The Palesinian IDIOT got an Urgent Message About Egypt



Since Mubarak send his F16 and Heocopters It was clear that it was a message to the army, more than the people on streets. Having read between the lines of the released army statement, and knowing that the airforce and Repulic Gurds stand with Mubarak, I dare to say the army would stay aside, indirectly protect the popular uprising leavinf Pharaoh to face his slow death.

Protesters wrote on army tanks:
“No to Mubarak. Fuck Mubarak.”

The Idiot -“Hamas Lover” – picked and highlighted “He’s trying to turn Cairo into Gaza.”.
I realy don’t know?
First Cairo is not  Gaza.
In Caza Hamas failed Dahlan’s coup, agaist Hamas elected government and saved the Palestinian cause.

In Cairo the Popular Uprising, so far, kicked the ass of Mubarak’s thugs.
Most likely, the idiot is worried, like Perez  of the “nightmare” of Muslim Brotherhood controlling  Egypt, though most likely its not going to happen.

Urgent Message About Egypt

From Yasmin
Mubarak switched off Internet, Mobile phone networks, cancelled all national railway services, stopped petrol supplies to petrol stations, stopped food supplies to shops, ordered police agents to loot & start chaos & got police to fire at protesters. He’s trying to turn Cairo into Gaza.

Call the WH (White House) switchboard at 202-456-1414 and tell them we have to stop supporting Mubarak to get him out of there.

In other news, according to BBC the Egyptian army released a statement that they refuse to shoot at protesters. Hearing rumours though that Air Force is 100% behind Mubarak. I do think there is a division in the military.”

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