The Israeli Patient


Peace is not dead
but neither is it alive.

The talk of the moment is whether or not
to relaunch any kind of Peace-talks
between the State of Zion and what is left over from Palestine
andwhat is left over of the Palestinians..

I am 62 years old and as far as I can remember
there has been constantly Peace-talks
and never was there Peace………all my life !!

Of course what happened between Egypt and Israel
cannot be named ” Peace”……as long as I see not one
Israeli restaurant in Cairo nor one Egyptian in Tel Aviv.

What happened between Sadat and Menahim Begin
was a bribe to the Egyptian Regime in which it will not
make any war and shall consequently get 2 Billion Dollars, yearly.

Israel has had to give back the hot-sands and the dunes of Sinai
but it keeps the Oil and the Gas.

Now back to the present :
Israel shall not negotiate because it does not want to
nor does it fit in its strategy.

The Pentagon, the Congress and the White-house,
just like Ramallah , all are “Israeli-occupied-lands”
Who can say no ?? !!

Yet I must , for the sake of my analysis ,
make a description……… if not simply a comparison.

And here it comes :

The Peace-negotiations are just like Ariel Sharon
both are in the “intensive-care” and both are kept
artificially alive……..
and in both cases Israel is the doctor
and Israel has its finger on the “on-and-off” switch.

If you like it or not  !!

Peace is not a partner………..peace is a Patient
Israel is not a patient………..Israel is the doctor !!

Raja Chemayelalmost christmas….


Posted by Tlaxcala at 9:32 PM

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