Qassem: Dahlan is not the only thief

[ 13/06/2011 – 09:04 AM ]

NABLUS, (PIC)– Prof. Abdusattar Qassem, Najah university lecturer and former candidate for PA presidency, has said that those trying Fatah former strongman Mohammed Dahlan were not better than him.

Qassem, who was commenting on the Fatah central committee’s decision to expel Dahlan from its membership and charging him with corruption and murder, said in a TV interview on Sunday night that the Palestinian people have to put on trial all those who betray them.
“Dahlan is not unique and there are many other thieves,” Qassem said, adding that his trial should be open for the public to serve as deterrence for others who tamper with the Palestinian cause.
A source in the central committee told the AFP earlier Sunday that it decided to dismiss Dahlan over corruption and murder charges.
Dahlan’s membership in Fatah’s central committee was suspended a year ago. It formed a committee to interrogate him over his charges against the sons of Fatah leader and PA chief Mahmoud Abbas of exploiting their father’s position to elicit illegal financial gains.

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