Wikileaks: Siniora: "My ‘seven points’ plan will give Israel what it always wanted"


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Excerpts: Full document will be available soon on wikileaks’ and Al Akhbar’s sites simultaneously.

Document number 2504

July 31, 2006/ meeting between Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman & Fuad Siniora
Siniora says that he ‘understands’ Israel’s conditions that it cannot accept a cease fire until the deployment of verifiably credible forces in South Lebanon…

Siniora added that the implementation of his ‘seven points’ plan & the deployment of a multinational peace force capable of ‘enforcing it’, … will afford Israel with what it ‘always longed for’ & was not capable of achieving: A peacful northern border…
Siniora said that the Lebanese & Israeli governments are getting overly wrapped up in details and are losing sight of their common goals:

1) Peace & Security for Israel,

2)disarming Hezbollah…
Siniora believes that Iran & Syria are the only beneficiaries of prolonged negotiations

When asked by Feltman about his assurance that Hezbollah will either surrender its weapons to the LAF or redeploy north of the Litani river, Siniora said that he is not ‘100% sure’, but that through his negotiations with Hezbollah via Shia’ emissaries or via Nabih Berri, he leans towards believing that Hezbollah will do just that

[Siniora & his adviser Muhamad Shattah were in high spirits after meeting French official Douste Blazy, certain that France accepted to lead a multinational force in South Lebanon ]
As he has done before, Siniora stressed to Feltman the importance of ‘breaking Hezbollah’s monoply on Shebaa Farms’ and that time has come to replace the US with Iran in the ‘guilty box’ facing Arab and Lebanese public opinions. This can be achieved through placing the Farms under temporary UNIFIL custody…”

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