Jewish settlers confiscate Palestinian land in Toubas


[ 31/12/2010 – 05:02 PM ]

TOUBAS, (PIC)– A group of extremist Jewish settlers in the northern West Bank district of Toubas confiscated vast areas of Palestinian-owned land around the Rotim settlement.

Palestinian eyewitnesses said on Thursday that dozens of settlers raided on Wednesday night lands adjacent to the Rotim and confiscated about 30 dunums (1 dunum= 100sq meters), one of the settlers even started ploughing the land.

Aref Daragmeh, local head of Bedouin council said that the confiscated land belonged to four Palestinian citizens, two of them from the same family.

He called on human rights organisations to help Palestinians protect their land.

Bourini: International silence encourages settlers’ assaults
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

“Israel Ready to Use Nuclear Bomb”: 1980 Secret British Cable Says


31/12/2010 Secret British documents released on Thursday, showed that a UK ambassador to Israel warned as early as 1980 that Israel would detonate a nuclear bomb in case of a new war with the Arabs.
“If they [Israelis] are to be destroyed, they will go down fighting this time. They will be ready to use their atomic weapon,” Ambassador John Robinson wrote in a cable to the Foreign Office on May 4, 1980.
Robinson’s message, published under a rule that allows official British papers to be released after 30 years, voiced concern that US-hosted negotiations would not lead to an agreement on the Middle East conflict.

“As long as there is no agreement on the West Bank and Jerusalem which satisfies the Palestinians, they will be driven increasingly to extremism; moderate governments in the area and Western interest will be increasingly threatened; opportunities for Soviet influence and intervention will increase; and so will the danger of a new war,” the cable said.


Other documents were also released, in which they revealed that former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had some difficulties in dealing with former Prime Minister Menachem Begin.

According to the documents, Thatcher described Begin as the “most difficult” man she had to deal with in the early years of her premiership.
Thatcher said at the time that all “efforts to convince Mr. Begin that his West Bank policy was absurd, and that there should not be Israeli settlements on the West Bank, had failed to move him.”

“His response was that Judea and Samaria had been Jewish in biblical times and that they should therefore be so today,” she said.
The papers reveal that, during a meeting with French President Valery Giscard d’Estaing in November 1979, Thatcher admitted she had “never had a more difficult man to deal with” than Begin.”

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Jonathan Azaziah: 9/11-Israel’s Grand Deception (Videos)


December 31, 2010 posted by Jonathan Azaziah · 
“…all of these men played their role in the orchestration of the tragic events on 9/11, whether it was the planning, the propagation of the mythologically false Zionist media-enforced official story…”

By Jonathan Azaziah STAFF WRITER

When an event occurs that changes the dynamics of the geopolitical spectrum, there is only one question that needs to be asked, no matter what kind of information is being force-fed to the public by the Zionist media: Who does this event benefit? The answer to this question is always: The Zionist elite.

The official story presented to the masses in the laughable (and criminally false) 9/11 Commission Report, overseen by Zionist Philip Zelikow, is so dubious and so nonsensical in its arrogance, it is truly amazing that the story was swallowed by the world’s population as truth to begin with. It doesn’t take a scientist, an architect, or an engineer to determine that something else other than planes brought down the Twin Towers and Building 7 at free fall speed on that infamous day. Al Qaeda, Arabic for “The Base” because it was the CIA’s base of operations in Afghanistan, was not behind the September Eleventh attacks, the Mossad and its Zionist criminal network were. Wake up.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Shocking Prediction or Evidence of Planning?

On September 23, 1979, a very disturbing interview took place between Zionist Michael D. Evans and founder of the Mossad, Isser Harel. Evans asked the former director of the Mossad if (Islamic) terrorism will eventually come to America. Harel proceeds to tell the American Zionist that terrorism will indeed come to the United States, the attack will take place in New York City and it will be on its tallest building (1). Isser Harel was asked to step down from his post as Mossad chief by the architect of Al Nakbah and notorious racist David Ben Gurion because his terrorist tactics were drawing too much attention to the Zionist State.
Harel was behind the failed Lavon Affair of 1954, in which Egyptian-Israeli agents placed bombs inside British, American and Egyptian targets hoping Muslim groups would be blamed, and Western relations with Egypt would be irrevocably damaged. He was also responsible for ‘Operation Damocles’ which left scores of German scientists, writers, and public officials dead under the guise of Nazi-hunting (2). After his resignation and subsequent ‘retirement,’ Harel remained involved with Mossad, serving as a consultant and advisor to the terrorist agency before it released any information to the public (3).

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Harel’s Hand Surfaces Again

Avraham Bendor, former head of Shin Bet, and Peter Zvi Malkin, agents that worked with Harel since he founded Mossad, gained control of the World Trade Center’s security through an agreement with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey in 1987. The name of the company was Atwell Security of Tel Aviv, a subsidiary of Eisenberg Group, owned by Israeli tycoon and Mossad-connected arms dealer, Shaul Eisenberg. The agreement was terminated shortly thereafter for what Edward J. O’Sullivan, the Port Authority’s Director of Special Plans, called “a lack of satisfaction.”

The executive director of the Port Authority at the time, who exerted the pressure on O’Sullivan, was Stephen Berger, who has deep connections with other criminals in the Zionist network behind the 9/11 attacks, including Larry Silverstein, the current leaseholder of the World Trade Center (4). It is illogical to believe that the executive director of the Port Authority, a Zionist himself, would hire an Israeli company directly connected to Mossad for World Trade Center security, then terminate the agreement for something as vague as ‘lack of satisfaction.’ It is logical however, when considering the facts that will be uniformly laid out later in this article, this agreement was initiated and kept in place just long enough, for blueprints and intelligence to be gathered for what was being planned by Mossad for the future.

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The False Flag of 1993

Ramzi Yousef wasn’t the mastermind of the failed attack of February 26, 1993 just like Osama Bin Laden wasn’t the mastermind of the 9/11 operation. Yousef and his co-conspirators were trained in the art of bomb-making by high-ranking officials in the FBI. Not only was the FBI aware of the bomb that killed 6 people and injured 1,042, it supervised the process and had dealings with members of Yousef’s group as early as 1991 (5). Ahmad Ajaj, a Palestinian who was imprisoned in connection with the ‘93 bombing, was exposed by investigative reporter Robert Friedman as a Mossad agent who was trained in an Israeli prison.
It was Ajaj who was portrayed by the Zionist media as the ‘author’ of Al-Qaeda terrorist manuals based on information received by the FBI. This was a Mossad PSYOP to establish Ajaj as a ‘legitimate’ activist amongst Palestinians (6).  Tridata Corporation, a subsidiary of Systems Planning Corporation, owned by PNAC member and dual Israeli-American citizen Rabbi Dov Zakheim, was granted the contract to oversee the investigation which commenced after the botched bombing, and gained valuable intelligence with its unlimited access to the World Trade Center (7). Dov Zakheim would play a major role in the 9/11 attack and its cover-up.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Project For A New American Century (PNAC)

In 1997, two neoconservative Zionist commentators, William Kristol and Robert Kagan founded an ultra-aggressive, militaristic think tank which developed and studied ideas that would expand America’s hegemonic dominion over the globe, in association with emphasizing the necessity of strong relations with the Zionist regime. Named “Project for the New American Century,” it was the single most influential entity in the policy-making decisions of the murderous Bush administration, with many of its members actually serving in the administration.

In September of 2000, PNAC released a document entitled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategies, Forces, and Resources For a New Century” which discussed the removal of Saddam Hussein and the total destruction of Iraq as a nation due to its threat to Israel, and suggested America would need to “fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theater wars” to further establish its dominance in the Middle East (8). The most disturbing part of the document however, came with its call for a New Pearl Harbor, “the process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic catalyzing event — like a New Pearl Harbor.” Nobody can deny 9/11 served that exact purpose, galvanizing the American masses behind illegal wars and genocides against Afghanistan and Iraq, all in the name of American patriotism.
Members Of PNAC

The authors of Rebuilding America’s Defenses (RAD) were credited as Zionists Donald Kagan (Robert Kagan’s father) and Gary Schmitt, but contributions were provided by many of its elite Zionist members including: Gary Bauer, Robert Bernstein, US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton, Rudy Boschwitz, former CIA agent William F. Buckley Jr., Frank Carlucci (CIA murderer of Prime Minister of the Congo Patrice Lemumba), war criminal Vice President Dick Cheney, Eliot Cohen, David Epstein, Frank Gaffney, Aaron Friedberg, Charles Krauthammer, aid to the Vice President Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Lewish Lehrman, Martin Peretz, Richard Perle (who was pegged by the FBI for spying for Israel in the 1970s, but never prosecuted), Norman Podhoretz, AIPAC official (Ed:  Rand Corporation/National Security Council member) Stephen Rosen, war criminal Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Randy Scheunemann, Pentagon official Abram Shulsky, architect of the first genocide against Iraq Stephen Solarz, Caspar Weinberger, architect of the second genocide against Iraq Paul Wolfowitz, Heritage Foundation Director Larry Wortzel, and Rabbi Dov Zakheim (9). All of these men played their role in the orchestration of the tragic events on 9/11, whether it was the planning, the propagation of the mythologically false Zionist media-enforced official story, or the aftermath with the illegal military occupations overseas. RAD can easily be found by placing the title into any Internet search engine.

Lies, Myths and Propaganda Of The Official Story

Any independent investigation into the events leading up to, occurring during, and following 9/11 will automatically lead to being labeled with the inflammatory and degrading title of “conspiracy theorist.” However, a closer look at the evidence proves it is the ludicrous official story that is the only real conspiracy theory. What the Zionist media has led the masses to believe is that 19 Muslim men, under orders of mastermind Osama Bin Laden, with funding from various Muslim charities that were fronts for terrorist operations, hijacked 4 planes with box cutters, bypassed the $400 billion air defense system of the United States, flew the planes into the Twin Towers and The Pentagon with another plane going down in Shanksville, Pennsylvania; the Twin Towers then collapsed followed by Building 7 (which wasn’t struck by a plane, but collapsed anyway) several hours later; despite the US government knowing absolutely nothing about the attacks, it knew who the hijackers were, who plotted the operation, where they were hiding, and how they carried out the terror in a matter of hours though no formal investigation was conducted. That is the actual, literal, widely-accepted mainstream theory. And it is pathetic.

There were no Arabic/Islamic names on the passenger lists released by United Airlines and American Airlines (10), so where did the Muslim men come from? At least 8 of the men which are said to be the suicidal hijackers by the FBI, are actually alive and well in various countries (11). Osama Bin Laden, whose name has been used to justify a genocidal occupation in Afghanistan that has claimed hundreds of thousands of innocent lives, is dead. It’s been a known fact worldwide that he’s dead for 9 years and it’s even been reported (perhaps out of intentional arrogance) by Mossad (12).

Osama Bin Laden worked for the CIA under the name of Tim Osman and had numerous personal and financial ventures with the Bush crime family and the corrupt Saudi regime, extracting funds from both of them and taking orders from US intelligence until his death at the very end of 2001. If the CIA ever had any intention of arresting Bin Laden to begin with, they would’ve done so when Bin Laden met with CIA officials in Dubai just two months before 9/11 (13). All of the reports for Muslim charities funding terror, the Al Qaeda videos, and the Bin Laden recordings have all been the work of two Mossad-connected contractors.
The Intel Center is run by Mossad agent Ben Venzke, and is notorious for releasing videos of an ‘Al-Qaeda’ operative named Adam Yahiye Gadahn, whose real name has been revealed as Adam Pearlman; he is the grandson of a former director of Israel’s propaganda arm, the ADL of B’nai B’rith (14). SITE Intelligence Group, founded by former IOF soldier Rita Katz, is the major provider of intelligence on ‘Islamic terror groups,’ not just for the Zionist media, but the government’s agencies as well (15).

