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With two wars nearing complete unpopularity, President Obama has decided to throw Americans into a third war.

The U.S. has implemented a “no-fly-zone,” which already involves attacks on ground vehicles and ground installations. 120 cruise missiles have been fired. France and the United Kingdom have stepped in as arbiters of the fate of Libyans.

Although the African Union opposes military intervention, the former colonial powers have continued supporting and destroying governments as they please.

The “Harper Government,” as the Government of Canada is now termed, has obediently followed suit, and sent six warplanes to Libya.

As Canadian fighter jets strike targets in Libya, we will be mobilizing for the April 8 Day of Action against all the wars that the Anglo-American alliance supports: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Palestine, and now Libya.

At a time when a majority of Americans believed that the U.S. had no need to involve itself in Libya, and when 63% of Americans opposed the Afghan war, the powers-that-be chose the eighth anniversary of the war on Iraq (March 19) to open a new front.

We don’t want a new war. We don’t want any war. It’s time to end the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Palestine, and now Libya! Come out on April 8 to show your disapproval and protest the Canadian fighter jets now involved in all-out military escalation.
You can download a copy of this leaflet with 2 flyers per page here:

April 9 in TorontoJoin the anti-war rally and the Ontario Federation of Labour’s Day of Action in solidarity with workers and unions who are under attack! The event takes place on Saturday, April 9.  Hamilton & District Labour Council buses to Toronto on April 9 will be boarding around 9:30 am in the parking lot of the Centre Mall across from the Labour Council office (1130 Barton East) near Ottawa Street North. Passengers should reserve soon at 905-547-2944. There is no charge for the return trip.

The buses will arrive in Toronto in time for the anti-war protest at noon across from the US Consulate. The anti-war protest, in turn, will march the few hundred metres from University Avenue to Toronto City Hall to join the Ontario Federation of Labour rally at 1 pm.

Hamilton&District Labour Council
Arab Women’s League
CUPE Local 3906
McMaster Green Party Student Association
ADFW Federal Green Party Association
Zeitgeist Movement
Palestinian Association of Hamilton
Students Resisting War and Occupation (McMaster)
Hamilton Haiti Action Committee

To endorse this event, please e-mail

FURTHER INFO: Call Ken at 905-383-7693.
And check our own Coalition alternative media! Unusual Sources (CFMU-FM 93.3 on Wednesdays from 5 to 6 pm) interviewed Stephen Gowans on March 16:

as well as Phil Taylor (of the Taylor-Report at CIUT 89.5 FM on Mondays from 5 to 6 pm) on March 2:

Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War

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Our letter in the Hamilton Spectator:

Mon Mar 21 2011

Is Libya worse than other absolute monarchies of region?

Re: Libya tries to outflank no-fly zone (March 19)
Some people have short memories. In the buildup to the Iraq war, we were told lies about Saddam Hussein’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction and al-Qaeda connections. The invasion was supposedly justified to protect civilians from a brutal dictator. The war turned out fine for the oil cartels. They purchased the Iraqi national oilfields for peanuts. For the Iraqi people, it has been a disaster.
Now we are told a no-fly zone — a virtual declaration of war — is necessary to protect Libyan civilians from Moammar Gadhafi, described as a brutal dictator. But a no-fly zone has not been suggested for Bahrain, where a pro-U.S. absolute monarch attacks civilians with help from Saudi Arabia, also an absolute monarchy. Where was the no-fly zone to protect Palestinians in Gaza when Israel killed 1,500 unarmed civilians in 2008?
Libya is a sovereign country. No country has the right under international law to intervene in another country’s domestic affairs unless attacked. Could the selective use of a no-fly zone over Libya have something to do with former colonial powers like Italy, France, England and Spain wanting a piece of Libyan oil?
And how would most Canadians feel if rebels arose in part of our country in revolt against Ottawa and called for a third country to establish a no-fly zone over Canada?
Let the “Harper government of Canada” bring its F-18s home and keep its hands off Libya.

David Rennie, Hamilton Coalition Against The War

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian


Der Spiegel: Israel kidnapped Abu Sisi to question him on Shalit

>[ 30/03/2011 – 01:12 PM ]

BERLIN, (PIC)– A German newspaper said on Wednesday that the Israeli intelligence kidnapped Palestinian engineer Dirar Abu Sisi from the Ukraine believing that he has information on the whereabouts of captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit in Gaza.

Der Spiegel said that Ukraine intelligence agents kidnapped Abu Sisi at the behest of the Israeli intelligence then delivered him to it.

