Tahrir4Gaza – Liberation for Gaza

>Ken O’Keefe

As the Arab people continue to exercise unarmed yet mighty power, there is one place above all others that remains at the heart of the struggle, Palestine.  Despite all the money, propaganda, weapons, false imprisonment, ethnic cleansing, torture and mass-murder wielded against them, they have endured, and they remain, unmovable, they are the people of Palestine.  This Global revolution will never be complete until Palestine is free, and in this moment in time, we can listen to those who call for “calm” and “restraint”, or we can listen to our hearts, use our heads, and carry on to the next and most obvious step in this revolution, Palestine.


The most powerful thing of all that has occurred in the ongoing uprisings is this, people have begun to believe, that ANYTHING is possible.  I have lived with that knowledge for many years, I have seen, smelled and touched a better world.  I have felt rage and I have cried, watching as my fellow human beings remained imprisoned within the chains of mental enslavement.  And yet I knew, we were just one catalysing event away from massive acceleration in human consciousness and direct action.  And in these days I have cried yet again, with tears of joy as I watched my Egyptian brothers and sisters in Tahrir Square, doing what would have been considered impossible less than a month ago.  And together we know, ANYTHING is possible.

Global Revolution Egypt

There are those who fear Israel, the Egyptian Military, or simply the unknown, but such people remain in the time when we were slaves.  Well we are slaves no more, and for those of us absent of fear and powered by love of justice, we are going to Gaza.  And as we march we shall not be alone, we shall carry with us the will of the people of the world who know what we know, Palestine will be free.  We the people, we are the ultimate power, and we can do ANYTHING!

2,000,000 Egyptians Chanting Free Palestine!
We are going to march to Gaza, we are going to liberate Gaza, to support the march go to;


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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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