The multi-layered, extremely advanced air defense system of the US along with the F-16 responses to any foreign activity in restricted airspace were rendered ineffective due to three main factors. The first factor, was Vice President Cheney issuing stand-down orders from the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (16). The second factor was the multiple war game exercises being conducted by the American military to deter the attention of the response from the actual attack (17). And the final factor, perhaps the most important and most damning piece of evidence, is the subversion of US government computer networks by a company called P-Tech, controlled by yet another Mossad agent named Michael Goff. Goff’s father and grandfather were deeply involved in Zionist activities as their initiation into the B’nai B’rith Commonwealth Lodge in Worcester, Massachusetts confirms (18). Flight 93, which was the subject of the romanticized Hollywood film “United 93,” entirely written and produced by Zionists (Kate Solomon, Lloyd Levin, Paul Greengrass, Eric Fellner, Liza Chasin, Michael Bronner, Tim Bevan and Mairi Bett), did not crash into a field in Pennsylvania. It landed at Cleveland Hopkins Airport as was reported by local media on 9/11 (19). The only plane that hit the Pentagon was an unmanned global hawk, and there is eyewitness testimony to substantiate this revelation (20).

A 32-story Spanish skyscraper, the Windsor building, burned for 24 hours but remained standing. The idea of buildings collapsing from fire is absolutely asinine. It has never happened in the history of modern architecture. 1,277 verified architectural and engineering professionals have already signed a petition demanding a reopening of the 9/11 investigation due to the illegitimacy of the mechanics in the official story. Professor Steven Jones of BYU discovered thermate and thermite (extremely destructive chemicals used in explosives) in samples he collected from Ground Zero, exposing the truth of a controlled demolition (21).
Ultra-Zionist Larry Silverstein, leaseholder of the Twin Towers and chief asset in the Mossad operation on 9/11, raised the eyebrows of many during an interview with PBS in September of 2002, “I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were going to be able to contain the fire, and I said, ‘We’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.’ And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse (22).” ‘Pull it’ is common terminology used before the demolition of a building. Silverstein had much to gain from the destruction of the Twin Towers, and even more to gain with the destruction of Building 7, which went down at 5:20 p.m. though it wasn’t struck by a plane. If there wasn’t anything questionable about the collapse, why wasn’t it mentioned in Zionist Zelikow’s distorted 9/11 Commission Report?

Privatization, Insider Trading and Profiteering

On July 23, 2001, Zionist Lewis Eisenberg, a prominent member of the pro-Israel Lobby, and the head of the Port Authority at the time, finalized the deal that would privatize the World Trade Center for the first time in its history (23). Ronald Lauder, of the notorious Zionist company Estee Lauder Cosmetics, is a major player in the pro-Israel Lobby, boasting active membership in the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, World Jewish Congress, Jewish National Fund, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Abraham Fund, Jewish Theological Seminary, and the ADL of B’nai B’rith.

He also donated a school named after him, The Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy to the Interdisciplinary Center of Herzliya, a Mossad training ground. Lauder was the chairman of two organizations, the New York State Commission of Privatization and the New York State Research Council on Privatization, that introduced the concept of privatization to the Port Authority, and aggressively lobbied for it after the introduction (24).

The new leaseholders were United Jewish Appeal board member, ultra-Zionist Larry Silverstein, and former Haganah terrorist and Golani Brigade Commando, billionaire Frank Lowy, whose mall conglomerate Westfield America was guaranteed 427,000 square feet of retail floor space. Eisenberg, Lauder, Lowy and Silverstein all had close, friendly ties with Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, and Ariel Sharon; Silverstein even had phone conversations with the current Zionist entity prime minister every Sunday (25). An anti-terrorism insurance contract was established with Swiss Re Insurance which would pay out $3.5 billion for a single terrorist attack, and an additional payment of the same amount for two terrorist attacks, hence why the Solomon Brothers Building, better known as Building 7 was destroyed. Silverstein adopted this policy six weeks before 9/11 (26). Silverstein’s battle with the insurance company was eventually decided in his favor by Zionist Judge Michael Mukasey, who determined the planes crashing into the Twin Towers constituted multiple terror attacks, and the fate of Building 7 wasn’t necessary for the ruling (27). Mukasey would play a crucial role in discharging the Mossad agents captured on 9/11, and would later go on to become Attorney General for war criminal George W. Bush’s administration (28).

Between August 26th and September 11th 2001, a group of financial speculators identified as Israeli citizens by the SEC, short sold 38 stocks and purchased put options in mass on Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, AIG, Swiss Re and Munich Re Insurance, United Airlines and American Airlines. All of these companies were directly involved with the 9/11 attacks. The Israeli speculators were never investigated any further, and they were most certainly not arrested (29). 70,000 tons of World Trade Center steel were shipped to China and India for $120 a ton. The purchaser of the scrap was Metals Management, owned by Zionist Alan D. Ratner (30). It is no coincidence that Zionist Michael Bloomberg (31), became mayor of New York right after the 9/11 assault. One of his first acts as mayor was to cover up AIG CEO and Zionist criminal Maurice Greenberg’s put option scam through Bear Stearns and Swiss Re Insurance (32). It was Bloomberg that awarded the clean-up contract to Ratner’s company so the steel would be disposed of and prevent its examination by NIST, which was controlled by yet another Zionist, Stephen Cauffman (33), the ‘Leader of the Structures Group of the Materials and Construction Research Division’ according to the official NIST website.    

John O’Neil: Sabotaged And Murdered

His name is one not known by the majority of the American people, but John P. O’Neil knew more about Tim Osman (Bin Laden) than any other person in the world. He became the FBI’s counter-terrorism chief in 1995 and quickly rose through the ranks. Because of his unorthodox investigative methods, and a tendency to go against protocol, it didn’t take long for John O’Neil to come into direct conflict with his superiors. The FBI higher-ups continuously blocked O’Neil from digging deeper into the ‘Al Qaeda’ network, starting with the bombing of Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia (34).

It is of extreme significance to note, that the Zionist entity typically and erroneously blamed the attack on Khobar Towers on Hezbollah, the Lebanese Resistance movement. The same type of military grade explosives used in the truck bomb at Khobar Towers, was used in the 1983 marine barracks bombing in Lebanon and the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. These two incidents were also blamed on Hezbollah by the usurping Zionist regime. The marine barracks bombing has now been linked to Israel by former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky (35), and the assassination of Hariri has been extensively exposed as an Israeli operation by Hezbollah Secretary General, his eminence, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah (36).

After the bombings of the US embassies in Nairobi and Tanzania, which are now also linked to CIA and Mossad (37), John O’Neil was eager to be involved in the investigation due to the so-called Al Qaeda fingerprints on the attack. The ‘superiors’ in Washington had a severe dislike for O’Neil however, and the NY FBI office where O’Neil worked was left out of the loop. This jaded O’Neil even further, and in October of 2000, the beginning of the end came for O’Neil when he came into conflict with Zionist Ambassador Barbara Bodine over the USS Cole bombing. O’Neil suspected the truth of the matter was larger than he ever imagined, and that Al Qaeda may not be the main culprit (38).

Bodine received her orders to undermine O’Neil’s team by Zionist Secretary of State Madeline Albright, the fervent defender of the genocidal sanctions against Iraq. A former CIA agent echoed O’Neil’s suspicions when he said O’Neil and his team were kicked out of Yemen because they were getting close to uncovering that the US Navy ship wasn’t bombed by Al Qaeda, but an Israeli cruise missile launched from a Zionist Dolphin-class submarine (39). O’Neil would return home to the United States frustrated, 20 pounds lighter and in doubt of his future in the intelligence community. He continued investigating the USS Cole bombing, but was ordered to cease and desist when the FBI pulled out of Yemen.

Less than a month before the September 11th attacks, John O’Neil was forced to step down from his position as counter-terrorism chief of the FBI due to pressure from the Bush administration and a smear campaign from his FBI bosses (40). He was approached by Zionist Jerome Hauer of Kroll Inc. founded by Zionist Jules B. Kroll immediately after he reluctantly resigned from the FBI. Kroll had gained control of the World Trade Center’s security after the 1993 false flag attack, and it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Marsh-McLennan Companies and AIG, owned by aforementioned Zionist 9/11 accomplice Maurice Greenberg, and later his son, Jeffrey Greenberg. The family of Jerome Hauer had deep Zionist fund-raising roots in New York’s Jewish community, and Hauer himself was very close with Larry Silverstein. Hauer was responsible for placing the Office of Emergency Management inside Building 7, much to the dismay of the NYPD. Classified information linking the CIA and the Zionist companies that profited from insider trading were located in this office (41).

The younger brother of George W. Bush, Marvin Bush, was a director of the other firm with a security contract for the Twin Towers called Securacom, later known as Stratasec from 1993 until 2000. A year before Bush stepped down, his cousin, Wirt D. Walker III became Stratasec CEO (42). Kroll and Securacom were behind the mysterious power-down the weekend prior to 9/11 where masked men entered the Towers with excessively large amounts of wire that they claimed would be used for rerouting internet cables (43). Though Larry Silverstein had breakfast in the ‘Windows on the World’ restaurant on the 107th Floor of the North Tower every morning (44), he was conveniently absent that fateful morning. Jerome Hauer, Maurice Greenberg and his son, Marvin Bush and Wirt Walker, Jules Kroll, Frank Lowy, Ronald Lauder and several other key Zionist assets in the Mossad operation were not present in the World Trade Center on 9/11. John O’Neil however, went to work like it was a regular day. The former FBI counter-terrorism chief died in the World Trade Center. Due to the affiliations of the Zionist personalities involved in smearing him and hiring him as a consultant with Kroll, it would appear O’Neil was murdered.

Re-Enter Zakheim And Lauder

Israel is the pioneer of drone technology like remote-controlled planes and armored assault vehicles, and has made billions off of video game style murder in occupied Palestine, occupied Kashmir, occupied Iraq, and Lebanon (45). Remote-controlled vehicles are not something out of a sci-fi film, they are an everyday reality, being used by oppressive regimes worldwide to terrorize civilian populations. Rabbi Dov Zakheim, the owner of a company that produced such technology, was also Pentagon comptroller from 2001-2004. Zakehim was in charge of the Department of Defense’s flow of money and on the day before 9/11/01, war criminal Donald Rumsfeld announced that $2.3 trillion had vanished. By the time Zakheim stepped down, another trillion dollars had gone missing, totaling $3.3 trillion that seemingly couldn’t be accounted for. But when the Zionist entity received a weapons package in the form of a military surplus from Bush’s neo-conservative Zionist administration, including a fleet of F-16 and F-15 fight jets, it was none other than Zakheim who negotiated the deal. These new planes would be used in brutal Israeli genocides inflicted against Lebanon in 2006 and Gaza in 2008-09 (46).

The name of Zakheim’s aforesaid company is Systems Planning Corporation (SPC), a defense contractor that specialized in new age warfare, and specifically, the implementation of remote control software into military aircraft. SPC manufactures a Flight Termination System (FTS) equipped with long range transmitters, which allows a flight to be hijacked and controlled at any time. Shortly before 9/11, Zakheim’s SPC contracted with an air force base in Florida to test the FTS on at least 32 Boeing 767 aircraft, as part of a tanker deal between Boeing and the Pentagon.

Boeing, according to an overview on its website, has had a working relationship with the Zionist entity for over 60 years. Zakheim’s company reformatted the planes with several key parts, and it is explicitly crucial to note, Flight 175 which struck the South Tower and Flight 11 which struck the North Tower, were both 767s. In photos of the remains of Flight 175, there is an object under the fuselage that sharply resembles SPC’s FTS. Comparing the pictures of the demolished ‘hijacked’ airplanes and the tankers on SPC’s website, it is impossible to ignore the likelihood that the airliners were actually Zakheim’s refitted, reformatted Pentagon-Boeing tankers (47).

Ronald Lauder, the chairman of the New York State Commission of Privatization and the New York State Research Council on Privatization, wrote a book in 1992 called “Privatization for New York: Competing for a Better Future.” In 1994, Zionist Lauder suggested to New York Governor George Pataki, whom he had given excessive donations to (48), that privatizing airports would bring in huge revenue for New York. Pataki, intrigued by the idea, commissioned Lauder to bring his ambitious proposal to life. Lauder had his sights set on Stewart Airport in Newburgh, New York. On March 31st, 2000, Lauder vaunted that New York became the first state in the nation to privatize a commercial airport, awarding the contract to UK-based National Express Group, which at the time, was owned by Zionist William Rollason (49). Stewart Airport, is where the paths of Flight 175 and Flight 11 oddly and chillingly converged on 9/11 (50).

