Still no proof !!!

any archaeologist will tell you
 that this is a Roman-wall

and not Hebraic nor Jewish nor Israeli
not even Canaanite nor Phoenician !!

“is the science of what we firmly  discover 
and not the science of what we were told (or wished) that it happened.

This is a phrase said to me by my professor of Archaeology
42 years ago , Emir Maurice Chehab
may God bless his memory !!!!

42 years later I have not seen any proof
that Abraham came from Iraq nor that he lived in Palestine.
also 42 years later I have not seen any physical-proof
that Jews left Egypt to go to Palestine to run away from the Pharaoh
when Palestine was also , and at the same time ,
anyhow ruled by that same Pharaoh.

I have been waiting for 42 years
while history has been waiting 4000 years !!!

still no proof !!!

Raja Chemayel

in memory of the late Emir Maurice Chehab

My Bible and the Holy Koran
do mention Abraham and Moses
therefore I consider both prophets as ” Missing-persons “
temporally until phisical-evidence will become availiable.

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