required to produce information for the Palestinian Authority. On the other hand, the bodies of Israeli soldiers were respected, and autopsies were often discreet and partial.

    Allegations About the Forensic Institute

    The National Institute of Forensic Medicine at Abu Kabir, a Tel Aviv suburb, is Israel’s national depository of dead bodies requiring identification, examination, and autopsy. It serves two purposes, on the one hand, as a scientific institute affiliated with the Sackler School of Medicine (Tel Aviv University), through which it operates a state-of-the-art genetics laboratory. On the other hand, the Institute is controlled and closely supervised by the chevra kadisha – the orthodox religious organization has a virtual monopoly on all burials in Israel, except for the military.

    The Institute is a civil organization working under the Ministry of Health. On the other hand, it is an arm of the security police and the military. The Institute is then both a traditional medical-legal mortuary and, off the record, Israel’s primary source of tissues, bone, and skin needed for transplantation, plastic surgery, research and medical teaching.

    The illicit traffic in organs, tissues, bone and the stockpiling of assorted body parts at the Institute is what anthropologists call a public secret, something that every one inside the society knows about but which is never discussed, and certainly never admitted to those outside the society. But, in fact, allegations and official investigations of organ-and-tissue trafficking at the Forensic Institute have been ongoing in Israel since 1999 up to the present day.

    Yehuda Hiss has been, off and on, the focus of public scrutiny. He has been sued, and he has been decorated. He has been both upbraided and rewarded, fired from his position as director of the Institute, and given a new title, senior pathologist, with a higher salary. Allegations of Hiss’ confiscation of organs, tissues and other body parts date back to November 1999, with an investigative report in the local Tel Aviv newspaper Ha’ir, which stated that medical students under Hiss’ direction were allowed to practice on bodies sent to the Institute at Abu Kabir for autopsy, and that body parts were transferred for transplant and other medical uses without permission from the families concerned.

    In 2000, the newspaper Yediot Aharonot published a price list for body parts that Hiss had sold to university researchers and to medical schools. A committee of international forensic experts was appointed by the Minister of Health to investigate practices at the Institute. It took two years for the investigation to be completed, during which time, according to Hiss’ former assistant and protégé, Chen Kugel, much of the evidence was destroyed. Nonetheless, according to Kugel, Hiss still had a huge collection of body parts in his possession at Abu Kabir, when the Israeli courts ordered a search in 2002. Israel National News reported at the time, “Over the past years, heads of the Institute appear to have given thousands of organs for research without permission, while maintaining a ‘storehouse’ of organs at Abu Kabir.”

    Hiss was reprimanded but allowed to continue his activities, which he defended as necessary for medicine, for the defense of the Israeli state, and for the advancement of science. In 2005, new allegations of organs trafficking at Abu Kabir surfaced, and Hiss admitted to having removed parts from 125 bodies without authorization.

    Following a plea bargain with the state, the attorney general decided not to press criminal charges, and Hiss was given only a reprimand, and he continues on as chief pathologist at Abu Kabir, that is, the state of Israel’s official head pathologist. Illegal harvesting of bodies was simultaneously prohibited and tolerated. Hiss was, in fact, the state’s answer to the chronic scarcity of tissues and organs. He recognized the need produced by the deep cultural reluctance of families to tamper with the bodies of the dead, which allowed him to cross a line and to do as he pleased with the bodies entrusted to him.

    Interviewing Dr Hiss

    When I met  professor Yehuda Hiss for the first and, as it turned out, the only time, the pathologist struck me as a formidable, frightening, and brilliant man. A Polish immigrant to Israel, with striking blue eyes, short beard, wiry body, and a tense, hypervigilant and belligerent demeanor, he commands attention. The interview took place on July 21, 2000, in Hiss’ office at the Institute, in the presence of a staff member and Meira Weiss. We were all, I think, shocked by his revelations. Hiss allowed the interview to be audiotaped, but parts of our conversation were off the record, and the tape was turned off at those moments. What follows now is a transcription of the audiotape pared down, some asides deleted.

    YH: My name is Yehuda Hiss. I am a forensic specialist. Here we do forensic medicine, as well as anatomical pathology. I do both. The main issue, here, as compared to other countries, is that [in Israel] we have only one [forensic] Institute for the entire country. And it is very conveniently located in the center of Israel, so that the bulk of the population is located very near to us….