No Arab names on the passenger lists. The suicide hijackers turning up alive. The erratic flight paths of the airliners that became frighteningly precise before impact. The so-called hijackers who were exceptionally poor pilots, though described as excellent by the Zionist media (51). Rabbi Zakheim’s corporation that produces Flight Termination Systems, along with the strange events surrounding him immediately before and after 9/11. Flight 11 flying directly into the secure computer room in the North Tower of Marsh-McLennan Company/Kroll, the company of Zionist partners Jules Kroll and Maurice Greenberg (52). Mass murderer Netanyahu, who was in New York City on 9/11, stating the attacks benefitted Israel and swung American opinion in the favor of the Zionist entity (53). Dulles, Newark, and Logan airport security being controlled by a single Israeli company, ICTS/Huntleigh, owned by former Shin Bet agents Menachem Atzmon and Ezra Harel. ICTS never being questioned by the 9/11 Commission (54). Ronald Lauder’s privatization exploits. When a coincidence turns into a string of coincidences, it ceases to be a string of coincidences, and it becomes a pattern. In the case of 9/11, there is an undeniable pattern of criminal Zionist involvement.

Michael Chertoff: Savior Of The Israeli Spy Ring

One of the more telling anomalies on September 11th were the seismic spikes recorded by  Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory just prior to the collapse of the Twin Towers (55). Combine this with the hundreds of eyewitness accounts (many of them New York firefighters) that state they heard explosions resembling bombs detonating before the collapse of the Towers (56), in addition to the piles of molten metal found in the footprint of where the Towers once stood, burning at temperatures that jet fuel at its hottest cannot produce (57), and there is convincing, corroborated evidence that a controlled demolition is the cause of the World Trade Center collapse. In an investigative report by Carl Cameron of Fox News, 60 Israeli spies, in the fields of military intelligence and explosive ordinance were detained on 9/11, and more than 140 Israeli spies were detained shortly before the events (58).

The spies detained on that day, tested positive for explosives, including the ill-famed five dancing Israelis who claimed to be in New York to ‘document the event.’ They were pulled over on the George Washington Bridge by the FBI, and their van tested positive for explosives as well (59). Their names were Yaron Shmuel, Omer Marmari, Sivan and Paul Kurzberg, and Oded Ellner. They worked for a counterfeit moving company named Urban Moving Systems, owned by Israeli Dominick Otto Suter. Once federal agents apprehended the dancing Israelis, they returned to the offices of Urban Moving Systems to interrogate Suter, but he had already departed. These men were discovered to be Mossad agents, and the moving company was a Mossad front to gather intelligence on various Arab organizations in the Tri-State Area (60).

The large majority of the Israeli spies were posing as art students, an ancient Israeli spying technique started by early asset to the false flag on 9/11, Mossad spy master, Peter Zvi Malkin (61). Many of them were also employees of Amdocs, an Israeli company founded by Zionist criminal Morris Kahn, which collects processing data for 90% of the phone calls, emails, and text messages in America, including several agencies of the federal government, as well as Comverse Technology headed by Zionist Kobi Alexander, which provides wire-tapping technology for many law enforcement agencies across the US (62). On September 4, 2001, Zim Integrated Shipping Services, partially owned by the Israeli government, paid $50,000 to break its lease and move its headquarters to Norfolk, Virginia. Zim’s officials were never questioned regarding what prompted them to move a week before the most devastating ‘terror attack’ on American soil in history (63).

Four thousand Israelis were warned via text message of impending attacks in the New York area by Zionist company Odigo, founded by Israeli brothers, Avner and Maskit Ronen. Only three months after 9/11, the Ronen brothers negotiated a deal with Kobi Alexander’s Comverse, which already had a minute stake in Odigo, to be fully bought out (64). Alexander, a former Israeli intelligence officer, along with fellow Comverse executives, William Sorin and David Kreinberg, both of whom served in Israeli intelligence with Alexander, were on the run from US prosecutors after they were brought up on charges of securities, wire and mail fraud. In 2006, they were strangely allowed to leave the US despite several warrants for their arrests. They hid all over the world, including Sri Lanka and Namibia before being apprehended (65).

The reason for the poor investigation of these anomalistic occurrences, (or the lack thereof for that matter), despite all of these personalities and corporations being deeply connected to the Zionist entity, is one man: Zionist Michael Chertoff. Chertoff, a dual-citizen of the illegal Zionist state like most of the criminals connected to the plot on 9/11, is the son of impassioned Zionists.

His father, Rabbi Gershon Baruch Chertoff, was the last in a long line of a family of Talmudic rabbis from Russia, and his mother, Livia Eisen, was the first hostess of El Al, and one of the earliest Mossad operatives, working under the aforementioned Isser Harel. Chertoff’s mother was instrumental in Operation Magic Carpet, which brought Jewish families from Yemen into Israel for cheap labor. Due to the malicious anti-Arab sentiment of Zionism, the Zionist leadership felt the need to de-Arabize the Yemeni Jews, and authorized the kidnaping of Yemeni babies to then be delivered to European parents to strip them of their culture and their ethnic roots (66). Michael Chertoff’s wife, Meryl, is a chairwoman of an ADL of B’nai B’rith regional organization in New Jersey.

Prior to becoming the second Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff was chief of the criminal division of the Justice Department from 2001-2003. It was Chertoff who blocked the efforts of several agents across the FBI’s ranks to investigate the hundreds of Mossad spies detained in connection to the attacks on 9/11. He also supervised the destruction and confiscation of evidence that would have linked Israel and the US to the attacks like videotapes, eyewitness accounts, written testimonies and debris from Ground Zero.

Within months, all of the Israelis in custody, were released, with no coverage from the Zionist media, and no objection from Bush’s government. Though Chertoff had no problem using torture while interrogating foreign nationals (67), these Israeli spies were subjected to no such action, and upon their release, were quietly sent back to the terror state of Israel (68). To finalize the cover up and take the public’s attention off of the Israeli spy ring, Zionist Chertoff orchestrated the capture of 1,100 Muslim citizens, tourists and immigrants, falsely labeling them as suspects connected to the September 11th attacks. These innocent people were physically abused in secret facilities, denied the right to legal counsel, psychologically abused in secret military tribunals before they were deported, or released back into society after these criminal acts were committed against them. Chertoff was also the primary author of the Patriot Act, an Orwellian piece of legislation written months before 9/11, and signed into law on October 26, 2001 (69).

A New Analysis

An operation 20 years in the making, the attacks of September 11th in New York City and Washington D.C. were a false flag carried out by the Mossad, its close-knit network of wealthy sayanim (70) and criminal elements within the Bush administration, the FBI and the CIA with dual loyalty to the genocidal state of Israel. Through espionage, privatization, and infiltration, this Zionist criminal network gained control of the World Trade Center, its security, as well as several government communications outlets which were subverted once the terror operation commenced. Using flight termination system technology in remote controlled tanker jets and nano-thermate/thermite charges strategically placed in the Twin Towers and Building 7 by its experts in military intelligence and explosive ordinance, the criminal network brought down the World Trade Center by controlled demolition.

Using the Zionist media to incite fear and hysteria amongst the public through disinformation, the criminal network successfully covered up the Zionist regime’s mass murder in Occupied Palestine during the height of the Second Intifada. With the mission accomplished, and the public totally programmed and petrified of the unknown, the criminal network advanced with the next phase of its PNAC agenda: expanding executive power in America through totalitarian legislation and securing Israel through multiple regional wars. To complete the cover up of the attacks, the criminal network used its sayanim in NIST and the 9/11 Commission, as well as top sayan (singular form of sayanim) Michael Chertoff to obliterate proofs of Israeli-US involvement and to perpetuate the lies already enforced by the media. For the families of the 2,973 innocents that died in the attacks, the criminal network employed its agent, the Zionist Kenneth Feinberg, to set up the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund. Under Feinberg’s sinister direction, each family received an average of $1.25 million, but they waved their right to sue the government for criminal negligence (71).

The criminal network used the Zionist media to dub its war, the “War on Terror,” taking a page right out of Benjamin Netanyahu’s book, ‘Terrorism: How The West Can Win,’ published in 1986 (72). This would allow the criminal network to extend its occupations abroad indefinitely, since the enemy had never been clearly identified. With American troops conducting genocidal operations in Afghanistan, the Patriot Act being passed along with the creation of Homeland Security, granting immeasurable governing power to the Zionist administration, the involvement of Israel and America in the attacks silenced, and the next destruction of a nation being planned for Iraq, the criminal network slowly disbanded, eventually finding their way back to the Zionist entity, or fading into obscurity elsewhere like Michael Chertoff’s cousin, Benjamin Chertoff, who aided the criminal network by smearing the campaign for 9/11 truth (73).

On a secondary, but still vitally important level, the Zionist criminal network, specifically the Mossad and the CIA, strengthened its hegemonic domination of the world even further by profiting enormously from reorganizing and taking full control of the amerceable heroin trade in Afghanistan and setting up business operations to take control of the neighboring oil fields in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan (74).


Scholars like Noam Chomsky and the late Howard Zinn have suggested that the 9/11 events are ‘in the past’ and seeking the truth as to who perpetrated the attacks ‘do not have any significance’ (75). If your family was murdered, would you think their deaths were in the past and identifying the murderer or murderers wouldn’t have any significance? Their position is ridiculous at best and collusive at worst. 9/11 is the reason over one million civlians have been murdered in the last 9 years in Occupied Afghanistan. 9/11 is the reason 1.5 million innocents in Occupied Iraq have been slaughtered.

It is the reason for increased billion dollar aid packages to Israel and increases in brutality by the Zionist entity in Occupied Palestine. It is the reason behind full US support and encouragement of the Zionist aggression used against Lebanon in 2006, which resulted in the genocide of over 1,200 Lebanese civilians. It is the reason for drone attacks in Pakistan which murder civilians daily. It is the reason for covert wars which are slowly becoming genocides in Yemen and Somalia.  It is the reason for every future act of aggression, all to be waged on the basis of ‘the war on terror.’ Investigating the criminals behind 9/11 isn’t just significant, it is ESSENTIAL to the worldwide pursuit for truth, peace, justice, and freedom.

9/11 was not blowback. 9/11 was not done by Al Qaeda, an organization which doesn’t even exist (76). 9/11 was a Mossad-CIA intelligence operation, and the evidence exposed here is only the tip of the iceberg. Journalists and activists like Christopher Bollyn, Wayne Madsen, Jerry Mazza, academic Joel Kovel, and Freedom Flotilla activist Kenneth O’Keefe have all exposed Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attacks, but there needs to be more efforts like those put forth by these brave men.

Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga, former head of Pakistan’s ISI Hamid Gul, and former Director of Studies at the Army War College Alan Sabrosky have also gone on record stating Mossad was behind 9/11 (77). War criminal Barack Obama’s new Regulation Czar, Zionist Cass Sunstein, has said that 9/11 truth groups need to be infiltrated because they pose a threat to the government’s ‘anti-terrorism’ policies (78). That means seeking 9/11 truth is hurting the occupiers, oppressors, murderers, thieves, and financial gangsters that have turned the poor and downtrodden masses into their slaves. It means that the truth is winning.

It is the duty of every activist, journalist and scholar fighting to end tyranny in the occupied nations of the Middle East to investigate, discuss and expose 9/11 due to it being the pretext for which the fight to end tyranny stems from. Once the people of the world know the pretext was a lie, they will know everything that followed it was a lie too. They will know that Muslims, Arabs and Islam itself aren’t the enemy, but the US-Zionist alliance that has sat at the top of the world’s power structure through a reign of terror for what seems like the duration. With this newfound knowledge, the people will then unite in truth and revolution, and the Zionist criminal network that orchestrated 9/11, will be eliminated once and for all.