It said that Abu Sisi, who works as the operational manager of Gaza electricity company and married to a Ukrainian lady, was kidnapped on the night of February 19 while on a train heading to Kiev.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

STATE Department: Assad’s speech "fell short"



 (AFP) –  “… Assad’s speech “fell short” of the kind of reforms that Syrians have demanded, US State Department spokesman Mark Toner told journalists in Washington. “It’s clear to us that it didn’t have much substance to it,” Toner said, adding that he thought the Syrian people would be disappointed…”

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Gilad Atzmon: Taking Deborah Lipstadt Apart


Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at 1:25PM Gilad Atzmon
In a recent articleShoa-logist Deborah Lipstadt  attempts to reinstate her argument against historical revisionism.

Lipstadt  is clearly opposing holocaust deniers whom she also identifies as anti Semites, yet, she fails to define what denial means. She also comes short of suggesting what anti Semitism stands for. I guess that for Lipstadt,  ‘deniers’ are those who insist that our past must be revisited, scrutinised and be told from different perspectives. People who hold such views are usually called historical revisionists or simply historians.  Yet, historical revisionists are clearly perceived by Lipstadt as anti Semites — I guess that for Lipstadt , those who dare touch or fiddle with the Jewish past are nothing less than enemies.

The ‘deniers’, according to Lipstdat, are a lively  movement that is working vigorously to “distort history and inculcate anti-Semitism”.  Yet, it is far from being clear how anyone can ‘distort history’, for history is not a singular set of facts laid down and dictated by one group of people alone. Rather it is an attempt to transform the past into a story aspire to as full a narrative as is possible, drawn from as many points of view and from as wide a body of research as is available.  History is an attempt then, to build a narrative.  Different people should be entitled to hold different perspectives of their past.

Seemingly, Lipstdat  is not happy with it all. She wants the chapter known as the holocaust to become a meta-historical impenetrable narrative. It is not clear to me and to a growing number of academics, artists and ordinary people, why Jewish academics and institutions  are so afraid of this particular chapter in history being looked-at and discussed freely.

For some peculiar reason Lipstadt regards herself as a ‘scholar’, yet her engagement with the subject matter is far from being scholarly oriented. Her reading of the Nazi era is utterly embarrassing– for instance, she says “had the world taken Nazi anti-Semitism more seriously from the outset of the rise of the Third Reich the subsequent tragedy might have been quite different.”  

But seems as if the world did actually react very seriously to Nazi anti Semitism — It basically followed the Nazi agenda. America and Britain closed their gates to Jews, leaving  European Jewish refugees to face their fate. Even the Zionists failed to do much to save their European brothers and sisters.  It is also clear that the Nazis would not have succeeded in their ethnic cleansing project unless they had been assisted by European communities, governments, and even  by Jewish institutions. It seems as if the Nazis were not  the ‘only anti Semites;’ they were just more open about it.

Lipstadt’s ignorance knows no limits. She continues, “in the 1930s and 1940s, of course, observers—and the potential victims—could not fathom where Hitler and his cohort’s anti-Semitism might lead.” I guess that the Jewish ‘historian’ doesn’t really know that in the 1930’s and the early 1940’s ‘Hitler and his cohort’ also didn’t know themselves where they were aiming’. We do know that they wanted a Germany free of Jews — and this is, indeed, pretty outrageous. Yet, it is not that different from the vast majority of Israelis, who want a Palestine that is free of Palestinians.

Lipstadt is convinced that the ‘deniers’ are motivated by “hatred of Jews and their desire to do them harm”. But the truth of the matter is slightly embarrassing — Historical revisionism is a growing body of knowledge. It doesn’t claim to address ‘the Jewish question’, nor does it offer any political agenda, and neither does it call to harm Jews. However, one may note that rather too often we come across Jewish institutional calls to harm, and even to destroy Arabs and Muslims. I would then, expect Lipstadt to be consistent, and to stand against her own brothers’ and sisters’ genocidal inclinations. But clearly, integrity is not something you should expect from a Professor of Modern Jewish and Holocaust Studies.

When it becomes clear that Lipstadt has nothing clever to say about the subject (or maybe any subject) she pulls the rabbit out of her hat, or should we say,  she pulls Ahmadinejad out of her wig.  “During the past five years we have heard a stream of Holocaust denial, overt anti-Semitism, and threats against Israel emanate from the mouth of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad… Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust denial is linked directly to his animus toward Israel.”

