May 14, 2011 by freedemocraticsyria
About 100 Syrian Soldiers and members of the security forces were martyred by armed terrorist groups who manipulate the legitimate demands as to carry out sinister schemes targeting Syria’s security and stability, Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, the Presidential Political and Media Advisor declared Tuesday.
Interviewed by the New York Times, Dr. Shaaban asserted that Syria has ever been capable of handling and overcoming crises, describing the said groups as a ‘ combination of fundamentalists, extremists, smugglers, and people who are ex-convicts and are being used to make trouble,’
You can’t be very nice to people who are leading an armed rebellion
” You can’t be very nice to people who are leading an armed rebellion.” said Dr. Shaaban expressing the hope that ‘we are witnessing the end of the story’ and the belief that ‘now we’ve passed the most dangerous moment. ”
Dr. Shaaban disclosed that the national dialogue has started in Syria and that she met in Damascus last week a number of opposition figures, where the talks focused at issues related to information law, political parties and elections law, saying ” in the next week or so, we will broaden it- national dialogue-.”
Opportunity to try to move forward on many levels

”We want to use what happened as an opportunity. We see it as an opportunity to try to move forward on many levels, especially the political level.” added Dr. Shaaban.
Commenting on sanctions, the Political and Media Advisor said ” this is a weapon used against us many times; once security is back, every thing can be arranged. We’re not going to live in this crisis forever.”
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