~ The End ~


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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

>Latin American nations recognize a Palestinian state

>Marcela Valente, The Electronic Intifada, 31 December 2010
BUENOS AIRES (IPS) – With the string of announcements in South America of recognition of a Palestinian state this month, the region’s integration process showed a new interest in and capacity to reach common positions in the realm of foreign policy.

After Brazil announced in early December that it recognized a Palestinian state, Argentina, Bolivia and Ecuador followed suit, and Paraguay and Uruguay said they would do the same in early 2011. Chile and Peru are also expected to reach a similar decision. Before this month, Venezuela was the only country in South America to have done so.

In theory, the common position adopted with respect to an issue involving relations outside the region came in response to a request by the Palestinian Authority (PA).

But the process took on a dynamic of its own.

“This is a good indicator of an integration process with a strategic vision of foreign relations, one that is less rhetorical and less heavily focused on economic factors than before,” Khatchik DerGhougassian, a professor of international relations at the private University of San Andres in Argentina, told IPS.

DerGhougassian said “Brazil, as an emerging power, wants to play in the big leagues,” a strategy that its neighbors support as part of the integration process.

He also stressed that the decision “does not run counter to international law,” because it is based on United Nations resolutions. Nor is it aimed at triggering conflicts with other countries, he added.

“It sends out a strategic signal showing that the Union of South American Nations [UNASUR], made up of the 12 countries in the region, can reach common decisions on the international stage, independently of what the United States or other powerhouses do,” he said.

The whole thing began in Brasilia, where outgoing President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva responded positively to a letter he received from the president of the Ramallah-based PA, Mahmoud Abbas.

In his public letter, Lula formally recognized a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, before the June 1967 War, while reiterating that the Brazilian government believes that “only dialogue and peaceful coexistence with neighbors can truly advance the Palestinian cause.”

Israel and the United States immediately criticized the Brazilian government’s decision. A US State Department official called it “premature,” and an Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman said: “This is a very disappointing step which contributes nothing to furthering the peace process.”

In response, Lula questioned the United States’ commitment to finding a peaceful solution to the conflict in the Middle East.

The Palestinians have welcomed the latest developments.

Before attending Saturday’s inauguration of Dilma Rousseff as Brazil’s new president, Abbas will lay the cornerstone for the new Palestinian Embassy in the Brazilian capital.

Lula’s announcement “formed part of a regional policy of strengthening multilateralism,” said Tullo Vigevani, a professor of international relations at Sao Paulo State University.

The Brazilian expert commented to IPS that this was a pillar of Lula’s foreign policy, and predicted that Rousseff would maintain that focus after taking office on 1 January.

The new common position emerged from the debates between the South American bloc and the League of Arab States, Vigevani said, because this region sees recognition of a Palestinian state as boosting the peace process in the Middle East.

Just three days after Brazil’s announcement, the Argentine government said “The time has come to recognize Palestine as a free and independent state.”

Argentine Foreign Minister Hector Timerman said Argentina has a “deep interest” in seeing Israelis and Palestinians agree to “a deep and lasting peace in the Middle East.”

Argentina’s decision caught even the Palestinians off guard. Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Malki told an Argentine paper, “We were surprised by how fast the decision came and by such a clear, strong expression of support.”

Uruguay also stated immediately that it would formally recognize a Palestinian state in January.

Meanwhile, at the mid-December summit of the Southern Common Market (Mercosur) trade bloc, made up of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, the governments signed an agreement to negotiate a free trade deal with the Palestinian territories.

During the summit, Bolivian President Evo Morales announced that his country recognized the Palestinian state.

In a formal letter to Abbas, he said his government could not “continue waiting with its arms crossed given the problems of human rights, territory and sovereignty” of the Palestinian people.

Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa said in his own letter to Abbas that his country’s recognition of a Palestinian state “is meant to reinforce the valid and legitimate wish of the Palestine people to have their own free and independent state.”

Paraguayan Foreign Minister Hector Lacognata said Paraguay would recognize a Palestinian state by spring 2011.

The PA, Chilean lawmakers and Palestinian organizations urged Chilean President Sebastian Pinera to recognize a Palestinian state, in compliance with UN resolutions.

The Palestinian community in Chile, the largest outside of the Middle East, is confident that the decision will be reached after Pinera and Abbas meet in Brasilia, the Brazilian capital.

In mid-November, Pinera declared his support for the creation of a “free, autonomous, prosperous and secure” Palestinian state.

Chilean political scientist Guillermo Holzman told IPS that “the most likely” outcome is that the Pinera administration will recognize a Palestinian state, and pointed out that there are large Palestinian and Jewish communities in Latin America that are closely following the issue.

Holzman said Palestine has tried to generate international pressure that would make negotiations with Israel viable, and added that if the “political momentum” built up in this region continues to mount, and expands outside the region, it will have a definite influence on unblocking the peace talks.

“This should be seen as a wake-up call to the world’s powerful nations to work harder in the search for a peaceful solution” to the Middle East crisis, the Chilean analyst said.

Additional reporting by Daniela Estrada in Santiago and Fabiana Frayssinet in Rio de Janeiro. All rights reserved, IPS — Inter Press Service (2010). Total or partial publication, retransmission or sale forbidden.
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Assange Says He Holds Documents that Will Spark Arab World Coups


31/12/2010 Wikileaks founder Julian Assange revealed that he holds names of senior officials in the Arab world who visit US embassies in their respective countries voluntarily to establish links with the CIA, saying releasing such names could lead to dangerous coups in the Arab world.

In the second part of his interview with Arab television Network, al-Jazeera, Assange said: “these officials are spies for the US in their countries,” adding that leaked documents in his possession show that Arab officials reveal sensitive information on their colleagues and respective countries.

The WikiLeaks founder said the website would consider exposing the names of the Arab officials only if it would be certain it would not lead to their death.
Assange warned that the revelations may lead to dangerous coups in the Arab world.

He added that WikiLeaks plans to reveal some 7,000 documents related to Egypt and its president, Hosni Mubarak.

Other leaked documents, he said, reveal information on the oil industry in the Arab world over the past few decades.

source: Ynet
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

After turning Caira into a Mossad Nest, Pharaoh is worried "“Israel will have a presence on our southern border".


The Israeli embassy (Mossad Nest) on the top floor of a towerblock in Cairo.
Israeli ambassador (Son of Spy) to Cairo flees to Israel after discovering Mossad spy ring

Mubarak’s minions: “Al-Bashir’s regime is the “worst” in the country’s history …”

“.. The strong statements of the Egyptian official come at the heels of rare criticism made by the semi-official Al-Ahram newspaper last week to Bashir for policies which it said lead to the South wanting to break away from the rest of the country. Egyptian officials in the past have shyly blamed Bashir’s NCP party for the likely split of Sudan. Last February, Egyptian president reportedly criticized Khartoum for lacking the will to preserve the unity…… 


El-Fiqy warned of the potential threats to Egyptian national security caused by Sudan’s breakup saying that “Israel will have a presence on our southern border”“The previous head of Israeli military intelligence admitted that Israel supervised the training of the Southern military,” El-Fiqi said, adding that Israel has “units” there. He further pointed out that South Sudan leader Salva Kiir announced that he will open an Israeli embassy in the new state. However, Kiir denied the reports on the embassy in an interview with the London-based Al-Sharq Al-Awsat….”

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Make no mistake – Israelis have always been racist


Make no mistake – Israelis have always been racist

Posted: December 28, 2010 by attendingtheworld 

The racist, extreme right wing gets in and fills the vacuum left by the negligent social left.

By Merav Michaeli

Among those shocked at the “spread of racism” are people who claim that the residents of the neighborhoods protesting against foreigners are not racist but merely afraid, merely in distress. Indeed, the chief activist in the neighborhood of Kiryat Shalom, Eli Mizrahi, said, “There is no hatred …. We know they are suffering …. I don’t understand: Why is it necessary to make it harder for us, in a place with a weak population? … Why pile weakness on weakness?”

It’s true; the neighborhoods are weak, with weak residents who have a hard time making a living and getting ahead. One can just read the reports on increasing poverty, declining wages and growing nutritional insecurity to know how tangible the distress is; a struggle for survival. Israel neglected these people and communities, and in recent years is only increasing their number.

But the distress does not contradict the racism, it goes hand in hand with it. In its early days, when Israel’s character was taking shape, it determined that the white race was superior. When the people who would eventually become “Mizrahim” arrived and were brought here from North Africa, it wasn’t suggested or made possible for them to take part in the government, the land, the systems of power and the media. Very quickly they became citizens, but second-class citizens subject to humiliation and inferior conditions. They were excluded from public life and official cultural life, living with the knowledge and experience of inferiority. And separation: They were put in separate housing projects and separate neighborhoods.

Falasha – Black Jews Protesting!

People who grow up with this experience of inferiority, when racism is directed at them, internalize that racism. When a landlord, the master, determines that white is good and black is inferior, you internalize that standard and hate yourself because you are not white. The standard of white superiority and the racism that comes with it become part of you, even when you are its victim.

And then you project your racism onward, to anyone who is darker and more inferior than you. Add to that the existential distress and the inflaming of baser instincts by types like extreme right-wing activist Itamar Ben-Gvir, who don’t miss an opportunity to gather new believers, and you get the recent racist demonstrations.

After all, this is always how it works: The racist, extreme right wing gets in and fills the vacuum left by the negligent social left. But make no mistake – the hatred and racism were always here; now they are emerging more loudly.

The white upper classes sublimate their racism: They employ the people they perceive as inferior; they have the money to pay them (not much ) to clean for them and take care of them. Once it was the Arabs and the Mizrahim, now it’s the “infiltrators” and the foreigners (in fact, upper-class women are the employers, the men don’t even have any contact with them ).

And so this class does just what the white and racist prime minister is doing, inciting against the very things that step on the weakest points of the weak: “a concrete threat to the Jewish and democratic character of the country,” and a “wave threatening Israeli workplaces”. And immediately thereafter, warning Israelis “not to take the law into their own hands and not to hurt the illegal infiltrators” so he can wash his hands of the matter: They are the racists, those baboons, not him.

That’s the way this class is, part of which belongs to the good old “left,” disappointed with the peace process and party to the building of the separation fence, the roads for Jews only and acceptance committees to communities. And in the same breath, they frame the others with the charge of racism, those others from the Hatikva neighborhood and Bat Yam.

In case you missed it

Another branch, or the stem?? Satanic Verses at work



December 30, 2010 posted by Gordon Duff ·


“Prosecutor: Genesee County jail inmate tried to poison serial killing suspect Abuelazam
Suspected serial stabber Elias Abuelazam appears in court earlier this month.


FLINT, Mich. — The Genesee County prosecutor’s office says a jail inmate has been charged with trying to poison serial killing suspect Elias Abuelazam (EE’-lee-uhs A’-boo-LAH’-zuhm).  Prosecutor David Leyton tells the Flint Journal an inmate tried to put an oven cleaner in Abuelazam’s food.
Leyton says it happened some time ago and he isn’t revealing the suspect’s name. Attempted poisoning can carry a penalty of up to 10 years in prison.  Abuelazam faces charges of murdering three people and trying to murder five others for a series of stabbings in the Flint area. He’s also charged with attempted murder in Toledo, Ohio, and suspected in similar attacks in Leesburg, Va., where he once lived.
Abuelazam was arrested in Atlanta on Aug. 11 while trying to fly to his native country, Israel.”



By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor
Toledo (VT) August 12, 2010

“If this lame f%#@ would have made it they never would have kicked him back”…..Robert Walsh, law professor

Elias Abuelazam, 33, an Israeli national arrested on suspicion of terror attacks in Michigan, Ohio and Virginia, leaving at least 5 dead and many wounded, was captured on a flight to Tel Aviv waiting for departure at the Atlanta airport by US Customs officers.  Elias was captured with an expired Israeli passport.  Israeli security officers that screen all passengers boarding flights to Israel had two reasons to stop him.  That Abuelazam was the subject of a nationwide manhunt in which Israeli security is routinely notified, is one.  The other, of course, is the expired passport.  A “special exception” had to be made to allow Abuelazam on the plane to Israel, a country with no extradition treaty with the United States.

