Silenced Evidences in Hariri’s Assassination -Part I

Eslam al-Rihani
“Once the billionaire PM Rafik Hariri moves inside Beirut, everybody takes note of it. His limousine is equipped with a device able to foil any assassination attempt via booby-trapped car. Mobile phones are disrupted in the area near the convoy, .. Whenever he leaves his house, his guards carry out car patrols in the streets for camouflage.”

This was extracted from an entire file submitted by the founder of the American Committee for Free Lebanon – Ziad Abd al-Nour – in cooperation with Ghazi Kambel – who edited the file within a bulletin of Middle East intelligence in 2001.

“The report was very interesting in terms of the information contained and the political position of the editor,” the German forensic expert Yurgen Kulbel stated in commenting on the report.


In an exclusive interview with Al-Manar Website, the German expert said “the report is of the American Committee for Free Lebanon, and was issued years before Harriri’s assassination. The committee is close to Neoconservatives and maintains good relations with the Jewish and Christian pressure chambers, while coordinating its political activities in accordance with the policy of the Zionist Likud party via the Jewish institute for National Security Affairs.”

“In addition to that, there is a strong relationship between the committee, the Orthodox Union, AIPAC and the Christian Coalition, where many observers consider Abd al-Nour’s committee as an Israeli warlike organization that works against Lebanon and Syria. It is an Israeli structure with a Lebanese mask,” he added.

“This committee had posted on its website ( photos of Lebanese political figures as targets to be hit after being accused of being Syrian agents in Lebanon. Those figures included Nabih Berri, Emile Lahoud, Walid Junblat, Rafik Hariri and others. The interesting is that among those photos there is one of Elias Hobaiqa crossed in red lines, signifying that he had been eliminated,” Kulbel noted.


As for the information mentioned in the report, the German expert said “it is well known that Hariri’s convoy was equipped with one of the latest jamming Israeli device, produced by Netline Communications, which work as mobile phones and other devices jammers within a radius of 500 meters, to prevent a murder attempt by a car bomb or radio-oriented bombs.”

Kulbel made a link between the report and the analysis of the journalist “Menhaj Qodwa” – specialized in politics – in which he wrote:

“Days will reveal the true killers of Hariri. However, the means of assassination – although Hariri had the safer jamming devices at all – indicates that the operation was orchestrated by people who know how to disrupt the jammers.”

The German forensic expert expressed beliefs that the information about the jamming device is very important, which formed the starting point in his research process as a journalist and expert specialized in crimes science. “this information was the incentive to make an interview with the Israeli producer, for he is the only one who knows how to dismantle the security system of the device.”

Referring to his book, “Hariri’s Assassination – Hidden Proofs” published in May 2006, Kulbel said: “Prior to the completion of writing this book, an expert lives in Switzerland informed me that Hariri had made up his mind some day to buy jamming devices from Israel, while refusing to buy them from Switzerland.

The expert also said that the producer – who also works for the Mossad – knows how his jamming devices work and how to disrupt them.”

Answering a question on the possibility that Hariri could bring the device directly from the Israelis, the German expert said that “Hariri could buy it from any other country, even though it was made in Israel.”

“Mehlis knew all these information, and I have no idea why he deliberately hide them,” Kulbel added sarcastically.

To be continued …
In Part II:
‘Secret fighters’ related to the ‘Guardians of the Cedars’ and the Lebanese Forces, and their association with the Unit 504?

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