Israeli Control Over Telecom Network Technically Confirmed

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President of the Parliamentary Telecommunications Committee MP Hasan Fadlallah held a joint press conference with deputy president of the Organizing Telecom Committee Dr. Imad Hoballah, and the committee members Diana Abu Ghanem and Mohammad Ayoub.

MP Hasan Fadlallah considered that the STL indictment has taken Lebanon towards the edge as it relied on doubts, assumptions, and conclusions without referring to any real evidence.

He assured that the Israeli espionage and control over the Lebanese telecom network was confirmed and documented by major and international telecommunication committees. He indicated that an indictment with such content needs telecom experts rather than judges to work on, and said that the indictment cannot be relied on, as all the data that it enrolled was penetrated.

MP Fadlallah further asked: “Why is their insistence to rely on discredited evidence?”

Dr. Imad hoballah, and engineers Diana Abu Ghanem and Mohammad Ayoub explained technically how the STL data and the reliance on phone calls were inaccurate and insufficient.

Engineer Diana Abu Ghanem explained how the phone and electronic networks were violated, indicating the possibility that the sequence of a phone number could be changed and taken control of, in addition to other forms of manipulation.
“This leads to taking complete control over the telecom network, in addition to learning about personal information, detecting individuals’ movements and phone calls, manipulating the calls made and messages delivered.”

For his part, Dr. Hoballah explained that Israel was capable of planting a phone line in any other suspicious line.
“The whole content of a phone could be copied to a completely different phone, and a phone call could be conducted, without the real line owner knowing about it,” Dr. Hoballah explained.

In parallel, engineer Mohammad Ayoub clarified that an entire audio recording could be fabricated by exchanging the actual voice with another one using the voice print.

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