From Nasser to Mubarak


Posted on March 2, 2011 by Ikhras
“The Difference…Dignity”

[Ikhras Note] An excellent article on the development of the Mubarak regime, its relationship with the US and Israel, and the role it played in the region. journalist Eric Ruder explains how the repressive regime that Hosni Mubarak presides over arose out of a history of nationalist rebellion. This article was written for the March-April 2010 issue of the International Socialist Review.

How did Egypt, once considered a leader of progressive Arab nationalism and a defender of Palestinian national rights, become an open collaborator with the United States and Israel in imposing a siege that defies international law as well as justice to a fellow Arab nation? This collaboration has today made Egypt into an object of scorn, in particular because it seems that the United States has managed to buy its services so cheaply…Egypt’s role in maintaining the siege of Gaza is an extension of its subservience to the overall agenda of the United States. But despite broad support of the Egyptian populace to the national rights of the Palestinian people, the Egyptian regime has always exhibited ambivalence toward the Palestinian cause.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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