The richest victim of colonial agreession


FAD, is not far from the truth

After all ,
Libya is the richest African-Country
which  makes the Qaddafi Dynasty the richest too.
The logic conclusion would be that the
Libyan Army must be the richest also
and the best equipped,
consequently : the brave-insurgents are doomed to failure……

My question now is :
why would the USA/NATO bomb an extreme-capitalist-entity ??
In other words :
why would neo-colonialism bomb the ultimate form of feudal-capitalism ??

I do not have a direct answer ,
but I would  speculate and  say :
USA/NATO are helping the Qaffadists to stay in power
by making them look like “third-world-Independence-hero’s”
whereas ultimately, they must be maintained and preserved.

How many examples are there  in history
where a besieged and a sanctioned Regime , has fallen ????

Raja Chemayel 

63 years after my birth,
Posted by Tlaxcala at 2:10 PM
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