    There are another twenty medical centers in various places, each with its own department of pathology. But very few complete autopsies are performed in Israel. I began my training in anatomical pathology in 1974, in Sheba (Tel Hashomer). We had only three residents, and we would perform about 850 complete autopsies [each year]. Today, there are 6-8 residents, and the hospital that trains residents in anatomical pathology is three times as big, but residents today perform only 40-50 mostly incomplete autopsies [per year].

    So, this is representative of what is going on in the state of Israel. We did 800 per year 25 years ago with fewer residents, and only 40-50 per year today with many more resources. The only place where complete autopsies are conducted in Israel happens to be here. Now, about the question of harvesting organs – it’s strange. Not only here, in Israel, but elsewhere it all depends on the personal approach of those in charge of pathology or organs harvesting. In my case, when I was a resident in Tel Hashomer – a hospital linked to the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) – we would collaborate with the army and we would provide the army with grafted (harvested) skin for burn victims, and, from time to time, they would ask us for cornea. So, I would be involved in it because I was in charge, with two others, and we would provide this.

    NS-H: Why cornea to the military?

    YH: For injuries perhaps. Maybe it was easier [for the military] to make this request of us, and, once we had gotten permissions to perform – and the family agreed – to the autopsy, we would take some skin and take the cornea. For autopsy, we always had to ask permission of the family, unless it was a court order [a criminal case].

    NS-H: There is some resistance here, in Israel, to autopsy – both Jewish and Arab – right?

    YH: Yes. We did everything off the record, highly informal. We never asked for the families’ permission. Then we started harvesting cornea for several Israeli hospitals, initially for Tel Hashomer, because I had friends there who knew me well. I suggested this to them at various meetings. I was amazed because no one had ever come to us to ask. Why are you not coming over to us? I told them how it worked at Case Western Reserve Hospital [in Cleveland]. So, then they started to come from hospitals in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv. Everything was done on a friendly basis between us and our colleagues in various departments. I felt strongly that these corneas should go to public patients and not to private clinics. We were not paid for harvesting, but we weregiven some donations, equipment that we needed. Whatever was done here was off the record, highly informal. We never asked permission of the family. But we would harvest only from bodies that the family agreed to allow an autopsy. So, we would never harvest where there were objections to the autopsy.

    NS-H: The law allows this?

    YH: The law demands permissions for autopsy, but not for harvesting. I read this in the law books….There was an addendum to the law in 1981, that you should ask the permission of the family – for autopsy…. We were free to take skin from the back of legs. We took cornea. We would not take cornea from those bodies where we suspected that the families might want to open the eyelids. There are some Orthodox and some Oriental [Arab] families who open the eyelids and throw sand on top of them. We knew whom to avoid. Also we only removed the cornea, not as we did in Teleshemer [hospital], the whole eyeball. And we would close and glue the eyelids, and we would cover any place where we had removed something. And, similarly, we would take [skin] only from the back of the legs. In the beginning of the 1990s, we began to take some long bones from the legs. Then we were asked for cardiac valves, and we did a few of them, because of the lack of collaboration between us and major thoracic departments. Then, beginning in 1995, we started to do it more formally. It was done according to a certain list of priorities, established by various medical centers and specific departments. It was done as a kind of semi-legal thing. At that point, we would inform the Ministry of Health. Before that time [1995], it was only between me/the Institute and the various departments and medical centers – informally. Later, we decided that it should be done through the Ministry of Health.

    NS-H: Your chief is the Minister of Health, but you were free to do quite a lot without any interference from them?

    YH: Yes, correct, but there are things that really should be done with some instruction and through the Ministry of Health. It was unclear for many years.

    NS-H: In some countries of Latin America, the IMF [Forensic Institutes] is under the jurisdiction of the police, but in others, like Cuba, it is under the Ministry of Health. In the old South Africa, it was under the military police – and here?

