Bellemare’s Indictment: British Intelligence Composed the Communications File!

Part 2/4
Nader Ezzeddine
In the first part of the report, we presented for the nature of Bellemare’s correlation between Hizbollah and the Martyr Imad Mughniyeh on one side and the names of the indicted. In addition, in the first part, we went through the suspicions raised by the judge of the SITL pre-trial procedures Daniel Fransen about the credibility of what Bellemare said regarding the Communications File on which he based his indictment. Now, in part two, we are going to answer the questions we raised earlier: Who composed the Communications File? What were the offenses Bellemare had committed when he divided the communications networks into color codes? Who was the unknown person that coordinated between A’yash on one side and Sabra – O’naysi on the other side? In addition, does “the spatial correlation” taken by Bellemare as a basis for directing his accusations have any existence in the communications field?


Fransen’s suspicions about the responsibility of the “employee” in Bellemare’s bureau for composing this file never came from vainness, and Fransen is quite sure that the “employee” does not have the proficiency to compose such a file and that the file exceeds his expertise and authority. Upon asking Bahsoun about the possible party that could have composed such a file, he says”, The British Intelligence was the composer of the file in cooperation with Lebanese parties”. Regarding what was said about Captain Wissam Eid of the Information Intelligence affiliated with Internal Security Forces assuming this file before he was assassinated himself, Bahsoun says,” Before Captain Wissam Eid was assassinated he was analyzing data in cooperation with an English company delegated by the Investigation Committee. He was assassinated as early as Bellemare’s mission started, and he was rather killed after he had seen Bellemare!! I think his assassination would be later linked to Al-Hariri’s assassination in order to accuse the resistance of assassinating a captain in the Internal Security Forces.”


Bellemare classified the participants in the crime when preparing, setting up the scene, coordinating, and executing based on the way of exchanged communications among them… He gathered all the participants who used those cell phones and color-coded them each of whom with one attribute. Such classification is usually used in significant crimes for clarification purposes for the public.

With this principle, Bahsoun sees that “the STL Prosecutor-General has classified and color coded the groups based on speculations and hypotheses. In addition, he attributed certain numbers to certain groups on supposition, such as saying that Mustafa Badr Eddin did not have except one cell phone in the green group while the other seven cell phones were landlines at the time that is presumed to be the leader of the group. This is sheer surprising matter! While the man Bellemare considers coordinator that is Salim A’yash, he was carrying four secret numbers (green, red, yellow, and blue) in addition to another four landlines! While both O’naysi and Sabra were carrying one secret number of the same color, purple in their case. That is, A’yash who was a coordinator was not carrying a cell phone of the same color code carried by those who played the informational distraction! Thus, according to Bellemare, he coordinates with someone who in his turn instructs O’naysi and Sabra, yet he is unidentified! This means that Bellemare knows that A’yash does coordinate with O’naysi and Sabra but never talks to them, through a man in-between but never known to Bellemare! This is the utmost inconceivable ever! And here we are before a big question mark.”

We conclude that the operation leader (Badr Eddin) could not communicate but with the coordinator (A’yash) who in turn communicated with those who were in charge of informational distraction (O’naysi and Sabra) through a middle man unknown to Bellemare! The questions rising at this point are as such: How could an operational leader be completely absent from all except from the coordinator? What will happen if a mishap took place with the latter? What could the leader do in this situation? How could the operational leader carry one secret cell phone while the coordinator would carry four of them?! More importantly, how could Bellemare know of the coordinator’s communication with informational distracters he made through an intermediary though he did not know who the intermediary was?!!

Bahsoun wonders in turn, “Why neither Bellemare in the indictment nor Fransen in the judicial decision pointed to their possessing voice recordings of those who had committed the assassination?! Is it possible for Bellemare to designate the communications made by the second, but he cannot secure the recordings?! This is again impossible! I think the recordings are available in his custody but he has hidden them because they do not belong to the men he indicts but to different people.”


If those recordings do not belong to the indicted, whose are they then?! Bahsoun answers, “There is designation of cell phone numbers to the indicted in a conspicuous manner. This confirms how the persons were doomed before the cell phone numbers were designated, and there is quite a difference between the situation when someone talks on the phone, and an investigation team tries to uncover his identity and then they discover that it was “Badr Eddin” for instance, and the situation when the name of “Badr Eddin” is doomed and later the search goes for his cell phone number and then designate it for him! This was the mechanism Bellemare used and he called “spatial correlation”; he considered it a well-known mechanism at the time that it never has any actual existence in the field of communications.”

Bahsoun informs of this non-existing mechanism except with Bellemare by saying, “According to this mechanism, the Prosecutor-General sees that if two cell phones were available simultaneously at the same place, and their carrier made a call, and even if it were discovered that the two numbers never contacted each other at all, then it would be more likely that the carrier of the two cell phones must have been the same person!!!

This is how Bellemare arrived at the name Sami Eisa and then said it was an invented name and that the true name was Mustafa Badr Eddin! This is what Bellemare called “spatial correlation” and he claimed that it was a well-known mechanism while in reality it absolutely has no existence.”

In addition, Bahsoun points to the term “the same place” used by Bellemare ranges in the field of cell phones between 250 meters and 30 kilometers. Again, Bellemare did not specify “the simultaneous timing” for the tower allocating the two calls. If the difference were 5 seconds, then they would not be too far from each other, yet if the difference were 10 minutes, for instance, then they should have been too far, because in a city like Beirut, one could travel 7 kilometers in 10 minutes.” For further clarification: Let us assume that an Israeli agent wants to frame (X) in a criminal act, and another agent like Tareq Al-Raba’ah or any other agent inside the communications company, the agent can easily ask Al-Raba’ah to inform him once (X) makes a call of the location of the latter. So once (X) makes a call, Al-Raba’ah will call the agent and inform him that (X) has made a call from the area of Ashrafiyeh”, for instance; in his turn, the agent can go to “Ashrafiyeh” and makes a call from a different cell phone, thus repeating the operation several times; this way, according to Bellemare, the agent’s cell phone becomes the possession of(X) which means they are both (X)and the agent one person. Next, the agent can contact the group assigned to commit the crime, thus Bellemare concludes that (X) is the one who contacted the criminal group!

Bahsoun comments, “This is absolutely not evidence! And I can affirm that there are 700 similar cases in any area in Beirut and the suburbs, and Bellemare absolutely knows this is not evidence and Fransen suspected it, and he wishes that no one will raise this accusation in court for future similar fabrications for other people who could be more important than those four indicted.”

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Source: Al-Manar Website

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