Abuelazam worked at an Islamic owned convenience store in the small town of Beecher, Michigan.  Most of Abuelazam’s attacks were on African-American males including his latest, in Toledo, Ohio, the slashing of a church custodian.  The victims were all Christians.  The Jerusalem Post, an Israeli “right wing” publication, identified Abuelazam as a “Christian Israeli.”

Initially identified as a “budding serial killer,” Abuelazam managed to travel across the United States with no known source of funds or support, eventually attempting to flee to Israel when both a reliable likeness was distributed and his vehicle, a green Chevrolet Blazer, was identified.

Knife attacks in Flint or Detroit aren’t, in themselves, remarkable.  That a single suspect would quickly murder so many people and be involved in so many attacks, particularly a suspect mis-identified as an Arab, made front page news for weeks across the region, keeping communities in a very real state of terror.
“That Abuelazam could manage to get through the tightest airport security screening in the world, boarding a flight to Israel, without a valid passport should be impossible,” said an FBI spokeman “off the record.”
“Nobody gets into Israel that they don’t want.”

Of late, many Israeli citizens of Palestinian origin have been denied reentry to Israel.  In each case, they are refused boarding rights on planes.  No individual boards a flight to Israel without a security check, overseen by Mossad trained officers.

Another senior official working with Homeland Security stated,

“The whole thing sounds fishy.  In fact, it is too similar to the “crotch bomber” who boarded a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit without a passport.  The idea of a single male in his early 30s, especially one who is likely to be acting not just suspiciously but perhaps ‘disturbed’ getting through security for anywhere nowadays is not believable.  Make it a plane to Tel Aviv, no passport, a wanted fugitive and we have something clearly wrong.  These things simply don’t happen anymore, not without people losing their jobs or worse, perhaps much worse.  It was a lucky break that law enforcement officials caught him on video, this combined with the vehicle description sent him running.  There is no knowing how many more would have died.
Another point is his identity itself.  We are told he is in the United States “legally” but is an Israeli citizen.  Yet his passport is expired.  First he is “Middle Eastern” then Muslim, then Jewish then Christian.  It all sounds like someone didn’t have enough time to get their cover story in good shape.”

The Israeli paper, Haaretz, in a story about a 2007 attempt to extradite an orthodox Jew from Israel, in this case, a sexual predator indicted in New York, reports the following:

“The U.S. Justice Department has asked Israel to facilitate the extradition of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man suspected of raping and sexually abusing dozens of boys.
Avrohom Mondrowitz was investigated by the New York Police Department in the 1980s and was indicted for sex crimes against four boys in Brooklyn, N.Y., but fled to Israel before he could be arrested.
According to witness reports, 60-year-old Mondrowitz, a married father of seven, would pose as a psychologist specializing in the treatment of children that suffered sexual abuse.
Mondrowitz currently resides in Jerusalem. Over the years he has worked in several educational institutions, but he is now unemployed, and allegedly supports himself by selling forged academic degrees.  Mondrowitz refused to answer questions regarding the allegations against him.”

In a Russia Television report, the Israeli government indicates that it will no longer protect Jewish criminals from prosecution as they had in the past:

“Extradition Lawyer Eitan Maoz says that even if in the past Israel may have been considered a safe heaven for criminals, now it is no longer the case.
‘During the nineties, Israel was well-known to be a safe haven, especially for Jewish people that could come and get Israeli citizenship through the Aliya process and stay here very calmly because Israel won’t be extraditing its own citizens,” he said. “After the nineties this law was amended, and so Israel is no longer a safe haven for criminals.’”

The best known case thus far involved Samuel Shinbein, accused of killing, dismembering and burning a teenager in 1997.  The Israeli Supreme Court refused to extradite Shinbeing despite demands by Attorney General Janet Reno.  From Laura Blumenfeld and Kathryn Shaver of the Washington Post:

“Israel’s Supreme Court ruled yesterday that Samuel Sheinbein, charged with killing, dismembering and burning another Montgomery County teenager in September 1997, is a citizen of Israel and cannot be extradited to the United States.
Sheinbein, 18, who never lived in Israel but whose family sent him there three days after Alfredo Enrique Tello Jr.’s mutilated and charred torso was found, remains in custody, and Israeli officials said he will be indicted there within days on a murder charge.
The court’s ruling disappointed U.S. officials and created a furor among some Israelis, who said the country should not provide a haven for murderers. Tello’s mother, Eliette Ramos, speaking publicly for the first time since the death of her son, 19, denounced the court’s decision as “ridiculous.”
Montgomery County State’s Attorney Douglas Gansler said Sheinbein’s “guilt or innocence should be adjudicated here.”
“He should be held accountable here,” Gansler said. “Our view is that Mr. Sheinbein does not fit within [Israel’s extradition] law. He shouldn’t be able to hide himself under the law.”
Attorney General Janet Reno, who had fought for Sheinbein’s return, said, “We’re disappointed with the response, but at the same time, we’re going to be dedicated to doing everything we can to work with the local prosecutor and with Israeli authorities, if the case is tried there, to see that justice is done.”
Sheinbein claimed citizenship through his father, who was born in British-ruled Palestine before Israel became a country. Under a 1978 law, no Israeli citizen may be extradited.
A State Department official said the department recognized that the decision was made within a responsible judicial system, but added that U.S. officials might recommend that Israel consider amending its extradition law.”

Shinbein was tried in Israel and received a 24 year sentence for a crime that qualified, in Maryland, for the death penalty.  His victim’s family was outraged to learn that Shinbein was eligible for very early parole as the victim was not a Jew and that different sentences apply for Jews who murder Gentiles, even if the crime was committed in the United States.
With nearly one million Israeli passport holders in the United States, 500,000 of them in New York  alone, the threat of giving unrestricted residency and employment access to people who may not be subject to extradition, including untold thousands living in Israel specifically to avoid prosecution for financial crimes, or worse, represents a clear threat to national security.  When “superspy” Jonathan Pollard, responsible to giving the Soviets top US nuclear secrets at the height of the Cold War was offered protection by Israel, it became clear the threat was real.

The case for Abeulazam will, it seems, become less clear as time goes on.  If the Jerusalem Post has its way, tomorrow he will be Muslim, Paksitani and working for Iran.  The families of the dead and injured have questions.  Who put this man on a plane?  What would have happened if he had reached Tel Aviv?  Would he be a national hero like Pollard and the pilots who attacked the USS Liberty?

Take it from the Horse’s Mouth


Monday, December 27, 2010 at 4:33PM Gilad Atzmon

Franklin Lamb respond to a "proud" Zionism"

>Dr. Lamb,

I read your article from last month, Will Hezbollah Defeat Israel?
Very Interesting piece.
In your article I believe you’ve erroneously placed Jesus in Lebanon’s Kfar Qana when in all probability, the ‘Wedding Miracle’ occurred in Kfar Kanna, a village near Nazareth and now located in Eretz Yisro el.
Please correct me if I am wrong.

Proud Zionist


Dear Proud Zionist,

Thank you for taking the time to write.

You could be very right about which Qana. I have also considered this idea.

It’s a confusing subject which I have read up on and spoken with locals and the Lebanese ministry of tourism, such as it is.When I get a chance I will send you the info I have. Lebanon for tourism and political reasons likes to insist on “our” Qana. I tend to romanticize it also.

There is actually some compelling evidence in the scriptures to favor the north Palestine (Lebanon) location including adescription of it taking Jesus and Mary a day to trek to Qana. This would have been the time to reach Qana in Lebanon rather than less than three hours for the Qana near Nazareth.

Here, Issa, a Palestinian, sought refuge and solace
 from  the corrupt Jewish leadership
And here the Zionisn war criminal turned his 1st Miracle Bloody

Israeli hasbara prefer sthis location for tourism purposes, like the Lebanese, plus Israel does not like to publicize the fact that Issa, a Palestinian, sought refuge and solace from like minded reformists from the corrupt Jewish leadership Frankly

PZ, I could go either way and would happily follow where the’facts’ lead but it does appear that JC and sometimes his mom and a few devotees used to trek north to escape the rejection and occasional wrath of ‘your’ guys and he reportedly liked to fish and swim nearthe current location of the Palestinian Refugee Camp called Rashideyeh.

Tradition has it that Jesue used sit on the beach with friends, and visit Saida as well as the Jewish village just to the south of al sultaniyah (which your guys regularly bomb) where progressive Jews who were on the outs with the Sarahidran (sp) for onereason or another had established a religious community.

Twenty centuries later, the village is still there with the same name found in the old, new and Koranic scriptures……minus all but a very few rather low laying Resistance supporting Jews.

When/if JC does in fact appear, for sure we can ask him if we are still around. I’ve got a bunch of questions scribbled down in my ever shrinking pea brain and you probably do also.I am sure you saw this coming but whatever remains confusing about these two Qana’s, there is no uncertainty whatsoever regarding the events at Qana that occurred in April 18 1996 and on July 22 of 2006.

I invite you to Google these two Qana events.

Best wishes and Peace for the New Year.


ps: excuse me please but what’s this “Eretz Yisroel” silliness in your note?

Whichever Jew and whomsoever wishes to remain in Palestine after thecoming event (s) will be unconditionally welcomed to live inpeace….. but please no chosen people, apartheid, extreme racism, rabid rabbi’s inciting hatred, democracy for Jews only stuff………… person, one vote, secular, democratic, majority decides……….. At least theoretically kind of like the old days when Arabs and Jews in Palestine treated each other according to John,Luke and Maimonides..and the sermon above occupied al Quds on theMount………you will recall…..”do unto others…etc…..”

Dr. Franklin Lamb is Director, Americans Concerned for Middle East Peace, Beirut-Washington DC, Board Member of The Sabra Shatila Foundation, and a volunteer with the Palestine Civil Rights Campaign, Lebanon.

He is the author of The Price We Pay: A Quarter-Century of Israel’s Use of American Weapons Against Civilians in Lebanon and is doing research in Lebanon for his next book.

He can be reached at 

In case you missed it

Qana…Where Jesus’s 1st Miracle Turns Bloody

Batoul Wehbe
“We have lived through hell,” Qana resident, Fawzeya Atwi cried. “The people were chopped into pieces by the Israeli bombs. They bleed these people. You should have seen the heads.”

“Do you know what the dogs did at night after the killings? They were hungry and I saw them in the ruins eating fingers and pieces of our people,” Atwi said about the Qana massacre during the July 2006 Israeli War on Lebanon.

Head of the Red Cross in Tyre Sami Yazbak, who was helping to pull bodies from the ruins, told The Guardian that the first call about the bombing was received at 7 a.m., 6 hours after the bombing took place. He said that previous shelling on the road to Qana had delayed the arrival of Red Cross personnel.

Yazbak said that “many of the children who were sleeping inside were handicapped.”

Many journalists who arrived in Qana to cover the incident became rescuers, dugging through the rubble with the Red Cross in search for bodies.

Journalist Bahia El Ainain talks about her experiences during the 2006 Israeli massacre in Qana. “I cried several times. I couldn’t be a journalist over being a mother when I saw dead young girls. I couldn’t but think of my daughter.” She also recounts an incident when she was on a roof, along with all the foreign press and their cameras. Bahia pushed the cameras away; she admits that her patriotism outweighs the journalist’s instincts for objectivity.


The southern Lebanese town of Qana is believed by some to be where Jesus performed his first miracle of turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana of Galilee mentioned in the Gospel of St John.

But in modern times it is blood, not wine, that is indelibly linked with the town. The blood of Lebanese civilians killed in Israeli bombing.

In 1996, one of the deadliest single events of the whole Arab-Israeli conflict took place there – the shelling of a UN base where hundreds of local people were sheltering.
More than 100 were killed and another 100 injured, cut down by Israeli anti-personnel shells that explode in the air sending a lethal shower of shrapnel to the ground.

Ten years later, the town is again in the headlines, this time because of a massive bomb dropped by an Israeli aircraft, causing a building to collapse on top of dozens of civilians – many of them children in their pajamas- taking cover in the basement. It was an attack by the Israel Air Force on a three-story building in the small community of al-Khuraybah near the South Lebanese village of Qana on July 30, 2006. 28 civilians were killed, of which 16 were children.