    YH: Independence is very important. This institution was established in 1954 under the auspices of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Then, in the early 1970s, it came under the police department. Then, in 1975 or ’76, it came under the Ministry of Health. We are now part of the Ministry of Health, and the director-general of the ministry is our boss, but we are actually completely independent. Until a few years ago, all medical centers were under the Ministry of Health, but in the late 1990s they have become independent. There are only a few still directly under the Ministry of Health. Since then, they are more interested in what we are doing here and in our capacities [to harvest tissues], and so we now get more demands and we feel that it should be regulated. We want to be on record, too, for the various costs that are involved in the harvesting of skin and cornea, bones, pulmonary values and so forth… . But until then, this was just between us and the various hospitals that we serviced, but we wanted there to be some control over this.

    NS-H: How were the prices set?

    YH: In 1996, we made up a list of the various medical services that we provided, a list of hundreds or thousands of shekels – there were expenses that we wanted to recoup. We would collaborate only with public hospitals. On one occasion, about ten years ago, there was a case of a head of a department who used one or two corneas donated to the hospital from a pathology Institute – and he used them for his private patients. This is the only case known to me – where tissue donated for general use was used privately. Since 1998, because of popular pressure, there was a sharp decline in autopsies, and we were made to ask permission of all families for autopsy and for harvesting, or for dissection, or for training of military medical students. It was all because a man went to the newspapers just recently to scream that his son, who died in military service, was used for medical experimentation and medical training. And a furor resulted in the country and permissions for autopsies declined. Since then – about two years ago [1998] – we were told to ask permission for everything. [This is a reference to the late Sergeant Zeev Buzaglo of the Golani Brigade, who was killed in a training accident in April 1997. When his father, Dr. Haim Buzaglo, a pediatrician, came to see his son’s body, he saw that it had been harmed at the Institute – NS-H].

    NS-H: Why [is] the military [involved in this]?

    YH: There is a special relationship between the Institute and the army because of the current political situation in Israel. All Israelis feel that we all have an obligation to help out in some way, and because we all served in the army, we all have a personal stake in the army ever after. We are all linked to the army. And because of this, we took it for granted. We never asked. We thought it was part of the duty of all Israelis to cooperate.

    YH [pointing out data from his files]: Look, here is the data. Since January–April we received here 705 bodies. Of these, 500 were not suitable for harvesting. Either the bodies were too decomposed, or because of infections. Only 175 were adequate for harvesting. We called all of them, and 98 refused. Twelve we could not locate the next of kin. Only 65 out of them agreed. So, I would say we have an acceptance rate of less than one-third. When we cannot find the next of kin, we do not harvest by law. Originally, the law required only that we inform the family that harvesting is going to take place. Now, we not only inform, we have to ask them for permission. So, because of this one bad incident, the backlash is overriding the Parliament and the law of the land. [Here NS-H explains how in some states in the U.S. there is “presumed” consent for cornea harvesting, as in California, but most people were totally unaware that it was going on. The law was more or less kept a secret.]

    YH: Yes, this was our policy for many years, and then one case, one bad scandal, and it is all over for us. Now, young military medical personnel no longer can get the training they need and, when they are sent to Lebanon or to the Palestinian territories – and there are injuries, they have to intervene without proper training, so that they are actually experimenting on living soldiers. That is what all this has brought us. No previous experience, no training whatsoever with the human body. They have to practice [surgery] on dogs – but never on humans! This is an absurdity! I would not want anyone to perform a tracheotomy or colostomy on me without any previous experience or training. Would you? Today, they do virtual training on computerized bodies and so on, but it’s not the same thing.

    NS-H: So, no biotech firms that want your material?

    YH: In Israel, 100 per cent of the skin harvested goes to Hadassah Hospital’s skin bank – it is for military purposes only – no biotech firms have access. There is another skin bank in the south of the country, to which the Institute is not linked – but I know that if something happens – if one of the burn centers need skin for a private patient, say, they can take skin from the Hadassah skin bank, but they have to repay it. Logistically, we are only linked to Hadassah. Since six months ago, we have a new man working with us downstairs, who is a kind of mortuary assistant, and he is harvesting skin, bones, cornea, and bones. Before him, there was only an arrangement with the army – they used to send us here every week a plastic surgeon, who would come here to harvest skin for the skin bank in Hadassah. This lasted for many years. More than 12 or 13 years he did this. Since 1987-1988, every other week, a plastic surgeon would come here to harvest skin. But now we no longer have this direct relationship with the army since this latest scandal. Now, we have our own mortuary assistant, who is paid to harvest for us all the skin, bone, cornea, etc., that is needed. He helps out in other activities as well.