And this is where Jewish past, present and future are wrapped together into a  collective meaning that appears totally  impervious to reason, ethics or humanity. It is obviously clear that those who oppose Israeli barbarism may, at a certain stage, look at the Zionist’s raison d’être, namely the holocaust. It is obviously natural for those who detest Israeli lies to scrutinise every Israeli or Jewish narrative – And the question is, what is so wrong with doing so? Why are Jews, or at least some Jews, horrified by the idea that others might be suspicious of aspects of their historical narratives? Why is it so difficult for  Lipstadt to accept that Ahmadinejad opposes Israel, and also, questions aspects of the Jewish past?  

“In 2009”, Says Lipstadt, “after questioning the existence of the Holocaust, he (Ahmadinejad) declared it was a ploy used by the Jews to get the West to accede to the creation of Israel.”  Again, isn’t it a scholarly and legitimate question on behalf of  Ahmadinejad?  Are not the holocaust and the foundation of the Jewish State  inherently linked?

But — Don’t you worry, it is not Ahmadinejad alone whom the Yeshiva Scholar hates. “Egypt’s Gamal Abdel Nasser spoke of the lie of the 6 million Jews… Spokesmen for Hamas have also engaged in Holocaust denial. Holocaust denial themes can be found in newspapers in many parts of the Arab world, including in Jordan, Egypt, and Lebanon.”

Even  Mahmoud Abbas was a ‘denier’ according to the  Shoa genius,  “as a young student, (Abbas) wrote a dissertation that was pure denial.”  But guess what, Abbas doesn’t have to worry; Lipsdat has forgiven him already. He (Abbas) “subsequently repudiated his view” and Lipstadt “fully believes his repudiation.” At least, Lipstadt is flexible enough to amend her ‘academic’ views so they  fit into the current Israeli political agenda.

I guess that it would make sense to argue that Lipstadt is continuing to fight what is by now a lost battle. Our past is not a Jewish property . When I read Lipstadt’s  pseudo academic diatribe, I am convinced that aspects of the Zionist view of history must continue to be scrutinised and debated, for history cannot be handled or censored by any form of Yeshiva scholarship, for Yeshiva ideology is the complete opposite of Western spirit,  intellectual debate and openness.

Lipstadt  asserts, “seventy years ago people had an acceptable reason to say, ‘We could never fathom that Hitler meant what he said.’ Today we no longer have that luxury. At the very least it behooves us to take Ahmadinejad and those among his fellow Muslim leaders and opinion-makers seriously.”

Seemingly Lipstadt urges Western leaders to dismantle  Iran and other Muslim countries  in the name of the history she doesn’t allow them to  revise or scrutinise. I guess that for the sake of world peace, it is necessary to expose people like Lipstadt  and her cohort.

In her final paragraph  Lipstadt seems to find out  what is wrong with the revisionists,   “their Holocaust denial is part of their contemporary political agenda.”

In psychological terminology, the above is defined as projection — Lipstadt projects her own symptoms on historical revisionists. It is obviously clear that Lipstadt’s ‘holocaust evangelism’ is there to serve her own Zio-centric political agenda.

The question you may want to ask yourself at this stage is, for how long will we let Yeshiva supremacist Ideology determine our vision of our past? I myself believe that time is ripe to say NO to Jewish Ideology and politics. Enough is certainly enough.
“Even sexual relationship is a source of Joy”

Learn more about Jewish Scholarship

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Israel criminalizes commemoration of the Nakba


Jillian Kestler-D’Amours, The Electronic Intifada, 29 March 2011

Young Palestinian refugees, victims of the Nakba, study at a refugee camp in Syria, 1959. (UN Photo)

A bill was passed by the Israeli Knesset (parliament) last week which calls on the government to deny funding to any organization, institution or municipality that commemorates the founding of the Israeli state as a day of mourning. The bill has become known as the “Nakba bill,” referring to the ethnic cleansing of historic Palestine during and before the establishment of the State of Israel in 1947-48.

“Law will not influence the way we commemorate the Nakba,” Haneen Zoabi, Palestinian member of the Knesset, told The Electronic Intifada. “On the contrary, we must prove to our people and to the state that we will not be afraid from this law and that this will not succeed in oppressing our feeling or our identity. We will commemorate the Nakba in a much more impressive way this year than we ever did.”

“This is a kind of law to control our memory, to control our collective memory. It’s a very stupid law which punishes our feelings. It seems that the history of the victim is threatening the Zionist state,” Zoabi said.

