Silenced Evidence in Hariri’s Assassination – Part II

Eslam al-Rihani
In this second episode, new facts are revealed. The German forensic expert who affirmed the Israeli nationality of the jamming device producer, which Hariri had bought, continues to unfold other proofs.

In the exclusive interview with Al-Manar Website, Yurgen Kulbel revealed some information which the international investigation had ignored deliberately, “or inadvertently,” he said with a sarcastic laugh.
“The explosion extent and its impacts show the logistic and tactical strategic level of the crime planners and perpetrators. This kind of crime cannot be carried out overnight, for it requires tactical and material preparations, well-trained and reliable elements, in addition to the close monitoring of the victim to track his movements,” he noted.
“I conducted investigations and made interviews with many personalities that talked about connections of the Israeli Mossad with some Lebanese parties which have a history of assassinations and eliminations carried out against their political rivals during and after the Lebanese civil war,” Kulbel told Al-Manar Website.

“Yet, investigators had ignored this information, just like they ignored the data and proofs held by Hezbollah and revealed by the Secretary General Sheikh Hasan Nasrallah,” Kulbel added.

UNIT ‘504’

In his interview, Kulbel pointed out to the Unit ‘504’, for which he devoted a full chapter in his book.

“Unit 504 was formed by the Israeli military intelligence. It is considered a mini-Mossad apparatus specialized in recruiting informers in Arab countries. During the period of Israeli occupation of Lebanon, (which lasted 18 years) this unit had managed a large network of collaborators in Lebanon and was responsible for the leadership of Lebanon South Army. It was re-formed after the year 2000, where members are proud that all matters of crime, from espionage to murder, are their specialty,” he wrote in ‘Hariri Murder.’

The German expert mentioned in his book as well words of an American-Israeli right-wing extremist Murray Cal about those recruited within this unit, saying “they are well-prepared to guerilla warfare, murder, infiltration and using of the latest methods in the preparation of car bombs.”


Citing his own sources, Kulbel noted in the interview that members of the ‘Unit 504’ had traveled to Cyprus to prepare to infiltrate into many Lebanese regions.

“Those sources informed me that plans prepared by Etienne Saqr – leader of the Guardians of the Cedars – aimed at renewing cells amongst the Christian youth, and that some kind of mobilization was carried out by the Lebanese Forces within ranks. There are security reports which revealed that Ghassan Touma – one of Lebanese Forces commanders – had left the United States to Cyprus, in order to launch mobilizing communications in Lebanon,” the forensic expert noted.

Later in the interview, Kulbel quoted the manager of “Lebanese Foundation for Peace” Naji Najjar as saying to an Israeli newspaper about close relations connecting Lebanese Union in Exile – opponent to Syria – with the Lebanese opposition at home.

The forensic expert cited what Najjar had said to confirm that members of Lebanon South Army and the Lebanese Forces who were in exile, are working for the Unit 504.

Kulbel pointed out that the massive attacks and explosions took place after Hariri’s assassination should be involved in investigations for being carried out – in the first place – in the areas of Christian residential.”


“If we look closely, we’ll find out that not only means and capabilities weren’t at the disposal of the Syrian intelligence and the Lebanese security apparatus, but they were also not available for the Israeli Mossad. Yet, assassination was committed in cooperation with other agents, like the ‘secret fighters’ of the Guardians of the Cedars or the Lebanese Forces, for instance. This decisively shows a high criminal capacity at that time, which is still available,” Kulbel went on to say.

This point of view is prompted by the fact that return to Lebanon was banned for many of those parties’ members, for being condemned to commit war crimes or to cooperate with the enemy.

“Thus, those people were interested in creating a completely new political regime in Lebanon. For this reason they established what was known by’ Lebanese Resistance in Exile’,” Kulbel believed.

“In addition to that, there is another point to which attention should be paid: the Shin-Beit – responsible for internal security in Israel – which attached to its ranks a special unit of the South Lebanon Army, because its members speak an Arabic similar to the Palestinian dialect,” Kulbel continued.

“One can remind here the alien dialect of the unknown caller who called Al-Jazeera news network after Hariri’s murder. Ghassan Ben Jeddo – the then director of Al-Jazeera Bureau of Beirut – stated then that the caller was speaking bad Arabic. He was Arabic-speaking of foreign accent,” Kulbel concluded.
To be continued …

In Part III:
Similarities between Hobeika’s murder and Hariri’s assassination.
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