Israel is back in the Lebanese quagmire.

“Lebanese refugee women and children and men lay in heaps, their hands or arms or legs missing, beheaded or disemboweled. There were well over a hundred of them. A baby lay without a head.” The Israeli shells had scythed through them as they lay in their building’s shelter, believing that they were safe.
A pile of corpses was burning. The roof had crashed in flames onto their bodies, cremating them in front of the world’s eyes. When I walked towards them, I slipped on a human hand…” an investigative journalist who was present that day describes what she saw.

The aerial attack killed members of the Shalhoub and Hashem families.


One day after Qana massacre, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said she was “deeply saddened” by such losses.

“Too many families have been displaced. Too many people urgently need medical care, or are living in shelters,” she said. But she qualified her statement adding “I know what caused this. And I know that there are underlying circumstances having to do with the need to really make this a strong and democratic government that can really extend its authority, that can rebuild its army, that can shield itself from harmful foreign influences, that cannot… have its territory be used in the way that Hezbollah, without its knowledge, used its territory, really sinking then the whole area into the kind of crisis that we’ve got.”

The US is the main supplier of military equipment and the main political backer of Israel.

Responding to the incident, Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Saniora denounced “Israeli war criminals” and canceled talks with Condoleezza Rice. In a television address to the country, he said, “There is no place on this sad morning for any discussion other than an immediate and unconditional cease-fire as well as an international investigation into the Israeli massacres.” After the announcement, Rice canceled her planned visit to Beirut.

Saniora appealed to the U.N. Security Council for an emergency session, which held consultations on July 30. In a statement, the Security Council expressed the world body’s “extreme shock and distress” at the Qana bombing and offered its condolences for the deaths.

The International Committee of the Red Cross said in a July 30 statement on the Israeli attack on Qana: “Issuing advance warning to the civilian population of impending attacks in no way relieves a warring party of its obligations under the rules and principles of international humanitarian law.” It also called for “a distinction to be drawn at all times between civilians and civilian objects on the one hand, and military objectives on the other. All necessary precautions must be taken to spare civilian life and objects.”

Human Rights Watch also warned that the “consistent failure to distinguish combatants and civilians is a war crime.”

More than 600 Lebanese civilians have been killed by Israel in July 2006 War and close to 800,000 displaced, as a result of what Israel said were two Hezbollah-captured Israeli soldiers that Israel wanted back and refused to exchange for detainees held in Israeli prisons.
Now I’ll leave you with pictures because a picture is worth a thousand words.

Source: URL:

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Syria, Iran Warn against STL; Bolton Deals Blow to March 14 Allies


28/12/2010 Syrian President Bachar Assad likened the Special Tribunal for Lebanon’s anticipated indictment to the ‘May 17 scheme, in reference to former President Amine Gemayel’s ‘peace’ agreement with Israel in 1983 which was thwarted by Lebanese national forces.
The Lebanese daily As-Safir quoted “well informed sources” as saying that Assad had revealed that Syrian-Saudi efforts to defuse the Lebanese crisis over the STL indictment (in martyr Rafiq Hariri’s assassination) “has reached a near- final conclusion, but the delay in announcing it was due to Saudi King Abdullah’s health condition and his travel to the US for treatment.”

“Assad told the Saudis during arduous talks: If you want Lebanon to remain strong, the indictment should be rejected and we have to work together to stop it from being issued,” As-Safir reported.

According to the newspaper, the Syrian president said that succeeding in facing the “politicized indictment and curbing the repercussions of the STL on the situation in Lebanon would be an essential achievement tantamount to thwarting the May 17 agreement; a message Assad related to PM Saad Hariri.”

The well informed source” also told As-Safir that the Americans had spared no effort to stop King Abdullah from moving forward with his ‘good effort’ with Syria.
It pointed out that during phone conversations with King Abdullah in the US, Assad used avoid speaking directly in the Lebanese question fearing US eavesdropping, and that the Syrian president had used codes to relate certain political ideas or suggestions.”


Meanwhile, Iranian Security Council chief assistant Ali Baqeri said during a visit to Damascus that ‘stability in Lebanon depends on consolidating national unity and the resistance…Any attempt or move to harm this national unity or the resistance would only serve enemy plots.’

“Lebanon’s enemies are targeting stability in Lebanon, but we believe that the awareness of all parties and confessions in the country would stop these known sides from achieving their evil goals,’ Baqeri said Monday in a press conference at the Iranian embassy in Damascus.

In Tehran, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast warned Monday that the STL has become “a political tool” and that “those who are following up issues related to the court are not seeking the truth (behind Hariri’s assassination).”
Mehmanparast added that “US support to establish the STL further uncovers the court’s political dimensions…When the court is intended to turn into a political tool for exploitation, then it loses its legitimacy. The main purpose of the STL is to sow differences between Islamic nations and to weaken the resistance, and Israel is the main side to benefit from this.”


Former US Ambassador the United Nations John Bolton confirmed Mehmanparast’s concerns.
Speaking to the London-based pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat, he revealed that STL prosecutor Danielle Bellemare will release the indictment soon adding that “it is almost certain the prominent Syrian officials and Hezbollah members will be accused of the (Hariri) crime.”

Bolton dealt a severe blow to his March 14 allies in Lebanon, who have been frequently defending the STL’s professionalism and secrecy by revealing his knowledge of who will the indictment accuse.

He also expected an eruption of war between “Hezbollah and Israel” in light of the indictment, adding that Syria could take part in that war.

“Resistance will determine future of Middle East”

“… “We believe resistance will determine the future of this region,” Baqeri said in a press statement after his meeting with Assad. “There are many countries in the region which believe resistance is the way to solve the region’s problems, and at the center of this view are Syria and Iran,” Baqeri added.
Baqeri held separate meetings with the Islamic Jihad Movement Ramadan and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), the Iranian news agency Al-Fars reported.
Baqeri is also reported to have met with senior Hamas officials in Damascus, as well as Hussein Khalil, a political aide to Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah….”

Posted by G, Z, or B at 11:25 AM

“… Reports that Saudi Arabia and Syria had persuaded Lebanese leaders to reject an assassination tribunal’s findings are baseless, a lawmaker said…
Ammar Houri, a lawmaker in Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s March 14 coalition, told Lebanon’s Daily Star newspaper there was nothing to support reports of a deal brokered by Syria and Saudi Arabia…..”

Posted by G, Z, or B at 5:35 PM

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Helen Thomas: Thrown to the wolves

>At a time of forgiveness, why is Helen Thomas still being ostracized?
Danny Schechter Last Modified: 29 Dec 2010 13:58 GMT

Helen Thomas, who once occupied a front-row seat in the White House briefing room, has been completely ostracized due to some inelegantly-put remarks about Israel captured on film by provocateurs [EPA]

In 1960, I was fixated on emulating the courageous media personalities of the times, from Edward R. Murrow to a distinctive figure I came to admire at presidential press conferences – a wire service reporter named Helen Thomas.

In recent years, my faith in the power of dialogue in politics has been severely tested – as, no doubt has hers – in an age where diatribes and deliberate demonization chills debate and exchanges of opposing views.

Once you are labeled and stereotyped – especially if you are denounced as an anti-Semite – you are relegated to the fringes, pronounced a hater beyond redemption, and even beyond explanation.

As the legendary Helen Thomas soon found out.

The rise of a legend

As a member in good standing of an activist generation, I saw myself more as an outsider in contrast to Helen’s distinctive credentials as an insider, as a White House bureau chief and later as the dean of the White House Correspondents’ Association.

Yet, beneath her establishment credentials and status, she was always an outsider too – one of nine children born to a family of Lebanese immigrants in Winchester Kentucky, who despite their Middle East origins were Christians in the Greek Orthodox Church.

She became a woman who broke the glass ceiling in the clubby, mostly male, inside-the-beltway world of big egos and self-important media prima donnas.

Her origins were more modest. She grew up in an ethnic neighborhood in Detroit.

Helen received her bachelor’s degree from Wayne State University in 1942, the year I was born. Earlier this year, her alma mater, of which she had taken so much pride in her achievements, canceled the award in her name.

A fall from grace

The withdrawal of her name from the prominent award was a striking gesture of cowardice and submission to an incident blown out of proportion that instantly turned Helen from a ‘she-ro’ to a zero.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center put her on their top ten list of anti-Semites after angry remarks she made about Israel went viral and exploded into a major story.

President Barack Obama who cheerfully brought her a birthday cake, later labeled her remarks as “reprehensible”.

You would think that given all the vicious ad hominems, Godwins and putdowns directed at him, he would be more cautious tossing slurs at others.

But no, all politicians pander to deflect criticism whenever the wind of enmity blows their way.

Now it was Helen who was being compared to Hitler in the latest furor.

Snakes and Foxes

Then suddenly last June, I, like everyone in the world of media, was stunned to witness her public fall from grace, partly self-inflicted, perhaps because of the inelegant language used in response to an ambush interview by provocateur father-son Israeli advocates posing as journalists.

They were following in the footsteps of the vicious comments by Ann Coulter earlier denouncing Thomas as an “old Arab” sitting yards from the President as if she were threatening him. She refused to dignify that smear with a response.

I didn’t know until she told me that she had also been hounded for years by Abe Foxman, a leader of the Anti-Defamation League who demanded she explain 25 questions she asked presidents over the decades.

“I didn’t answer,” she told me, “because I don’t respond to junk mail.”

Bait and switch

Helen always stuck to her guns. She was considered the marquise of journalists that presidents respected. She even went to China with Nixon.

She has, however, always been polite enough to try to answer questions from strangers without always realizing who she was dealing with in a new world of media hit jobs, where “gotcha” YouTube videos thrive on spontaneous embarrassing moments, what we used to call “bloopers.”

She had been baited and fell for it. Unaware of how the video could be used, she vented and then regretted doing so. It was too late. That short media snippet triggered millions of hits.

Helen later apologized for how she said what she did without retracting the essence of her convictions.

But by then, it was too late. Her long career was instantly terminated. The perception became everything; the context nothing.

Damage control

She tried to be conciliatory, saying, “I deeply regret my comments I made last week regarding the Israelis and the Palestinians. They do not reflect my heart-felt belief that peace will come to the Middle East only when all parties recognize the need for mutual respect and tolerance. May that day come soon.”

Her remarks were derided and dismissed, with the pundits and papers demanding her head. She had no choice but to resign after her company, agent, co-author and many “friends” started treating her like a pariah.

“You cannot criticize Israel in this country and survive,” she says now.

She was forced into retirement and thrown to the wolves in a media culture that relishes stories of personal destruction and misfortune. It’s the old ‘the media builds you up before they tear you down’ routine.

As blogger Jamie Frieze wrote, “I don’t think she should have been forced to resign. After all, freedom of speech doesn’t come with the right to be comfortable. In other words, the fact that you’re uncomfortable doesn’t trump my free speech. Thomas made people uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean her speech should be punished.”

But punished she was.

A lesson learned

When I called Helen Thomas to ask if she might be willing to share some of her thoughts on what happened, I found her as eloquent as ever, supportive of Wikileaks, critical of grand jury harassment in the Mid West against Palestinian supporters and angry with President Obama for his many right turns and spineless stands.

She was, she said, on a path outside the White House when a rabbi, David Nesenoff, asked to speak to her, and introduced his two sons whom he said wanted to become journalists (one of whom wasn’t actually his son).

“That happens to me a lot,” she said, “and I told them about my love of journalism and that they should pursue their goals. I was gracious, and told them to go for it.”

Then the subject abruptly changed. “‘What do you think of Israel’ they asked next. It was all very pleasant and I don’t blame them for asking,” she told me. But, then, she added, she didn’t know the people would’ve “shoved a microphone in my face like a jack knife.”

It wasn’t just any rabbi making conversation. Nesenoff is an ardent Israel supporter who runs a website called ‘Rabbi Live’ and can be a flamboyant self-promoter. He says, “Even though I was born in Glen Cove and grew up in Syosset Long Island, Israel is my Jewish homeland. It is the homeland for all Jewish people.”

