Wikileaks: March 14 Politicians’ Death Certificate

Al Intiqad by Bouthaina Elleik

The Wikileaks revealed cables exceeded their scandalous dimension to represent a subject for history that could be adopted for readings of the political scene in Lebanon, and the reality of political category during a sensitive and dangerous stage, in which fatal and turning events took place, leaving huge effects on Lebanon and the region.

This was probably what pushed some sides to be part of a game that the Lebanese were used to; it is turning facts into opinions in the framework of misleading what the aforementioned facts include of convictions.

As a matter of fact, if the facts content were carefully examined, away from any sectarian and political extremism, it would’ve been possible to overcome many division points, and then move into the project of forming a true government which would allow the citizen to prosecute who misused power and lost the country’s capabilities in mazes while seeking more power and authority.

In this context, the Lebanese incapability of adopting one united “history” for their children to know and for them to rely on in order to understand the historical movement of their country’s establishment, could be understood.

Moreover, some reasons that prevented holding a valid revision of the performance which produced failures and calamities could be attained.
Today, the implications of the Wikileaks fact cables represent a continuation of weakening and marginalizing the state project that is mainly based on meeting the people’s demands; regarding sovereignty, independence, security, and prosperity. These implications should be examined and discussed seriously and should not be ignored; because it is the only way to build a modern and tough state.

On this level, we can note the following:

First of all, the published reports revealed that the March 14 team politicians, who claimed to be longing for exposing of foreign mandate, were in fact from those who are addicted to dependence; moving from one to another, in accordance with regional and international power scales.
Their firm goal is to maintain their role in power, and that would justify for them all practices, which they claim were held due to necessities. When the said necessity is no longer available, this political team [March 14] wouldn’t then find it wrong to justify what happened to be due of pressure or by force.

Second of all, the published documents also revealed that the only concern of the figures that conspiring and colluding with the Americans and the “Israelis”, was a project of personal interests and not for the sake of the state.
Everyone was saying “Give me the chance to do this and that”, for Jaejae [Samir] requested weapons for his militias, and Marwan Hamadeh requested money to fund his election campaign, while Elias Murr requested all types of support.

Each one of the aforementioned, as the whole political group [March 14], wanted to be presented as the analyst and knowledgeable of the entire unknown and the most promising for the future.
They wanted to appear like “superman” on the US style. On the other hand, the Lebanese state and its interests is absent from the notions and concerns of these figures [March 14]. The Lebanese state, if mentioned, would be illustrated as a cake eaten up by the March 14 figures that would benefit and achieve their personal interests.

Furthermore, the third revelation by the Wikileaks cables implied that this team [March 14] is incapable of ruling the “strong” Lebanon, for it does not have any view regarding Lebanon’s role and position. Moreover, the exposed political team does not differentiate between the enemy and the friend, or between the ally and the foe; it is the political camp which has a performance that would only lead Lebanon from one weakness to another. This therefore leads to piling up mistakes and producing national division to serve the interests of the mandate country.

In addition to all that, the Wikileaks revealed cables also showed that the same political camp deals with dangerous and sensitive issues in a rather disrespectful and indifferent way. They [March 14 figures] also acted in twisted and variegated ways, which led the Wikileaks authors to describe many of the Lebanese politicians to be liars, frauds, and lacking intelligence.
The reports lifted the veil off how those politicians were exposed before US diplomats, which made it possible for the latter to manipulate the so-called Lebanese men of power, and lead their political movement to serve the US schemes, to the extent that former US Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman became the true “maestro” of an easily-led choir [March 14].

Throughout what has been revealed, it could be understood that hatred is present in the spirits of this political team, and that the trust factor is nonexistent among its figures; that they complained about each other in front of their US mandate. This was expressed by Feltman when he mentioned Hariri’s [Saad] “jealousy” towards Siniora [Foad] and vice versa; in addition to that of Murr [Elias] and Jaejae, and the latter’s with Amine Jmayyel.

These conclusions lead us to accurately understand the March 14 political team’s behavior, for the situation is complicated with this team, where it’s tagged with dependency. The team is also losing any political view and sobriety in its performance, and all its ethical standards are falling apart.

The previously stated traits only lead to wasting the country’s capabilities; this is clearly revealed by the team’s campaign against the resistance weapons and its attempt to assault Lebanon’s true allies, and to drown the country in divisions and conflicts.
With all its slogans and performances, this political group [March 14 team] represents real danger on the national safety, which cannot be protected but through a serious judiciary prosecution that would stop weak spirits from manipulating the country and its fate.

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