    NS-H: When you ask permission, do some say you can take this and not that organ?

    YH: Some say do not touch the heart or the brain – some are afraid you might want to take the skin. But it is not like you are skinning a rabbit or something, and we say, no, it is not like that – it is gentle, there is no blood – we are not peeling the skin off. It is not like scalping a person. We take only a superficial layer off – from the back and the legs. And we tell them, too, that we are only taking the thin tissue [from the eye] and not the globe. In order to fulfill both Jewish and Muslim laws about the disposal of the dead, everything is done immediately. We start working here at about 6 in the morning. By 7 a.m., we have the whole list of all the bodies that are going to be coming in that day. Only some of these are going to be autopsied. And then this person here draws up a list about what will be done to whom. And then we are on the phone.

    NS-H: Are there special techniques for how to present this request to people?

    Staff member: We have to know how to read people.

    YH: – Yes, but this is not for me. From the very beginning, I said, “Please free me from this! I cannot possibly talk to people about these things.” I am not patient like this.

    Staff member: He loves the dead. But not the living! [Laughter]

    YH: Yes, I switched to forensics from clinical medicine because I wanted the patients to shut up already! So, we say that X will do it – but she is too busy – and, really, we need a social worker to do this …

    NS-H: Any other body parts taken – like pituitary glands?

    YH: When I was a medical resident, we would take pituitary glands. Today, we have chemical substitutes, but when I was a resident, I used to rush to the refrigerator to deposit pituitary glands in a bottle with water. I would collect them – sure, of course! Also, tiny bones from inside the ear – these are very good for some surgical procedures. We would do this about twice a year.

    NS-H: Some of these small bones were used for training NASA astronauts for space travel, and its effects on balance? And what about transnational sales?

    YH: You can buy cornea from Russia for $300 each, I think…. In Moscow, you can get a kidney for $20,000 and cornea for a few dollars, because they really don’t care… At  every autopsy, they take what they want, and they have a tremendous stockpile of organs that they can draw on. They have skin and cornea. In some large medical centers in Russia, you can get fresh kidney that they get from auto accidents – and in Turkey as well. So, in both places you can get transplanted organs for just $20,000 – including the kidney – because they have a stockpile of them. I know because I was part of a transplant procurement organization, and we studied this. It is very cheap. It is well done by very good surgeons there. In fact, there is a surplus of kidneys in Russia. They have surplus because fewer people there can afford transplants.

    NS-H: There is some doubt about whether Russia was using the international standards for determining brain death.

    YH: Yes, sometimes our surgeons would accompany our Israeli patients to Russia, and they would perform the surgery there and the kidney was from a Russian. The surgery would be performed by Israeli doctors in Russia, with Russian kidneys. Some are leading transplant surgeons from Israel…

    NS-H: Yes, transplant tourism, some of this has been reported in the newspapers.

    YH: Right. They would go once a month for a few days and would perform five or six surgeries there, and the patient would come back here to recuperate.

    NS-H: The UCSF medical ethics board decided that if people who want to break the law and travel to China or the Philippines to be transplanted, then we will not provide you with follow-up care – you can go to a private institution.

    YH: Many things in Israel are done on a personal basis and through connections… I think that in Israel everything should be as equitable as possible. One should not have to depend on connections or money. If advertising and the media would only persuade the Israeli population to donate organs from deceased victims from trauma… [ and even though there is nothing in Talmudic law against organ harvesting from the dead], a religious family will find a rabbi who will agree with them. I try to tell them how important it is to donate, and they will say, “I need to discuss this with my rabbi” – and nine times out of ten they come back with a negative answer. That is, the answer that they want….