The sin of silence

She remembered being moved by a rabbi who spoke alongside Martin Luther King Jr at the March on Washington in 1963. I was there also, and heard him speak too, and so I looked him up.

It was Joachim Prinz of the American Jewish Congress who made a speech that influenced a younger Helen Thomas. He said, “When I was the rabbi of the Jewish community in Berlin under the Hitler regime, I learned many things. The most important thing that I learned under those tragic circumstances was that bigotry and hatred are not the most urgent problem. The most urgent, the most disgraceful, the most shameful and the most tragic problem is silence.”

Helen says her whole career has been about combating the sin of silence. She says she has now been liberated to speak out.

“All I would like is for people to know what I was trying to say, that Palestinians are living under tyranny and that their rights are being violated. All I want is some sympathy for Palestinians,” she says.

Forgotten but not forgiven

Now it’s the holiday season, allegedly a time of peace and forgiveness when presidents issue pardons to convicted criminals and reflection is theoretically permitted, a time when even a State Department hawk like Richard Holbrooke can, on his deathbed, it is said, call for an end to the Afghan war that he had dogmatically supported.

We have watched the rehabilitation of so many politicians over recent years who have stumbled, taken money or disgraced themselves in sex scandals, including senators and even presidents.

Helen Thomas is not in that category.

Yet, many of those “fallen” are back in action, tarnished perhaps, but allowed to recant, to work and then reappear in the media.

But, to this day, there has been almost no compassion, empathy or respect shown for one of our great journalists, Helen Thomas, who has been presumed guilty and sentenced to oblivion with barely a word spoken in her defense.

How can we expect Israelis and Palestinians to reconcile if our media won’t set an example by reconciling with Helen Thomas?

Danny Schechter edits He directed Plunder The Crime of Our Time, a film on DVD about the financial crisis as a crime story. (

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera’s editorial policy.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Aanother branch, or the stem?? Satanic Verses at work


Rabbis of  Israel. embarass hasbara outlets. Desertpeace called the “Eighteen prominent Israeli rabbis” who “recently issued an open letter calling on Jews to refuse to rent or sell property to Arabs, and to ostracize any Jew who rents or sells to non-Jews.” so-called rabbis living n Israel. They don’t represent Judaism.

“Satan himself seems to have infiltrated the ‘minds’ of these vile individuals and has encouraged them to speak the evil that they do”

Desertpeace, is mad at the “anti-semite” Saed Bannoura who benefits “from this garbage”  

Desertpoision: Take this fron Saed Bannoura

Prominent Rabbis’ Wives Tell Fellow Jewish Women Not To Date Arabs

 Wednesday December 29, 2010 03:50 by Saed Bannoura – 1 of International Middle East Media Center Editorial Group

In a letter published Tuesday in the Israeli press, around two dozen wives of prominent Israeli rabbis followed a recent edict by their husbands for Jews to refuse to rent or sell property to Arabs with an edict of their own: that Jewish women refuse to date or associate with Arab men. More


October 21, 2010 at 09:48

There are three major branches of Judaism that exist today, Orthodox, Conservative and Reform. Over the past few years we have seen the evolvement of yet another branch, Satanic Judaism. Not yet in the mainstream, it manifests itself mainly through the verses written by so-called rabbis living n Israel.

Earlier in the year one of them wrote a book justifying the killing of non-Jews.
A related video can be seen here….

This week, the former chief rabbi of Israel declared that non-Jews are donkeys and were created to serve Jews.

The story does not end there….. just yesterday the following was written by Saed Bannoura;
Map of Safed (photo from wikimedia)

Rabbis Issue Letter Urging Jewish Landlords to Refuse Palestinian Tenants

Eighteen prominent Israeli rabbis recently issued an open letter calling on Jews to refuse to rent or sell property to Arabs, and to ostracize any Jew who rents or sells to non-Jews.

Map of Safed (photo from wikimedia)

The letter included the statement, “The neighbors and acquaintances [of a Jew who sells or rents to an Arab] must distance themselves from the Jew, refrain from doing business with him, deny him the right to read from the Torah, and similarly [ostracize] him until he goes back on this harmful deed.”

The leading signatory of the letter is Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu of Safed, known for his inflammatory statements against Palestinians. His father, Mordechai Eliyahu, called on the Safed Academic College to expel Palestinian students in 2002, and also stated that even if people called him a racist, he would continue to argue that “Jewish religious law prohibits the selling of apartments to Arabs and the renting of apartments to Arabs.”

The rabbis’ letter was published in the wake of a conference in the town of Safed called “The Quiet War: Combating Assimilation in the Holy City of Safed”, in which participants rallied against the Palestinian students enrolled at the Safed Academic College, warning of an ‘Arab takeover’ of the town.

The letter also stated that, “Their [Arabs] way of life is different than that of Jews. Among them are those who are bitter and hateful toward us and who meddle into our lives to the point where they are a danger.”

Palestinian-Israeli students (who hold Israeli citizenship) make up around half of the student body at the Safed Academic College. They report that it has become increasingly difficult for them to find housing in the area.

The Arab representative of the College’s Student Union described the difficulties faced by Palestinian students to the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz, saying, “In one instance, we managed to find an apartment for rent in the nearby moshav of Biriya. When the neighbors understood that Arabs were moving in, they threatened to set the apartment on fire. The situation has become intolerable. There are students who come here from the Negev, the Triangle, Haifa and Wadi Ara. They have nowhere to live. We will combat this ugly phenomenon.”
Written FOR

The above, all misinterpretations of the Scriptures, including the Talmud are not representative of Judaism. Satan himself seems to have infiltrated the ‘minds’ of these vile individuals and has encouraged them to speak the evil that they do.

The only ones that benefit from this garbage are the anti-Semites themselves, arming them with what appears to be Jewish hatred, when in reality it is nothing more than Satanic Verses Disguised as Judaism.

Satanic Verses at Work

In case you missed it:

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Al-Azhar Sheikh demands Abbas to end arrest and torture of citizens in W. Bank


[ 30/12/2010 – 12:08 PM ]

CAIRO, (PIC)– Grand Sheik of Cairo’s Al-Azhar university and mosque Ahmed Attayb called on de facto president Mahmoud Abbas to end the political arrest and torture of citizens in the West Bank, to protect the Palestinian constants and to end the division with his rivals to strengthen the internal front.

During his meeting with Palestinian officials in the West Bank, Sheikh Attayb denounced the Palestinian authority (PA) for closing the Qur’an radio station in Nablus city and warned that such step hurts the feelings of Muslims.

The Egyptian scholar also appealed to the whole world to stand firm against Israel violations against the Islamic and Christian holy sites in occupied Palestine and stressed that the Arabs should pressure the international decision-makers to put an end to Israel’s settlement and Judaization activities in occupied Jerusalem.

In another context, Hamas lawmakers deplored Israel for kidnapping the son of MP Mahmoud Al-Ramhi and appealed to the Arab and international parliaments to move to defend the Palestinian lawmakers and expose the violations committed against them. MP Ramahi is detained in an Israeli occupation jail.

A force of Israeli troops stormed last night Al-Bireh town, near Ramallah city, and kidnapped Mohamed, the son of MP Ramhi, during a violent raid on his home.

In a separate incident, the PA security militias kidnapped in new arrest campaigns in the cities of Al-Khalil, Nablus, Jenin, Tulkarem and Salfit 15 Palestinian citizens affiliated with Hamas Movement, according to local sources on Thursday.

A PA military court also issued imprisonment sentences extending from 6 to 10 yeas against three political detainees from Hamas from Al-Fawwar refugee camp, southwest of Al-Khalil city. The court decisions were issued abruptly and without the knowledge of these prisoners and their families.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Western terrorism against Iran


Iranian had been victims of western terrorism even before the 1979 Islamic Revolution. In 1953, the US, Israeli and British intelligence agencies with the help of local and foreign royalists engineered a military coup against the democratically elected secular-nationalist government of Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh and re-installed Reza Shah on the Peacock Throne.

However, the foreign terrorist activities through anti-Iran media campaign, inflicting a human catastrophe for 8-year through a proxy regime in neighboring Iraq, funding and training the anti-Islam Iranian militias and terrorist groups, carrying out false-flag terrorist operations inside and outside Iran in the name establishing democracy and human-rights in Iran – imposing international sanctions against the democratically elected successive Iranian governments since 1980 and military threats coming from the US and the Zionist entity on daily basis. This western state-sponsored terrorism is lead by Israel, the US, Britain and their western stooges in Germany, France, Canada, Austraia and the Arab world.

The latest victim of state-terrorism is former Iranian deputy Defense Minister, Gen. Ali Reza Asghari, who was kidnapped by Mossad agents ealier. According to American Jewish journalist, writer and blogger, Richard Silverstein, Gen. Ali Reza Asghari has died as result of torture while in Mossad custody.
The young Iranian freelance journalist and author, Kourosh Ziabari (born 1990), in a recent article, titled Iran, a victim of state-sponsored terrorism, wrote:

At the early years of Islamic Revolution which promoted the establishment of a government ruled by the teachings of Islam and the law of Allah, the United States and its European cronies – the so-called ‘pioneers of human rights’ – unconditionally supported MKO, a terrorist organization which had explicitly expressed that it would take arms against the Islamic Republic and will fight until the subversion of Iran’s government.
Under the leadership of Massoud and Maryam Rajavi, MKO carried out several terrorist attacks all over the country and killed hundreds of innocent civilians including the Shiites of Western Iran and the Iraqi Kurdish people.

In 1970s, the terrorist group targeted the American citizens living in Iran and killed William C. Cottrell, Colonel Lewis L. Hawkins, Donald G. Smith, and Colonel Jack Turner.

On 28 June, 1981, a powerful bomb was detonated at the headquarters of the Islamic Republic Party of Iran in which 72 governmental officials, the members of parliament and the then Judiciary chief Ayatollah Mohammad Beheshti were killed. Mohammadreza Kolahi, one of the low-ranking members of the MKO carried out the explosion project and immediately escaped to France without being extradited to Iran to be tried.

In 1986, MKO transferred its headquarters to Iraq and remained under the auspices of Saddam Hussein until he was removed from power by the multinational forces that invaded Iraq in 2003. According to the US State Department, MKO received all of its military support and most of its financial assistance from Saddam’s government until the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The disreputable terrorist group of Jundallah which has carried out several terrorist attacks in Iran is another representation of the United States’ sponsorship of terrorism against a country with which it is at odds.
According to the investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, former Jundallah’s leader Abdolmalek Rigi had received great amounts of money and military training from the United States. In his confessions which were aired on several TV channels around the world, Rigi revealed upon being arrested by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps that he has been under the patronage of the United States for a long time and received weaponry, military training and money from the US-linked sources in Pakistan and Afghanistan on a regular basis. In a New Yorker article dated July 7, 2008, Hersh wrote that ” The CIA and Special Operations communities also have long-standing ties to two other dissident groups in Iran: the Mujahideen-e-Khalq, known in the West as the MEK, and a Kurdish separatist group, the Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan, or PJAK.”

Hersh revealed that supporting Rigi, MKO and PJAK was only a single part of United States’ anti-Iranian agenda which was initiated during the Bush administration: “Late last year, Congress agreed to a request from President Bush to fund a major escalation of covert operations against Iran, according to current and former military, intelligence, and congressional sources. These operations, for which the President sought up to four hundred million dollars, were described in a Presidential Finding signed by Bush, and are designed to destabilize the country’s religious leadership.”

With the sponsorship of the United States, Jundallah had previously carried out a series of atrocious, bloody massacres in Iran which claimed the lives of 165 Iranians, including several police forces and IRGC commanders. The December 14, 2010 bombing in Chabahar in which 39 Iranian citizens were martyred while attending a mourning ceremony for Imam Hussein (PBUH) was the latest felony carried out by this terrorist gang.

The European Parliament last year removed the name of MKO from its designated list of terrorist organizations. From the 27 members of the European Union, only a few condemned the last terrorist attacks in Chabahar. The world is witness to the exercise of double standards by the United States and its European allies with regards to human rights and terrorism.

