Israeli Envoys Warned: You May Be Targeted!


After the secret leaked cables (WikiLeaks) confirmed Israel is “scared” of Hezbollah retaliation to the assassination of its top military commander Imad Moghniyyeh (Hajj Redwan), Israelis are scared of a potential Iranian revenge following the assassination of two nuclear scientists in Tehran.

Israeli daily Yedihot Ahronot revealed that Israeli envoys abroad have received a particularly alarming warning in recent days, in a signal of the level of scare and fear within the Zionist entity. “You may be targeted by Iran and Hezbollah as an act of revenge following the assassination of nuclear scientists in Tehran,” said an Israeli message sent to the envoys.

According to Yedihot, the warning was conveyed by Israeli security officials, alongside a request to take increased precautions, to all of the country’s emissaries abroad: Ambassadors and diplomatic staff, scientists and academics, and hundreds of representatives of Zionist organizations worldwide.

The Israeli daily claimed that the fear of revenge attacks stems from the fact that Iran accuses Israel of assassinating two of its senior nuclear scientists and attempting to kill a third one.

Two of the assassination attempts took place in broad daylight on November 29. The assassins attached an explosive device to the parked car of Professor Majid Shahriari, one of the founders of the Iranian nuclear program, and escaped on a motorcycle. When Shahriari and his wife entered the vehicle, the device was detonated by remote control, killing the scientist and injuring his wife. Several minutes later, another explosion rocked Tehran. A device attached to the car of Professor Fereidoun Abbasi injured the scientist and his wife.

It was the third time Iranian nuclear scientists had been targeted in the past year. Dr. Masoud Ali-Mohammadi was assassinated in January in the exact same way.

Yedihot noted that the Islamic Republic rushed to accuse Israel of involvement in the assassination. “There is no doubt that the Zionist regime and other Western governments are involved,” it quoted Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as saying right after the crime.

“These accusations join Hezbollah and Iran’s unsettled account with Israel following the assassination of senior Hezbollah commander Imad Moghniyyeh in Damascus almost three years ago,” the Israeli daily went on to say, seeking to justify its state of alarm.

The fear that Iran would try to act against Israeli officials have prompted the defense establishment to warn all of Israel’s representatives worldwide to take extra safety measures, the Israeli daily concluded.

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