Elected in 2009, Zoabi represents the Balad party (National Democratic Alliance) and is the first woman to be elected on the list of an Arab party in Israel. She was one of 25 members of the Israeli Knesset (MKs) to vote against the bill on 22 March, compared to 37 MKs who voted in favor of it.

“The Nakba is not just part of the Palestinian history,” Zoabi explained. “It’s also part of the Jewish history of this land. Because you need two in order to make Nakba. You need the victim and you need the oppressor. It was the Israelis who expelled the Palestinians and destroyed their towns and their villages and stole their land.”

“It’s not a narrative. It is not a political attitude. It’s a historical fact,” she added.

Initiated by MK Alex Miller of the ultra right-wing party Yisrael Beiteinu and officially called “Budget Principles Law (Amendment 39) – Reducing Budgetary Support for Activities Contrary to the Principles of the State,” the bill would also allow the government fine groups it determines are working against the “Jewish and democratic” nature of Israel or who violate the symbols of the state, such as the Israeli flag.

The original version of the bill — which was subsequently changed due to widespread condemnation — called for putting any individual who publicly commemorates the Palestinian Nakba in jail for three years.

“The purpose of the bill is to prevent members of the Arab minority in Israel from exercising their democratic right to commemorate a seminal event in their history. This legislation will cause harm to cultural and educational institutions that teach about the Nakba by cutting their funding and will further entrench inequality and discrimination. The bill is both anti-democratic and discriminatory,” wrote Adalah, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, in a 14 March press release (“Adalah: Nakba Law Violates Rights of Arab Minority …“).

Adalah stated that it sent an urgent letter to the Chair of the Israeli Constitution, Law and Justice Committee and member of the Yisrael Beitenu party MK David Rotem, asking him to reject the bill before it was voted into law.

“The bill’s approval would lead to major harm to the principle of equality and to the rights of Arab citizens to preserve their history and culture. Arab citizens of Israel are an indigenous minority living on its homeland, and their historical roots to this land run extremely deep, and thus their identity must be preserved,” the Adalah press release stated.

Adalah had signaled its intention to petition the Israeli high court should the bill be approved in the Knesset. Now that it has been voted on, the only way the bill can now be overturned is through an Israeli high court ruling.

Impact of the bill already being felt

According to Israeli activist Eitan Bronstein, while the practical and legal implications of the Nakba law are impossible to foresee, the law is already making an impact.

“I would say that the main implication and influence is already there, is already in practice, and is already working. Anyone who wants to do something [to commemorate the Nakba], they immediately have a question about the Nakba law and whether or not they are under any risk,” Bronstein, founder and spokesperson of Zochrot, an organization that works to raise awareness of the Nakba within Israeli society, told The Electronic Intifada.

“We analyze this law as part of a whole campaign to intimidate anyone who wishes to study, to remember, to mention, to have anything to do with the Nakba. In Israel, it mostly effects and it already effects, from what we see, Palestinian citizens from Israel,” he added.

Bronstein explained that while many Israeli liberals have objected to the law because of civil liberties concerns, few have acknowledged how important it is to commemorate the Nakba itself.

“I think it’s about time that there will be many more Israelis who participate in Nakba commemorations and not only because of freedom of speech, but to understand how important it is. We should take a clear stance in supporting and participating in commemorating it and struggling against the denial of the Nakba,” Bronstein said.

“Without understanding the Nakba, you cannot of course understand the scale or the importance of this key issue of Palestinian refugees. If we don’t address the Nakba, we cannot really address properly our future. Any solution for the future which is not based on addressing this issue of the Palestinian refugees, it will be useless.”

“The fear of the victim”

The Nakba bill is just the latest piece of discriminatory legislation targeting the Palestinian minority in Israel, who constitute 20 percent of the overall population of the state.

More than twenty bills are presently being discussed in the Israeli Knesset that impact — both directly and indirectly — the rights of Palestinian citizens of Israel. Included among these bills is the controversial loyalty oath legislation, which would mandate new immigrants to pledge loyalty to Israel as a “Jewish and democratic state” and the “Acceptance to Communities Bill.”

Passed same day as the Nakba law, the “Acceptance to Communities Bill” formalizes the establishment of admission committees to review potential residents to communities of up to 400 family units in the Negev and Galilee regions, where the Palestinian population in Israel is largely concentrated.

According to the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), the bill would allow these committees to refuse admission to a wide variety of people, including Palestinians, single parents and same-sex couples, among others.

