Israel Plans Mountain Bunkers to Save Army Supplies from “Hezbollah Missiles”


18/01/2011 Fearing the repetition of the mistakes of July 2006 war on Lebanon, the Israeli army has drawn up plans to dig massive bunkers inside mountains throughout occupied Palestine to prevent missile fire, The Jerusalem Post reported Tuesday.

The massive bunkers aim at protecting sensitive equipment and advanced munitions.

The plan, set by army’s Logistics and Technology Directorate, costs multi-million-dollar and is set to receive a dedicated budget from the General Staff in the military’s next multi-year plan, it said.

Following the 2006 war and amid predictions that Israeli army bases will be targeted in a future conflict – the Logistics and Technology Directorate formulated the plan, dubbed “Operational Continuity,” the daily reported.

“At the same time, we need to be able to continue to supply troops who will be operating behind enemy lines, and have a limited amount of supplies with them,” a senior officer told The Jerusalem Post.

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