    Dr Chen Kugel, Whistleblower

    As can be seen from the transcript, Hiss readily admitted to the non-consensual, informal tissue, skin, bone and organ harvesting to serve the needs of the country. Until he arrived in 1987 as chief pathologist at the Forensic Institute, there was no organ or tissue harvesting. He explained to his staff that this practice was common elsewhere in the world, in the U.S., at Case Western Reserve, where he had studied, and in other forensic Institutes he had visited. It was a “presumed consent” without the backing of the population, or the law. Although it was in violation of tissue and organs laws, Hiss thought it could be justified for a war-torn and traumatized country like Israel. Hiss admitted that the organs-and-tissue harvesting was “informal” and its legality unclear. From his perspective as a state pathologist, little harm was done by the careful removal of some organs that would never be missed by the deceased and about which the family would never have to know. Medical students in military training were brought into the morgue after Hiss and his team completed their legally mandated autopsies, to be trained in the removal of organs.

    After my tape was released in Israel, on December 19, 2009, to Israeli TV’s Channel 2, government officials for the army and the Ministry of Health admitted that organs and tissues were harvested from the dead bodies of both Palestinians and Israelis throughout the 1990s, but that the practice ended in 2000. Dr. Hiss, however, publicly denied everything on tape – including his words to me. Today, he says that he denies it all – the stockpiling of body parts, the perjury, and the organ harvesting. He denies everything.

     He says that everything was all done in agreement with and by law, and that families consented to harvest for transplantation. No organs were taken for studies, he said, none at all. In May 2010, Dr. Chen Kugel and Meira Weiss spoke at a special conference I organized at the University of California, before a working group of experts, including anthropologists, transplant surgeons, pathologists, detectives, prosecutors, and human rights activists. Chen Kugel, the unheralded and original (unnamed outside of Israel) whistle-blower on the Forensic Institute, said that the situation was much worse than what Yehuda Hiss admitted in his interview with me in 2000. Kugel’s comments stand as a first-person account from a military officer and a forensic pathologist.

    When he returned to Israel to work at the Forensic Institute in 2000, after several years in the United States, where he was working in various hospitals and forensic programs, he says he immediately realized that something was terribly wrong. He tried to address the problems with three medical residents, and with them together to have a meeting with the director. Kugel was the spokesperson, and he told Hiss that it was wrong to harvest organs and tissues without permission, and that “giving false evidence in court is also not okay.” This went nowhere, and so the group wrote a letter of complaint to the Ministry of Health, outlining the illegalities. The Ministry of Health reacted with alacrity: they fired the three residents and punished Kugel, who, as a military officer working for the IDF, could not be fired. Then they went to the media and spilled the entire story about what exactly was going on.

    Kugel: “Organs were sold to anyone”

    In fact, according to Kugel, “Organs were sold to anyone; anyone that wanted organs just had to pay for them.” While skin, heart valves, bones, and corneas were removed and used for transplants, solid organs – hearts, brains, livers – “were sold for research, for presentations, for drills for medical students and surgeons.”

    There was a price for these organs, low – $ 300 for a femur, for example – and should a client want all the organs from a body, that could be arranged, not the body itself, but all the organs removed and sold, Kugel said, for about $2,500. Amid the uproar prompted by the whistle-blowers, Hiss waged his own media campaign and tried to convince the public that everything that was done was to serve a noble end, to help the war-wounded victims of terrorist attacks, and the sick.

    He presented his conduct, in Dr. Kugel’s descripton, “as something sublime or even heroic, as a modern-day Robin Hood. Taking from the dead and giving to the innocent victims.” So, whom were the organs taken from? Kugel asked rhetorically. The answer was they were taken from everyone, from Jews and Muslims, from soldiers and from stone throwers, from terrorists and from the victims of terrorist suicide bombers, from tourists and from immigrants. There were only two considerations – the physical condition of the body and its organs, and the ability to conceal what they were doing.

    Most of the victims of illegal organ harvesting, according to Kugel, were not even subject to autopsy, they were simply harvested. They hid the damage by putting pipes and glass eyes, and broom sticks, and toilet paper and plastic skull caps to cover the place where the brain was removed, and so on.

    The Institute, Kugel said, was counting on one thing: that most Israelis do not view the body after death except once, to verify that the body is the right one. The body is wrapped in a winding sheet, or might be wrapped in plastic sheets for the burial company to come for it. In that case, the staff would warn the burial employees, who were not well educated, not to open the sheet because the body was contaminated with an infectious disease. It was more difficult to take organs from soldiers because their bodies were supervised by the military, which was more difficult to fool. “But organs were taken from soldiers,” Kugel said. It was easier to take tissues and organs from the new immigrants, and, needless to say, easiest of all to take from the Palestinians.