Let’s be frank and answer this question by referring to our conscience. Aren’t the United States and its European allies the implicit state sponsors of terrorism? Isn’t Iran an innocent victim of state-sponsored terrorism?

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Chilean Senator calls local Jews ‘Israeli agents’


Chilean Senator calls local Jews ‘Israeli agents’

Chilean Senator Eugenio Tuma has just qualified himself for the next year’s Top Ten Anti-Semitic Slurs.
On December 27, 2010 – American Jewish Committee (AJC), one of US major Israel lobby group called the Senator “a bigot” for his remarks that prominent Chilean Jews including the country’s Jewish Interior Minister, Rodrigo Javier Hinzpeter Kirberg, in fact work for Israel. Senator Eugenio Tuma has also accused the interior minister being “an activist and militant for Israel”. The Senator also made similar remark about Gabriel Zaliasnik, the president of pro-Israel Jewish organization CREJ, which happens to be associated with AJC at international level to protect the interests of the Zionist entity.

Chilean Senator Eugenio Tuma who is a Christian of Palestinian descent, has claimed that the Chilean and US Jewish lobby groups are campaigning against Chilean recognition of an independent Palestinian State. Several Latin American countries, such as, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentine (home to largest Jewish community in South america), Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay, has recognized an independent Palestinian state on Palestinian land (Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem) captured by Zionist Jews in 1967.

On March 28, 2006 – Israel daily ‘YNet’ had boasted that “following the Israeli government, the newly elected Chilean cabinet is the most Jewish government in the world with three Jewish ministers and one deputy minister serving in government”. There are 15,000 Jews among country’s total population of 17 million.

Rodrigo Javier Hinzpeter Kirberg’s hatred is not limited to Arabs alone. Early this year, he had framed a Pakistani national Saif ur Rehman Khan, who was in Santiago to study Spanish language and to complete some time as an internee with the local Hotel. Khan was arrested and jailed on suspicion of ‘traces of explosives’ in his luggage, which could not be proved in court. Khan, after spending several months in Chilean jail, was exonerated of all Israeli cooked-up charges of “Muslim terrorist” against him on December 6, 2010.

Earlier, the Zionist entity, even tried to exploit Chilean mine tragedy for its hasbara (propaganda) through Chilean Jewish billionaire mining tycoon Leonardo Farkas.

Incidently, Senator Eugenio Tuma, is not the first person to criticize Jews for their disloyalty toward the country they live. In 2009, a poll conducted by an Israel lobby group, Anti-Defamation League (ADL) among seven European countries (Poland, Germany, Austria, France, Hungary, Germany and Britain), 50% of the participants said that they believe the Jews living in those countries are more loyal to Israel than the country they live in.

Arab businessmen and farmers started settling in Chile during the 1850s. Now they number 300,000, mostly Palestinian Christians.

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Hide/Seek Exhibition insults Jesus


Hide/Seek Exhibition insults Jesus

Posted on December 28, 2010 by rehmat1|
It is interesting to see another attack on ‘Christian values’ in the name of the ‘freedom of press’. The Federally-funded Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery is currently showing an exhibition that features images of an ant-covered Jesus, male genitalia, naked brothers kissing, men in chains, and lesbian Ellen DeGeneres grabbing her breasts.

Personally, making fun of Christian values doesn’t amuses me but the bigotary of those Christians who were critical of building a Muslim Cordoba Center near the ‘Ground Zero’ – are voicing their objection to ‘freedom of press’ for the exhibition of a video about ant-covered Jesus on Cross (which I have read, has been removed now).

Film of the crucifix with ants crawling on Jesus is from “A Fire in My Belly,” a video by David Wojnarowicz (a Dhimmi and not a Muslim, thanks G-d), who died of AIDS in 1992, that expressed his rage and anguish at the death of a lover who also died of AIDS.

In February 2010 – the ‘Israel-Firster’ homosexual British singer Sir Elton John called Jesus “a super intelligent gay man”, Guardian, February 19, 2010. Elton John married Canadian David James Furnish, a gay film and TV producer in 2005.

The New York Times’ in its November 5, 2010 review of the Hide/Seek, glorified Jonathan Katz and David Ward for “mounting one of the best thematic exhibitions in years”.

The fact is Jesus is portrayed totally differently in the Bible, Jewish Talmud and Holy Qur’an. In the Bible Jesus is depicted as a racist who insists that his message is only for the the House of Israel (not the present-day Jews); a rude person who insults his own mother and an angry man who curses the Rabbis and their followers.

In Jewish Talmud is portrayed as an illegitimate child, a fraud and his mother Mary being a harlot. The Talmud (Sanhedrin 106) gloats about the death of Jesus at young age: “Hast thou heard how old Balaam (Jesus) was? He replied: “It’s not actually stated but since it’s written, Bloody and deceitful men shall not live out half their days it follows that he was thirty-three or thirty-four years old”.

Holy Qur’an claims that Jesus was a prophet like Moses, David, Solomon, Aron and John the Baptist – and was born to virgin Saint Mary. Holy Qur’an also declares that whosoever (Yahud and Nasara) that Jesus died on Cross – is a liar. According to Holy Qur’an, Jesus was raised to Heaven alive by the Mercy of Allah and that he would return to complete his life journey on Earth before the Doomsday.

Dr. Anwar Ul Haque explains the Islamic narrative of prophet Isa (Jesus) in an article, titled Jesus in Islam. Also watch a video below.

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Is the British government going to allow a foreign state to threaten its citizens?


 Posted by realistic bird on December 30, 2010

by Carlos Latuff
Media reports about the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) being “designated” by Israel have come sooner than expected. They follow closely on the heels of the two besmirched reports written in Israel which described London as the global hub of “delegitimization” of the Zionist state. The media cite Israeli claims that the PRC is an arm of Hamas and is engaged in “violent activities”; this is a British registered company operated by British citizens being threatened by Israel and its supporters, remember. This takes on a deeper meaning when we consider that the theses of the two “independent” reports have been supported and adopted by Israel’s Ministry of Defence.
This has to be a matter of grave concern and the British government should act decisively to protect its citizens and civil society bodies, enabling them to go about their lawful business in a peaceful and democratic manner within the framework of the law. Such official action is essential, especially after the Israeli secret services used fake British passports to murder a political opponent in Dubai almost a year ago. Indeed, the activities of all those linked to the two reports which have come out of Israel should be monitored very closely.

There are many questions about the Reut Institute’s report, which can only be answered by its authors or supporters; they should be made to do so. The motive of the report is clear; in the introduction, it says; “The objective is simple: Delegitimizing delegitimization.”[2] More precisely, the authors urge the Israel lobby to “focus on negatively branding the other side”. [52] It is no surprise, therefore, that a few days after its release there is a story in the right-wing, pro-Israel media, led by the Daily Telegraph, making wild allegations about the PRC. Its conferences and academic publications are, in the fantasy world of Israeli propagandists, transformed into “violent activities”.
The Reut report calls for a division of roles in this propaganda offensive, between the “Israeli diplomatic missions”, in this case the London embassy, and “local leadership” of the Jewish community; this is of critical importance. [50] “All parties,” says Reut, “will have to leave their comfort zones: Israel will have to let Jewish communities lead the counter-attack in places, such as London, that require nuance and cultural sensitivity; and Jewish institutions will have to allow for innovative thinking, new tools, and aggressive experimentation that usually takes place outside of the established community.”[3] Britain’s police forces should enquire exactly what is meant by “aggressive experimentation”, especially which has taken place “outside the established community”. Even a generous observer would say that this looks and sounds extremely sinister and is intended to create inter-communal strife in Britain in order to protect the already damaged reputation of an alien state.
Reading the latest Israeli missive denouncing a legitimate British organisation, one might think that these are shadowy groups working in underhand ways. Far from it; pro-Palestinian organisations in the UK, including the PRC, have never functioned below the radar of Britain’s security and anti-terrorism authorities, government and charity regulator. They are well-known organizations led by well-known people; they host high-profile conferences and seminars in the Houses of Parliament with cross-party support; they participate in demonstrations and organise lectures; and it is precisely because of such openness that they have gained popular support not only in Britain but also in Europe.

The Reut blueprint claims to offer an operational strategy to address what it claims is the UK-based delegitimization challenge. Its panacea notes, “The effort should be led and conducted by the [Government of Israel], ideally in coordination with the British government. (This section is not for public disclosure).” [53] Too late. Reut’s devious proposals are in the public domain so that we can see them for what they really are.
Reut claims elsewhere that so-called delegitimization cannot be made to disappear by PR or policy alone; it requires a systemic, structured response but it does not elaborate. Significantly, though, it says, “Effective response will require continuous learning and adaptation based on extensive experimentation, which usually takes place on the edges of the system outside of the traditional institutions.” [48]

The best investment for fighting delegitimization on campuses is, according to the Reut Institute, in hiring outside “movers-and-shakers” to coordinate mobilization work. Who are these outsiders? Again, this is very sinister given that the ultimate goal is to “frame” as criminals and terrorists the pro-Palestinian organizations being targeted. 

The Reut Institute report and the allegations against the PRC have to be taken seriously by the British government, although not in the way intended by the Israel lobby. Reut is apparently linked to the Israeli intelligence and military establishment, both of which have questionable records when it comes to human rights and respect for the laws and sovereignty of other countries. 

It is obvious that this latest Israeli propaganda campaign and its associated wild allegations against legitimate organisations in Britain are intended to scare pro-Palestinian activists to go on the defensive and reduce their lawful activities. This will not work, nor will it deter the growing number of supporters on campuses, in trade unions and across British society. On the contrary, it will strengthen their resolve and inspire them to work even harder for the just cause to which they have dedicated their lives.  

Nevertheless, it remains incumbent upon the British government to look at these reports and see with open eyes the coded threats aimed at British citizens. Then it should take every measure to call to account these who seek to inflame tensions and unrest in British society on behalf of a foreign country, Israel.

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Arab impotence, international collusion encourages Israeli aggression – PA boosts summonses targeting Islamic Jihad Movement in the West Bank


PA boosts summonses targeting Islamic Jihad Movement in the West Bank

[ 30/12/2010 – 12:35 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Palestinian Authority security militias have recently boosted steps to summon Islamic Jihad Movement cadres and supporters in the West Bank for questioning, the Jihad movement said, warning that the trend could be a stab at inflaming division.

Dozens of the movement’s people in the West Bank, Jenin and Tulkarem in particular, have been called in for interrogation by PA intelligence.

Palestinians released from Israeli detention as well as the party’s leaders and figures are considered primary targets.

“We were surprised that Jihad movement activists have been summoned to preventative security and intelligence main headquarters in Ramallah and Beituniya. It raises our suspicions.”

“Cadres are often summoned over social or scholastic activities, which reflects the PA’s pursuit to suppress and prevent any resistance activities,” an Islamic Jihad Movement official said.

“The targeting of its cadres and supporters in the West Bank is crippling national relations, and does not serve reconciliation. It is an attempt to spread division,” the source went on to say.

“The Islamic Jihad Movement is deeply concerned over the approach of the PA and its agencies, which ignore national calls and demands to achieve reconciliation.”

“These policies constitute a blow to freedom of thought and expression and reflect insistence on exclusivity and monopoly of activities and rejection of pluralism.”

Jihad: Arab impotence, international collusion encourages Israeli aggression

[ 30/12/2010 – 10:26 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– The Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine has said that the Gaza Strip was under “aggression by installment” on the part of the Israeli occupation forces.

Jihad leader Sheikh Khader Habib told Al-Alam satellite channel on Wednesday night that if the “Zionist enemy” goes too far in its daily attacks and crimes then the resistance will take appropriate decisions.

He said that the war on Gaza did not stop but took other shapes such as the siege and daily incursions.

The Jihad leader charged that Arab impotence and international collusion had encouraged Israel to launch more aggressions.

Representatives of various factions met on Tuesday and concluded that the Palestinian people are entitled to respond to Israel’s crimes, Khader said, adding, however, that they would determine the opportune time and place for retaliating to those crimes.

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>I recognize the Palestinian state. What about you?

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