“The racist, anti-Arab rhetoric used by some of the promoters of this bill is shameful, but it’s important for the public to understand that any one of us could be targeted by this bill. Israeli legislators are about to sacrifice equality and the right of every person to choose their place of residence — in favor of the extra-rights of the residents of these wealthy communities, who wish to ‘select’ new residents on public lands,” said ACRI Attorney Gil Gan-Mor in a 22 March press release (“Final Vote Today on Nakba Law and Acceptance to Communities Bill“).

According to Haneen Zoabi, the wave of increasingly hostile legislation in the Knesset signals how extreme the Israeli state has become.

“Any racist law will succeed within this Zionist and right-wing Knesset. Any law which any fool or any crazy or any hysterical and racist person could imagine, anything, he can pass it within this racist Knesset,” Zoabi said.

“I think that the message is that there is no place for the Palestinian or the Palestinian identity to be a part of this state. It is a kind of political strategy in order to change the laws of the political game. These laws have a political function. It is not a mere expression of Zionism.”

She added that with the Nakba law in particular, the Israeli government is trying to delegitimize the Palestinian struggle within the country.

“They have a political function of delegitimizing our political struggle. When you delegitimize this struggle, this is the more dangerous thing. You are delegitimizing a political tool, a legitimate tool. This is more dangerous than a mere political or identity expression,” Zoabi said.

“Behind this law is a fear, the fear of the victim. Behind this law is the ability of the memory of the victim to threaten the legitimacy of Zionism.”

Originally from Montreal, Jillian Kestler-D’Amours is a reporter and documentary filmmaker based in occupied East Jerusalem. More of her work can be found at

General strike in 1948 occupied Palestine on Land Day – Lafta inhabitants reject Israeli plans to sell their land


[ 30/03/2011 – 12:53 PM ]
LOD, (PIC)– The Higher Arab Monitoring Committee has declared that a general strike was declared in all areas of Palestine occupied in 1948 on Wednesday on the 35th anniversary of the Land Day .

The committee said in a statement that the strike would cover all institutions and sectors especially local councils, shops, schools, health institutions, farmers, employees, and workers in all sectors.

A march in Lod on Tuesday night signaled the start of the Arab activity to commemorate the event back in 1976 when Israeli security forces killed 6 Palestinians and wounded 100 who were taking part in a demonstration to protest seizure of Arab land.

The march started in front of the Abu Eid family homes, which were demolished by the Israeli authorities, and ended at the municipality.

Another march is expected in Araqib village in the Negev, which was repeatedly leveled by the Israeli authorities, at noon Wednesday, and the central march would take place in Arraba Al-Batuf village in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, Islamic and national forces are expected to participate in a major demonstration in northern Gaza Strip on Wednesday in solidarity with the Arab masses in 1948 occupied Palestine on the occasion of Land Day. An agreement was made that only the Palestinian flag would be hoisted during the march.

The interior ministry in Gaza gave permission for the march while Hamas called for active participation in it.

Lafta inhabitants reject Israeli plans to sell their land

[ 30/03/2011 – 08:29 AM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Inhabitants of the Lafta village to the northwest of occupied Jerusalem have declared their rejection of the Israeli occupation authority’s plan to sell 700 dunums of their land to Jewish contractors.

A number of those inhabitants told a press conference at the Ambassador hotel in Sheikh Jarrah, occupied Jerusalem, on Tuesday that the contractors would build 212 villas on those lands.

They said that the step was in violation of UN resolutions, calling on the international organizations to preserve the village lands from Israeli confiscation.

They said that the villas would be built over 500 dunums after razing 70 buildings in the village.

The inhabitants distributed a statement affirming their insistence on their historical right to their land and heritage.

They asked the world community and human rights groups to pressure Israel into halting its policy of wiping out Palestinian heritage and landmarks.

War is a Racket by Smedley Butler


Monday, March 28, 2011 at 12:15AM Gilad Atzmon
War is a Racket by Smedley Butler (July 30, 1881 – June 21, 1940)) is a famous speech denouncing the military industrial complex. This speech by two-time Congressional Medal of Honor recipient exposes war profits that benefit few at the expense of many. Throughout his distinguished career in the Marines, Smedley Darlington Butler demonstrated that true patriotism does not mean blind allegiance to government policies with which one does not agree. To Hell with war.

It seems as if we’ve learned nothing!!!

Posted by Gilad Atzmon at 9:53:00 PM
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