Silenced Evidence in Hariri’s Assassination -Part III

Eslam al-Rihani
In the third episode of this investigative file, Yurgen Kulbel deals with new facts, reveals new evidence in the investigation, silenced evidence.

In the exclusive interview with Al-Manar Website, the German forensic expert discussed the hypothesis that Syrian intelligence service – in cooperation with the pro-Syrian Lebanese intelligence – had planned for the crime and its execution.

He unfolded another chapter of the evidence related to the “same signatures that were left after the murder of both Hobeika and Hariri. This chapter has been also blacked out by the international investigation.

Pointing out the impossibility of excluding any hypothesis regarding the apparatus behind Hariri assassination, Yurgen Kulbel considered the hypothesis that Syrian intelligence had carried out this operation ‘possible’. “Yet, if we adopt it, this means the capacity of those apparatus is high enough, so it can mislead intelligence apparatus, like the CIA and the Mossad. This approach is non-sense due to the tremendous technology material capabilities of major intelligence services in satellites and others, which the Syrian intelligence lacks and cannot even dream of them,” Kulbel said.


The German expert noted “it is necessary to start from the fact that the assassination of Hariri and Hobeika were carried out by professionals who have the high technical skill unavailable for any other intelligence or mafia apparatus.” Here, we mention again the jamming device, the technology which is only available for Israeli and Swiss experts.

“On the day when Hobeika was assassinated, three booby-trapped cars were waiting for the green line, i.e. three teams were charged of parking their cars in different places to ensure the explosion,” Kulbel added.

The expert stressed Hobeika’s murder on Jan 24, 2002 had the same signatures of Hariri’s assassination three years later.

He believed that perpetrators could paralyze “the strict security measures and technical means adopted by each of the two victims.”

In the interview, Kulbel mentioned that Hobeika had owned an insurance company, “thus he knew all what related to security matters.” Hariri had also built his own fixed security network around himself. “Perpetrators could overcome those two barriers, and I think they were aware of them before the assassination time,” Kulbel added.

The German expert expressed beliefs the impossibility of ignoring the common between assassinating Hobeika and Hariri in terms of the explosive materials, noting it is normal to state the explosives of February 14 were more powerful than those of January 24.

Kulbel went on to say that both operations were carried out by remote control, where the street in which Hobeika was targeted had been closed due to construction works until shortly before the time of assassination, just like the case of Hariri.

Kulbel also drew attention to that some parties – which were not known before – had declared responsibility for the operations, i.e. Abu Ades in Hariri’s case and ‘Lebanese for Free and Independent Lebanon in Hobeika murder.

“Immediately after assassinating Hobeika, fingers were pointed at Israel, starting from the then Lebanese president Emile Lahoud, to the then PM Rafik Hariri, and even Marwan Hamade who declared that Israel had no desire to keep any witness of its crimes,” Kulbel said.

“Israel was the first suspect in this crime, as well as the Lebanese Forces – particularly its radical wing – because a pro-Geagea group made in 1991 an attempt to assassinate Hobeika. Lebanese authorities also revealed in 1998 a conspiracy of former LF intelligence agents who were seeking for eliminating Hobeika, Ghazi Kanaan and Elias El-Murr,” Kulbel continued.

He clearly stated that it is really possible to accuse former LF members of killing Hobeika, because they were afraid of him to declassify their roles. “Investigations indicated this fact through decisive evidence.”

Moreover, it is noteworthy to mention that the words of Yurgen Kulbel bring to mind what the American journalist Wayne Madsen had revealed in his interview with the Russian Television (RT). Madison said that Vice USA President was running criminal cells aiming at eliminating certain figures in Lebanon and Afghanistan, mainly Elie Hobeika and Rafik Hariri. It is known about the USA that it sponsors Israel.

Wayne Madsen Video:

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