    They would be going back across the border, and, “if there were any complaints coming from their families, they were the enemy and so, of course, they were lying and no one would believe them”. What Kugel found most amazing was the uproar around the Boström article, when there was abundant detail in the Israeli press about the Institute whose affairs were discussed heatedly by commissions, finding blatant evidence of illegalities despite the attempts to destroy all the evidence. After these things were exposed, it took two years for the judge, or the head of the special inquest, to decide whether or not Hiss should be sued. Then, it took the police two years to begin a serious investigation.

    The end result was that Hiss was removed as director of the Institute but, as previously noted, retained as senior pathologist and given a salary increase. Kugel was dismissed from his post because, during the investigation, he spoke with one of the witnesses who had buried evidence – human body parts – and thus was seen as interfering with the trial. He was censored and blacklisted from teaching at all but one of Israel’s universities.  To Dr. Kugel the prime issue had nothing at all to do with science: it was about disrespect, about hoarding body specimens, about turning the Institute into a factory of bodies. The Institute’s conduct was motivated by money, by power, and by authoritarian paternalism of the sort that says, “We know what’s good for you, we’ll decide what happens to you, the person who doesn’t know anything. We’ll decide.” And that’s the reason why that happened, and Dr. Kugel asserts it is happening to this day.

    Questions About Rachel Corrie’s Autopsy

    On March 14, 2010, the Haifa District Court heard testimony in the civil law suit filed by the family of the slain U.S. citizen and Gaza peace activist, Rachel Corrie, against the State of Israel for her unlawful killing in Rafah, Gaza. Corrie, an American college student and human rights activist, was crushed to death on March 16, 2003, by a Caterpillar D9R bulldozer. During the hearing, Dr. Hiss, who conducted the autopsy of Rachel Corrie at the request of the Israeli military, admitted that he had violated an Israeli court order that required an official from the U.S. Embassy to be present as a witness. Hiss stated that it was his policy not to allow anyone who is not a physician or a biologist to observe autopsy.

    Hiss admitted that he had retained samples of tissues and organs from Corrie’s body for examination and testing without informing the Corrie family. Hiss was uncertain about whether the samples had been buried with other body samples from the Institute. Corrie’s parents, Cindy and Craig, were shocked by these chilling admissions and really do not know quite what to make of them or what, if anything, they should do about it. They are seeking, they told me, only the truth and symbolic damages of $1.00. The prevention of harm to others is, they say, far more important than money.

    Finally, what links the story of Yehuda Hiss at the National Forensic Institute and Isaac Rosenbaum and the international network of organs traffickers in Israel? Perhaps only the same sad fact that hysteria about organs scarcities – whatever that chilling phrase evokes – have driven both the medical abuses of the dead and the medical abuses of those who were trafficked to service transplant tourists from Israel to New York City, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, among other sites. When Dr. Zaki Shapira began putting out feelers for kidney sellers in the early 1990s to serve the needs of his transplant patients at Bellinson Hospital in Tel Aviv, he found them close at hand, Palestinian guest workers. Palestinians were, he told me in Bellagio in 1996 at a conference on organ trafficking, “pre-disposed” to sacrifice their organs. Or, perhaps, to be sacrificed. It works both ways.

    CP Nancy Scheper-Hughes is the author of several books on poverty and health, including Death without Weeping: the Violence of Everyday Life in Brazil – listed by CounterPunch in its top 100 non-fiction books published in English in the 20th Century. She can be reached at: nsh@berkeley.edu


    [1].  N. Mozgovaya, US Professor is whistle blower in Rosenbaum arrest. Haaretz 26 July, 2009. http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1102799.html.

