Bibi: Release Pollard, or else!


Posted on January 2, 2011 by rehmat1|
The Vos Iz Nieas, the Voice of Orthodox Jewish Community, on December 30, 2010 reported that the Zionist-regime’s leader, Benji Netanyahu is “expected to officially and publically appeal to Obama to release Pollard 56, whose spying caused a severe rift between Israel and the United States, following his arrest November 22, 1985″. Jonathan Pollard, an US Jewish citizen, was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1987 for passing-on 800,000 pages of American secrets over 18 months between 1984-85 to Israeli secret service, Larkam, run by the Israel’s Prime Minister’s office. Larkam was created to help Israel in its secret nuclear program and was known as a “theft contractor” for Israel’s security industry.
The release of the US national traitor has special significance for Bibi Netanyahu, as during his first term as prime minister, he recognized Pollard as an Israeli agent and gave him Israeli citizenship. He later visited him in his jail cell.

On the request of Israel’s Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Yonah Metzger, special prayers were held in Synogouges across the Zionist entity on Saturday for the health and deliverance of Yehonatan, son of Malka.

How subverted nation America has become can be judged by the fact that former US Attorney General, Rabbi Michael Mukasey (as a federal judge, he ordered the release of several dozen Israelis arrested in the aftermath of 9/11 on flimsy excuses), recently wrote a letter to Ben Obama asking him to commute the sentence of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard. Earlier, Lawrence Korb, an assistant secretary of defense at the time of Pollard’s arrest in 1985 along with a handful of American lawmakers and several Jewish organizations – asked Obama in a public letter to commute Pollard’s sentence to the time he has already served.

Oh! Did I mention Pastor John Hagee also gave his ‘holy support’ for the release of the convicted Jewish spy?

Now compare this Jewish spy with Muslim Dr. Aafia Siddique, a Pakistani mother of three children who was handed down a sentence of 85 year in jail by a Jewish judge – for not stealing American secrets for Pakistan.

Interestingly, while the sell-out politicians are bending backward to please their masters in Tel Aviv, some former US intelligence officials such as former FBI and Navy lawyer M.E. “Spike” Bowman, are against the release of the convicted Jewish traitor.

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