Despite reconciliation deal Fatah security forces still detain citizens, targets Islamic Jihad men, arrests youth, summons others

“They sell you in the name of “unity” and say: the Palestinian people want a unity …
And the Palestinian people want a unity … but a different kind of unity …

The Palestinian people want a unity that places Palestine above all personal interests…
The Palestinian people want a unity that safeguards the Palestinian constants…
The Palestinian people want a unity that embodies their aspirations …
The Palestinian people want a unity that leads the way to liberation…
The Palestinian people want a unity; a unity that brings an end to collaboration, to concessions in the form of negotiations, to concessions in the name of “peace”, in the name of a tiny prison called “state”…

The Palestinian people want a unity that will unite the Palestinian people, in the homeland and in the Diaspora, unite them in one goal: total liberation.” reham alhelsi

Fatah security forces still detain citizens despite reconciliation deal

[ 18/05/2011 – 08:30 PM ]

WEST BANK, (PIC)– Despite the Palestinian reconciliation deal that was signed lately by the Palestinian factions in Cairo, the Fatah-affiliated security apparatuses in the West Bank still kidnap and summon dozens of citizens everyday.

According to local sources on Wednesday, the Palestinian authority intelligence apparatus have been detaining a young man called Mahmoud Abyat for 10 days. The young man used to work for lawmakers in their office in Bethlehem city

In Nablus city, the security forces also kidnapped another young man called Adel Katlouni from a restaurant in the city and released him on condition that he should return later for further interrogation.

The young man is the son of Husam Katlouni, a member of the municipal council in Nablus.

For his part, Amran Madlum, a student at the university of Birzeit refused to go to the intelligence headquarters after he was summoned for interrogation. This has been the third summons since his release from Israeli jails about 20 days ago.

A Palestinian family, for its part, said its son, Wafa Al-Hutari from Qalqiliya city, went on hunger strike in protest of his detention without any reason for several months in a PA jail.

Islamic Jihad confirms West Bank security still targeting its men

[ 18/05/2011 – 08:40 PM ]

JENIN, (PIC)– The Islamic Jihad movement has renewed accusations that the West Bank security agencies have continued targeting its members after the signing of the historic unity deal between factions ruling the Palestinian territories.

Harassment of the Islamic Jihad by West Bank security agencies has actually spiked since the signing of the unity deal ”in an attempt by some to disturb the reconciliation atmosphere and unity between resistance factions,” said an Islamic Jihad official in a press statement on Wednesday.

The agencies arrested ten Islamic Jihad men, including one who was crippled, during raids amid Nakba Day events in Jenin and Al-Khalil.

Separately, a Palestinian university student from Dora has declared her refusal to respond to summonses by the West Bank security agencies.

She was called to appear before security headquarters for questioning on May 18. But after discussing the matter with her family she decided not to appear.

She had already been questioned inside her university over her ties with students in the Islamic bloc as well as her friends and participation in the May 15 events.

Fatah official Hussam Khadir has criticized the recent string of arrests and summonses, especially those targeting elements from the Islamic Jihad, calling the situation a “violation of the Palestinian reconciliation agreement signed in Cairo two weeks back.

He confirmed that Fatah chief and de facto Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas is to blame.

He said that there are parties in every Palestinian institution that are not pleased with the unity deal, which stipulates the release of all political prisoners in both sides of the country.

PA security arrests youth, summons others

[ 19/05/2011 – 04:06 PM ]

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– The PA intelligence in Al-Khalil city arrested a Palestinian young man and summoned a number of Hamas supporters in Yatta village, south of Al-Khalil, on Thursday in absolute disregard of the reconciliation agreement.

Local sources said that the intelligence detained Tamer Al-Natshe after summoning him to the intelligence headquarters in the city, noting that he was released from Israeli occupation jails only six months ago after eight years of imprisonment. He was also released only two weeks from the PA intelligence jail.

In Nablus, the PA intelligence summoned Abdurahman Hindiya for the second time but he said that he would not go, calling on all West Bank MPs to say something in face of the continued summonses despite the signing of the reconciliation agreement.

He urged West Bank youth not to obey security summonses.

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