Netanyahu re-confirms Jerusalem as permanent Israeli capital

[ 30/05/2011 – 11:25 AM ] 
NAZARETH, (PIC)– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized his country’s commitment to develop Jerusalem employing several Judaization projects.

The announcement comes a few days after Netanyahu gave a speech that drew heavy support by US Congress where he declared Jerusalem the eternal capital for the “Jewish state”.

He said during a cabinet meeting held Sunday that the unity of Jerusalem is one of the foundations of the unity of the Israelis, and that the support that the projects have received by Knesset and Congress is an asset to Israel.

The Citadel in the Jerusalem’s Old City where the meeting was held contained a mosque, as the tower was re-built by the Mamluks then the Ottomans who established mosque inside it.

In the same session, Netanyahu announced a 100 million USD investment package.

The statements come just a day after the High Arab Follow-up Committee for the Arab peace initiative (an Arab league committee) adopted a resolution that supports the Palestinian Authority going to the UN get recognition for an independent state of Palestine.

According to the resolution, Palestinian borders would be based on those etched in 1967, and the capital would be East Jerusalem.

ICC: Israel spending more than a billion dollars a year to Judaize holy city

[ 30/05/2011 – 02:13 PM ] 
OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Islamic Christian Commission in support of Jerusalem and the holy sites said that the Citadel of David mosque was not the first one that Israel converted into a Jewish site.

The statement comes as Israelis celebrate the opening of a museum built on the ruins of the mosque.

”Israel has been taking control of the mosques and converting their usage to be consistent with Israeli objectives and plans to Judaize Jerusalem and erase its identity and religious symbols,” declared ICC secretary-general Hassan Khater.

Situated in the Al-Khalil gate, the museum serves as a dangerous center in finishing the Judaization of Jerusalem, Khater stated.

During the opening ceremony, Israeli officials earmarked $100 million to support Judaization projects in Jerusalem, projects related to culture and history.

According to Khatir, the sum does not represent what is actually spent on the city by the Israeli development fund and the Jerusalem municipality as well as private religious funds. He estimated that the total amount of what is spent to rise above one billion dollars a year.

The museum opening comes after Israeli Prime Minister confirmed during a speech to US Congress that Israel would not compromise on Jerusalem in negotiations with the Palestinians.
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