A culture of Supremacy

White Jewish “Israelis” Call forDeportation of “Negros”

At this point the journalist tells one of the protesters that “the same thing happened 70 years ago, when they decided to rid Europe of Jews, so was it OK for that to happen?”, the answer was: “Hold on, these people have diseases

300 rabbis have now signed the document which warns that it is forbidden in the Torah to sell a house or a field in the land of Israel to a Gentile.
The Electronic Intifada

Jewish-Zionist “heritage” and “morality”: Giora Yosefial called Moroccan Jews “primitive” and “backward

Levi Eshkol named them “human rubbish” and “defective people

Nachum Goldman described North African Jewry as “catastrophic immigration

and professor Shiba believed in the genetic supremacy of Ashkanazi Jews so he ran the programme of mass radiation of North African Jewish children!

Who would forget the Ring Worm Children?


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