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    [3] Nancy Scheper-Hughes,2008,“Illegal Organ Trade: Global Justice and the Traffic in Human Organs” in Living Donor Organ Transplants, edited by Rainer Grussner,M.D. and Enrico Bendetti, MD. New York: McGraw-Hill; N. Scheper-Hughes,2006,“Kidney bKin: Inside the Transatlantic Kidney Trade”, Harvard International Review (winter) 62-65; “N. Scheper-Hughes, (2004) “Parts Unknown: Undercover Ethnography  in the Organ Trafficking Underworld”, Ethnography 5(1): 29-73; N. Scheper-Hughes,2000, The Global Traffic in Organs, Current Anthropology 4192): 191-224

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    [5] In several detailed email exchanges (2006-2008) from a  criminal lawyer (name withheld on request)  I learned that the government of Israel decided to pursue the international crimes of transplant surgeons and brokers operating out of Israel by means tax fraud investigations.

    [6] http://www.health.gov.il/trans” plant/about_adi.html “ Knesset approves new organ donation law”, http//www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3523461,00.html

    [7] United States District Court of New Jersey: criminal complaint: United States of America  v. Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, : Mag. No. 09-3620 a/k/a “Issac Rosenbaum”, July 2009

    [8]  English translation of  Donald Bostrom’s article  can be found at: http://www.aftonbladet.se/kultur/article5691805.ab

    [9]  Donald Boström, 2001.  Inshallah : konflikten mellan Israel och Palestina. Stockholm: Ordfront.

    [10] Zeev Galilee, 2003.  First Source (Makor Rishon) –“Pangs of Conscience”  (Musar Klayot) New Blood Libel on French Television: Israel Steals Kidneys of Orphan Children in Moldavia, 24 October 2003.

    [11] Meira Weiss, personal communication and paper read at Organs Watch conference combating traffic in organs and tissues, UCBerkeley,  May 7, 2010. For an audio link for the Hiss interview go to nhnotes.html. Source: Counterpunch

    Rap for Palestine!

    >Monday, October 25, 2010 at 9:15PM Gilad Atzmon

    River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

    Sayyed Nasralla to Talk on STL Investigations’ Performance and Behavior – Israel Admits Hezbollah Succeeded in Capturing MK Drone Images

    >Don’t Miss His Importent Speach At (8:30) This evening

    يطلّ الأمين العام لحزب الله السيد حسن نصر الله عند الساعة الثامنة والنصف من مساء اليوم، ليتحدث مباشرة عبر قناة «المنار» عن أداء لجنة التحقيق في المحكمة الدوليّة الخاصّة بلبنان وسلوكها.
    وكان نصر الله قد أجّل مع إطلالاته السابقة المؤتمر الصحافي الذي كان سيخصّصه لتقويم التحقيقات الدوليّة التي مهّدت لانطلاق عمل المحكمة الدوليّة في الأوّل من آذار 2009.
    وبحسب مصدر في حزب الله فإن نصر الله سيعرض مجموعة من الأمور المهمّة التي ستؤثّر على المشهد السياسي في لبنان وملف المحكمة في الفترة المقبلة.

    Sayyed Nasralla to Talk on STL Investigations’ Performance and Behavior

    28/10/2010 Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah is to appear on al-Manar television on Thursday to talk about the performance and behavior of investigators from a U.N. probe into the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

    Hezbollah Media relations announced in a statement that Sayyed Nasrallah “will be delivering a speech on Thursday at 20:30 Beirut timing.”

    “His Eminence will be speaking live through Al Manar TV Channel over the performance and behavior of the investigation commission of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL),” the statement added.

    A team of two STL investigators and their translator entered on Wednesday Dr. Iman Charara’s gynecology clinic in Beirut’s Southern Suburb, sparking dispute with women there.

    Women waiting for their turn in the clinic, including an urgent case, were annoyed because the investigators stayed for long time in a meeting with the doctor, witnesses said, adding the voices were loud as other women from other clinics in the building rushed to Caharara’s clinic.

    Charara said that the team asked for the archive of 17 women including their addresses and phone numbers.

    I shall post it once done

    Israel Admits Hezbollah Succeeded in Capturing MK Drone Images

    Press conferance video (Arabic)

    27/10/2010 The Zionist entity finally admitted of the accuracy of the footage shown by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah during his famous August press conference concerning the capturing of the MK drone images by the Resistance’s operation room before and following the Ansarieh operation.

    Israeli daily Yedihot Ahronot quoted in this context Israeli experts as acknowledging that Hezbollah was aware of the enemy’s amphibious assault on Ansariyeh on September 5, 1997, prior to its timing.

    “The capturing of the MK drone images by the Resistance’s operation room led to the foiling of the enemy’s amphibious assault on Ansariyeh on September 5, 1997,” Hezbollah Secretary General revealed during a press conference on August 8, before showing details of the Ansariyeh operation and explaining how this tactic helped the Resistance fighters foil the Israeli attempt.

    “Before 1997, the Resistance managed to capture the transmission of an MK drone and we managed to access this transmission which enabled us of capturing the images transmitted by the drone as the enemy’s operation room was receiving them,” Hezbollah Secretary General explained.

    The Israeli daily said that a study prepared by Israeli experts concluded that Hezbollah has actually succeeded in capturing the transmission of MK drone images, which enabled the Resistance party to foil the assault on Ansariyeh.

    Yedihot also admitted that the new Israeli confessions contradict earlier conclusions made by an Israeli investigation committee that claimed that the Resistance’s operation was random. “The images shown by Hezbollah Secretary General proved to be true and accurate,” the daily emphasized.

    The daily said that the conclusion was made after a comparison between the pictures shown by Hezbollah and other photos reached by an Israeli military base at the same time frame.

    Hezbollahs Impressive Hacking Of Zionist Drones

    Hariri Assasination Evidence Expose
    Posted by Faisal Tehrani at 2:59 PM

    River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

    Pentos Films: Ken O’Keefe on the Mavi Marmara


    Wednesday, October 27, 2010 at 5:10PM Gilad Atzmon

    Ken O’Keefe on the Mavi Marmara from pentos films on Vimeo. An adorable man tells his story.

    River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

    From London to Qom for Islam


    Posted on October 28, 2010 by rehmat1|

    Last week, speaking at the Global Peace and Unity Event in London (UK), Lauren Booth (born 1967), sister-in-law of the Islamophobe former British prime minister Tony Blair, currently UN special envoy to Middle East, said: “What I wanted to share with you today is that I am Lauren Booth and I am a Muslim”.

    The British journalist Lauren Booth, who currently works with Iran’s Press TV said that she converted to Islam after her spiritual journey the city of Qom. She told The Mail on Sunday newspaper that she now wears a hijab whenever she leaves her home and had not ruled out adopting the burqa. She said she prays five times a day, visits her local mosque “when I can”, and has given up pork and alcohol.
    “I haven’t had a drink in 45 days, the longest period in 25 years,” she said. “The strange thing is that since I decided to convert I haven’t wanted to touch alcohol, and I was someone who craved a glass of wine or two at the end of a day.”

    Lauren Booth said that she had been sympathetic to Islam ever since working in Palestine. She was a vociferous opponent of the Iraq War and has publicly accused Tony Blair of being pro-Israel. Two years ago, she joined a group of activists on a ship from Cyprus that sailed to Gaza to highlight the Israeli blockade of the territory.

    According to British daily The Sunday Times (February 22, 2004), more than 14,000 White Brits have converted to Islam after becoming disellusioned with western values. These converts include academics, journalists, politicians, singers, billionaires and members of royalty. Some of them have converted for marriage but most of them for the beauty of Islam.

    Another famous British journalist, Kristiane Backer, the attractive and popular German star of MTV Europe, was introduced to the religion through love (when dating Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan) but converted after her break-up. Imran Khan eventually married Jemima Goldsmith, daughter of British billionaire and pro-Israel Jewish member of House of Lord, James Goldsmith in 1995. Jemima Khan’s brother Zac Goldsmith is the new Tory MP for Richmond Park for whom both Jemima and her ex-husband Imran Khan campaigned.

    Although Backer prays and practices Islamic modesty, Backer also portrays a modern image of Muslim women and refuses to wear face or hair covers. She only wore “hijab” during her 2006 pilgrimage (hajj) to Mecca. Kristiane Backer has written her memoir, titled ‘MTV to Mecca: How Islam changed my Life’, in which she explains her spiritual journey to Islam.

    Booth, who had moved to France with her husband and two daughters in 2004, returned to Britain after her husband suffered a sever brain injury following a motorcycle accident in April 2009.
    Watch Lauren Booth’s interview of Dr. Norman Finkelstein on Press TV below:

    River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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